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Dark Lovers [2]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!Demon Bucky x AU!Demon King Steve x Female Angel Reader

Word Count: 3,119

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! M/M/F threesome, Oral (male and female receiving), mild bondage, slight dominance, orgasm denial, sexual penetration, dirty talk, and language. Some plot, a lot of porn. 

A/N: So, @apolla62200 and I are working together to bring you this amazing series! I’m excited for where this is headed and I hope you will be too! Enjoy! ;) 

Part One


“You have no reason to be here angel.”

Pulling out your white blade, you twirled it around your fingers. “You are the one that has situated yourself in the middle of my mission demon.”

His eyes turned black, “I don’t take kindly to you halo bitches killing my kind.”

You pointed to your head with the tip of the blade, “Do you see a halo anywhere?” You walked toward the tall demon, “That’s a horrible stereotype. And I haven’t killed him… yet.”

“You’re a mouthy little thing,” he said, bringing out his own knife. “Don’t you have any idea who I am?”

You shook your head, running the tip of your blade over his cheek, “I don’t care who you are.”

With that, you moved to sink the knife in his neck. He was faster. He ducked away and knocked you off of your feet with his leg. You landed flat on your back, the wind knocked from your lungs. His black boot came down to press on your chest.

“Oh little angel,” he said as he leaned down over you. “You have to be smarter than that. And actually, a bit faster.” Placing the tip of his knife under your chin, he tipped your face up, “Does the name Bucky ring a bell?”


Palming your knife, you slung your arm up with all your might and plugged it in his thigh. He yelled in pain. When his foot moved off your chest, you scrambled to your feet. Facing him, you knew you had screwed up.

“Fucking bitch!” he said as he grabbed for you.

You closed your eyes and willed yourself back up to heaven.

What greeted you was even scarier than what you had left on earth…

“You have failed us, sister.”

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 Pairing; Kim Namjoon x Reader

 Words; 8.6k

Genre; Angst, fluff, smut

Summary; You had fallen for Namjoon, the guy you’ve been sharing an apartment with a long time ago, but he wasn’t the type to settle down into a relationship. One night you both end up sleeping together, but what then would become of your relationship?

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Benefits of male chastity and etc


If Your husband has asked You lock him in chastity, You may think he is asking you to do some sexually perverted, kinky, thing that You don’t understand and don’t want to understand because it is sick and perverted. The fact is, he is not sick and perverted, he just wants to have fun, sexually.

There was a time in Your marriage when sex was fun and exciting for You, too. Wasn’t there? He just wants to get that back again. He is not asking You to do anything that is difficult, or perverted. He is asking You to play a game with him. A sexual game in which You control when and how he has sex. That’s all. So give it a chance. You may be surprised at how much fun You, Yourself, can have

Chastity is an amazing fetish. Most people think it’s some kind of punishment or chore, but it isn’t. The feelings you receive from abstaining from orgasm are just sublime. Guys feel aroused right up until the point where they orgasm, then everything is reset to zero after orgasm they’re no longer turned on and in order to become even remotely aroused they have to wait again for the feelings to kick in.

Well, what if they didn’t orgasm. What if they didn’t masturbate every evening? What if they abstained from orgasms altogether? Would the feelings of arousal increase and increase? Yes. Yes they would. Which is why chastity is an immensely popular fetish.

Chastity popularity

It is such an intimate act to show trust in his partner for a man to hand over the key to his “crown jewels“ and to allow him to be locked up, to await “HER” pleasure. It is quite surprising that so many people have dabbled with the man wearing a chastity device, and they are the second most often bought sex toys after vibrators.

Chastity - A Joint Decision

For chastity to work well it has to be a joint decision. If you’re both eager to try chastity then the belt or device you choose should also appeal to your wife. It’s no good you buying an expensive belt and she hates the sight of it.

Some women find the transparency of the CB-6000, CB-6000s or the Curve nicely displays the enslaved penis, many would-be keyholders like the quality and hygiene of a stainless steel device. Other women like the thought of the traditional Florentine style belts believing they are more secure.

Others initially prefer to go for something like the Stallion Guard as a low cost device to experiment with before deciding on a more secure belt or cage. There are keyholders who like to allow and see the penis fully erect whilst it’s encased, belts and devices most suited to this concept, known as “penile negation”, include the Samurai and Caterpillar cock cages from Mr S. Neither of these 2 devices can be considered long term wear, however, they’re an ideal purchase as an additional chastity device to your collection, and allow your keyholder the opportunity to employ different techniques of teasing.

Some keyholders love these devices because they relish the sight of a fully erect, straining cock unable to escape.

