BLACK★STAR cosplay for sale sold

DETAILS // Handmade, completely serged, fully functional lined pockets, heavy duty snaps. Materials: vinyl, jersey knit, heavy bottomweight. Includes: shirt, pants, waist belt, neck belt. Size: S/M, waist up to 28 inches.

Asking price: $55
Wig sold separately: $35

♡ Please feel free to message me w/ inquiries, questions, and/or price negotiations~! ♡


Wianek [plural form: wianki] - a wreath in the Polish language. According to the old-Slavic tradition, they were a symbolic representation of blooming youth, vitality and virginity. Only young girls and the unmarried women [particularly those who haven’t bore a child yet] were allowed to wear them. They were woven out of local flowers, herbs and plants, often those of magical [e.g. protective] meaning. 

Wianki are particularly important during the Slavic celebrations of the summer solstice, that in Poland holds many names, for example Noc Kupały, Kupalnocka, Sobótki [name of Slavic bonfires], Wianki [festival held in Kraków] or the Christianized version: Noc Świętojańska [St. John’s Night], Świętojanki, etc.

During that special day, girls were woving the wreaths and dancing around bonfires in rites meaning to evoke fertility, beauty, health and strenght. Some herbs could be also attached to a belt around the waist. Later that night, whole processions were approaching a nearby river [or lake, if no river was available] in order to launch the wreaths down the stream. That part of the custom is still alove today. The wreaths, often attached to a board or two crossed planks with a small candle at the centre, were used in divinations, predicting love and even marriage. Some girls would launch two wreaths at once to observe how they float - if they were staying close together on the water, mutual love was indicated.

In many cases, the boys would jump into the water to pick up a wreath. The most desired sign for a girl was when the wreath was brought back to her by the very boy she cherished in her heart. Some boys would jump even into the strongest streams and deepest waters just to capture a certain wreath, only to give it back to the girl that created it. They were able to confess their love and show the courage that way.

It was once believed that the night is a time of people to fall in love with each other, and to openly express their feelings. It was also the one special night in the old-Slavic calendar when the people were able to choose their sexual partners freely and spend that one night together without being judged. Some couples would get married later in the same year.

[images via Centrum Kultury Zamek]

Metal Gear Rising Revengence Raiden Handmade Sword

This is a replica of the High Frequency blade used by Raiden in the game: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This immaculate sword is all one piece hand crafted construction from top to bottom. The Full Tang blade offers a 1045 High Carbon Steel construction with a sharp edge and mirror polish finish.

  • Overall Length: 38.75 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27 Inches
  • Blade Material: 1045 High Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished, Screw Fixtures
  • Handle Length: 11.75 Inches
  • Handle Material: ABS Inserts, Steel Screws
  • Construction: Full Tang
  • Black Durable Faux Leather Sheath, Belt Loop, Nylon Waist Cord

List Price: $199.00     Price: $69.75      You Save: $129.25  (65%)


Wireless Antics

My 3rd year running attending Wireless and I can still say it’s one of the best festivals of the year! With acts such as Jhene Aiko, Chance The Rapper, the stunning Rita Ora and the Drizzy Drake himself it was sure to be an amazing day.
What #LeighLoves about festival fashion is you can be as fun as possible with your overall look, wether it be body art, hair accessories or a cool hair do, you can be as out there as you want!
I wanted to bring a bit of chic to the traditional bohemian festival look to shake things up a bit and to add that edge to my outfit.
#LeighLoves the statement waist belt on this outfit with the relaxed, cool vibe of the oversized shirt. Just like that the outfit becomes effortlessly chic.
To keep the outfit cool and edgy I paired it with some scuffed leather boots which I think finish the outfit off perfectly!
Accessorised with some huge Gold hoops, a gold chain choker and my usual gold jewellery go too’s this has to be one of my favourite looks!

Shirt- DKNY
Belt- Amen
Boots- Alberto Fasciani
Bag- Topshop