BEMF’s chamber opera series returns with Charpentier double bill

- Baroque chamber opera on a weekend of Black Friday hangovers and leftover turkey? It’s an improbable scenario, and Kathleen Fay, who runs the Boston Early Music Festival, was warned by local colleagues to think twice before scheduling ambitious staged performances in the otherwise concert-light weekend immediately following Thanksgiving.
Q&A: Girl UNIT on R&B's Glory Days, Remixing, and Ciara

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Interviewed the guy for the Voice: Philip Gamble—a.k.a. Girl Unit—joined the constantly growing cast of post-dubstep producers to come out of the U.K. a little over the a year ago with the release of his EP IRL. The debut—which came out on Night Slugs, the experimental dance imprint run by the London DJs Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990—was full of expertly crafted, drumline-driven bangers. Taking cues from the clap-tracks behind Chicago juke, the chopped rhythms of hip-hop, and the wailing synths of electro-house, Girl Unit has since released a slew of remixes and original productions, including his signature piece “Wut.” The track is indicative of his whole style, really: the DJ’s obvious love for pairing echoing 808s and glitchy melodies with keen hip-hop sensibility makes his role in the diaspora of “post-dubstep” sound a lot like something that could be described as New Wave R&B.

We talked to Gamble about his introduction to dance music, love of hip-hop, Ciara worship, and upcoming performance at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Read the interview over at Sound of the City.

So finally my week over-due experiences at the Boston Early Music Festival one June 16th. As you may be able to tell, overall I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of different things about Baroque style. We had the opportunity to see two fantastic concerts. The first one was with the Kentucky Baroque Band. They performed various works including that of Strozzi, Dowland, Monteverdi, Purcell, Fontana, Marini, and Uccellini (this one was new to us!). They had a masterful use of ornamentation, which inspired me to want to try some of them myself despite earlier hesitance. Lastly, they had both a theorbo and a lute, both of which I have never seen before in my life. We need a theorbo!

The second concert was at New England Conservatory with Jordi Savall on treble viols. If you don’t know who Savall is, he single-handedly brought the ancient viol back from the dead. What is fascinating is that despite thinking that the viol must have some sort of limitations since it is so outdated, Savall plays it with such ease and technique as any modern day string player would and maybe even better. The facility of his fingers and the lucid yet rustic sound emitting from the viol were both just completely stunning. It fit well with the music he was performing which consisted of Celtic (Irish and Scottish) folk music. The whole concert lasted for almost two hours, but the way Savall arranged everything into sets instead of one song at a time made it fly by. I don’t know if I wanted it to stop… So I bought the Celtic Viol cd on itunes the next day. Now I don’t have to stop listening to Savall! I really recommend listening to it, whether you buy the album, find him on Naxos or youtube, whatever, if you enjoy Celtic/Baroque music just to listen to the “master.”

The only let down of the whole day was the fact that there was nothing pertaining to the instrument I play in our Early Music Ensemble, the bassoon. No dulcians in the exhibition space, though I suppose I could understand… They are few and far between, and quite esoteric compared to, say, recorders and transverse flutes. There was not even any repertoire or cds containing bassoons being sold though! And that was disappointing. On the flipside, I saw and was able to play a harpsichord for the first time in my life. I suppose I actualy really do like that instrument after all, despite the fact no one can record it correctly!

Paul O'Dette leads the Boston Early Music Festival Vocal and Chamber Ensembles with Stephen Stubbs this Friday and Saturday in “Monteverdi Madrigals: Songs of Love and War”! 

Friday’s performance is at The Morgan Library & Museum in NYC: and Saturday’s is at New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall in Boston:

Coming back with the greatest and the latest in electronic music from emerging artists to international talent, The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival celebrates our 7th anniversary this fall on November 7th & 8th.

Grab your ticket here: and enjoy the first of our exclusive mix series this year by @machinedrum hosted by @MeLoXtra

No sleep ‘til… Brooklyn EMF
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Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (Machinedrum Edit)
Congo Natty ft. Tenor Fly,Top Cat,General Levy,Tippa Irie,Sweetie Irie,Daddy Freddy - UK Allstars (Machinedrum Remix)
DJ Vadim ft. Demolition Man - Badman
Schlachthofbronx ft. Buraka Som Sistema - Volumen
Papa San - Perdominant (Machinedrum Remix)
Machinedrum - Bahalahcen
Machinedrum - Don’t Stop Plz
Salva - Gas Pedal Remix VIP
SK Simeon - Ram Dancehall (Machinedrum Remix)
Bunny General - Full Up a Class
Beenie Man - Nah Inna Dat (Machinedrum Remix)
Yaw Mulatto - All of Mi Life (Machinedrum Remix)

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The holidays are almost upon us and, despite what corporations bludgeoning our sense with advertising and massive angry mobs camped outside Walmarts across America with credit cards in their hands and murder in their eyes will have you believe, this is the time of year to give back. One way we at Nicky Digital are giving back is by giving two lucky readers a pair of two-day passes to MeanRed’s Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival this weekend!

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Go behind-the-scenes with the Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Opera Series as we rehearse Monteverdi’s Orfeo! Perfoming Thanksgiving weekend, November 24 and 25, in Boston!

Video preview by Kathy Wittman, Ball Square Films.

Had ncah times with my mates @sibot_ x @toyota_cressida in Botswana. Also s/o to all the kids that came to #BEMF last night. Gaborone was Primustof Fire Ngempela Ngempela last night #100kMaCassette 💯🐆

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