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Definitions from the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophical Terms:

Cartesian: Adjective (see also 16th Century Terf Bangs) Can be used to describe the feeling of dread and resignation which follows the realization that one’s metaphysical argument cannot be fully justified (unlike the propositions which one has previously demonstrated) with the deductive logic one holds oneself to morally. 

Cartesian dualism: Noun (see also Failed theodicies) The moral schism between wanting to sound right about skepticism without having to be a nihilist and the knowledge that the rest of one’s argument has been excellent except for this sudden leap of logic to make room for a deistic God. But it’s a choice between a benevolent creator and a better ending to one’s treatise and you love Jesus (see demigods). Often this dualistic feeling leads to disappointing philosophy majors and the exclamation “So close Descartes!”

Ben’s Brain: Should we fake a kiss to kill the internet once more?

Martin’s Brain: No, Ben. Steven would have our heads for sure. Let’s just costar in another film together.

Ben’s Brain: Sounds good. How about we act in a ghost movie next?

Martin’s Brain: You read my mind.


Fandom: Star Wars

Summary: Han Solo wakes up in medical with his wife beside him.

Or the one in which Ben Solo was born a twin, and Ailana Solo - mercenary extraordinaire - arrives in time to save her father’s life.

The last thing Han hears before oblivion drags him under is, “BB-3, down and under. Before that gullible idiot really dies.”

Ah, he thinks vaguely and actually manages a smile even in the aftermath of his son’s betrayal. Lany came back. It’s so good to hear her voice one last time.

And then he knows no more.

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“By my Grandfather’s guidance, I will not be seduced by the Darkness…!”

“The Supreme Leader still hasn’t given up on you, Ben Solo…”

Jedi (?) Ben Solo AU cause I can I am still in love with the Dark Side please don’t get me wrong.

General Hux is the one tasked to kidnap Ben Solo hahaha such a princess to get kidnapped and bring him to Snoke so they could finally make him turn to the Dark Side. Of course, Ben’s too close to Anakin’s Light to be seduced.

Ben talks to Hux about the Force and the Light… While Hux desperately tries not to listen and tries his very best to convince the Jedi about his side, the First Order.

The General realizes that Ben’s got a short fuse and would throw tantrums if you do not listen to him talk about the Force, the Light and especially when he talks about how awesome his Grandfather was.

So who will give in first???