Chastity and Masturbation

All men, given the ability, masturbate and way more often than most women think they do. This is something that is difficult for him to control and even more difficult to part with. Young men have an abundance of testosterone so masturbation doesn’t seem to interfere with their pursuit of young women.

However, as men grow older masturbating usually translates into the husband ignoring his wife for at least a couple days. Chastity puts a stop to the masturbation and works in many ways; it changes his mood, demeanor and libido. Most importantly it changes his desire to please you. It is not the goal for him to do the cooking or the cleaning or the laundry but you will find that it will happen, not routinely but it will happen because as he continues to build up his sexual energy that he no longer has the ability to release as he pleases he will divert that energy towards pleasing you.

Your being the source of his sexual pleasure will change his feelings, he will adore you, love you in a way that you desire and he will be eager to please you because you are, as I said, the source of his release. He will find, over time, he is happier and that will be because you’re happier. He will love the emotional boost the two of you share.

This isn’t as kinky as it sounds

If your sex life to date has been restricted to intercourse and perhaps mutual masturbation, chastity play can sound like something pretty weird. It isn’t. Nothing has to change about how you make love; what changes is when. The partner who wears the chastity belt has given the partner who has the “key” the ability to decide when sex can take place. Since most chastity devices effectively prevent masturbation, it means one partner gives the other control of all orgasms. This can be a great deal of fun for both people.

Chastity play allows you to take sex out of the bedroom in a subtle way that only the two of you will know. For example, if a woman has her male partner locked up, they can agree on “rules” he should follow, such as “he must always stand when she enters the room.” If when they are out with friends he forgets, she can smile and hold some fingers up and he will know he stays locked up that many more days until he can get release.

If you don’t think this is incredibly hot to both partners, just try it! You won’t believe how exciting a dull relationship can become overnight. Take a few minutes and use your imagination. Fun, huh?

Chastity Devices

Chastity devices have been used throughout the ages in order to prevent sexual intercourse. Classically, chastity has been forced upon someone using a belt type mechanic, but in recent times, more concealable and localized devices are able to be used in order to prevent the ability to touch and interact with sexual organs. In addition to the modern interpretation of how to perform chastity, a sexual fetish has developed. Individuals now enjoy the prospect of being locked up and unable to perform sexual activities unless the other person who’s chastised them allows it.

Chastity and Confinement for Men

Chastity for men is the most common form, with blocks of specially formed plastic being placed around the penis with a small lock attached for keeping it closed. Some male chastity devices make it impossible or highly painful to experience an erection, aiding the experience of being denied sexual pleasure. One major element of chastity is the understanding that eventually, the device will be removed. The sexual fetish is undesirable if the wearer believes that they will never be allowed to experience an orgasm again. As expected, chastity is an exchange of a power dynamic, with one person assuming the role of being in charge and the other being submissive and completely subject to the will of the other person.

Chastity for couples

Male chastity is not just for men, nor is it just for women who want to control their men. Male chastity is for couples! Both the submissive male and his partner stand to gain from incorporating male chastity into the relationship. The relationship as a whole stands a great deal to gain as well.

Taking control of one small aspect of your relationship - The sex. By utilizing a chastity device, you are taking the first step toward controlling your partner. He may or may not be keen on the idea. If this is your idea, you may have to incorporate a little tease and denial to get what you want….it will work.

If you can both agree to give male chastity a chance, then be realistic about it. Start out slow and easy. Don’t plan on more than a month or even a week for a trial period. Remember, this is just a trial period. If you don’t like it, don’t get any enjoyment from it, don’t see how it can improve your relationship, then you can always quit.

Couple chastity

If you’re in a committed relationship, but you want to really turn up the heat in your sex play, then chastity could be the answer for you.
Many couples engage in chastity as a means of getting back the desire they felt in the early days of their relationship, when they couldn’t wait to have sex, and it lasted for hours not minutes. A time when they were always on each other’s mind.

Chastity is also a choice for many couples when the man has been unfaithful, or has been caught masturbating to internet porn. He may choose chastity as a way to demonstrate his commitment, reassure his partner, and enhance their relationship. This is a precious pledge for any man, and the thought of this alone can be incredibly arousing for both partners.

There is no doubt about it, chastity play results in superior sexual satisfaction! Trying to earn a release, the bottom will be much more attentive to his partner’s needs. Without being distracted by his own selfish wants, his sole focus is pleasuring his Keyholder. He will demonstrate his ability and affection to his partner, going above and beyond in the hope of an ultimate ‘release’..
Remember; the couple that plays together stays together!

Chastity and relantionship

There is no one right way to practice chastity, but most agree that a man who practices chastity is expressing profound respect for their partner and women generally. Chastity is a challenge well worth undertaking because it can help lead to a transformation of a man’s relationship with his partner. Almost every account of a chastity regimen notes that the man becomes much more attentive to the needs of his partner, serving her better both sexually and in a myriad of other ways that are pleasing to her. The many religious traditions that use chastity/abstinence as a key element of their spiritual practice and service orientation are definitely onto something..

