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This entire season of Grey’s has been a total mess. Like scattered and disjointed with no storyline. Watching it has been a punishment but as an ardent Grey’s fan, I sat through every episode, every pointless storyline, every unnecessary scene. Like clearly Minnick was pointless and bringing Leah back was for no reason. Alex going to prison was a stupid storyline and the Japril centric movie did nothing (why did ee meet his dad?)

The last two episodes were okay though and I can’t lie I enjoyed them. But it’s only cause they seem to be creating new possible storylines.

So now I’m waiting for September so I can watch season 14 and see what Megan is like and if Omelia and Jolex will be redeemed and what the hell Shonda thinks she’s doing with Japril and Maggie cause I’m not fucking here for whatever this is.

TL:DR: My point is that clearly no matter what the hell Shonda puts me through I will keep coming back to suffer more.


SNEAK PEEK #1 | Grey’s Anatomy 13x21 - “Don’t Stop Me Now” 

I thought..

It would be fun to speculate on what we think happens between Thursday and the SF…

I’m almost always wrong, but it will be fun to take a stab at it, right?! :)

Here’s how it will work-
I’ll start with my top three speculations and then post… As you think of a speculation or speculations, reblog yours to keep it going!

Next week at the end of the SF, I’ll compile a list to see how VERY RIGHT or how VERY WRONG our speculations together were! :)

Here are my top three:
1. I speculate that Alex finds out Jo’s husband aka Mr. Shue from Glee, will be at the convention he is attending. He decides to confront him.
2. I speculate that there is an explosion outside or near that hospital that causes a fire. I believe that’s why the episode is titled “Ring of Fire.”
3. I speculate that the “good news” that Meredith shares with Nathan is that she’s pregnant. Is it realistic?! Not at all, but it’s the first thing that popped in my head!

Ok, now it’s your turn! Reblog away! :)

13 Demands for 13b

1. Jolex get screentime. There were roughly 2 scenes over 9 episodes and I think for a couple that were living together and were on the verge of getting married, it’s ridiculous. There’s so much unexplored territory behind their storyline and the writers are investing too much time in Merlex for my liking.

2. Omelia are on. Amelia left so Caterina could go on maternity leave- I get that- but there were better ways that didn’t involve Amelia fleeing for the hills in the dead of night like the von Trapps escaping Nazi Germany. They just couldn’t be bothered. My demand is that Omelia are back on, and stay on, as soon as she returns.

3. Stephanie is a character. She is listed as a series regular so give her a damn storyline. They threw her a bone with Kyle last year and Jerrika did some amazing acting. Just because she’s amazing at the oneliners and the funny material, doesn’t mean she should be a fluffer for the Jo or Omelia storyline.

4. Griggs happens. They need to get it out of their system, see if it works… Maggie has had enough space and time and although I protect her to the end of the world and back, she’s a big girl and strong enough character to get over it.

5. Callie returns. I miss her.

6. There’s a dream episode. No, I don’t mean Denny ghost, but I do mean Meredith gets knocked out (cos, let’s be honest, that happens every five minutes with her patients these days) and hallucinates or dreams the hospital with all our favs back.

7. Elizona happens. I was pissed about the whole Penny/Callie storyline, not because of Penny but more because of how Callie disregarded Arziona’s feelings. Arizona deserves to be happy and find a new ‘love’.

8. A big medical case. I miss arcs. I miss recurring patients. I don’t realise I miss them until they’ve gone but I think there needs to be more of them.

9. Nobody fucking dies. No explanation needed.

10. Ben and Bailey quit bickering. They either need to learn from their mistakes or divorce. Bailey doesn’t really do the forgive and forget thing that well and it leads to too much screentime focusing on what is essentially bickering.

11. We see proof of children. They cart them out every 10 or 11 episodes so we occasionally remember they’re all working mothers. Let’s make it every 3 or 4, yeah?

12. Japril reunite. I cannot wait for the Japril movie 2.0. This time they’re going to have sexy times against a car door and realise they’re mint to be.

13. Meredith makes a medical break through and Cristina comes back to celebrate. I love merlex but I need those two women on my screen again and it’d be interesting to see an Omelia storyline that doesn’t involve on/off/on/off but actual realisations and growth.

If my demands are not met, I’ll probably sulk about it for a week or two and then go about my business. As you were…