ben and jacob forever

  • les: them brooklyn boys so big!
  • leader of brooklyn boys: [is 5'4]

there is no heterosexual explanation for newsies

Sometimes I lay awake at night, thinking about how if Newsies (1992) had been a commercial success, Disneyland and World could’ve had Newsies-themed attractions and parades and possibly character meet-and-greets.

a song may be good

but is it “once and for all” key change and the set moving forward giving me goosebumps and making me cry good??


Newsies Live Pt. 2

(photos swiped from the Instagram accounts of the cast IDK where they originally came from)


I’m bringing this back 😍

  • Me: *takes a breath*
  • Everyone in a 5 mile radius of me: We get it, newsies is released in 10 days, you're so excited that newsies is being released, you're going to cry on may 23rd,yOU LOVE NEWSIES AND ITS BEING RELEASED IN 10 DAYS

Newsies Play: Marco Polo

-Everyone cheats except Davey

-Crutchie just sits on the side, eating ice cream and screaming when ‘Marco’ opens their eyes

-Jack goes first and wins within two seconds because Race is a cocky little shit who tried to shadow him and failed

-Spot just sits on the edge of the pool, he’s still playing, and every round he moves his spot. ;)

-Romeo is short, so when he’s it they can’t go in the deep end

-Specs can open his eyes because everyone knows he’s blind as a bat and can’t even cheat at this game

-Les is in the same boat as Romeo

-But one time Jack put him on his shoulders so he could feel tall

-Davey was jealous

-Albert sits with Crutchie sometimes, because he doesn’t want Crutchie to feel left out

-Elmer just stand in one place until everyone goes up to him because they wonder if he’s like, dead, or something

-Then he grabs them

-they always fall for it too

-Without fail, Davey runs into the side of the pool at least twice

-Without fail, Les bumps into a stranger everytime

-Katherine wins


-Because she listens, and Les always splashes the loudest, race does stupid dives, specs does weird flips, jack talks, Davey shushes him



-“Marco” “roni” “DAMNIT YOU GUYS”

questions i have from listening to carrying the banner

• did elmer ever get half a cup??

• did henry get something to wake him up??

• did romeo ever find an angle??

• did jojo find a new spot??

• did buttons ever get rid of his fleas??

The World Will {never} Know™

Different types of Friendships. (As told through the Losers Club)

Will make for all the Losers.

Richie and Eddie-

Everyone ships this friendship. Everyone. Like no matter how much you deny it people are going to assume that you are dating. In this there is just so much fucking flirting. Some of it platonic, some of it not. Actually most of it not. How this works is a mystery to everyone, are you dating??? are you just friends??? The world may never know.

Richie and Stan-

A classic love/hate relationship. Chances are you only pretending to be annoyed with the other. You’ve probably either been through a whole lot of shit with this person, or you’ve just been best friends since forever, either way you guys are stuck together. You love to playfully mess and insult this person, but if anyone else even tries to say anything that could be considered rude. Then they better watch out before you rain hell on them. Your friend may be a nerd but they’re your nerd.

Richie and Beverly- 

This is called ‘Platonic Soulmates’. When you first met you might not have liked this person, but then you bonded over some random ass thing and you guys have been inseparable ever since.  You guys are basically the same person. Chances are you probably made out at least once, but then decided that it was just, too weird.This is your person where if all else fails you’ll marry if you’re unmarried at the age of 65.

Richie and Ben-

This is more the friend that everyone thinks you wouldn’t be close with because of how different you two are but the jokes on them, because they know some of your darkest secrets. Like maybe your best friend was busy but you just had to get a big secret off your chest, so you turned to this person, who ended up becoming your go to vent person.  You trust this person with everything. Literally everything.

Richie and Mike- 

The most unlikely friendship there is. You both bonded over some unlikely thing, like a school project, or video games, etc. And you both just became really close from it. You are probably only friends when it comes to that certain thing tho. Don’t get me wrong you are close, but probably only at the arcade, or wherever.

Richie and Bill- 

This friendship has been through thick and thin. Like this is the only friendship where you can go from fighting one minute to skipping through a fucking meadow the next. This friendship will last forever. you are stuck together. forfuckingever.

Unofficial Newsie Quotes: Davey

-That’s not how it’s spelled

-I’m not gay

-Race and I

-It’s pronounced LIBRARY

-I’m not a nerd

-Les stop that

-Jack stop that

-Race stop that

-Romeo stop that

-Crutchie, please remind the boys to wear jackets tomorrow

-I’m not mothering you

-I’m not gay I swear

-Goodest is not a word

-I’m not the mom friend

-My mom made you guys cookies

-Ok. Maybe a little gay

-Jack Kelly do not explain sex to my 9 year old brother

-If I hear you say Santa Fe one more time I will throw this rock at you

i don’t know anything useful but i can quote every line and song from newsies if you’d like me to

Sad Newsies is over (again) so I made my own papes!

