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Sirius Black Imagine: Bedtime Stories

“Which one do you want to hear?” you asked as you took The Tales of Beedle the Bard from the shelf.

Your six year old daughter looked at you and sighed. You knew she was tired from listening the same stories over and over again. Her favourite was The Tale Of Three Brothers, of course, she loved scary stories which reminded you of her father.

As you sat next to her on bed she looked down at her hands.

“I want a new story.”

You chuckled. Making up new stories wasn’t one of your talents and you knew Sirius could do much better at that, he was a born storyteller.

You thought for a moment. Nothing came to your mind. As a child you were never told stories from your mother - you came from an old, pureblood and wealthy family which taught you a lot - especially what kind of family you don’t want your daughter to have. As a little girl, you used to sleep in a dark room in a cold bed that felt so unfamiliar. You used to believe there was something wrong with you because you didn’t hate muggle borns as your family did.

“Mom?” your daughter woke you from your thoughts.


“I want to hear about you.”


“Yes. You and dad. How you met him.”

That brought a smile on your face. You felt like a little girl again. Bringing back the memories of how you fell for Hogwarts’ heartbreaker. And how he fell for you. Memories of your best friends Remus, Lily and James and the one you considered as your close friend, but failed - Peter. In seven years while you attended Hogwarts, your whole life changed.

You worked for the Ministry now, being an important official there, you rarely visited Hogwarts, unless your daughter and two older sons did a mischief or something like it.

“That’s a long story love..” you said to her and in an instant you knew that’s just going to fire her curiosity up.

“But mom! You never told me how you met him!”

You tried to calm her down by pushing her down to bed again and cover her up with a blanket.

“Darling look, maybe some other time.”

Your daughter crossed her arms and started pouting.

“Oh don’t give me that look. You are so like your father.” you chuckled.

She didn’t reply, but you knew she wouldn’t go to sleep, even if you promised her you will take her to Honeydukes tomorrow.

“Fine.” you finally gave up. Her face lightened up and she excitedly jumped under her blanket, preparing for a story.

You lied next to her and began.

You and Sirius have known each other since you were infants. His mother was your mother’s best friend and your fathers worked together. You lived with your parents, older sister and younger brother a few blocks away from 12 Grimmauld Place. So you knew him through your family and you two used to play together in the snow and in a nearby park watching muggles living lives much different from yours.

When you entered Hogwarts everything changed. He met James, Remus and Peter and you found yours - Elaine and Debbie, both purebloods. You were both Gryffindors, but he was an outcast and couldn’t stand his family, while you were afraid of losing your own. He became school’s heartthrob, while you were achieving top grades in all subjects. Sometimes you would caught him glacing at you in class and when you did he just smiled and looked away. You two still talked on many occasions, at Quidditch matches, at breakfast and when he copied his homework from you. You cared for him, as a friend back then. It didn’t bother you that he fooled around with girls, you considered him as your very good friend.

You befriended Lily in your third year and as years went on you, two grew closer. She was a muggle born and when your sister found out, she told your parents who almost disowned you from your family. They told you, you were a disgrace to the whole family and that you must stop this insane thing right now.

In that moment you felt your braveness that put you in Gryffindor. In your bones there was no longer fear of losing your family, but losing yourself. So you stood behind your words and actions and you sent your family to hell.

It was your sixth year and you no longer had patience for people like them. You didn’t just tolerate those who thought muggleborns were their inferiors, but you couldn’t stand no one who was much to proud and mighty and that meant James Potter and his best friend Sirius.

When you saw them bullying Severus who happened to be your friend because of Lily, you hexed them both. Yes that sent all three of you to detention, but you didn’t care. You were fearless and brave.

Sirius was amazed by the fire inside of you. You were once a girl afraid of a world she lived in and now you took control over it.

He always payed attention to you. He always thought you were the most beautiful girl in the room. He always cared for you. But when you finally shined in your true light, that’s when he fell in love with you.

James started teasing him about you, but he just shrugged him off as he headed to your dorm. Yes, of course it was forbidden, but did Sirius care? Absolutely not.

He opened the doors of your dorm to find you on your bed with your books and snake (yes, others may had owls, but you were something special) around your hand.

You jumped on your feet, totally surprised while Lily from the other bed just looked at him in awe.

Sirius was speechless. He just stared at you for a moment, before he turned his gaze to Lily.

“Would you mind leaving us for a moment?” he asked her.

Before Lily could argue how dares he come here and that she can’t stand him nor that Potter, you gave her an apologetic look and he left.

Sirius stepped closer to you and finally poured his feelings out to you. As he finished and confessed his love he had for you, you just stood there, not knowing what to say.

“Well?” he asked after some time.

You sighed and took a few steps back.

“Sirius…I have no idea how to say this to you, but I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Sirius was rejected for the first time in his life, beside his family. There was no girl in this school that would ever say no to him, but you did. Out of all people. It had to be you.

He was angry, mad even, at you, but you just said you don’t believe he’s capable of true love for one person. You doubted his feelings and hurt him a lot.

For the next few months he ignored you completely. He loosened up and gave himself to drinks, girls and reckless life.

