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Sirius Black Imagine: Bedtime Stories

“Which one do you want to hear?” you asked as you took The Tales of Beedle the Bard from the shelf.

Your six year old daughter looked at you and sighed. You knew she was tired from listening the same stories over and over again. Her favourite was The Tale Of Three Brothers, of course, she loved scary stories which reminded you of her father.

As you sat next to her on bed she looked down at her hands.

“I want a new story.”

You chuckled. Making up new stories wasn’t one of your talents and you knew Sirius could do much better at that, he was a born storyteller.

You thought for a moment. Nothing came to your mind. As a child you were never told stories from your mother - you came from an old, pureblood and wealthy family which taught you a lot - especially what kind of family you don’t want your daughter to have. As a little girl, you used to sleep in a dark room in a cold bed that felt so unfamiliar. You used to believe there was something wrong with you because you didn’t hate muggle borns as your family did.

“Mom?” your daughter woke you from your thoughts.


“I want to hear about you.”


“Yes. You and dad. How you met him.”

That brought a smile on your face. You felt like a little girl again. Bringing back the memories of how you fell for Hogwarts’ heartbreaker. And how he fell for you. Memories of your best friends Remus, Lily and James and the one you considered as your close friend, but failed - Peter. In seven years while you attended Hogwarts, your whole life changed.

You worked for the Ministry now, being an important official there, you rarely visited Hogwarts, unless your daughter and two older sons did a mischief or something like it.

“That’s a long story love..” you said to her and in an instant you knew that’s just going to fire her curiosity up.

“But mom! You never told me how you met him!”

You tried to calm her down by pushing her down to bed again and cover her up with a blanket.

“Darling look, maybe some other time.”

Your daughter crossed her arms and started pouting.

“Oh don’t give me that look. You are so like your father.” you chuckled.

She didn’t reply, but you knew she wouldn’t go to sleep, even if you promised her you will take her to Honeydukes tomorrow.

“Fine.” you finally gave up. Her face lightened up and she excitedly jumped under her blanket, preparing for a story.

You lied next to her and began.

You and Sirius have known each other since you were infants. His mother was your mother’s best friend and your fathers worked together. You lived with your parents, older sister and younger brother a few blocks away from 12 Grimmauld Place. So you knew him through your family and you two used to play together in the snow and in a nearby park watching muggles living lives much different from yours.

When you entered Hogwarts everything changed. He met James, Remus and Peter and you found yours - Elaine and Debbie, both purebloods. You were both Gryffindors, but he was an outcast and couldn’t stand his family, while you were afraid of losing your own. He became school’s heartthrob, while you were achieving top grades in all subjects. Sometimes you would caught him glacing at you in class and when you did he just smiled and looked away. You two still talked on many occasions, at Quidditch matches, at breakfast and when he copied his homework from you. You cared for him, as a friend back then. It didn’t bother you that he fooled around with girls, you considered him as your very good friend.

You befriended Lily in your third year and as years went on you, two grew closer. She was a muggle born and when your sister found out, she told your parents who almost disowned you from your family. They told you, you were a disgrace to the whole family and that you must stop this insane thing right now.

In that moment you felt your braveness that put you in Gryffindor. In your bones there was no longer fear of losing your family, but losing yourself. So you stood behind your words and actions and you sent your family to hell.

It was your sixth year and you no longer had patience for people like them. You didn’t just tolerate those who thought muggleborns were their inferiors, but you couldn’t stand no one who was much to proud and mighty and that meant James Potter and his best friend Sirius.

When you saw them bullying Severus who happened to be your friend because of Lily, you hexed them both. Yes that sent all three of you to detention, but you didn’t care. You were fearless and brave.

Sirius was amazed by the fire inside of you. You were once a girl afraid of a world she lived in and now you took control over it.

He always payed attention to you. He always thought you were the most beautiful girl in the room. He always cared for you. But when you finally shined in your true light, that’s when he fell in love with you.

