ben ben was not amused

Alternate Descendants Song Titles
  • Rotten to the Core: Vandalism Set to Dubstep
  • Evil Like Me: Kristin Chenoweth Was on Broadway!
  • Did I Mention: Love Potions Make Me Sing
  • If Only: Damn It, He's Cute
  • Be Our Guest: The Whitest Thing In the Whole Movie
  • If Only (Reprise): Emotional Cupcake Baking
  • Set It Off: They Won't Kiss Until the Sequel

After the new Baywatch trailer being released I keep being told that I do look legit hot in drag and I don’t know how to politely say “of course I fucking do” so I’m just trying not to say anything. Any suggestions for how to say shit politely to people is appreciated. Never been one of my strengths.