You however regretted your decision a few weeks later, when you realized that he was truly in love with you. That he cared for you as you cared for him. But it was too late.

In your seventh year, your three years younger brother broke his arm while playing Quidditch. And it was Sirius who brought him to the hospital wing, staying with him until you came.

While you were walking down the white hall full of beds, you noticed a tall, handsome figure standing next to bed at the end of the hall. He was smiling at the patient and you soon realized it was Sirius smiling at your brother.

Yes you cared for your brother, but you were so nervous around Sirius. You were so embarrassed. you could hardly look at him. Your brother was cover in bandages, but happy to see his sister.

“Hi.” You said to Sirius firstly. He said hi back, but then gave you space to talk to your brother.

“(Y/N), you are an absolute idiot.” your brother said to you.

“Excuse me? I have much higher gra-”

“Shut up. You know what I’m talking about. Sirius is completely in love with you and you don’t do anything about it? I know you’re in love with him too. I didn’t forget how you used to talk about him all the time and then when he was disowned you defended him. What on earth is going on with you?”

You looked at Sirius, who was looking out of window, there was something missing..a spark of life that lightened up the room when he entered it.

“Listen, I told him about your crush on him you had on him since you were little-”

“You what?!” you whispered shouted at your brother. Now you were red in the face as a tomato.

“You stupid bimbo!” You smacked your brother’s head, before you quickly left the room.

You heard someone shout your name and suddenly you were spinned around by your wrist and your eyes landed on Sirius.

“Stop running away from me.” He said hurtfully. His eyes were sad, like he had lost everything he has ever loved.

You put your hands on his chest as a sign of giving up and he put his on your cheeks.

Before you could say anything, he kissed you, softly yet full of lust, like he was longing for that kiss since forever.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” you thought, as he kissed you again and again and again.

“And then?” your daughter asked you, with no sign of tiredness in her voice.

“And then…we got married moved in here to take care after your grandmother Walburga, who was crushed after your uncle Regulus’ death. And then your two brothers came and then you and here we are..And soon you’ll go to Hogwarts like your brothers and Harry and Ron.”

She hid her face under a blanket. “I don’t want to.” she said.

You uncovered her to see her sweet angelic face. “Why not?”

“I want to stay here with you.” she said quietly.

You kissed her forehead and tucked her to sleep. After you turned off the lights and left her room, there was a warm feeling that flew over you. There is a whole life ahead of her, you thought. And you and your husband and friends around you are getting older, even tho you are in your thirties and you are still young, there are now people in your life that are far more important than anything in your life. And you must protect them.

You walked up the stairs of your house, to your bedroom. You were already in your sleeping dress, so you just slipped in your bed, under the sheets. You sighed quietly and drifted back to sleep, but before you could do that, two strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to the body next you, that belonged to your husband.

“Where have you been for so long?” he said in his low and sleepy voice.

“I was telling our daughter a story.” you replied while you caressed his hand on yours.

Sirius chuckled. “What story? From The Tales of Beedle the Bard?”

“No, she’s tired of them. She wanted to hear about how we’ve met each other.”

Sirius chuckled again and pulled his body up, so he was supporting it on one arm, while looking down at you.

“That is an interesting story. I hope you didn’t tell her everything.”

You chuckled and punched his arm slightly. “No, of course I did not.”

Sirius laughed, before he looked into your eyes, his face now completely still. He pushed stray of your hair from your face and gently kissed the corner of your lips.

“Remind me again of how you rejected me..” he whispered quietly as he kissed your jaw, neck and collarbone.

“ know I was wrong back then. I was young and you had a certain reputation.” you said back softly. His touch still gave you shivers after all this time.

“What can I say, every girl wanted to have a piece of this.” he said while he pointed at his chest, covered with tattoos.

You both shared a laugh, before you spoke;

“I love you Sirius. I always have.”

He smiled and nodded. “I know, love, I know. I love you too.” he said and kissed you once more.

And then you two drifted back to sleep, embraced in a bed you shared, in a room full of memories, in a house you called home.

I usually am not comfortable writing about (Y/N) being a parent, but sometimes I am haha, anyway I was thinking about names that Sirius’ children would have. I was thinking of Medora for a girl and Magnus and Eneas for boys. Idk, I like them. Please give me feedback and tell me what would you name Sirius’ children…this sounds weird..bye.


Imagine spending Christmas at Hogwarts, and you decide to have a small get-together in the Room of Requirement, inviting the Marauders, Lilly, Severus, and Regulus since they’re all your friends.

You looked around the room in excitement as everyone talked, danced, or played games. You were in the Room of Requirement, where you specifically made into a room with Christmas decorations. Although you had some doubts, you decided to invite all of your friends, even if some of them didn’t like the others. You invited James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Severus, and Regulus. Luckily for you, they all promised to be on their best behavior and put aside their feelings for you and the holiday. They even made an arrangement where everyone would give each other gifts. You couldn’t have been happier.

“Y/N!” You were broken out of your thoughts by Sirius’ voice and looked to see everyone sitting in a circle on the floor. “Come over here with us. We’re about to exchange gifts!”

You grinned at him and quickly sat down between him and Regulus. You were glad you went against your doubts. This was the best Christmas ever.