James started teasing him about you, but he just shrugged him off as he headed to your dorm. Yes, of course it was forbidden, but did Sirius care? Absolutely not.

He opened the doors of your dorm to find you on your bed with your books and snake (yes, others may had owls, but you were something special) around your hand.

You jumped on your feet, totally surprised while Lily from the other bed just looked at him in awe.

Sirius was speechless. He just stared at you for a moment, before he turned his gaze to Lily.

“Would you mind leaving us for a moment?” he asked her.

Before Lily could argue how dares he come here and that she can’t stand him nor that Potter, you gave her an apologetic look and he left.

Sirius stepped closer to you and finally poured his feelings out to you. As he finished and confessed his love he had for you, you just stood there, not knowing what to say.

“Well?” he asked after some time.

You sighed and took a few steps back.

“Sirius…I have no idea how to say this to you, but I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Sirius was rejected for the first time in his life, beside his family. There was no girl in this school that would ever say no to him, but you did. Out of all people. It had to be you.

He was angry, mad even, at you, but you just said you don’t believe he’s capable of true love for one person. You doubted his feelings and hurt him a lot.

For the next few months he ignored you completely. He loosened up and gave himself to drinks, girls and reckless life.

You however regretted your decision a few weeks later, when you realized that he was truly in love with you. That he cared for you as you cared for him. But it was too late.

In your seventh year, your three years younger brother broke his arm while playing Quidditch. And it was Sirius who brought him to the hospital wing, staying with him until you came.

While you were walking down the white hall full of beds, you noticed a tall, handsome figure standing next to bed at the end of the hall. He was smiling at the patient and you soon realized it was Sirius smiling at your brother.

Yes you cared for your brother, but you were so nervous around Sirius. You were so embarrassed. you could hardly look at him. Your brother was cover in bandages, but happy to see his sister.

“Hi.” You said to Sirius firstly. He said hi back, but then gave you space to talk to your brother.

“(Y/N), you are an absolute idiot.” your brother said to you.

“Excuse me? I have much higher gra-”

“Shut up. You know what I’m talking about. Sirius is completely in love with you and you don’t do anything about it? I know you’re in love with him too. I didn’t forget how you used to talk about him all the time and then when he was disowned you defended him. What on earth is going on with you?”

You looked at Sirius, who was looking out of window, there was something missing..a spark of life that lightened up the room when he entered it.

“Listen, I told him about your crush on him you had on him since you were little-”

“You what?!” you whispered shouted at your brother. Now you were red in the face as a tomato.

“You stupid bimbo!” You smacked your brother’s head, before you quickly left the room.

You heard someone shout your name and suddenly you were spinned around by your wrist and your eyes landed on Sirius.

“Stop running away from me.” He said hurtfully. His eyes were sad, like he had lost everything he has ever loved.

You put your hands on his chest as a sign of giving up and he put his on your cheeks.

Before you could say anything, he kissed you, softly yet full of lust, like he was longing for that kiss since forever.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” you thought, as he kissed you again and again and again.

“And then?” your daughter asked you, with no sign of tiredness in her voice.

“And then…we got married moved in here to take care after your grandmother Walburga, who was crushed after your uncle Regulus’ death. And then your two brothers came and then you and here we are..And soon you’ll go to Hogwarts like your brothers and Harry and Ron.”

She hid her face under a blanket. “I don’t want to.” she said.

You uncovered her to see her sweet angelic face. “Why not?”

“I want to stay here with you.” she said quietly.

You kissed her forehead and tucked her to sleep. After you turned off the lights and left her room, there was a warm feeling that flew over you. There is a whole life ahead of her, you thought. And you and your husband and friends around you are getting older, even tho you are in your thirties and you are still young, there are now people in your life that are far more important than anything in your life. And you must protect them.

