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I’m on holiday rn so all the tasks in my bullet journal are super boring (don’t judge) 😂 I used a Ben & Jerrys lid to decorate as well as the quote from Vincent Van Gogh, ‘I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.’ Which I think is true when you look at all the stars and realise how many there are :)
Tell Ben & Jerry's You Want Non-Dairy Ice Cream Options

We have been loyal customers of Ben & Jerry’s for many years, and love their socially progressive nature of the company: their Fair Trade policies, use of eggs from Certified Humane farms, and their long-term support of Marriage Equality! Given all that, we are surprised that a company as ethical as Ben & Jerry’s does not make a non-dairy ice cream. We are familiar with their line of sorbets that are vegan, and think it’s great that they offer those, but it would be a huge sign of Ben & Jerry’s support for action against climate change if they offered a non-dairy ice cream .  For many, Ben & Jerry’s sets the ice cream agenda. They are in a position to lead the way and make non-dairy ice cream a mainstream choice, like meatless Mondays. Offering an ice cream for their vegan customers would signal their support for cutting back on animal products.  There is now a scientific consensus that animal agriculture is the single largest contributor to global warming, outstripping even the transportation industry in its production of greenhouse gases.  Moreover, offering a non-animal product line of ice cream would signal to their customers that such alternatives can be mainstream and don’t mean sacrificing great flavor and their favorite brands, and that they don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them. By offering a vegan ice cream, they could show consumers that non-dairy ice creams don’t need to be relegated to the shadowy sections of grocery freezers. There are so many non-dairy milks made from soy, coconut, and almond these days that it seems a cutting-edge company like Ben & Jerry’s would want to explore these options seriously! And non-dairy products are also good for those with dairy allergies. There are also serious ethical issues with dairy farming: even small dairy farms separate calves from their mothers, a process that is traumatic for both the cow and the calf. Non-dairy alternatives are in demand for those trying to make compassionate, as well as environmentally friendly choices. Please help us call on Ben & Jerry’s to make cutting back on animal products part of their sustainability agenda and their delectable range of ice cream! [ Photo credit to Ineke van Rossum ]