Primary benefits of enforced male

1. It prevents him from masturbating. Male masturbation is a filthy habit. It’s addictive, selfish, and disrespectful to women. Chronic masturbation has the effect of substantially diminishing a man’s natural sexual desire for his wife of girlfriend. It unfortunately teaches him that his orgasm is primary, and hers is secondary.

2. Because he can’t even get an erection without her permission, it instantly changes the dynamics of the relationship.

3. It keeps his sexual focus and energy on his wife or girlfriend.

4. It will substantially increase his desire to orally service his wife or girlfriend.

5. If he’s never been an ass-eater, after having his penis locked up for a few weeks, he will be.

6. It serves as a constant reminder to him of her authority.

7. Because it makes his orgasms entirely dependent on her generosity, it positively incentives him to honor her, respect her, and motivates him to please.

8. It gives him the time and opportunity to substantially improve and perfect his oral skills.

9. It reinforces the idea that pussy is a precious gift that must be earned, and is to be savored and appreciated on those rare occasions when he does get it.

10. It teaches him that sexual activity with his wife or girlfriend doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his penis.

11. It deepens his submission to her, and will cause him to worship the ground she walks on.

12. It will significantly improve his attitude, and make him more generous, caring, kind, respectful, and loving. It will help soften the sharper edges of his me-first masculinity. It will make him more of a listener than a talker.

13. It helps prepares him for the eventuality of anal penetration, and getting the strap-on. Because his penis isn’t being sexually stimulated, it has the effect of gradually turning other parts of his body into erogenous zones, particularly his anus and his prostate. With patience and persistence, he can be trained to orgasm from stimulation in that region via your finger, or the strap-on.

14. If his orgasms are consistently controlled and severely restricted, he will eventually get to the point where he will do just about anything to cum. You’ll be amazed by what he’ll do for you.

Chastity -  power to the woman

This voluntary act in which the man shows his trust and hands over the key to his most precious possessions to her who will then decide when he is to be released. This is an action which gives enormous power to the woman in a relationship, or the supervisor on our course and it is a gift from him to her.

It is a sexual act which frees him from the ability to pleasure himself and frees him to learn how to please his partner and thus be allowed pleasure himself.

It sounds from this description a strange and “kinky “activity, but surprisingly the approach has wide acceptance as a method to improve male performance and pleasure.

The Mental Game of Chastity

The power exchange exists in the realm of the minds so to the submissive male, being denied can provide him with more mental pleasure and more mental fulfillment than a physical orgasm.

The aroused and denied male will spend more time in subspace and thus his mind will be on a mental sphere where the female rules supreme in his life and he is much more eager to serve the female.

The mental stimulation should touch a man’s psychological triggers, which will stimulate him sexually. It is that mental stimulation that causes an intense power exchange and that can make sex more pleasurable for the woman both physically and mentally while at the same time fulfilling the male need to be dominated.

Chastity and BDSM

Chastity is a fantastic pawn in the BDSM game. It is a great tool for tease and denial, and can be implemented as an incredibly effective punishment/reward scheme. Dominants that have never fully engaged in chastity play, will have almost certainly at some point employed a ‘permission to cum?’ policy. So, what’s the difference? Well chastity play takes this concept one step further and gives the Key Holder full control over their slave’s orgasms. Many people who love to engage in BDSM have not yet discovered the joys of chastity

Locked in Chastity for BDSM

Key Holder is a term used to describe the dominant woman in a male chastity agreement. Many couples are into BDSM and male chastity is one of the many methods that these women use to dominate their men. Some men are more turned on the more they are ordered around.

The woman will tease the man while he has a male chastity device on and she is the only one who has the key to open it and award him with a release. Discuss it with your partner in detail and decide if you want your chastity to be long term or short term.

If you are just starting out, you should ease into it before you commit to being locked in. If you enter into it before you are ready it will likely prolong the process.

“be careful what you wish for”

There is an old saying among those wives who adopted a chastity lifestyle because their husbands encouraged them…”be careful what you wish for”.

If some of the husbands were given a choice to go back to their old ways they would, but none of the wives would.

Deep down the caged men are happier because they wanted to be sexually controlled by their wives and now they are. Their new reality is often much different than their original fantasy because it is now your fantasy not his.


Lardo hesitates a moment before she knocks. Her knuckles are poised just inches from the old, cheap wooden door, waiting, and she thinks, I shouldn’t bother him.

And then she knocks anyway, too exhausted to care.

