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2D: Oh…W-Well, We got a brilliant actor called Ben Mendelsohn. He writes the whole album for us.

Interviewer: How did that come about?

2D: W-Well… I think– Well, Actually, Murdoc went and found him on a set.. Of a um, Bloodline, which IS a really good series.

Murdoc: OH YEAH! That’s right, I make him come.

Now we know. 😘

You cannot make me believe that Pavel Chekov is not an honorary member of the sulu family. You can’t tell me he wasn’t at the benkaru wedding and cried like a maniac. That when he heard that Ben and Hikaru were approved for adoption he squealed, tackled Hikaru, and started sobbing because “IM GOING TO BE AN UNCLE HIKARU!” He meets demora when she’s born and says “I’m your uncle Pavel and you are going to be the best little Russian in the world” and Ben tries to say that she isn’t Russian at all and Pavel hisses at him and Hikaru laughs his ass off and tells Ben “Pavel’s her uncle she’s an honorary Russian” and imagine that ben and Hikaru debate endlessly over what her first word will be. So one day when she starts making the p sound repeatedly they’re just like “oooh! Is it going to plant?! Papa!?” And she turns to Pavel and squeals “pasha!” And Ben and Hikaru look so betrayed and at Yorktown you’d better believe that she hugged her uncle Pavel later on and Pavel stays at their house a lot and babysits demora and when he leaves the Enterprise to go to another ship and can’t visit as often he still calls demora and he cries at Hikaru’s captiancy ceremony and demora’s graduation and PAVEL AND HIKARU ARE BESTIES AND PAVEL LOVES BEN AND DEMORA NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE

|| The New Girl ||

{summary: “the other students call Peter ‘Penis’ Parker.”}

this whole story was inspired by a snippet in an ign article that i screencapped and posted yesterday x))))) it was the best prompt for me and i just had to write something short and sweet for it!

this is dedicated to all of my readers out there who have given my stories a chance and followed this blog. i really love you guys and i thank you so much for making this personal blog of mine so much fun to run!

warnings: none

**Please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


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OH MY GOD BABY DRABBLE okay, okay, what about 2 & 6 w Kylo?! 😆

Haha, yes! I hope you don’t mind, I decided to make this a sequel to the triplets drabble I did for @crylorenlo a little while back. Hope you like it!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “Why is it making that face?” +  “Don’t you want to hold her/him?”

Matt and Ben walked into the living room of (Y/N) and Kylo’s apartment instantly setting out in search of their brother. Ben peered into the kitchen with furrowed brows.


“In here!”

Matt and Ben followed the origin of the voice to a room off to the side. Sure enough with a few strides they found themselves in the nursery Kylo and (Y/N) had made for their new twins. Kylo stood beside the crib adjusting the two little bundles in his arms as they cooed in response, their eyes wildly roaming the room as if they had never seen it before. Hearing the set of footsteps Kylo looked up from the twins.


Ben gave him a nod as Matt beamed at the sight of the two little beings squirming in Kylo’s arms.

“Hey. You called?”

Kylo nodded as he adjusted the twin in his left arm, “Yeah (Y/N)’s out for the day, so I thought I could have you guys over for once.”

Ben groaned, “You called us over here for baby duty didn’t you?”

Matt instantly walked over to Kylo, almost too eager to hold one of the little bundles. Preferrably his niece who seemed the most enamored by Matt, or rather his large glasses.

“I’m fine with that.”

Kylo smiled as he carefully handed his daughter over to Matt, already knowing how eager his brother was to hold her.

“I got a new gaming system also so we could do that after I give you a tour.”

Ben crossed his arms with a slight huff as Matt turned to him with a grin on his face, his tiny niece reaching forward to grab tiny fistfuls of his shirt. 

“I guess.”

Kylo walked closer to his brothers, his son still craddled close to him in the right arm, gesturing with his free hand to the room they were in.

“This is obviously the nursery.”

