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Initiated by intrepid cartoonist Alex Nall, who is nearing a full year of daily diary strips (an enviable feat), this jam comic passed through the hands of twelve different artists during the recent CAKE/Brain Frame benefit event CAKE FRAME. The last panels were completed in a dark bar by drunk celebrants. Consider this a document of historic import.

Artists, in order by panel: Alex Nall; Ben Bertin; Neil Brideau; Edie Fake; Aaron Renier; Alyssa Herlocher; Kevin Budnik; David Alvarado; Harry Hillman; Grant Reynolds; Jeremy Onsmith; Lyra Hill.

Photos and videos of CAKE FRAME coming soon!

You may know that Sam Sharpe and I have been putting together a free comic for Free Comic Book Day for the past few years called Handout Comics. This year we’re releasing issue #3, which features four six-page stories by Me, Sam, Carter Lodwick and Ben Bertin.

We increased the comic’s distribution this year by 50%! Here is a list of the stores you will find Handout Comics #3 both in Chicago and across the country.


Quimby’s Bookstore 1854 W North Ave Chicago Comics 3244 N Clark St Comix Revolution 606 Davis St, Evanston 3rd Coast Comics 6234 N Broadway Uncle Fun 1338 W Belmont Barbara & Barbara 2925 W Diversey The Boring Store 1331 N Milwaukee Rudy’s Roundup 1410 N Milwaukee Women & Children First 5233 N Clark Wolfbait 3131 W Logan Blvd MCA Chicago Store 220 E Chicago Ave The Midwest: Capital City Comics 1910 Monroe St, Madison Big Brain Comics 1027 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis Kilgore Books 624 E 13th Ave, Denver East Coast: Desert Island 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn Bergen Street Comics 470 Bergen St, Brooklyn JHU Comics 32 E 32nd St, New York City Atomic Books  3620 Falls Rd, Baltimore American Visionary Art Museum Side Show Gift Shop 800 Key Highway, Baltimore Million Year Picnic 99 Mt Auburn St, Boston The Beguiling 601 Markham St, Toronto West Coast: Isotope Comics 326 Fell St, San Francisco The Escapist 3090 Claremont Ave, Berkeley Floating World Comics 400 NW Couch St, Portland

Carter will also be reading at Quimby’s as part of CAKE’s Free Comic Book Day Celebration, along with Jo Dery (who has a comic in the 2013 CAKE Digest -which is not free) & Corinne Mucha (who has a comic in Tugboat Press’ 2013 Runner Runner, which is free)!  Here is more information about the event.

Handout Comics #3

Hey so May 4th is Free Comic Book Day, and this year I had the pleasure to be included in the always-excellent Handout Comics anthology! It will feature stories by myself, Sam Sharpe, Neil Brideau, and Ben Bertin

I designed the cover, seen above. 

The book will be 24 pages of offset-printed splendor. 

So pick it up, if you’re into good comics and/or things that are free! You’ll be able to find it in Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Minneapolis, among other cities. 

This month, CHI-PRC’s Zine Reading Club welcomes guest host the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (Charles Cake). We get together periodically to discuss and support zine culture. Meet other zinesters, read new work, bring in your favs, be part of the discussion and have fun.

We will be discussing the comics
Powdered Milk #11 by Keiler Roberts &
Saint’s Love by Krystal DiFronzo.
Both artists will join the discussion!
Moderated by CAKE organizer Ben Bertin!

To all attendees, feel free to bring in any other comics you may want to discuss!

Quimby’s Bookstore 1854 West North Avenue.
purchase these titles.

We start at 7pm. There is a $3 donation asked at the door.
The event takes place at Chicago Publishers Resource Center, 858 N. Ashland Ave.


Ben Bertin, with the kindly assistance of Ian McDuffie, Nick Williams, and Sara Drake, interprets the Komsk of Oofo, a visiting alien from outer space, at Brain Frame 4 on January 19th, 2012.

Video thanks to Jenna Caravello.


Ben Bertin, with minimal help from Lyra Hill, reads his interplanetary epic MIOK at Brain Frame #2.

Video thanks to Jenna Caravello.


Ben Bertin and his UFO buddy Oofo returned to the stage, having been absent since Brain Frame 4, to interpret, with the aide of Nick Williams, Oofo’s instantaneous thought comics, or ‘Komsk,’ at Brain Frame 9 on November 16th, 2012.

Video thanks to Jack Wensel [editing], Tyson Torstensen [sound], Jenna Caravello [camera] and Ryan Gleeson [camera].