ben barnes 2

ben barnes gif hunt 2 @ nandahelps

Quantity: 126

Size: Small and Medium. 

Here’s a gif pack of the FC Ben Barnes with long hair, and mostly aren’t in my first one. Some of them are mine, others I just gathered and edited them to make it roleplayable. Don’t claim them as yours if they’re not. They should be all under 1MB, so you shouldn’t have any problem uploading them. Please like or reblog if used.

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so my mom took me to see Seventh Son, and it was pretty bad, especially if you’ve read the book. but let’s be real here. i’d watch 100 poorly executed movies if it meant looking at Ben Barnes for 2 hours.

i mean

look at this fucker

he’s just so fucking pretty

i’ve liked him since Prince Caspian and who didn’t have a crush on him, am i right?!

but he just got so much better looking with age



congratulations on your genetics sir

Heaven On Earth

Both of them already had a best friend… and yet found themselves sharing a close bond as well. But maybe it could be more? 

1. Where We Want To Be (Acoustic) - Ben Barnes 
2. Every Breath You Take - Denmark & Winter 
3. Give You Love - Ed Sheeran 
4. Evergreen - Broods 
5. Perfect - Hedley 
6. Skin - Alexz Johnson 
7. Wonder - Megan McCauley 
8. Sleep Alone - Bat For Lashes 
9. Built For Sin - Framing Hanley 
10. Heaven On Earth - Britney Spears 
11. Conquer the World - Jessie J, feat Brandy 
12. Better - Brooke Fraser 
13. Don’t Deserve You - Plumb 
14. For You - The Calling 
15. Dust To Dust - The Civil Wars 
16. How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding