Season 5 Wishlist

I want to see…

  • Sigurd recovering (Yes, I have seen the trailer, please let denial last just a little longer)
  • Björn stopping to always be in such a bad mood for no reason
  • All the Ragnarsons jumping into King Ecbert’s pool
  • Harald and Halfdan sticking together (Can’t believe these two are also going seperate ways)
  • Lagertha being as likeable as she used to be
  • More character development for Hvitserk (I mean it’s been ten episodes and we still know nothing)
  • Ivar kicking a lot of ass

I think that’s about it. Thank you.


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lams angsty oneshot prompt — john is terrified of the dark, so one night when the power unexpectedly goes out he gets a panic attack and alexander calms him down :')

Lams fuels my heart, it really does. I love Lin, but God do I pray he never discovers my one shots.


John and Alex weren’t the perfect couple. They had arguments, Alex had severe anxiety due to his past with the hurricane and abandonment. John had PTSD from the way his father treated him and his siblings, the punishments he’d receive for stepping a toe out of line.

They made it work though - whenever Alex was panicking or going through a rough patch, John knew how to calm him. Know how to hold him so he didn’t panic at contact, knew the songs his mother used to sing to him, played with his hair, treated him the way he knew helped the best.

Alex knew how to help John. Whenever he’d panic, flashbacks plaguing his mind when he’d accidentally break something, Alex could coax him out of his mind, assuring him accidents happened and John was fine. 

They’d lived together for a few months now - actually tomorrow would be their nine month anniversary but who was counting - and life had been going quite well. Their bed was soft enough to where that’s where they’d retreat when needed, firm enough for their more intimate moments, and cozy enough for lazy Sundays.

It was late at night - or early in the morning John wasn’t completely sure - it was so dark, no stars shining, no moon illuminating their room. He wasn’t sure what had woken him up, eyes still blurry and head swimming with sleep. He looked to his right, Alex face down, arms curled to his chest like a baby, mouth parted slightly as he slept. John felt a sleepy smile spread on his face, laying back down, feeling Alex cuddle into the warmth of his body.

Thunder roared through the night, causing his blood to turn to ice, eyes widening as he realized what had woken him up. Lightning lit up the room, Alex stirred slightly, eyes blearily opening, head tilting up slightly. He caught sight of John -  eyes wider than ever, body sat rigged. He leaned over to his side of the bed, flicking the lamp. 

Nothing. Squinting in confusion, he tried again, nothing. The power went out. He turned back to John, who had grabbed a pillow, holding it tightly to his chest. “Oh God…” His voice was horse, basically a whimper. 

“John, hey hey,” Alex sat up, coo’ing quietly. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re laying in bed with me, see? Feel the soft blanket? Remember you wanted the black one but I made us get blue, see, here.” He wrapped the blanket around his shoulders.

“D-Dad…h-he would, when a-a storm hit and I-I’d be, the dark! He-He’d lock me in the c-closet and - and it was so dark, oh God.” He had pulled his knees up to his chest, biting his bottom lip, squeezing his eyes shut.

“I know baby I know, but he’s not here. You’re in our apartment, we live a few floors below Herc and Laf. Eliza and Maria live a few blocks down, your siblings live only a few minutes away. Your dad’s not here. He’s not gonna come - he’s never going to hurt you again.”

Alex hopped off their bed, rushing to the small closet. He tore through it blindly, grabbing the soft plushie John had for years - a gift from his mother when he was younger - finding the shaped light as he came back.

He handed John the stuffed turtle, pulling the taller man to his chest. He pushed the button, letting small illuminated stars cover their ceiling. “See? It’s not that bad - you’re laying in a soft bed that cost more than both of our income combined and is bigger than our kitchen.”

John’s face, stuffed down in his blanket, he laughed a bit, small and quiet. Alex signed, wishing the storm would pass soon. He checked the time. 

3:21 AM.

He kissed John’s curls, laying his head against his, running his hands up and down John’s arms.

“Do you wanna talk baby?” He shook his head, shaking slightly as thunder sounded.

Alex’s own anxiety was acting up - he could feel it in his chest, in his mind - but he pushed it away, knowing John was having a harder time than he was. “Do you want me to tell you a story?” Some nights John would request stories, forbidden lovers, happy endings, comedies, anything to distract him.

Another shake of the head. 

Almost shly, John whispered. “Can you sing to me?”

“Yeah, yeah course baby boy. Do you have any requests?” He shrugged, and Alex tightened his hold around him.

He thought for a few moments, before a song came to mind. 

“You make me smile,
You make me sing,
You make me feel good everything,
You bring me up,
When I’ve been down,
This only happens when you’re around.”
John smiled, head coming up more so from the blanket fort he’d made around himself.

Thunder roared, lightning flashing angrily, and the lights from their room and he could see through the windows flickered.

“And I can’t go on this way,
With it stronger every day,
But being too shy to say,
That I really love you.”

“You’re never shy…” John snorted quietly, and Alex grinned, running his hands through his hair.

“I want to fly
Away with you,
Until there’s nothing more for us to do,
I want to be
More than a friend,
Until the end of an endless end.”

The storm outside roared, the rain poured, but John was safe. He was warm, held in Alex’s arms, Alex’s sweet voice singing to him.

“And I can’t go on this way
With it stronger every day
But being too shy to say
That I really love you.”

“I really love you too…” John mumbled, kissing Alex’s stomach, loving the bit of pudge his boyfriend had gained.

Alex had moved to lay back, running his hands through John’s hair. “I’ll never be too shy to show I love you…”

First Time With Them: SF9 INSEONG

| TaeYang || DaWon || Zuho || YoungBin  ||JaeYoon |


  • Okay, so, um… Let’s get this shit going, rite?
  • First things first, he’s an actual fluff ball
  • He’d be gentle about things
  • Ask you like a billion times whether you actually want to do it before continuing in the bedroom
  • Or somewhere else ;)
  • Your needs would come before his own
  • More asking ensue
  • “What do you want me to do?”
  • “Do you like this?”
  • “Do you like the other better?”
  • Stuff like that because communication is a must for him
  • To know whether you’re receiving all the pleasure he wants to give you
  • However, while the first time will be gentle and soft and all about you, InSeong also has a rough side
  • But that comes later in the relationship
  • His body rolls are 11/10 so you can only imagine what kinda beast the man can be
  • More kinky shit will be revealed the more you two date
  • He’ actually down to try out new things
  • Be ready for drastic changes in bed
#No9TWritingChallenge II: 25

Word: Scream

Originally posted by thesarahshow

I looked at you,
just out of reach
of my
wanting hands;
my words
of desire
by your distance. 

And in the 
desperate moments
I needed your
voice to be
more than 
just a dream,
I realized why
unrequited love 
feels like a
silent scream.


Is It? (Part 4)

Summary: Now you knew it was true. He was cheating on you and you were moving on. Part Four to “Is it?”

Genre: Angst

Word Count:1510

AN: Chapter four is here!!! This one is slightly shorter but it was originally combined with Chapter 5. I hope you enjoy it.

are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


 You were due for some male attention. You could use a little confidence booster of being flattered for the night and who could honestly say no to free drinks. Not to mention he was right. You were attracted to him. So yeah, a night of compliments and free drinks from a cute dude was something you could see yourself doing. With the decision made you nodded and squeezed his hand back. “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

Here it was. Your first date with a new man in over 4 years. You hadn’t realized how long that had really been until tonight. You really didn’t know if the dating rules changed that much and were kind of getting nervous. You kept telling yourself to relax and had thrown on some music to take your mind from things as you put on the finishing touches of your make up. You looked in the mirror checking your eyeliner and lipstick as your murmured along to Mila J. You’d blown out your hair and thrown in some curls for a little volume. You ran a hand down the off the shoulder blush chiffon short romper. The sleeves were loose but cuffed at the end. You paired it with a pair of gold hoop earrings, a gold teardrop diamond necklace and nude colored strappy heeled sandals. The sandals helped accentuate your thick shapely thighs and legs. You loved the way the color made your skin popped and almost gave you a soft glow. You nodded to yourself. Yeah, you were about to kill him tonight.

You looked at the clock to check the time you had a few minutes to
spare but there was a knock at the door. Jonathan stood on the other side with
a small bouquet of flowers and you had to give it to him, the man cleaned up
nice. You’d only seen him in casual clothes several variations of jeans and
t-shirts but it was clear that he’d put in some effort tonight. His jet-black
hair was styled effortlessly but it was the silk button down and black slacks
that made you give him another look.

As fine as he looked you couldn’t let his head get too big.
“What’d you do? Go play in Jay’s closet?” You said by way of greeting in a
teasing tone.

