animewolfgamer asked:


  • 24:Favorite style of clothing

I tend to wear big clothes, colorful and very hippie like. Lots of long skirts with beads and bells, shirts with tribal warm designs.

Like this

or this

this also

when I go out I like wearing sporty clothes that hug my frame nicely, but it mostly depends were I go.

also my favorite dress I own is a simple black loose tube dress and it’s comfy as hell, if I need to be more classy I just use a belt to define my waist and tadaaa.

aaand then there’s my “I don’t give three flying fucks look” 

When u did cosplay progress but ur phones been sent off for repairs so no pics 


Well I did Sliskes waist belt thing using a shirt, looks trashy but it works 

Also tried the cosplay on and good lord jesus IT DOESN’T FIT MY FIGURE AT ALL - serves me right from doing a ghetto pattern of a size XL shirt for the jacket - but that really isn’t that much of a concern, since it still fits me. It just looks like im two sizes bigger than I already am but w/e 

Also practices some twerking and yes sliske will twerk when asked at runefest