ben being an idiot

@bigfootatemyass said:

I like to think JD and Dr Cox started dating at the beginning of season 2, and Dr Cox wasn’t angry because JD slept with Jordan but angry because he wishes it was him since it’d been a whole year and nothing had happened but took one meeting for Jordan and JD to sleep with each other
when do you like to think they started dating?
I hope I sent this right cause idk what I’m doing tbh

i’M YELLING i love that so much!! honestly i have a bunch of different faves as to when they started dating so here’s a list lmao

  • they conveniently meet after JD comes to town but before he starts at the hospital and they hit it off and then find out Perry’s his attending and it’s awkward but hilarious and sweet at the same time
  • near the end of JD’s first year, specifically when he asks Perry if he can take him out to dinner (and Perry actually accepts instead of being a Dumb Idiot)
  • After Ben dies, Perry desperately needs someone to lean on and it turns out that that person is and always has been JD
  • one of my FAVES is when JD’s dad dies and JD actually gets the hug he’s always wanted and he realizes how much Perry did for him and when Perry tells JD he’s proud of him and i just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sorta sad and angsty but when Perry finds out JD’s leaving Sacred Heart (for one reason or another bc i 150% headcanon JD as trans so even if JD had dated Kim, she never would have gotten pregnant) and Perry can’t let him leave without telling him how he feels