April 29th, 2015: Beltane Approaches!

Beltane is a time for awakening, fertility, and of course, fire. As my first Beltane celebration since the beginning of my path, I am absolutely ecstatic for this night. Two days! The plan is to go out for some healthy vegan/vegetarian foods, and then it’s fire time. We’ll drink wine, create a communal altar with candles and spring flowers, offerings to the gods and goddesses, and of course, the fae! Is anyone else planning anything for Beltane this year?

anonymous asked:

Religiously what do you believe in ? Are you a atheist (secular witch) or polytheistic ? Or ?

that’s a super good question!!

I don’t really call myself Wiccan or Pagan. Witchcraft isn’t a religion, it’s more of a hobby for me. I’ll occasionally celebrate Beltane or holidays like that if I’m feeling festive, but not always.

I’m not really sure what I am. I don’t think there is one God or Goddess who created the universe. I don’t think when you die you go to either heaven or hell depending on how you acted in your life.

I believe that there are tons of spirits all around everywhere. I believe in ghosts and demons and the fae. There’s probably tons of gods and goddesses but that’s more of a rank among spirits and such.

When I was a little kid I remember playing in the back woods with animals people who my parents couldn’t see, so that kind of stuck with me.

As far as the afterlife goes for humans I think some disappear after they die, some become ghosts, some become imaginary friends, some reincarnate.

So yeah, I’m a witch. Just a witch.

Jenny: Let’s have a holiday.

Puppeteer: No.

Feather: We should totally do it!

Puppeteer: I already said no.

Jenny: How about we celebrate Beltane?

Bill: Or Oktoberfest!

Jack: April Fools - oh an Halloween!

Puppeteer: Guys…

Jim: Christmas.

Isami: The start of spring!

Nat: Faction competitions!!

Puppeteer: These have nothing to do with freedom!!

Ryan: Surely we can skip Independence Day? It’s not like any of us are-