You walked up the stairs of your house, to your bedroom. You were already in your sleeping dress, so you just slipped in your bed, under the sheets. You sighed quietly and drifted back to sleep, but before you could do that, two strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to the body next you, that belonged to your husband.

“Where have you been for so long?” he said in his low and sleepy voice.

“I was telling our daughter a story.” you replied while you caressed his hand on yours.

Sirius chuckled. “What story? From The Tales of Beedle the Bard?”

“No, she’s tired of them. She wanted to hear about how we’ve met each other.”

Sirius chuckled again and pulled his body up, so he was supporting it on one arm, while looking down at you.

“That is an interesting story. I hope you didn’t tell her everything.”

You chuckled and punched his arm slightly. “No, of course I did not.”

Sirius laughed, before he looked into your eyes, his face now completely still. He pushed stray of your hair from your face and gently kissed the corner of your lips.

“Remind me again of how you rejected me..” he whispered quietly as he kissed your jaw, neck and collarbone.

“ know I was wrong back then. I was young and you had a certain reputation.” you said back softly. His touch still gave you shivers after all this time.

“What can I say, every girl wanted to have a piece of this.” he said while he pointed at his chest, covered with tattoos.

You both shared a laugh, before you spoke;

“I love you Sirius. I always have.”

He smiled and nodded. “I know, love, I know. I love you too.” he said and kissed you once more.

And then you two drifted back to sleep, embraced in a bed you shared, in a room full of memories, in a house you called home.

I usually am not comfortable writing about (Y/N) being a parent, but sometimes I am haha, anyway I was thinking about names that Sirius’ children would have. I was thinking of Medora for a girl and Magnus and Eneas for boys. Idk, I like them. Please give me feedback and tell me what would you name Sirius’ children…this sounds weird..bye.

Swipe Right - Part 5


Warning: Just fluffy sweetness

A/N: What have these two lovebirds been up to since the last update? Let’s find out and see. Also a special shout out to my ladies @binbonsadoration and @la-fille-en-aiguilles and all my other Tumblr mutuals (you know who you all are) - this part is inspired by all of you. Also wouldn’t the end of this be amazing to happen ha ha 

Please note that I respect Ben’s personal life and this is fiction - I thought this photo was cute and captures our motley crew however. Credit to Ben Barnes Fan

Ben knocked on the door of his friends Calvin’s apartment, a bottle of wine in one hand and his birthday gift in another. It had been a week since he had seen you and he was anxious and giddy. After your first date, he had done an effective job of keeping you to himself for close to a month. Cole and Jen had finally intervened, Jen feigning sadness from the loss of her girlfriend while Cole refused to do the dishes until he had one on one time with Ben.

So you had relented and made a deal - you would not spend anytime with him so you both could give time back to your friends.

It had worked. By the end of the week, Cole was whining to have his favorite shipped couple cuddling on his couch and Jen had expressed gratitude for making her friend happy. After she yelled at you before. He still remembered the text he had got two days earlier, after leaving a bar with Jason and some other friends from the Punisher set.

He laughed, remembering reading the text in half amusement/ half fear. Everyone knew that Jen took kickboxing that she dragged you two and was especially protective of you, like a younger sister. 

He hoped he wouldn’t mess this up. He didn’t want to mess you and him up but now his balls were also at stake as well as his heart.  

The door swung open, the large sounds of music greeting him as Calvin smiles, outstretching his arms to give Ben a hug while screaming,

“Ben’s here! Now the party can officially start.”

Ben chuckles, patting his friend on the back before pulling away and walking into the lengthy hallway. He hands Calvin the bottle of wine, which Calvin immediately smiles quirking an eye up.

“Not bringing whiskey? What brought this on my man?” he asks and Ben shakes his head smiling, shrugging out of his jacket to hang on the jacket hanger.

“Figured you’re turning 38, you’re getting wiser. More classy. You have a steady girlfriend now…” Calvin quirks up an eyebrow as Ben finishes, “Also, you have at least five other friends who I know was going to bring you whiskey so I figured I’d mix it up.”

