It was a simple day at the Rowe-Blossom household. Bel was taking a swim when she heard a pretty melody coming from inside he house. As she goes to investigate it, it turns out that it was Maddie playing on the guitar. Maddie had been practicing to play for months now and she was finally started to get the hang of it. Bel joined her and listen to her sweetheart’s song.

Bel: That was lovely! You’ve really improved dear!

Maddie: Thanks, I didn’t think I would ever learn to master this darn thing. Those lessons really came in handy! Thanks for paying for them by the way.

Bel: Anything for my hot pink princess. Now, play me another one!

Maddie: Only if you never call me your hot pink princess ever again.

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Chi tende continuamente “verso l'alto” deve aspettarsi prima o poi d'essere colto dalla vertigine. Che cos'è la vertigine? Paura di cadere? Ma allora perché ci prende la vertigine anche su un belvedere fornito di una sicura ringhiera? La vertigine è qualcosa di diverso dalla paura di cadere. La vertigine è la voce del vuoto sotto di noi che ci attira, che ci alletta, è il desiderio di cadere, dal quale ci difendiamo con paura.
—  Milan Kundera