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An: I couldn’t help myself. This AU is just so cute. :’)

Ben couldn’t fully understand the indulgence of celebrating a graduation from the first grade. He’d barely celebrated graduating high school. Yet, he had to smile at the efforts of Sam’s teacher. He was certain she had covered the costs of pizza and rootbeer floats herself, and though his son’s near-comatose state was more of an irritation than anything else, it was evident the party had been lively and well appreciated.

Most of Sam’s classmates had been picked up early. When Ben stood in the open doorway of Miss Rey’s classroom, there was only one other straggler, and already her mother was securing the girl’s backpack on her shoulders and rushing towards freedom. Sparing the slender, smiling teacher only a wave and a rushed thank you, the mother tugged her daughter out the door.

Sam was at his desk, arms crossed on the little tabletop and head nestled on top, the skin around his lips stained orange from pizza sauce. Ben snorted, brushing black curls away from his son’s forehead. The kid was out for the count.

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I just want to give everyone a gift but im not sure what i could give to them so...., - Gives Benny a flower necklace - Gives BP a new Set of brushes - Gives EJ a big hug - pets Hacker I will try better next time >.<

Ben: THANKS!!!

BP: New brushes for me? Thank you

Jack: Omg i feel so loved


“The Trenderman Boys (bird girl) Loves you"

Raiding TATFS’s Sub List- Fic Recs Beginning with ‘D’

     Daredevil (Series)               by tinylittlebrain   
Modern AU where Kylo Ren is an arrogant and famous daredevil and Rey is an ER doctor. She’s bloody sick of constantly patching his idiotic ass up and one day snaps at him to please stop nearly killing himself. Kylo refuses: “Then we would never get to see each other, Kenobi.”

     Dark Side of Me                by ReyloRobyn2011   
Ben Solo is Rey’s guardian angel, always watching over her. Until he goes too far in order to save her. Now he’s a fallen angel and he can’t help that he has fallen in love with the girl he is trying to protect.

     darling, so it goes                by acreatureofhope   
She wasn’t the barista at the coffee shop he frequented. No, she was the barista’s best friend, the annoying fixture of the coffee shop, perched constantly in the chair closest to the register with her drink sitting half-forgotten on the counter behind her as she and the barista went back and forth. He didn’t like her. Why, he didn’t know, but he didn’t like her, and that was the end of it. (Otherwise known as another coffee shop AU that doubles as a college AU a little bit too)

     Dear Porcupine                by momo_official   
Ben Solo. Rey brushed her thumb against the soul mark. Every couple of weeks, she searched the name on her ancient laptop to see if anything came up. Every time, the results were the same: Twelve year old boy vanishes.[Modern Day Reylo with Soulmate-Identifying Marks.]

     Demonology 101                by EjBlaKit   
Rey has just moved into a wonderful, cheap apartment. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but the landlord is pretty easy going (albeit creepy), and she’s close to her best friends and her work. What more could she ask for? Probably for her apartment not to be haunted. Probably that.

     Desafinado                by apolla   
What happens when you’re Force Bonded with someone you can no longer stand?
Years after the most recent war brought something like peace to the Galaxy, Rey has little of the sort.
Ben Solo might’ve redeemed himself in the eyes of the galaxy, he might have dodged any number of executions, and he might now be a sort of star-amongst-stars… but that doesn’t mean he and Rey were able to build a happy ever after.
How do you cope with being permanently bonded to someone you’ve come to loathe, despise and hate more than you ever did when you were outright enemies?

     Desperate Measures                by LarirenShadow   
The day after the Brexit vote Rey desperately wants to leave the UK.   Enter Kylo Ren, an American political blogger who’s her kind of friend and just so happens to be moving home.  She proposes a plan to leave.

     Dim the Lights                by EjBlaKit   
Rey has had an incredibly shitty week and she wants it over with. Now. Only, Finn’s abandoned her on their night out, leaving her with her new friend alcohol and a sinfully attractive dark haired man.

     Dreaming Against The Stars                by DragonWhiskers   
Rey is having a hard time understanding just why she keeps dreaming of her mortal enemy or why she doesn’t want these dreams to stop.

     Drown                by jitterygummy   
During a battle with Kylo Ren, Rey falls into a lake and begins to drown. Ren is not sure what takes over him when he decides to save her. Reylo one shot based upon a Tumblr post that may turn into a multi-chapter fic.

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Reylo prompt -> "Need some help?"...

“Need some help?” he says from the door frame of the cockpit.

Rey doesn’t turn around, but she does roll her eyes at the ceiling. “I flew the Falcon way more than you.” Her attention is drawn back to the control panel, where she keeps pushing this button or pulling that lever, checking the reactions. She doesn’t look satisfied with any of them, but she won’t admit she doesn’t know what the problem is.

“I grew up in this trash can,” Ben retorts, walking in.

“Don’t call it that,” Rey shoots back, still struggling.

Ben stops behind her, places both hands on the deck and brings his face closer to hers. Rey is trapped by his body and knows perfectly what he’s trying to do. “I don’t have time for this.”