She can hear ancient bedsprings creaking slightly. “Come in,” a tired-sounding voice calls.

Lardo twists the rusting knob–someone really needs to replace that before it falls off–and pushes the door open.

Jack is sitting on top of the covers of his not-quite-neatly-made bed. His laptop is open and balancing on top of his legs, but as soon as he makes eye contact with Lardo, he closes it and leans over the edge of the bed to set it down gently. “C'mere,” he says softly, and Lardo is so damn grateful that Jack just gets it sometimes.

She crosses to him, climbs on the bed. He lifts one arm automatically and she tucks herself under it, her head leaning against his neck. She swings her legs over his, perpendicular, and her arms wrap around his core. His second arm comes down and rests on her legs, a hand on her thigh keeping her there firmly but gently. Like a seat belt. Or a security blanket.

They sit there for a few minutes, breathing synchronizing. Lardo closes her eyes and feels the swell of Jack’s chest underneath her arms, and she can’t tell if it’s his pulse or her own she’s feeling.

Sometimes, just being held–just to be held with no questions asked, nothing else expected from it–sometimes she needs it. And she knows that it helps Jack when he’s stressed, too. So what they have can’t exactly be called an agreement, because they don’t ever really talk about it. But it’s an understanding, at least. And a mutually beneficial one.

And between finals week and graduation coming up and the fact that she still hasn’t finished her last piece for the reunion week gallery–well. She needs it tonight. And if the bags under Jack’s eyes are any indication, so does he.

After a little while, when her arms are starting to get stiff and she can feel her thighs starting to stick to his a little with sweat, she reluctantly begins to peel out of Jack’s embrace.

“Thanks, pal,” she whispers, leaning up and pressing her lips briefly to his cheek before shifting her legs back over to the other side so she can stand.

“Any time, Lards,” Jack says quietly, smiling slightly at her. “I needed the break, too.”

One corner of her mouth crooks higher than the other. “You’re a good dude, Zimmermann,” she says, reaching out and ruffling his hair. He doesn’t bother reaching up to fix it, and it stands up ridiculously. She laughs. “Don’t push yourself too much, okay?”

“No promises,” says Jack, yawning. “But yeah, I’ll probably sleep soon. Night, Lardo.”

“Night, Jack,” says Lardo, stretching her arms as she walks out.

She shuts the door behind her, feeling considerably less stressed than she had when she opened it.

She’s got a good team.


P1020013-3 von Bob Laly

Babysitting Bump

Summary: A chaotic situation occurs when you and Bucky both decide to hold full responsibility of watching Clint’s kids and to say you’re good with children would be a complete lie.

Word Count: 2,229.

A/N: Recently watched an episode of “Life In Pieces” and one of the scenes heavily inspired me to write out this fic. I had a blast writing this! Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

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Choke [Oneshot]

Chibs x Reader

Summary: Chibs comes home from a rough day. He needs some stress relieved, and the both of you know just how to release it.

A/N: Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Haven’t been too active on either of my Tumblr pages lately. Writer’s block is a nuisance! Hope to be more active now ♡


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Keeping Baby Groot Safe

Originally posted by thezissousdiary

Pairing: Baby Groot x Reader (+ Peter Quill + Rocket)

Request: Can you do a baby groot x reader, don’t care what happens besides the reader having to explain to everyone on the ship to handle baby groot carefully  (by huflerin)

Word count: 350

A/N: This is a really short one. Hope that you’ll enjoy this! :) 

PS. Requests are open so feel free to send me any ideas that you might have!

You joined the Guardians of the Galaxy a few months ago and the moment you laid eyes on Baby Groot, you knew that he had to be protected at all cost. Baby Groot was your baby now, you would sacrifice yourself if that was the only way to keep him safe.

“Hey Quill, watch it!” You yelled when he made an unexpected turn that caused Groot to fall out from his seat. You rushed to Groot and picked him up. “Are you okay little one?” you asked Groot and he jumped up excitedly. “I am Groot” he responded happily and you were a bit confused. “He wants Quill to do that again” Rocket laughed and. “See Y/N, he’s perfectly fine. You need to chill” Peter Quill laughed and shook his head. “Don’t you dare do that again Star-Dude, he could get seriously hurt” you gave Quill a warning look. “Oh come on Y/N, you know it’s Star-Lord” Quill muttered annoyedly. “Whatever” you responded and put Groot back to his seat and double checked that his safety-belt was securely on. The security-belt that you made Rocket do for him.

