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he came out of the ground shortly before homeworld’s discovery of earth, and then quickly rose to stature from his success in the courtroom. as an era 1 zircon he had much more innate ability than later zircons, and was able to keep evidence and records in his gem without the use of added technology. 

during the beginnings of the gem rebellion especially, he served as both prosecution and defense for a great number of cases, some of which took place in front of the diamonds themselves. 

for a couple thousand years he worked toward aristocratic treatment and actually got relatively close to being granted his own pearl - but he wouldn’t have wanted it, and thanks to a certain rebellious sapphire he was meant to defend, he realized that he wanted NONE of it.

that sapphire (shawn) convinced him to fuse and escape to earth, at which he was thrust head-first into the revolution and embraced it. only after spending time on earth did he discover his thermokinesis, as he’d had no use for it before.

even thousands of years later, he prefers a neat, symmetrical aesthetic. but he of course still indulges in more human-like pleasures with shawn. especially eating.

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Forever LOLing at the idea that Sansa inherited her interest in fashion...

…from Catelyn.

Sansa’s POVs almost always begin with a description her carefully picked-out outfit. She also pays much mind to what others are wearing.

Catelyn details her own clothes maybe two or three times in the entire series. She also rarely go into what others are wearing*.

You know who does mentions what they’re wearing in nearly evey POV chapter? Ned.

You know who’s POV noted what exact shade of green Cersei was wearing when she arrived in Winterfell? Remembered the fine detail of the golden stags Renly liked to embroider in his capes and doublets? Explained to us the modest colours and small mockingbird pin that Littlefinger affects when Renly is teasing Baelish’s plain clothes when really the teasing should have been enough to illustrate that Littlefinger doesn’t like ostentatious clothes, but I guess the details and fabrics of court worth mentioning anyways? Fucking Ned.

Ned kinda thinks dismissively about showy dress, but he that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about fashion. His own personal taste is just more polished and subtle**, which serves the narrative function of highlighting the wasteful pomp of King’s Landing. Someone who doesn’t care about fashion period, probs wouldn’t have noted these differences at all.

Sansa totes inherited her fashinonista ways from Ned, guys.

*[aside: tbh the only time I explicitly remember Cat going into detail about others’ clothes is when meeting Roslin Frey, whom she notes is wearing a fine light blue and delicate lacey dress. You could argue she only even noted this for practical reasons; Roslin is marrying her brother politically and Cat is instantly measuring the Frey’s motives behind this by assesing how well they’ve bothered to present the bride. Cat is actually far more ‘meh’ of the trappings of traditional noblewoman-dom than we give her credit for: she’s not snobby or uncomfortable talking to smallfolk, getting upset at Edmure for not remembering the name of the old village woman who gave them treats as kids. She directly challenges Robb for unconsciously thinking that daughter are less important than sons. In AGOT, she’s all 'fuck modesty’ when walking naked around Maester Luwin (I mean, he delivered all her babies, he’s seen it all so what’s the point of airs???). long aside done]

**(I remember a lotta greys and silvers, but with nifty capes and belts. Smoky chic, ned!)

Just The Way You Are (Orson Krennic x Reader)

Summary: You’re suffering from social anxiety and Orson comforts you when he finds you curled up on the bed after having a panic attack.

-Female Reader-

A/N: This story was originally written by me over a year ago with another character, but I felt it suited Orson better. So I change the story a bit so it would fit into the world of Rogue One.

~Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But please, never hesitate to seek help if you feel you need it. Your wellbeing is the most important thing of all~

Warnings: Heavy Angst, Panic Attack, Social Anxiety, Smut, Comfort Sex, Fluff.

You were having the epitome of a shit day. Hands shaking, stomach queasy and eyes tearing up you entered the chamber you shared with your boyfriend Orson.

You had a bit of social anxiety. Just something you picked up in elementary school that grew with age. It started with fear of presentations and escalated, by late high school you had problems even making friends. That’s why you liked your job as Grand Moff Tarkin’s assistant. You could blend in amongst the other, more powerful people of the Empire.

That was until you met Director Orson Krennic.

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Which suitor has the hardest time undressing and redressing (because of their outfit)? This isn't foreplay related. Just if they were taking their clothes off. I get a feeling Byron will be up top because of all his accessories, and maybe Rayvis?

Hmmmm good question - here’s my thoughts from most difficult to least difficult 😁 I kinda of did it as if they were being undressed, but it’s not really dirty.

