April 29th, 2015: Beltane Approaches!

Beltane is a time for awakening, fertility, and of course, fire. As my first Beltane celebration since the beginning of my path, I am absolutely ecstatic for this night. Two days! The plan is to go out for some healthy vegan/vegetarian foods, and then it’s fire time. We’ll drink wine, create a communal altar with candles and spring flowers, offerings to the gods and goddesses, and of course, the fae! Is anyone else planning anything for Beltane this year?

anonymous asked:

What are THOOOOSSSSSEEEE *points to blue lines on your face*

those my friend are celtic woad markings. The picture was taken at Beltane festival, a celtic celebration of fire and the start of the year. i am also wearing a crown of ivy and ferns.

also i look fucking wonderful in that picture