Ben’s lips are brushing against her cheek, his hot breath sending shivers up her spine.

“We’re leaving next week,” he murmurs. He leaves a kiss beside her ear before his mouth travels further down.

Rey knows she won’t focus on anything that isn’t that sinful mouth anymore. The man is such an awful, irresistible distraction. “S… so what?”

“So,” Ben says, using his deepest voice, “there’s plenty of time to fix whatever needs to be fixed.” His lips leave a constellation of kisses down her neck between every word. “Now come with me.”

Rey’s answer doesn’t come in the form of words.

I Love You {Ben Solo x Reader}

A/N~ this here is based off of the song ‘Thinking Bout You’ by Ariana Grande just so ya’ll are aware. I recommend everyone listen to it because its great! (and it personally gives me hella Ben feels obvi) anyways this is relatively short but I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send me some feedback!

‘I don’t have you here with me
But at least I have the memory
I tried to make it through the night
But I can’t control my mind’ ~ Ariana Grande

“I love you.” you said as soft as the breeze that whispered through the tall grass. Ben laid his head in your lap while you played with his hair. Mindlessly combing your fingers through his dark waves and making an occasional small braid here and there. 

He sighed contentedly, closing his eyes “I love you too.”

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Huh. Kind if sounds like Old Ben is some sort of dark side whisperer? Like, exudes calming presence to those dark ish (Quinlan), talks down sith spirits (Darth Kleendi). What if he starts wandering off and collecting strays? (Asajj was an padawan that turned, Maul? Ehhh, maybe? Other sith ghosts?)

Ben lifted his head for a moment and then reached up into his cupboard, taking a second cup and settling it on the tray along with his teapot and cup before adding a bowl of sugar and a small milk creamer that he filled with blue milk before slowly making his way to the coffee table with the tray.

He set it down, his knees creaking ever so slightly and his back giving a small snap before he settled down on the couch and pouring himself the first cup.

“You’re welcome to sit down Maul, I am unsure if you enjoy caf or tea, but you’re welcome to a cup if you wish.” He offered softly.

The shadow by the window shifted until Maul was standing there, framed by the light of Coruscant as he stared at Ben with his yellow eyes. Ben took a small sip as he watched the other curiously.

But not frightened.

Tattered shields were fragile enough that Maul could tell there was no fear in the old man who knew his name.

“…My Master wants you brought before him.”

“Oh. I’m sure Darth Sidious is quite angry I escaped his first attempt.” The old man smiled and tilted his head when Maul tensed. “Are you sure you do not want some tea? Its not overly sweet though you can add both milk and sugar if you wish. It would help with the stress you seem to carry.”

Maul hesitated then slowly moved towards the harmless old man, settling down on the end of the couch as far from the other as he could and taking the cup. “He’ll be angry if I do not return with you.” He offered in his soft voice.

“Only if he knew you got into the temple. He would not want you caught now would he.” Ben hummed softly and tilted his head, his long hair falling over his shoulder as faded green focused on Maul.

“…True.” Maul slowly took the tea pot and poured himself half a cup before promptly adding both sugar and milk as he let his Force senses examine all of it for deception.

Nothing. No poison, no suppressors, no truth serums.

This Jedi was…perplexing.

“I’d offer some sugar biscuits, but my healers won’t allow them.” Ben chuckled quietly at the amount of sugar Maul was spooning into the cup.

“I…prefer tarter treats.” He muttered in return.

“Good to know.” Ben peacefully sipped more while returning his eyes to the window.

“…Why are you not afraid of me?”

“Should I be? I can feel your curiosity. I’m clearly an anomaly and you are very smart Maul, regardless what Sidious thinks of you.” Maul tightened his grip on the cup at that, he knew very well what the damn man thought.

“That aside, I don’t mind dark siders. They are just another shade in a wide galaxy.” Ben shrugged slowly before looking at him with those knowing faded green. “And while you thrive on darkness, you do not thrive on death and pain.” He sighed quietly and tilted his head. “Though Sidious does corrupt that part of you too in the future…”

“What even are you?”

“Human. Just a broken human.” Ben brushed his hair out of the way. “Though the order are trying to put me together again.”

Maul watched him.

“Sidious will betray you. He stole you from your mother and your planet and he will betray you.” He almost crushed the cup at those softly but truthfully whispered words.

“You know to much. Sidious and his master think you are broken but you have showed that you are more. They aren't’ sure what to make of you. That’s a dangerous place to be.” Maul cautioned, unsure why he was.

“My life has not been safe in a very long time young Maul.” Ben shifted and looked to the door. “…You should leave. The guards are on their way, did you remember to shield properly?” Ben peeked curiously at him and Maul cursed his moment of slip-up in anger. He set the cup down and vaulted towards the window, sparing Ben a glance as the old man just gave a gentle wave.

He was gone before the door burst open to two temple guards invading Ben’s room with their lightsaber pikes activated.

Ben looked up at them and smiled a bit, unworried by their appearance in his home. “Tea? I’d have to fetch more cups but I’m always willing to share.”