So I saw Newsies twice (might have skipped class to watch it the second time whoops) and here are some of my favorite parts:

- Seeing Broadway newsies and toursies all performing together

- The projections of the headlines/Jack’s drawing of Katherine

- Hearing “Letter from the Refuge” in hd

- Seeing newsies spit in hd

- Jeremy Jordan’s raw emotion while singing Santa Fe

- Kara’s bro voice when she says “for sure”

- The camera angles esp during the fight scene

- And when it zooms in on Davey after Jack betrays him and the guys and then it pans back to Jack who just looks so helpless

- The world’s yer erster!

- Les making the deal w/ Jack

- Les’s reaction to Medda’s theatre

- How excited Les got when Katherine said “let’s get drunk!” in King of NY

- Just everything about Les he’s perfect


- How Davey says “… that’s it??” after Katherine first taps in King of NY

- The face Jack makes after shaking Roosevelt’s hand

- The audience losing their minds during the key change in Once and For All when the towers move forward and also during Brooklyn’s Here

- The audience cracking up at “why do old people talk so much?” “to prove they’re still alove”

- When Hannah secretly applauds Jack for the strike in Pulitzer’s office

- When the live audience throws papes at the stage during curtain call

- Jeremy attempting to do a dance move and almost falling during curtain call

- The girl next to me sadly whispering “oh Crutchie” after he sings “watch me stand, watch me run” during the Prologue

- The same girl during credits: “Tommy Braco?? Tommy BRACO?!?” and “Spot Conlan?! Spot CONLAN?!?” “WHY CAN’T THEY BOTH BE SPELLED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?!”

- Basically I loved everything 


- It’s not in theaters anymore and it’s not available for purchase (yet, hopefully it will be soon)

- So little screen time for Spot Conlon and Kid Blink, aka the sweet cinnamon roll that is Andy Richardson 

- I basically cried for the whole 2 and a half hours

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Newsboy Strike of 1899

And while you listen to Newsies for the umpteenth time today, I ask you to remember those very young, very real newsboys who started it all.

When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst decided to raise the price of a newsboy bundle of papers from 50 cents per hundred to 60 cents, purely to increase the sales of their newspaper. They didn’t think about the toll that would take on the kids that hauled their papers around, selling them for pennies to support themselves and families. These newspaper tycoons didn’t think those boys would realize how unfair that was on them. They clearly didn’t think they were smart enough.

On July 21, 1899, a bunch of angry kids with no money refused to sell those newspapers, demanding that the owners of the papers lower the price back. Within weeks, that small group of kids turned into 5,000 that successfully stopped traffic from coming across the Brooklyn bridge. Not only did that stop paper distribution in the city, but also in most New England cities, which is a HUGE feat. The newspapers tried to get men to sell the papers, but even those men sided with newsboys and refused to sell

After two weeks, Pulitzer & Hearst and the newsboys came to an agreement: the price would not be lowered, but the newspaper companies would now buy back all unsold newspapers; and on August 2, 1899, the strike ended.

The story of the strike is SO. IMPORTANT. These boys are among the earliest examples of not only unions, but among youth rights. These kids brought to light the awful conditions in which the youth of cities worked. They slaved away rain or shine, snow or sleet, well or sick, night or day. And those newsboys didn’t even work in factories, where lives were at risk with all of the dangerous equipment being operated by children. There were no breaks, no provided water or snacks, or anything that we now take for granted because we are used to having our rights as workers respected, thanks in part to these newsboys.

Not only that, but these boys are one of the earliest examples of youth movements! These kids…these CHILDREN…were able to effectively shut down aN ENTIRE. CITY. More importantly, they shut down New York. They are proof of the power that youth can have when banded together. So if you ever think that your voice doesn’t matter, think of these boys and how a few turned into thousands.

I know when we think of Newsies, we think of beautiful dancing gay boys who belt their hearts out about Santa Fe. But today, think about the very real boys who slaved for their rights, and ultimately our rights. Because of their strike, our rights are now respected as working individuals of this country. Because of their strike, the rights of the youth of this country are now respected.

Thank you. Thank you to the boys who refused to be stepped on. Thank you to the boys who refused to give up. Thank you to the boys who stopped the World.