“Now, why you gotta start off clownin me?” He asked as you stepped
to the side and let him in the apartment. He had a smile on his face and
laughed a little with his words.

You reached for the flowers and was about to say thank you when he
pulled them back out of your reach and took a step into your personal space.

“Nah, these were for you but I think I’m going to leave them for
you roommate. Anybody puttin up with your mouth clearly needs a thank you.” He
said and placing the flowers on the end table next to the couch.

“THANK YOU JONATHAN!” Came a loud voice from down the hall.
Clearly, your best friend was ear hustling and was making no qualms about
hiding it.

You couldn’t help but laugh and Jonathan just shook his head. He
hadn’t met your best friend before but you had a feeling the two of them would
hit it off if things progressed that far.

“Are you ready to go?” You asked picking your clutch up off the
same end table. He nodded and you gave a last “Bye Nosey!” before you two
headed out the door.

“I’ll have to remember that she likes to listen in.” He said as he
helped you into the car. That was earning him brownie points. Jonathan might be
more of a gentleman than you expected.

“Why is that?” You asked once he was in the car and driving off.

He let his eyes hungrily start on your thighs and slowly travel up
your body before he smirked more to himself than anything. “Just food for
thought.” He answered.

You sucked your lips between your teeth and tried to act like that
look hadn’t damn near ignited your panties.

You’d asked where you were going as you drove into a part of town
you were very familiar with. There was a club not too far from where you
currently were that Jihoon and the guys liked to visit. In all honesty, it was
in a busy part of Seoul but that was just some drama you were not in the mood
for. The last thing you wanted was to see Jihoon and have some bullshit pop

Jonathan just gave you a “You’ll see” and see you did. There was a
tiny little restaurant that he’d chosen.

Dinner was going great. Jonathan kept you laughing while allowing
the conversation to steer to heavier topics to let each of you feel the other
out. Not only that but he’d managed to stoke that little fire he ignited in the
car. He sat adjacent to you at dinner. At first you thought it was kind of odd
but decided to let it go. Now, you understood why he’d picked that spot. All
through dinner he’d given you small touches. It started with occasionally
grabbing your hand, then it moved to speaking low and directly into your ear.
He’d been close enough for his lips to almost graze it. His hand rested on the
back of your chair and he would rub his thumb in slow deliberate circles in the
middle of your back just above the top hem of your romper. The looks he was
giving you though…Ohhh wee those looks. Lawd, if he sat back and bit his lip
one more time. Not to mention he’d arch his hips forward just a bit like he was
offering up his lap as a seat for you.

He’d just given you another one of those looks when you decided
you wanted to hear him say the words. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?
Over there looking like you hungry or something.”

He released a dry laugh and that smirk that you’d seen throughout
the night came back. He took a sip of his drink before placing it back on the
table and leaning in close again. His voice lowered an octave and put his hand
back on the spot. “I know it’s only date one and I’m trying my hardest not to
make a complete ass of myself.” This time he allowed his lips to graze the
shell of your ear. “But I can’t help but think about where I want to start when
you feel comfortable enough to let me in. I’ve thought about starting at your
mouth…or maybe your breasts.” He let his hand slide across your back and the
tips of his fingers rested just between the space where your arm lay against
your torso. “Or if I should go straight for the honey pot.” You weren’t sure
when but his other hand slipped beneath the table and was trailing the outside
of your thigh. “My mind can’t help but wonder when you sittin over here looking
like the sun personally took time to kiss the melanin in your skin.” He ended
this little verbal assault with a kiss to the spot just beneath your ear.
“That’s all.” He said and sat back like he’d done nothing to note.

You crossed your legs and gave your thighs a squeeze to try and relieve
some of the ache growing there. Of course, this did nothing to help. So, you
took a sip of icy water and cleared your throat. Jonathan sat back and looked

That concluded dinner and you were exiting the restaurant hand in
hand. Then it happened. Of course, it did. Why not? As big as this city was, as
many people there were milling about you. YOU had to run into C Jamm. You’d
been laughing at something Jonathan said when you’d heard him say “Ay, man.
What’s up?” to someone. You followed his line of sight and saw C Jamm standing
in front of you.

It wasn’t that you weren’t happy to see him but that you knew he
was going to tell Jihoon. You wouldn’t expect anything less seeing as how close
the two of them were. You’d said hi, exchanged hugs and see ya laters. You were
determined not to let what could happen mess up your night.