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

“Y/N, Groot has survived battles. I’m pretty sure that he can survive falling out of a freaking chair” Peter laughed at your overprotectiveness. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean that we should just throw him around” you argued him and he just shook his head laughing. “Okay Quill, can you just humor me with this one? He’s a baby. My baby! I want to, no I need to keep him safe from all harm” you continued and Peter rolled his eyes. “Okay fine Y/N. I’ll try to fly more smoothly for you” he responded laughing and you hugged him “Thank you Peter!”. You walked to Groot excitedly and kneeled before his seat. “See Groot. Nothing bad is ever going to happen to you. Not when I’m around” you assured him and he responded with an excited smile. You could feel Peter roll his eyes at your “ridiculousness” but you didn’t care. As long as Baby Groot is safe, Peter can roll his eyes as much as he wants. 

Gloves of Earth-Passing

Wondrous Item, Rare 

The Gloves of Earth-Passing are forearm-length leather gloves, belted in place. A single rune on a crude, sturdily mounted iron disc rests on the back of the hand, giving the gloves their power. 

When the gloves are worn (they must be securely belted in place to work fully) they cause the user’s hands and forearms to pass through any stone material, natural or otherwise, up to a depth of the glove’s length (1.5 feet). The wearer can also carry objects through the stone surface if the object is small enough to be completely covered when held. (ex: coins, gems, keys)

Submitted by - artisticartillery

BTS | Scenario #3

                      / Things they do that make your heart flutter /

Originally posted by shinxter

Pairing : Idol!BTS x Reader

Gene : Fluff

Word Count : From 250 to 370.

Kim Seokjin

Tonight feels hot as you walk on the streets of Seoul, crowded with people. You can’t look away from the garish decorations of fairy lights strings as sellers shout their advertisements to attract customers. From the sounds of meat hissing on the grills to the delicious smell of sweet Korean pancakes, your senses are all stimulated. Walking side by side with Seokjin becomes quite a task and you constantly have to make sure not to lose the sight of him amidst other people. Some street stalls catch your eye and you progressively come to a standstill to watch vendors skillfully make yummy food in creative ways. 

Your boyfriend looks back to see if you’re still following behind and panics a couple of seconds before spotting you in the sea of passers by. He walks back to you and you exchange grins when he settles in watching the small performances with you. After a few minutes you walk again, with him still leading the way. More and more people gather around you and he almost disappears, making you tiptoeing to locate him. He sees you struggling to keep up with his pace and stretches his hand for you to take it. 

You do and soon feel him pull on his arm to make you walk in front of him. You let yourself guide, your cheeks coloring in a pale pink as he speaks out some words to you. “Let’s not lose each other.” He places his hands on your shoulders and your heart is beating quickly in your chest. 

Min Yoongi

You lock your phone and put it back into your coat pocket before nuzzling your face in your scarf to protect you from the cold wind harshly blowing this morning. Your head aches and you haven’t had the time to eat anything this morning since you were too busy choosing what clothes to put on for your fourth date with Yoongi. He’s just told you in the call that he is on his way and the thought of seeing him in a little time makes you feel a bit more good. A hot drink would still be much appreciated. 

Some minutes later, you see him jogging his way to you and you can’t help the smile forming on your face. He smiles too and you know he’s as much happy to see than you are. Your head hurts surprisingly less and you can’t wait any longer before spending all day long with him. 

He hesitates a moment and that’s when you notice he’s carrying something with him. “You sounded a bit cranky on the phone. I thought coffee would do the trick.” You feel a pang in your chest and don’t know what to say to him for some time. He’s already told you about him not being too showing when it involves emotions so you really can’t hide your surprise when he holds in between you a set of coffee cups. He smiles awkwardly in front of your weird expression and nudges your hand for you to take one of them. You’ve just fell a bit more for him.

Jung Hoseok

Now comes the moment you hate. After spending an extra day with your boyfriend the moment you have to part has arrived. And usually you wouldn’t feel so down but he has to be absent for several weeks and despite the fact he’s told you about that several months ago, it still feels too early and is quiet a bummer. He can’t even walk you to your home since he has appointments to attend but has decided to wait for your Uber with you. So there you are, both standing still, facing one another with sad expressions. 

Hoseok tries to cheer you up with funny faces that almost make the pout on your lips turn into a smile but you’re still showing your unhappiness. He sighs and pulls on one of your arm to hug you tight and whispers sweet nothings in your ear that makes you feel a bit lighthearted.  

Then you see your Uber coming closer and you turn your head back, nuzzling it more into his chest. He chuckles and pecks you on your hair as the car park next to your spot. “Time flies quickly, Y/N. We’ll soon see each other again. Take care of yourself.” You kiss longly one last time, you reluctantly step into the car and he closes the door after you. You don’t break eye contact even when the car starts driving away and you turn around to look through the rear windshield - your eyes turning into crescents and your lips into a silly smile when you spot him making heart-shaped signs to you until you disappear from his sight.