Matt nodded as his eyes searched the room, “It’s nice…cute. Did (Y/N) decorate it?”

“Of course she did, that’s how it ended up cute.”

Ben snorted faintly, “Thank gaud she did.”

Kylo nodded as he walked past his brothers, continuing his tour of the apartment with the litte bundle still in his arms. Stopping in the living room Kylo sighed, adjusting his son so that his head laid on his chest.

“And that’s it.”

Ben nodded in approval, “Great, what games have you got for us?”

Kylo sighed as he pointed to the entertainment system a few feet before them, “Feel free to go through them.”

Just as Ben was about to move he suddenly stopped, doing a double take to the infant in Kylo’s arms. His tiny face seemed to be “scrunched” in displeasure.

“Kylo. Why is it making that face?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as he pulled the infant away from him for a moment, observing his face. His brows raised slightly as his lips parted.

“Oh, I thought (Y/N) took care of that.”


“He needs to be changed.”

Matt suddenly paused where he stood, looking to his niece with hesitation as she had a very similar expression on her face.

“Make that two.”

Walking back towards the nursery Kylo ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, “Ok I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you need help?”

Kylo hesitated, looking between the infants and his brothers. Suddenly he moved towards Ben, handing him his nephew.

“Yeah just hold him while I get everything.”

Ben’s face scrunched up much like the infants in disgust, “Why do I have to hold them?”

Kylo rolled his eyes, “Just for a minute, I can’t get everything I need and hold both of them.”

Matt smiled at Ben as he nudged his head towards the infant, “Don’t you want to hold him?”

“Not really.”

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#karen’s ass-kicking seal of approval

Honestly, this idea that “red state Democrats have more sway and should call more!” is wrong, harmful and needs to go away. I’m represented in the U.S. Senate by Ted Cruz and John Cornyn; they are not going to listen to me about not confirming Sessions or DeVos. They’re lock-step with the awful shit those people want to do. Cruz loves pushing religion on schools and shitting on LGBTQ people in the process; why wouldn’t he vote for Betsy DeVos?

On the other hand, we’ve seen, especially with Sessions, how wishy-washy some Democrats – especially white ones – are on these issues. They need to be reminded that if they betray the values they ran on in the name of a “smooth transfer of power” or “democratic norms” or “being the bigger person,” their constituents will be in danger and also pissed. They need to be reminded, especially in ultra-blue states like Massachusetts or Maryland, that they’re risking a primary challenge if they don’t stand up on this. Democrats have to start acting like the Tea Party on this shit. This is the only way we’ll get a party that actually stands up for us when it’s difficult.

It’s not a bad thing, of course, if liberal Texans are tying up their Senators’ phone lines and not accomplishing much more than making their lives more difficult. “Ruining Ted Cruz’s day” (or more likely, the days of his like-minded staffers) is a beautiful, worthy goal all its own. Where I worry is that this “especially call Republicans!” shit is discouraging people in blue states who absolutely need to be holding their Senators’ feet to the fire. We’ve already seen the costs of “blue staters have no influence” thinking with the Ben Carson committee approval. If you’re in activist Facebook groups or reading blogs or forums, and you see blue staters thinking they can sit this one out or bemoaning their “irrelevance,” you need to shut that down. Remind them of the statements and votes that have already happened, show them that list that only Kirsten Gillibrand has voted no on all the nominees, make sure they know that no one* gets a free pass when our country is in crisis mode. 

Take it from someone who’s lived in every political color of state, including in two deep-blue Northeastern states for most of the Obama years. Even then, I was regularly appalled by some of the garbage I had to call my Senators and Congress(wo)men about, because they were considering voting for it. 

(*Who has the time and money and ability/energy to do XYZ activist things, of course. Always need to say that, or people think it’s okay to shame the poor or disabled or overworked for not being able to phone-bank or march. I’m talking about people who can but don’t think they need to this time.)