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Kermit as DEH

Anybody Have a Map?

Waving Through a Window

For Forever

Sincerely Me

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If I Could Tell Her


You Will Be Found

To Break in a Glove

Only Us

Good For You

Words Fail

So Big/So Small


Inspired by a BMC version made by @bmc-is-my-city :)

Watching the DEH bootleg with my mom: Act 1

Anybody have a map:
*Evan being uncomfortable around Heidi*
-“That’s how you act when I try to hug you”
Waving Through A Window:
-“Evan gives me second hand embarrassment”
*computer lab scene*
-“Is that a wig?” Me:,“nope” her:,“wow its really nice”
For Forever:
-“Once again, second hand embarrassment”
-“This is why he won the tony”
Sincerely me:
-“Ohhh I love this one”
-“Connor really is an attractive boy”
(Side note my mom has a crush on mike faist it’s weird)
-“Is ben platt gay?” Me:,“it’s not confriemed but I’m assuming he’s not straight”
-“Zoe’s voice is really good why didn’t she win the tony” me:,“mom she wasn’t nominated”
If I Could Tell Her:
-“He’s a cute kid”
-“Why would he kiss her oh my god”
-“Okay Connor is really cute but he should cut the hair” me:,“NO”
-“You didn’t get invited to any bat mitzvahs either” me,“rude”
You Will Be Found:
-“I really like Connors Mom”
-“where’s Connor” me,“omg chill”
-“Oh so NOW she likes him”
-“all the social media is like overwhelming but it works”
-“Alana can sing”
-“how can he tie a tie that fast”

This will be continued when we watch act 2


❝you’re falling in a forest,
and when you hit the ground
all you need
is for somebody to find you.❞
Disappear; Dear Evan Hansen

edit by me, art is not mine !!
art is by @askfloweryhansen (sorry, the @ isn’t working) who runs an amazing askblog that you should definitely check out.

theatre kids: a summary
  • during production week: this is awful i haven't slept more than 3 hours i am solely running on caffeine i can't wait for this show to be over i hate everyone
  • after production week: i miss everyone i miss rehearsal i miss that show i love theatre why can't i be back with the cast and crew i'm so emo

No offense, but Broadway performers, or any performers in general who give their all every night to tell a story, aren’t required to meet you after a performance. Acting and putting on a show is exhausting, they’re tired, anyone who’s ever participated in theatre knows how taxing it is on an individual, I can’t imagine how tired ben platt must be after literally sobbing on stage every night. Please respect artists and actors and know they love you and appreciate you but that shits hard and they are human and they need rest

Sincerely, Me things
  • mike faist nipple rubbin
  • “there’s nothing unrealistic about the love one man feels for another”
  • “kiNKY”
  • “IF I St OppEd SmoK InG  CRac K”
  • synchronized knee wiggles
  • forest expertise
  • “all u gotta DO”
  • “my
  • sis
  • ter’s
  • hot”
  • not gay SURE JAN
  • weird jumping on HEY HEY HEY HEY
  • so many legs
  • seriously mike’s legs are so long how did he not kick them all in the shins every show
  • all u gotta DO pt. 2: return of the DO
  • hetero chest bump