ben brown

interrogator: say it and we’ll let you go

me: …

interrogator: *punches me in the face* say it, say mike hanlon is stupid and worthless

me: *spits blood* fuck you

y'all clown fuckers

my future child: why is my friend, castiel, named that?

me: because his mother loved a character who was named castiel

my future child: so what about my-

me: shh pennywise'sclowndick, remember we don’t talk about that time in mommys life

So I watched DEH tonight and Michael Lee Brown was on as Connor!!! Anyways heres something’s I noticed

- MLB doesn’t have long hair, but his nails were painted so instead Jared said “Nice manicure very school shooter sleek”

- Jared seemed kind of scared of Connor, he seemed to back away very quickly after calling him a freak

- Zoey shakes her leg, like that very subtle quick bouncy thing

- Jared said Kinky

- Zoey: Can we talk? Evan: Mmmmm shit

- Jared said Kinky

- When Evan’s on the floor right before YWBF he’s shaking, I was convinced he wouldn’t be able to get up for a second

- I can’t remember when but Alana’s voice goes super high pitched at one point while she’s talking