Kim Namjoon

The couple of vehicles passes by very rapidly and you’re gradually feeling unsure about actually getting on the roller coaster Namjoon’s convinced you to. You look away, staring at the fairground and the crowd of people walking by to make you feel less pressured and to hide your fright away from your boyfriend.

You, then hear the vehicles coming to a standstill as the passengers get off and you see Namjoon eagerly walk to the front seat as soon as the carny’s provided access to board. You follow close behind, a small frown on your face while he settles with a big smile. 

The whole way to the attraction, he hasn’t shown any particular attention to you - He’s just showed his excitement about finally being able to try the roller coaster and how he really wants to get that ride. 

You sit next to him and fumble a bit with the security belts. You soon grow edgy about it, the thing not seeming to fit into where it should. Suddenly, you’re interrupted by him, taking care of the task at hand for you and you freeze, slightly blushing. You gaze at him, admiring his focused look and smile back when he looks at you. “Comfy? You can hold on to me if you want.” He suggests, holding his hand in the air for you. You take it and he leans in to kiss your cheek while your hearts beats quickly.

Park Jimin

A drink. You need a drink to keep up with interacting with the rest of your family who’s gathered at your home because your parents have thought it a good idea to call people you haven’t seen since you were five years old to congratulate you on your college graduation. You’ve been receiving compliments for half an hour now, relatives coming one after another, sharing hugs, laughs and nice words. Only one person hasn’t come up to you yet. 

You spot your boyfriend happily smiling and talking to your mother and you just wish he was by your side, claiming you back so that others would stop keeping you to themselves. You are seeking someone else’s attention but he isn’t looking at you at the moment like for the past hour. 

You have just the time to sip on a drink you’ve just poured yourself when you hear one of your uncles shouting your name to join him and others so that he could talk to you about everything and nothing. You sigh and put on one of your best smiles before walking to them. You stand next to your kinsmen, not quite sure what to say nor when to intervene. 

You just stand there, looking awkwardly at the floor when your eyes are drawn back to Jimin across the room, now leaning against a wall with his hands in his dress pants’ pockets and a flush color your cheeks when you realize he must have been watching for a while, his cheeky smile just growing even more. You see him mouthing the word “Cute” and you have to look away, heat spreading through your body.

Kim Taehyung

Your stare into space, gaze locked on the first snowflakes waltzing in the cold wind and soon feel a shiver running through your body. You bring one of your hand in a fist to your mouth and close your eyes while softly blowing warm air. Your eyes open again when your boyfriend takes the other one and engulfs it in his large, warm palms. You look at him, at first surprised then your lips curve into a loving smile - his cheekbones and nose tip are red from the cold and his watery eyes, partially hidden by his bangs that have grown too much, are messily gathered under his beanie. He’s just too adorable - smiling back at you, providing you his warmth while you still are together. 

He has been the one insisting on waiting for your train, delaying your splitting time as long as possible and you haven’t objected to it, leading to the two of you sitting on one the station’s benches. Having him waiting with you despite the harsh temperature has made you all warm and fuzzy from within and you can’t suppress the pang in your heart thinking that you’ll be away from each other for some time.

The oncoming train is heard whistling and you feel Taehyung’s hands tighten a bit around yours. You both stand up, neither of you ready to say goodbye. You pull your suitcase next to you, watching the train decreasing its pace as other travelers gather next to the doors. He’s watching you but you don’t want to look at him, sadness gradually taking over you, and you hug him tight - sliding your arms inside his long coat, head pressed on his chest and eyes tightly closed and he circles you in a tight embrace. You don’t want to let go but he eventually forces you to look up at him by cupping your cheeks and doesn’t let you complain as he instantly molds his lips to yours in a loving kiss. You give in and kiss him back, your hands tightening their grip on his sides.

The last calls for passengers to board are shouted and you reluctantly lean back to break the kiss but Taehyung doesn’t let go and presses himself even more into you making you chuckle and you concede him a few more seconds before he grudgingly parts, gasping for air. “Come back to me soon.” Your heart skips a beat while gazing at each other but you really have to go. So you smile, sorry, and he pecks your lips several times before letting you walk away.

Jeon Jungkook

You’re lying on your bed while Jungkook plays on his computer, shouting now and then comments or scoldings into his gaming headset. Totally oblivious to your dying state. Well dying would probably be an overstatement but you’ve been coughing repeatedly and your head was aching and heavy.

Yet you still insist on going out to that film show starting in half an hour now with your boyfriend since you barely have the time to spend it together; so any dates possible are not voidable. You just had to get ill that particular time. Added to the fact that you could barely touch each other since he couldn’t afford being sick with the group’s comeback coming shortly. Lucky you. 