Calvin laughs, slapping his hand on the back of Ben as they walk to his spacious living room. The room was full of people that had been both of their friends for years. Like Ben, Calvin was originally from London and had moved to the states to join the Hollywood ranks. However, he had found pleasure in video editing and worked on large scale movies but they both had stayed good friends of the years.

“You have a photo booth?” Ben chuckles, pointing to the large booth that was being occupied by a group of women and Calvin shrugged.

“The girl I’m dating thought it would be fun, who am I to not make a woman happy?”

Ben laughs, shaking his head as he spots Cole who was engaged in a heavy conversation on the other side of the room. He waved at Ben but didn’t encourage him to walk over. Knew that his best friend and roommate wouldn’t do a thing until he found you. 

This was going to be the first time that you both were going to make your relationship public to your friends. You were both private people and it had surprised him when he had broached the topic over a phone conversation earlier that week.

“Are you going to Calvin’s thing on Saturday?” he had casually asked and you gave a soft sigh before replying,

“You know I am. Don’t even pretend that you didn’t think I was.”

He gives a low chuckle, shutting the door to his room before walking to his bed, falling backwards and looking up at the ceiling.

“Sooooooooo….”he begins and you emulate him, “Sooooooooooo.”

He bites his lip,

“So if I asked you to go with me as the girl I’m dating…that wouldn’t be weird or anything would it?”

You’re smiling on the other side of the line though you know he’s unaware of it as you say,

“Hmmmmmmm I don’t know. I don’t want to make this an official relationship thing…”

“No, no no! Of course not! This is strictly us dating - two people still getting to know each other.” he immediately says, sitting up in his bed and you laugh.

“Oh Benji, you know I’m giving you a hard time. Of course we can go and let our friends know we are dating.”

He gives a relieved sigh, falling back on the bed as he mutters,

“I just want to show you off to the world.”

“And you can but only if I can too.”

He smiles before saying.

“Of course. You can show me off as much as you want too,” he gives a low chuckle before whispering. “Now, are you finally going to tell me what bra you’re wearing or am I going to have to tease it out of you?”

You had ended the conversation a little after that, giggling that he was going to have to wait until Saturday for that kind of talk. Which he had to much to his displeasure - the rest of the week was full for you both. He made his way to the kitchen, grabbing a beer before saying hi to friends, his eyes diligently looking for you as he made quick side conversation.

It was when he was making his way make to the living room, resigned to chat with Cole and Jason until he found you that he heard your laughter. He couldn’t see you much to his dismay, and he resigned himself to continue to meet up with his friends, saying hi to them promptly before his eyes went searching for you again.

“Barnes? Barnes!”

Jason’s voice breaks his thoughts minutes later and he turns back to the tall man who is shaking his head as Cole watches on amusingly.

“Hey. What?” he asks and Jason rolls his eyes in an exaggerated motion.

“I said, where have you been man? I feel like you’ve gone AWOL these past couple of weeks. You get a quick gig you didn’t share with me?”

Ben shakes his head, a smile on his face as he turns back to the large room. Then he spots you. You’re getting out of the photo booth, your head thrown back in amused laughter as you help three other girls, Jen included from the cramped space. You’re wearing a v neck olive green dress that hugs your curves perfectly and flows around your knees, a brown leather jacket draped over your shoulders and ankle high brown boots. You had worn your hair loosely down and though you were far away, he noticed the lipstick you had thrown on, throwing an elegance to your face.

Even from where he stood he could see all the men in the room drooling over you, taking in your legs as it paired with the rest of your outfit. You were the perfect combination of woman - something sexy, bad and innocent all rolled up in a perfect body that was you. The kind of woman you want to get to know more and if you’re lucky take home and it was that realization that had him seeing red.

He wasn’t used to this new emotion - jealousy. He had dated plenty of beautiful women, dated a lot of women that he was proud to have on his arm and cared for but he couldn’t think of any that was making him unnecessarily overprotective like he felt right now.

