beluga whale


The Beluga whale- Or, as most of you call it ‘SCP-682’

Yep, we’re doing one of those information/fact things again! I’ve been digging around and found some interesting bits to share with everyone. 

The beluga whale we’re focusing on today was washed up about 5,000 miles east of Moscow (Russia). It was found by soldiers stationed on Russia’s far-eastern territory. Later on, it became known as the 'Moscow Monster’, and was mistaken for a washed up Plasiosaur. 

External image

The corpse found was approx 20ft long! The carcass was taken away by Russian Special Services for 'in-depth studies’. Years have passed since and no one has heard a thing about where the carcass went.

No, that is literally it! I do not have anything else on this thing! It’s /gone/

Here is what it would have looked like alive: 

External image

Such a cutie!


If ever I get upset or stressed with the world, I just think how delightfully confused this Beluga whale would be in these circumstances.