ben and tucker


Well, I say Specs of Sleepy Sunday Morning Sexiness, but long-time readers will know the word I’m really thinking is Specs of STONED Sunday Morning Sexiness.

Because, quite frankly, that’s the only plausible explanation *I* can come up with for 1) Malcolm’s sudden Julius-like biscuit fixation and 2) Ben Swain being the one making actual logical sense. 


If you’ve ever wondered if Malcolm has seen Dirty Harry, the answer definitely seems to be YES.

If you’ve ever wondered if Malcolm thinks it is more fun to mess with Ben by lying to him or if it’s more fun to mess with Ben by telling him the truth, the answer to that definitely seems to be…YES.

(Also I’m sure some pedants would undoubtedly say undoubtably isn’t really a word.  And I’m equally sure Malcolm would say they should undoubtably go and do something extremely rude to themselves.  I may be paraphrasing him here.)