Alyn - if he has the armor on, it’s probably a total pain in the butt. All that heavy metal and chainmail, and a chastity belt …

Byron - the military jacket, cape, three belts, the eyepatch probably takes 30 minutes to remove because he’s gonna have an existential crisis every time about it..

Rayvis - cape, jacket, shirt, three pairs of socks, boots, his six layers of personality complex..

Sid - like 600 buckles on that thing, plus some furry animal around his neck you gotta fight off..

Giles - his trench-coat goth thing he’s got going on.

Robert - only clothes and depression on his back….

Albert - only because he has to fold and hang everything when he takes it off..

Louis - not much clothing per say, but a hatred for mankind you have to peel away.

Nico - can be naked in .00002 seconds

Leo - is already naked…

The 1812 Overture scored for one enthusiastic super soldier and friends

Thank you all for the lovely cakes and birthday wishes and strange gifts today – if I didn’t respond to a message, be it an ask or a tag, rest assured I still saw it and loved it. It was a wonderful Fourth and a good reminder that we have come a long way and still have twice as far to go. 

Also, please check the lost and found before you go home. There are several items of clothing, pairs of sunglasses, weapons, utility belt pouches, decorative cowls, capes, flasks, flags, and one animal of unidentified, possibly alien origin. They’re fuzzy. (The Creature, not the capes, though one of the capes is also fuzzy.)

If the Creature is not claimed, I’m keeping them, and ditto the capes. 

Most important plot question of Thor Ragnarok:

Just how many outfits does Loki have in this movie?

-Black Gucci

-Green bathrobe-like leather

Three variations of the battle armor: Black shirt / Blue shirt / Black tunic with a gold belt (Also with green cape and yellow cape) Also I’ve seen a blue tunic with a gold belt, but that could just be artistic liberties.

Also: Blue?!

World Building June | XVIII. Fashion: part 2.

part 1 [humans] HERE

02. Snow elves

Snow elves are practical people, so they favor practical clothes with little embroidery and accessories. Inspired by viking fashion, women wear long dresses with aprons and underskirts, men settle for tunics with two belts. Capes and clokes are a necessity with the harsh norhern winds, often adorned with furs. Considering hairstyles, braids are very popular, or shaved hair and beards. 

03. Night elves

With their hot blood, night elves usually don’t need to wear warm clothes and favor more revealing outfits, often adorned with many accessories, such as furs, feathers, beads, shells, stones, leather strips, etc. Shamans wear feathered crowns with animal skulls in them, often with horns. Women favor long, assymetric skirts, and men go for loose tunics and tight pants. Tattoos are highly important for night elves, both for their fashional and cultural meaning. Also members of traveling clans wear complicated braided heartstyles and have half their heads shaved.

04. Felini

The cat-like race of Tearna prefers clothing that doesn’t restrict their movements. Being quick tree climbers and exelent fencers, they usually wear short pants or skirts and leather tops, mostly covering just those parts of the body that need to be covered, as there is almost next to no nudity taboo among felinis. Felini also favor lots of accessories and trinkets, and adorn their clothes with colorful exotic patterns. Each tribe has a different style of patterns and clothing adorments, so their purpose is both fashional and cultural.

05. Echena

Echena’s clothing style emphasises elegance and the belief that in simplicity there is beauty. Taking pride in being the best tailors in Edean, even the simplest clothes echenas make, have a great amount of detail in them. People are often judged by their clothes, so it’s natural, that everyone is trying to make the best impression [especially in Ilidonis, the homeland of echenas]. One of the most favorite materials is silk, and echenian clothes are often light and simple, yet they appear exuisite thanks to intricate design and excelent craftsmanship.

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Can I get some Bruce + Tim #7?

7: for warmth

It’s dark and it’s freezing cold, and the torrential rain is tossing the waves into chaos. 

But everything is muted under the water; except the panic, not knowing which way is up. And it takes a long minute of painful breathlessness– lungs aching, pressure building– for Batman to kick his way in the right direction, and finally break the surface of the water again.

He sucks in two, three deep breaths, and calls, “Red?”

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I wanted to preserve my sample on how to write Stocke correctly, so here:

Having finished tying his last belt, Stocke stepped outside. A soft breeze caught his shoulder belt as he made his way down the street. After almost getting his cape belts stuck on a street lamp, he stopped for a moment to readjust his leg belts before entering Heiss’ office.