Jonathan asked if you thought anything would come of that little
meeting. You told him you didn’t think it’d amount to anything more than a text
message or another phone call but that was it.

He was currently seeing you to the door and it was nice to have a
man opening doors for you and seeing you upstairs. You didn’t realize just how
relaxed things with Jihoon had gotten. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to
head home without him. Now, you understood why he’d become increasingly ok with
that but it was a lesson learned.

You’d turned to give the usual ‘This was nice/I had a wonderful
time’ end of date speech. Jonathan apparently had different plans for you. He’d
pulled you close into a hug. His hands were low on your back and said,
“Remember what I told you.” He then kissed that same spot and nipped your ear.
You took a deep breath and inhaled his cologne but before you could respond he
was pulling away and walking down the hall.


Six years old and I’m wishing for a sister
I’ll meet twenty years later as she raises my bell jar,
Southern California summer night air inhaling
waxing moonlight on a warehouse parking lot; jazz singer
improvising inside quick breathed like anxiety
then long sweet note of relief. She floats like a butterfly
over cracked concrete, and stings no one.
The Venus symbol on her necklace promises
sisterhood like I’ve read about and dreamed of.

She laughs dark like the dregs of black tea
after we miss our exit for the fifth time, high and circling
the freeways talking about boys and patriarchy and the doom
of our bodies. We smoke cigarettes, smiling,
arrive late to the show, sew up the unspilled gossip
from our mouths like the fluff of a broken teddy bear.

A noose hangs from the tree in whose shade we sit,
planning our spells for the full moon. She draws a sigil;
it is yonic, delicate and rough, with hints of schoolgirl
and Valkyrie. I record our goals as incantations;
we decide to do two for now, because there will be
more time later, for the rest of our ideas.

The sunscreen in my purse goes unused and I burn
smoking the delicate spliffs she rolled in the shade
under the beach’s pier. Wandering through the neighborhood
we stop at a liquor store surrounded by homes, families
celebrating what she and I know isn’t freedom. She covers
the cost of booze and the Uber ride to the wrong restaurant.
We take the only photo we will ever take together;
it vanishes twenty four hours later.

The steam of boiled roses lingers inside of her apartment
with the bubbling music she made after rehab, the sounds she said
were of her learning to be happy; we splash ourselves with the home
made flower water, light candles, draw symbols in salt, chant
one spell in unison and the other independently. She cleans up faster
than I’d like, but the surprise is soothing:
we cake our faces in cold green mud, get stoned, and discourse
about our ancient foremothers discovering doing the same.

It is Monday night so I go home early. She waves, standing
under a silver moonbeam, and she is smiling and she calls me sister
before she says goodbye. I drive away wondering
if this is what family should feel like; she will be dead
before I know the answer.

or: bible child

Dear God,
I am heartily sorrysorrysorry—
No, I said it wrong,
I am heartily sorrysorrysorry—
no, sorrysorrysorry—

And on my knees with my face pressed
into the carpet I beg for forgiveness
next to a wine stain; God,
if anyone has inadvertently poured out
the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ
put their sins on my back
and forgive me for the iniquity, no—
forgive me, no—
forgive me

And I’ve drawn lopsided crosses
in permanent marker up my forearm
like tribal tattoos—
is that pagan? I am heartily sorry—
and pause mid-sentence to kiss
the faded ink; I try
to do it casually, but can’t miss the confusion
in the other person’s eyes,
the uncomfortable shifting of foot to foot
as they wonder who I am
(a freak?).

And when I try to explain
how my brain works on a loop
like a gasoline fire burning a circle around a chapel,
like the round communion wafer splashing into wine,
like the ‘a’ in alpha, the ‘o’ in omega—
but everyone just says,
OCD doesn’t work that way.

So I must be doing something wrong
if this is not the door-locking, hand-washing
flip the light switch fifty-four times that they are used to,
yes, I must just be
more sinful than everyone else
and deserve this,
the bricks on my back;
or perhaps I have been awakened:
Forgive me my ingratitude.

And years later people ask me
why I can’t look at blood or step foot
in a church, why I cringe at every mention of Revelation—
No, wellwellwell—
No, wellwell well
well no well no well no well
I just close my eyes and cover my ears,
and as the voices of the angels buzz again,
I just say that All is well.