You get up and start getting ready, putting on your clothes and combing your hair, sparing yourself the sight of your tired face. He turns his computer off and changes his clothes too. After putting your coat on, you don’t forget your scarf, hanging loose around your neck while checking in your purse that you have the necessary before going out and you hear him walking to you. 

Once downstairs, you hold the entrance door for him and start walking towards the theater’s way but his firm grip on your shoulder keeps you still and you turn to him, taken aback. He starts buttoning your coat and readjusts your scarf tightly around your neck not to let any cold infiltrate.

You watch his concentrated look while he finishes his task and his face turns all smiley when he looks at you as you watch him. “Can’t let my sick Baby go out in this cold without making sure she’s warm enough. I’ll buy you vitamins on our way there.” You can’t help the blush coloring your face as he kisses your nose.  

Needed Him

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warning/s: Pure sadness, dark, mentions of blood, anxiety and depression.

AN: Hey, so this is my first imagine/oneshot on here, i usually use Wattpad for writing and this one shot has already been published in my Peter Parker imagines book (user is lgbtmarvel), so i’m sorry if you have already this, but i’m curious to see how this goes on here, but despite that, enjoy. 

Plot: Y/N and Peter are dating and are both Avengers, one day the whole team is assigned to do a mission, but some terrible goes wrong, how will the team handle it, but most importantly, how will Y/N?

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(Not my gif, cred goes to the creator.)

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Multiple Uses For Aspirin: FanFiction

He was an army medic once- Hadn’t gone off of that for a while, but that didn’t mean he had forgotten any of his training. The most important thing he had learned from his experience was how to keep calm and carry on- even in the worst situation.

Just replace the puddles of ink with the enemy in his mind, and everything else just became second nature to him. He wasn’t banged up enough that he had to worry about anything else yet- though a quick review wouldn’t hurt the situation either, especially since his traveling companion wasn’t as trained in medical field as he was.

“Splints and tourniquets-?” Bendy echoed, “Which ones which again?”

“Splints are for broken bones, tourniquets are only when you can’t stop the bleeding.” Henry replied, as he searched the floors for anymore searchers. “You could probably use a belt to secure both.”


“… It’s been a while, but I’m sure I’ll remember when I need to.” There was a pause. “IF I need to.”

“Well, I’d like to know for sure in case I need to patch you up! A torn off leg is an easy fix for a Toon, not a person!” The ink demon frowned, pacing the length of his page.

“You’d probably need both of those things for a torn off leg- depending on how cleanly the leg was torn off.” Henry mused, “and a lot of aspirin.”

“Aspirin?” Pac-man eyes blinked curiously.

Henry couldn’t help but laugh a little, before he reached into his pocket and withdrew a packet of small, white pills. They had been used by Henry as a blood thinner, per a home remedy, and was surprised that he hadn’t lost them yet during the struggles. It was around this time that he couldn’t help but be thankful for still having them.

“It’s medicine- It has a couple of uses, but it’s mainly for slight pain and headaches.” The creator explained, sliding one out of its pack and into his hand for Bendy to see.


Carefully, Henry set his ax aside, and cracked one pill in half twice. He then swallowed the three bigger halves, leaving only a tiny piece behind. It was then offered up to the drawing.

“I’m not sure if this will help you any, but it might.”

With a deep breath, he watched Bendy eye the piece with an uncertain expression. Then the toon slipped off of his page and into a nearby puddle of ink. In a few seconds, the pill piece was swallowed, and Bendy was quickly returned to his page, seemingly shaken by something.

“You’re getting better at staying in control.” Henry noted, as he figured that was what was bothering his friend.

“GAH! Henry, I’ve got bigger things to worry about! Aspirin tastes terrible!” Bendy cried, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Got a pill in that pocket that makes horrible tastes go away!?”


There was no prior training needed to know when it was okay to laugh at your situation. Army Medic or ink demon, a light hearted situation was the perfect one to laugh in. So that’s what the did.

(As always, this was inspired by @squigglydigglydoo
And @shinyzango , who are my two primary sources for BatIM related content while I patiently wait for chapter 3 to come out (I NEED canon answers to the madness that is this game!)

7AM Coffee

Sebastian Stan x Fan fiction

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*A/N: Hello! Ok so this was just something I wrote that’s short. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I hope you all are having a great day/night:)–Noelle

When I woke up the world felt pure. Engulfed in my own private bubble of euphoria. The memories of last night made a wicked smile unfold across my face. Tussling my bare legs underneath the heavy duvet, I stretched my legs feeling it brush against Sebastian. He peacefully laid tucked underneath with only a sheet vaguely covering his lower abdomen.

I sat upward stretching my arms upright, yawning as I looked over to see the morning sun painting a rich and neon sky. Though my eyes couldn’t stay on the bit of scenery for long, because I had a much better muse to be transfixed by.

