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G.L.O.S.S.- Fight
Enamel- We Won’t Smile
Vanilla Poppers- Rock Bottom
Leather Daddy- At Night
Firewalker- Scorcher
La Misma- Fado
Patsy- Tuley Tude High

Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
Legal Weapon- Hostility
Jane Aire & The Belvederes- When I Was Young
The Shivers- Please Stand By
Red Cross- Standing In Front Of Poseur
U.X.A.- No Time

Empty Beings- Culture Shock
Free Clinic- Sleighin’
Fuk Boiz- Shopping
Love Potion- Everyday Threat
Peace Talks The Electric Word Life Band- Spider Farm
Zeitgeist- Dark Days

Warm Bodies- Turn Me Into Gel
C.C.T.V.- Schaumburg Song
Frau- Punk Is My Boyfriend
Pox- Out Of Time
Nots- Decadence
Body Pressure- Reject
Blank Spell- Echo Chamber
Vexx- Black/White

Belgrado- Nierealne Realne Spoleczenstwo
Arctic Flowers- Magdalene
Detectors- La Ciutat No Es Per Mi
Red Scare- Red Rum
Baroque Bordello- Put It Down

Sado-Nation- Mom & Pop Democracy
Gas- World Peace
The Comes- Panic
Der Rib- Images
Warriors- Born To Ride
The Questions- Take A Ride

Ciara- Oh feat Ludacris
Nancy & Lee- Some Velvet Morning
Sheryl Crow- Picture (Kid Rock Feat Sheryl Crow)

Chi tende continuamente “verso l’alto” deve aspettarsi prima o poi d’essere colto dalla vertigine. Che cos’è la vertigine? Paura di cadere? Ma allora perché ci prende la vertigine anche su un belvedere fornito di una sicura ringhiera? La vertigine è qualcosa di diverso dalla paura di cadere. La vertigine è la voce del vuoto sotto di noi che ci attira, che ci alletta, è il desiderio di cadere, dal quale ci difendiamo con paura.


the Winter Palace, Vienna, Austria

the battle room, paintings by Jacques Parrocel

“Originally built as a lavish stately residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, then acquired in the eighteenth century by Empress Maria Theresa before being used for the Court Treasury and later as the Ministry of Finance, this Baroque jewel in downtown Vienna has finally been restored to a centre of art and culture. With the opening of the Belvedere’s new – and fourth – exhibition venue, the principal rooms of Prince Eugene’s state apartments will be accessible to the public from 18 October 2013 on.”


“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )