ben being an idiot

(Based on a prompt someone requested!! Although I changed it to be the end of fall instead of after Christmas & Hanukkah )

~Stan stared daggers at Richie as he set his apple cider down near the edge of the table. He really tried to hold the urge back but he rolled his eyes and stood up, walked over, slid the cup farther up on the table, put it on a coaster and then sat back down in their circle. “Do you have any manners, Rich? Or are you always a walking hazard?” 

Richie pulled himself from his previous conversation a shot him a smile. “What do you think, Stanley?”  he chuckled and picked up his mug, taking a sip. Stan glared but Richie was more conscious this time and put it back on the coaster. 

The seven of them had gone apple picking in an orchid not too far away. Bill had driven the way there and Eddie the way back. No one was quite sure what they were going to do with their lot of apples, apart from Ben who could most likely whip something tasty up with them in no time. Bill was afraid Richie would try and start learning how to juggle again. Luckily, they’d got to Bill’s house before it started snowing like crazy. All anyone could see when they looked outside was now pure glittering white. 

Beverly bit into one of her apples and was leaning in to see what on earth Richie was talking about as he shoved his apple at her. “See! Tell me that doesn’t look like Michael Jackson!” 

Beverly bit into her apple, unimpressed. “It doesn’t look like Michael Jackson.” She shook her head as Bill heard the phone ring in the other room. He stood up and purposefully went past Richie and Bev to take a fleeting glance at this apple. He chuckled, Richie was crazy. 

Mike leaned back against the couch, draping his arm over the cushions and over Eddie’s shoulder. “How do you put up with him?” He asked with a slanted grin and Eddie chuckled. He made sure his long sweater sleeves were curled over his hands so he wouldn’t burn himself on the hot mug. He took a sip of the cider and swallowed. 

“It’s not easy.” Eddie smiled and caught Richie’s offended face. He stuck out his tongue and Richie flung his apple at him. Eddie might’ve shrieked but Mike quickly collected the failed projectile from between the two of them and brought it to his eyes. He scoffed. Richie was nuts, he saw no Michael Jackson but a few bites taken out of it, yes. He let Eddie take a look at it and he scrunched his nose at it. 

“Hey! give it here!” Beverly waved and Eddie whipped it over, Richie failed miserably at intercepting.  

“C’mon give it back! That’s gonna make me rich” Richie reached over and Beverly sighed. 

“Ok” She took a bite of it and handed it back to a deflated Richie. “Here.” She chuckled, mouth full. 

Bill re-entered the room to find a pouting Richie Tozier, Beverly laughing her ass off and Eddie crawling over to Richie and digging through his bag of apples to offer him new ones. 

“Hey! T-t-the roads are c-closed so my parents are s-s-stuck at my aunts so-” 

“SLEEPOVER!” Everyone shrieked as Bill stuck his fingers in his ears with a smile. 


“Stan! Please be careful!” Ben yelped as he sat with the others behind Stan who was aiming a toy bow and arrow they’d found in Bill’s room at Richie’s head from across the room. Richie looked up at the apple teetering on his head with a grin. 

“Ok, I’m ready! Do your worst Stan the man!” 

Eddie was already prepared for when this backfires. He’d dealt with an injured Richie Tozier enough times to know what to do. Stan squinted, smiling a bit in his concentration. When Richie came up with this terrible idea he’d asked ‘Who wants to shoot this arrow at me?’ and Stan had been the first to eagerly agree. He licked his lips and let go. 

The arrow flew across the room and nailed the apple dead center. The Losers gaped their mouths before cheering and patting Stan on the back. “Hey! I’m the daredevil here! I could’ve died!” Richie pouted. Eddie slowly got up from where he’d been patting Stan’s back and walked over to Richie. He didn’t expect Richie to pull his hands down and pull him into his lap. 

Richie smiled at him, picking up the apple from the carpet, the arrow still in it. He pulled it out and took a bite. Eddie scrunched up his nose. Richie took the opportunity to tap his finger on his nose and make Eddie blush. 


“I’m telling you, I can walk over to the store and get us snacks with no problem.” Richie tied a scarf around his neck as Bill scolded him like a mad father. 

“It’s f-f-freezing Rich. y-y-you’re not going.” He put his hands on his hips as Ben gave him a pleading look to stop being an idiot. Beverly and Stan looked eager to see this plan backfire. 

“I’ll be back in ten, you guys.” Richie opened the door and walked out, it closed behind him. At the sound, Beverly picked up a concerned Eddie’s wrist and looked down at his clock with an eager Stan next to her. 

“Annnnd….5…4…3…2…1″ Stan pointed his finger and the door slammed against the wall as a shaking Richie came back inside, coated in white flakes. Eddie pulled him inside and started taking off his coats. Richie smirked. 

“You really wanna undress me in front of anyone, Eds?” 

Eddie scowled. “You’re so stupid Richie.” 

“Yeah and the sky’s blue.” Stan said with a flat voice and made everyone laugh. 


The Losers curled up together in their couch fort, tangling themselves together with enough space to peek out and watch the only movie they could agree on. 


When the Sun Comes Up (Trixya) Ch. 3 - Imogen

Katya’s laughing.  

“Knowing I get to come back and make things I love with you is, honestly, the only reason I haven’t run off to live a quiet life in the country already.” He finishes. 

“Oh Trixie.” Katya murmurs, laughter quickly cut off. “You break my heart.“ 

AN: Hi! Here’s chapter 3 of this old thing. On the runway this chapter I’m serving you communication issues meets tender moments with a pinch of the :/ face. The judges aren’t "living” for it as much as they are “giving me polite smiles” but I feel great.

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