The Happy LGBTQ+ List

Aka “The List of Media Featuring LGBTQ+ Characters That Doesn’t End In Tragedy, People ‘Becoming’ Cishet In The End Because I Have Trouble Finding Comprehensive Lists That Include All Media List”. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND/OR CORRECT IT! This is meant to be a resource for everyone in the community, spread this far and wide. ALL MEDIA WELCOME: BOOKS, SONGS, TELEVISION, VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES, PLAYS, MUSICALS, LIVE ACTION, ANIMATED WORKS, SHORT FILMS, ET CETERA AND SO FORTH!!

  • Steven Universe (have to because SU blog)
  • Legend of Korra
  • Persona 4 (WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE LIBRARY LESBIAN AND HER SENPAI and oh yeah most of the main cast is queer, especially if you count that Yosuke had cut content where he was a love interest and the heavy implications of Chie/Yukiko and the Rise/Naoto shipping done in later works)
  • Sasameki Koto
  • Princeless (and its spinoff of Raven: The Pirate Princess)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Strawberry Panic
  • Sailor Moon
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun (no relationship, but queer character still exists and the jokes don’t focus on the fact she’s gay)
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
  • Undertale
  • A Channel (though no relationship happens afaik)
  • Princess Remedy In A World of Hurt
  • Yuru Yuri (even if no relationship forms afaik, though one is implied to already quasi-exist, full disclosure I haven’t read the spin-off which is said to have less subtext and more text)
  • Samurai Flamenco
  • Seduce Me Otome
  • Sakura Trick
  • DDR Song “Secret Rendezvous” (if we’re including shorts)
  • Jade Empire
  • The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns (unfortunate name for this list, but trust me on this one)
  • Written In The Sky
  • Mass Effect as a series
  • Rumble Roses
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story (buried in the inane amount of endings)
  • Star Ocean: Til The End of Time (two side characters, though possible implications with a party member and her leader)
  • Girly (the webcomic, not the song it is named after)
  • Questionable Content
  • Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed A Girl” (I promise you it’s better than Katy Perry’s very different song of the same name)
  • Roommates
  • Santa Olivia by Winter Wolves
  • Kisses & Curses
  • Sunstone
  • We Know The Devil (in at least one ending)
  • Ellen (yes, THAT Ellen. This was before she really REALLY hit it big)
  • Queer As Folk (WARNING: Not for all of them)
  • Buffy (though I don’t know Kennedy’s fate in the comics, so this might have changed)
  • Dragon Age as a series
  • A character on ER, apparently
  • The L Word, I guess
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • carol (2015)
  • the diary of a teenage girl (2015)
  • bound (1996)
  • pariah (2011)
  • with every heartbeat (2011)
  • saving face (2004)
  • but i’m a cheerleader (1999)
  • addicted to fresno (2015)
  • jenny’s wedding (2015)
  • life partners (2014)
  • d.e.b.s. (2004)
  • desert hearts (1985)
  • i can’t think straight (2008)
  • show me love (1998)
  • the incredibly true story of two girls in love (1995)
  • the kids are all right (2010)
  • camp belvidere (2014)
  • me myself and her (2015)
  • appropriate behavior (2014)
  • gray matters (2006)
  • Archie comics
  • Izetta: The Last Witch
  • Yuri On Ice
  • Wandering Son
  • Ao Hana (warning: biphobia abound)
  • Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (hasn’t ended, but I doubt it’ll end badly)
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Flip Flappers
  • Once by Julia Heslin (I assume, haven’t read it yet)
  • Brooklynn 99 (hasn’t ended yet, but I doubt it’ll turn awful)
  • Sense 8
  • Better Than Chocolate
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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We (Adam and I) went to the Greek Festival over the weekend.. as well as The Louisville Science center and also Chuys. On the way into the Greek Festival there was a violinist. Very good player. I gave him a dollar and he didn’t even acknowledge me. Hate people like that. I’m not asking for groveling, but when I actually have a real job and work every hour to earn every penny, it really grinds my gears when I don’t get a mere ‘thanks’ when I help someone out. Anyways. Lol.

I got this huge lamb shank that was absolutely delicious. It came with rice pilaf and green beans. Jeez Greece makes some good food. Fattening though lol. Adam got a meatballs dish and jeeeezzzzz. Yummies. The desserts were definitely something to write home about too. Baklava with amaretto and something else that starts with a g that I don’t remember. All in all, goooood weekend. Adam finally got more Comfy Cow too.

I kinda love this tho.

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what? What you babbling about again?”

Ryan roles his eyes and struts up to Shane.

“It’s been passed all over town, ya dimwit.”

“Spit it out, will you?”

“The gold!” Ryan finally says, Shane looks at him confusedly.

“Gold you say? Where?”

“You know that hill over there by Waterkeeps Bay? Old man Jenkins cracked a big one ‘bout a few days ago. Everyone and their cows been there.”

“And you haven’t?”

“Course not.”

“Why so?”

“They’re off their meds, them folks by the hill, Jack n Jill all over again with the fightin’ surprise most of them are still above snakes.” Ryan finally takes a seat nexts to Shane and Shane turns his head to him.

“Bergara, never thought I see the day you pass up gold.”

“Damn straight, but they’re accusing folks of annex and I don’t look pretty on no tree.”

“Balderdash.” Shane scoffs, shaking his head.

“Didn’t think you’d be the one to call me belvidere.” Ryan says with a raised eyebrow.

“Said no such thing.” Shane laughs however and so does Ryan.

“You are balmy.”

“Rubbish, you’re the one with the blarney.” Shane smirks around his beer glass and drinks. “But Ryan, honestly, you’re not getting gold?”

“I’d be a fool-“

“Aren’t you already?” Shane smirks.

So does Ryan.

“Dipshit. But them folks, man goes wild for a few actuals. I ain’t no thief.”

Just when Shane was about to respond, shots were heard and their heads flew a one eighty to see.

“Thief! Thief!” The townspeople cried, a man was shoved and pushed.

“No! No! Not me! I ain’t no thief!” The man cries.

Ryan gets up and so does Shane, they stay far back in the crowd but they see who it is.


Nobody really liked Brent, but he was tolerated.

Ryan himself had a few chats with the folk, but he shook his head at the accusation being thrown at him.

“Mercy! I ain’t no thief, I ain’t steal! I mined it- just like y’all folks.” Brent says, but there’s a group of men way bigger than him who pushes him closer and closer to the hanging tree.

“Bullshit! Hang him!” The crowd yells, the whole town more like it.

And so it was decided, Brent would be hung; and it was fairly quick process.

Ryan turned away though as the rock was removed from what used to be an associate of his.

Shane clasped a hand on Ryan’s shoulder; Shane hated Brent so Shane didn’t care much. But he knew to a certain degree, Ryan did.

“It was above your bend.”

Ryan nods. “Don’t you see though?” He looks up at Shane, almost despondent. “You wanna dance with the devil, you gotta live with it when he sets you on fire.”

Shane raised an eyebrow, but showed his teeth as he looked away at the dust on the ground. “If it counts, your the only gold I need.”

Ryan cocks his head, a soft smile growing on his face. “And that’s suppose to mean?”

Shane smirks proudly now, his cocky demeanor returning. “Come to my glory hole and you’ll find out.”


I really enjoyed writing that??? This is for @bfu60min !! Btw, sorry Brent for accusing you of theft and hanging you right after.