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It’s not about those cheekbones anymore, or the fact that he’s British which makes you wanna say: “ravish me, right here, right now”, this is about  how confident he looks, how well he’s dressed and how classy he always behaves. You gain those virtues as you grow up, as you live in a present moment and try to bring best out of yourself every day. This is a man who appreciates life; like a fine wine, the older - the better; we should all be. 

Ben Bass Appreciation Week - Favorite Interview

I love every interview that Ben gives.

Before Rookie Blue, I really didn’t seek out actor interviews aside from what I caught on TV but I found out pretty quickly that this show was going to be different for me in so many aspects, one of which was trying to get my hands on as many interviews as I could. I love hearing him talk about the show, his chemistry with Missy, how he approaches acting. You can really tell that he enjoys what he’s doing and wants to do it well. It’s admirable.

Out of everything though, and I think I said this with Missy too, I LOVE these tiny little bits we get of the two of them. The ones where their comfort and chemistry just jump off the screen.I could watch him say ‘Andy shaped hole in his little heart’ over and over and over and it never fails to make me smile. And then how he has stutters over admitting that Sam is in love with Andy… hello, talk about living the character.

He’s truly one of the good ones!