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Why young people should vote in 2016
  • Recent graduates: You're heading into the workforce or will be come the end of the next term. The next presidency will be your chance to receive the future you want to have.
  • New parents: Giving your children all they need is what you want. Give them a world they are excited to enter at the end of their 13 years of public education.
  • Children of immigrants: The current system is broken and I have heard it from both parties. You are their voice on how it can be fixed for future immigrants.
  • People with part-time jobs: You have likely faced capitalism at its worst. Your opinions on issues such as minimum wage and healthcare are relevant and need to be heard.
  • All youth: You are NOT retiring/facing death by 2020. This is YOUR life we're about to vote for.

Queer as Folk Meme - ten episodes [1/10]

4.01 Just A Little Help

I feel like such an idiot. running off with Hunter the way I did. I should’ve just stayed here, like you said, instead of putting everybody through “Mikey and Hunter’s Excellent Adventure”. it was so not cool. it was so immature. […]  How you put Hunter’s safety above your own, without a second thought. I wouldn’t call that immature. I would call that love. 

The Signs as 2016 Presidential Candidates

Aries: Racist Mr. Potato Head: cheeto skin edition

Taurus: Melted wax head that is scared of NYC. The wax was supposed to be heated at 420° F but was accidentally heated at 666° F and now everything is kinda strange the facial features are just slightly off just slightly melted

Gemini: not a corporate sellout, just Relatable Grandma in a Pantsuit™

Cancer: Neurosurgeon by day, sleeping pill advert by night

Leo: Yearnin’ for a Bernin’

Virgo: Carry Fioringostarr

Libra: Marco ‘the fizzling GOP star and water bottle aficionado’ Rubio

Scorpio: Angry troll under the George Washington Bridge

Sagittarius: John Kashewstix from Ohio

Capricorn: Little Lindsey Graham. He went too soon. RIP.

Aquarius: the lost child of Hillary and Bernie. he’s all alone in that corner. save him.

Pisces: Jeb!

I want a complete Matthews siblings/family episode. Either Morgan would be fine, although it seems like most fans want to see Lily. Lindsey retired from acting. (Side note: Lindsay’s actually from my hometown. I haven’t seen her around but I digress…)

I want to see the whole family dynamic. We know Josh and Cory are close. Of course Cory and Eric are close. I can see Morgan and Josh being close. They were the only two left when Cory and Eric moved to NY. But then again, Morgan and Josh are at least 13 years apart. Josh probably sees her as this second mom type of sister who always wanted to be around her. Morgan probably was the one chasing around Josh because Amy and Alan were too tired and old to run (haha). I imagine that whenever they see each other, she pinches his cheeks and kisses him. But what about Eric and Josh? Eric had used Josh as his son to pick up girls back in BMW. They have a huge age gap!

I read the writers are planning a family reunion so I can’t wait to see them all together.

BTW, this is great casting.

shatter me; a regina mills playlist [8tracks]

Gravity - Gravity OST / No Rest of the Wicked - LykkeLi / Elements - Lindsey Stirling / So Cold - Ben Cocks / Beyond the Veil - Lindsey Stirling / Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses / Echo - Jason Walker / Dave Revives Balthazar - The Sorcerer’s Apprentice OST / Regina and Daniel’s Theme - Once Upon A Time OST / Always Summer - Adrian Johnston / Home - The Piano Guys / Demons - Imagine Dragons (cover) / Human - Christina Perri / American Beauty - American Beauty OST / Medicine - Daughter / Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato / Beethoven + One Republic - The Piano Guys / Chandelier - Madilyn Bailey (cover) / Elastic Heart - Sia / Come Back to Me - Les Friction / Remember Me - Thomas Bergersen / To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra / The Beach - The Road OST

Some of you may have noted the absence, this past Wednesday, of a doleful circumstance visually depicted as a supplement to your life-long training in the avoidance of catastrophe. I apologize in the event that some of you felt compelled to stay indoors, missing fine picnics and riverside strolls, owing to a lack of preparedness which I try to provide.

My good fortune translates to a slight decrease in productivity; I am betrothed and to be subsequently wed to a woman of inestimably fine character and unimpeachable reputation. It is my hope and wish, in this brief period preceding my nuptials, that you will bolster your patience and steel your courage until I can return to my work in the following week. I thank you all in advance for your consideration.

Cordially Yours,


Voters deserve to know where 2016 presidential hopefuls REALLY stand on reproductive freedom. Help us make them OWN IT! →