“Damn, who’s she? She’s cute.” Jason whistles, taking you in and Cole laughs as Ben sets his beer down, making a fast beeline toward you. 

Like hell he was going to let the people in this room think you were even a possibility.

“You look like a monkey. Like an angry baboon.” you giggle as you look down at the photos of you, Jen, Steph and Mara that was taken moments earlier.

“A monkey? That’s rude dude.” Jen says, looking at the photo before laughing. “Though you’re right. My blue steel look does look the opposite of sexy.”

You shrug as you turn, your eyes lifting to find Ben’s. Unexpectedly you feel the air leaving your chest as he strolls over, his simple grey shirt hiding the muscles underneath his torso. His hair had grown out a bit since you had last saw him and was now falling across his face, over his eyes but he was paying no attention to it. His face held determination and it was all focused on you.

“Holy shit,” Steph whispers to you and your girlfriends. “Isn’t that Ben? Like Ben Barnes? Like Ben Barnes who plays Logan in Westworld? Damn he’s even more handsome in person.”

You barely hear her as he nears, the smell of his cologne consuming your space as he towers over you, his arms snaking around your waist before he bends down to kiss you.

It takes you off guard and at first you stand dazed as his lips press against yours. But then his tongue skims over your bottom lip, teasing you to open and you oblige easily, your mouth automatically molding to his. He smiles, deepening the kiss as his soft beard tickles your face and you sigh into his mouth, your arms wrapping around his neck as you kiss him back fervently. Your fingers find their way into his hair as he pushes you back until your pressed against the photo machine and he moans into your mouth as his hands snake behind you, finding themselves placed comfortably on your ass.

Its when you hear hollering that you pull away quickly, your face already heating up in embarrassment as he rests his forehead against yours, his hair tickling your nose as he catches his breath, a low chuckle escaping his throat.

“Forgot where we were for a second…” he mutters and you smile, nudging him so he looks at you and he kisses your nose before pulling away, rolling his eyes at Calvin and his friends who are rooting for the both of you.

“Just had to remind these idiots that you’re taken. And let the women know that I’m taken. Didn’t mean to get so carried away.” he whispers in your ear before kissing your neck and turning back on his heels. You’re left shaking your head, watching him walk back to the group of men he had previously left, Calvin joining them before you turn to find Stephanie and Mara looking at you, their mouths agape.

“You fly me out here for the week….” Stephanie begins. Mara picks up where she has left off,

“You urge me to take a job in LA for this week…..” 

They both finish at the same time,

“And not once during the week you tell us that you know and are presumably sleeping with fucking Ben Barnes!?”

You slowly raise your shoulders in an innocent shrug as Jen coughs and chips in, “Oh they’re not fuck buddies. They’re dating. Like he takes all of her time now…well since three weeks ago.”

Both of the women look at you, disbelief and betrayal in their eyes and you groan as they both say in sync,


You push past them, making your way to the kitchen and they hastily follow you, hot on your heels.

“Come on, spit it out.” Steph urges and you turn, biting your lip.

“I was going to tell you. I was just….trying to figure out where to begin.”

“You begin with - ‘hey guys you know how I casually post pictures with Ben Barnes. Well yea, we’re dating. Also, did you know I know Ben Barnes like know him really well and just don’t have a Tumblr blog dedicated to him.’

“Wait, wait, wait - Y/N has a Tumblr blog dedicated to Ben?” Jen looks at you in question and you’re left groaning. Mara chips in,

“Yes! That’s how we all met.”

Jen turns to you and laughs.

“You can never judge me for stocking Jason Mamoa on Reddit ever again.” 

You cross your arms and shake your head, “Yes I can because you like stock him in actual places in L.A. Its unhealthy.” 

