ben being adorable


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS » day six | a child(ren) you love so much; maximoff, luna, xander, and kinney hale

Our four kids and floppy-eared basset hound stand on the hillside, a common spot because of the rope swing tied to a maple branch. Moffy raises a set of portable speakers, Bangarang by Skrillex booming. Luna, Xander, and Kinney— they wave out to us and lift up a sign together that reads: we love you! 

They were a part of this surprise all along.
I laugh and cry simultaneously again. As we watch our kids, joy coating their faces, childlike wonder in their eyes, I remember every moment I spent with Lo where we said we can’t. Where we said we shouldn’t. Not people like us. This isn’t meant for us.

au where padme and ben are close. ben absolutely adores being with grandma and he loves to try on her old fancy clothes. anytime he goes to her and anakin’s house for sleepovers, padme brings out all her regal headpieces for little ben to wear. his favorite is her gold, sun-like crown and he wears it around the house as they play tag, eat ice cream, and watch old cartoons.