ben be a good boy and listen to sammy

Okay King Falls AM,

You got me really good. The whole “my inbox is empty” thing and Ben. Wow. But Jack-In-The-Box Jesus! What got into Sammy? I think this has something to do with his past as Shotgun. This is completely theoretical but, what if Lily and him used to be co-hosts? We know Sammy used to work as a radio host but what caused him to leave his big-time big city job? Right On, (The podcast Lily runs) used to be a radio before it. What if Sammy and Lily were friends? But Lily takes on a better job and leaves him behind. He stirs around a bit while Lily gets all these deals. Sammy snaps, he just can’t take it, and heads to a sleepy little town where his past can’t follow him. Except, it does. And listening to Lily’s call she says, “Good evening Ben, … Sammy.”
Oh boy!
The whole friendship thing would also be supported by Sammy and Ben’s relationship. They were calling each other best friends early on in the show. Sammy obviously gets attached … You can piece the rest together. I really hope we get an episode centered around Sammy, so we can figure this out.