Jen imitates your movement, shaking her head, 

“No you can’t when you have a Tumblr blog dedicated to someone who is like literally one of your closest friend. Like been a good friend to you for years and is literally on the path to being your boyfriend. Besides, Jason just needs to meet me to know I’m wifey material.”

“What!?” Stephanie and Mara screech after listening to you and Jen’s conversation and you shrug, leaning against the counter.

“Yea…so you know how I have photos of the two of us on my blog sometimes. Its real time interactions that I have with him. So when we are casually out its because I’m casually out with him and usually Jen and Cole and friends.”

Mara and Stephanie are looking at you in wonder until Mara says,

“Wait, just to confirm, have you slept with him recently? Because if you have, that explains why your past SMUT stories have been like, really steamy hot.”

Stephanie nods enthusiastically in agreement as Jen’s mouth drops before saying,

“Wait!? You’ve written sex stories about Ben?! This is getting better - we should have all hung out earlier! so I could have known this secret life of Y/N.”

“Shut up!” you yell, throwing a soft punch at Jen before you all hear a deep voice behind you ask,

“Who’s been writing sex stories about me?”


Imagine spending Christmas at Hogwarts, and you decide to have a small get-together in the Room of Requirement, inviting the Marauders, Lilly, Severus, and Regulus since they’re all your friends.

You looked around the room in excitement as everyone talked, danced, or played games. You were in the Room of Requirement, where you specifically made into a room with Christmas decorations. Although you had some doubts, you decided to invite all of your friends, even if some of them didn’t like the others. You invited James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Severus, and Regulus. Luckily for you, they all promised to be on their best behavior and put aside their feelings for you and the holiday. They even made an arrangement where everyone would give each other gifts. You couldn’t have been happier.

“Y/N!” You were broken out of your thoughts by Sirius’ voice and looked to see everyone sitting in a circle on the floor. “Come over here with us. We’re about to exchange gifts!”

You grinned at him and quickly sat down between him and Regulus. You were glad you went against your doubts. This was the best Christmas ever.

Okay, remember, you asked for this so here it goes! 🙌🏻 So reader’s sister is getting married to Ben’s best friend, so they both meet at the rehearsal dinner in some fancy restaurant in NY (although can be anywhere really). They don’t like each other very much (or at least they pretend they don’t), and it’s like a Texas chainsaw massacre every time they speak? Idk 😄so when the party’s over, they stay behind to talk over marriage stuff and everything so when they finally decide to leave they are the only ones in the elevator and reader’s sis and Ben’s best friend stop the friggin’ thing until they sort their crap out.

A/N: @la-fille-en-aiguilles hope you like this! So I’ve been playing with this prompt all week trying to wrestle it down (its hard to imagine Ben genuinely disliking someone lol) and I think I figured it out. I’m actually going to push this out in a few parts because my imagining of this has become grandiose

Miscommunication - Part 1

You sighed, looking around the room and taking in the large reception space. You couldn’t believe that your little sister, Brieana, was going to be getting married tomorrow. You walked around the tables, taking in the sparkling lights and the way the the tent glistened in the fall evening wind. The reception was to be in LA’s downtown botanical gardens and you had spent endless hours helping to decorate the area with the help of other members of the wedding party and family.

You had just finished the rehearsal dinner which had been hosted in the hotel across the street and wanted to double check to make sure everything was ok. And to escape.  Everything was of course in order and you took one last look before picking up your leather jacket, throwing it across your arms and leaving the scene.

You left the area, crossing the street and staring up at the tall hotel, the massive structure blending in with the city night sky. You did not want to go inside. You loved Bri and you loved her fiance Richard but you couldn’t deal with having to see his best friend again.

Ben Barnes may have the hearts of millions of women across the world but you despised him.

It had started with the wedding rehearsal. You had walked into the large cathedral arm in arm with Bri, excited to begin celebrating the love that she had found. You were both a bit tipsy from saloon where you had gotten your nails done as part of the bridal activities and you walked in with sunny smiles on your faces. Then you saw him.

Ben had been laughing, kidding around with another groomsmen when his eyes fell on yours and his face fell. You narrowed your eyes, forgetting the reason why you were there in the first place. The rest of the wedding party sensed the change in the air, the tension between you and Ben, and quickly made work to try to dispel it. And it had almost worked. Until you were walking down the aisle and tripped. Which led to his side remark of your being clumsy and then all hell had let loose.

You started to unravel a multitude of insults that he equally countered until Richard stepped in and the rest of the rehearsal was spent with you fuming.

You gave another long sigh, walking into the hotel lobby, your thick hair falling in front of your face. You knew that Richard had convinced his groomsmen to meet him down at the bar for a couple of drinks and you hoped that they had all moved on for the evening, getting ready for tomorrow.

“Y/N” you instantly perk up hearing your name, surprised to find your sister sitting in one of the lounge chairs. She threw the magazine she was rifling through on the table beside her and started toward you.

“I wondered where you went.” she smiled and you shrugged.

“Just wanted to make sure everything was looking okay for the reception. It is of course but as your maid of honor figured I couldn’t be too safe.”

She nods, watching you carefully before looping her arm with yours.

“Well, I need your help.I want to go out for a drink with you and the rest of the bridesmaids but left my phone upstairs. I was going to go up and grab it but I was also waiting for you and didn’t want to miss you. Come with me to grab it?”

You cocked your head to the side, trying to read her. Bri was never without her phone, and you were sure she had it during rehearsal. Then again, she had been all over the place since guests had flown in so it was possible.

“All right, let’s grab your phone and head out. I’m sure lots of girls are just hanging out in their rooms.”

Her eyes light up and she tugs you toward the elevator, practically dragging you there. You had gotten closer to the doors when you saw him again. He was wearing dark jeans and a dark grey t-shirt, the cotton material hugging his biceps. He was smiling, laughing along with your future brother in law, his hands shoved into his pockets with ease.

“Bri…..” you warned but she continued on her quest, easily yelling at her fiance.

“Richard! Ben! Fancy meeting you here.”

Ben’s eyes were diverted the minute he heard his name. Walking toward him was his best friend’s fiance, Bri, dragging along a not so happy looking Y/N. His face instantly fell. He didn’t want to deal with her again. They had spent thirty minutes fighting at the rehearsal and the whole rehearsal dinner making side comments to each other. He groaned, probably too loudly and Richard nudged him as he swooped down to hug his fiance.

“What are you doing here honey? Thought you were headed to bed.”

“Was but then I thought Y/N and I could really benefit from a quick nightcap to help ease us into tomorrow.”

Richard smiled, beaming down at his fiance as the glass elevator dinged, opening up. Ben walked in immediately, Y/N not to far behind getting pushed in by her younger sister. He scoffed, hitting his floor number as Y/N leaned against the elevator walls.

“We’ll catch the next one!” Bri smiled, giving Ben a wink before the doors closed.

“What!?” Ben and Y/N yell, the elevator already moving up.

“Fuck….” Y/N mutters, giving a slight chuckle causing Ben to shake his head.

“Think they planned that?” he finally asks incredulously before he’s jerked, the elevator abruptly stopping, causing Y/N to fall toward him. Out of instinct Ben catches her, the elevator and the hotel lights all dimming out simultaneously, the city suddenly cast in a sea of darkness. A few emergency lights turn on, casting a dim glow into the tight elevator space. For a second he smells her hair, the way the floral scent mingles with her vanilla perfume and his other senses are awakened. He always forgot the pleasant scent she left in her wake whenever she left or entered a room. She looks up at him, her hands pressed against his chest and for a second he sees something else behind her eyes.

Only for a second.

She quickly narrows her eyes, pushing herself off of him and mumbling,

“Yea - they planned a city wide blackout. Smart one Barnes.”

He rolls his eyes, leaning against the other wall watching her. This was going to be a long wait.