I watched as Sebastian slept, looking every bit of serene. His dark brown eyebrows furrowed in his sleep and his lips rested apart as he inhaled softly. I pushed away at his uncombed hair, smoothing it back in an almost rhythmic stroke. He shifted himself slightly, like he was instinctively reacting to my touch. Pulling back my hand because I was afraid to wake him up just yet. The current events that just took place would cause any functioning human the desired need to recharge.

Still in bed with Sebastian I reached for my silky pale pink robe that was wrapped across the ottoman in front of the bed. Slipping my arms through and tightly securing the belt around my waist I finally got out of bed. The time difference didn’t effect me as much as I believed it would have. Not too long ago, two weeks to be exact. Sebastian and I were sitting on a bench in Bowling Green park when the wildest of thoughts floated in our minds. We were both seeking an adventure, a get away that we both wanted to coax us with sin.

So we flipped a coin. Heads for a place where nothing but the sky and endless amount of water connected or tales for a place that was artistic, culturally infused with history and a place that would most importantly be unforgettable. I already had the perfect location in mind but I didn’t tell him. I waited till he tossed the coin in the air and catching it in his hand. Sebastian looked at the back of his hand where he kept the coin placed on top. He looked at me and I could see flickers of his soul through his smile. And then I knew we were off to Paris.

The days spent here were like no other. Getting lost in the streets, even though we had modern technology to help navigate us. We made a pact to see new places with our eyes instead of looking through a screen. So we left phones and cameras behind. The people we met so far invited us in with open arms. Introducing us to new sights, sounds, and sensations. Sebastian and I never stayed in one area for no longer than two days. Dining with outspoken intellects, dancing to music that you could feel in your veins, and making love was our pastime request. Well, that and a cup of coffee.

Someone once told me that being in love was like drinking coffee. Whether you loved it or hated it. It was something most desired. Despite it either being hot or cold, bitter or sweet. It was a risk you take and you couldn’t help but yearn for it constantly. Not ever wanting your cup to run empty.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was five minutes till seven. I rushed over to the side of the bed where Sebastian was. I leaned down closer to his face and called out his name in a hushed tone. He wouldn’t budge, so I began to gently shake his shoulder. Eventually he started to wake up.

“Good Morning,” I rested my chin on his chest as I watched him blink rapidly, causing his eyelashes to flutter.

“What time is it?” Sebastian groaned.

“It’s almost seven.” I told him. I leaned back getting ready to stand until I felt a slight tug on the wrist. Sebastian turned on his stomach, squinting his eyes from the sunlight.

“Are we going to talk about what happened last night?” Sebastian asked me.

“You are not letting this go are you?” I pulled up the fabric of my robe by my collar trying to conceal my face.

Swinging his legs around the bed so that his feet would touch the ground and so he could he sit upward. “Not until you say you will marry me.”

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Smart (Peter Parker x Reader)

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You watched him silently from across the theatre. It wasn’t meant to be creepy but you couldn’t help but stare. His smile was radiant and he stood tall with confidence. Well as much confidence as a dork could have.

“Y/n” Liz called from the stage. “You’re up”

You were alarmed that the place you were to take was right next to the boy you were starting at. You made your way up to the stage awkwardly and took a seat next to the brunette.

“Alright everyone this is Y/n she’s new to decathlon let’s give her a warm welcome” Liz said starting to clap as everyone joined in.

“Hi, I’m Peter” The boy said quietly as he leaned over and shook your hand.

“Nice to meet you” You smiled as you retuned his handshake but had to turn away in a desperate attempt to hide your blush.

“Alright” Liz said holding up her question card. “Using mental math what is seven thousand nine hundred fifty-three divided by fifteen”  

You instantly hit the bell in front of you. “Five hundred thirty point two”

“That is correct. Nice work” Liz nodded at you.

“Wow you’re really smart” Peter said smiling at you.

“I saw you reaching for the bell” You said giving him a little side smirk.

“Where do you sit at lunch?” He asking ignoring your attempt to deflect the compliment.

“Oh” You laughed rather awkwardly. “I’m usually in the band room. I don’t really have anyone to sit with in the lunch room”

“Now you do” Peter said smiling at you. “I just sit with my friend Ned. We’d love to have someone else join us”

“Alright” You said tentatively. It was that damned smile you couldn’t say no to.

Practice continued with Peter telling you about himself in between questions and challenging you as to who could hit the bell first.

You were really excited for lunch the next day so you could sit next to Peter and his friend. Class ended and the day was over. You went home that night with Peter’s number and a smile on your face.

You two had texted most of the night and at the lunch the next day it was like the two of you were old friends. Ned couldn’t stop staring and you blushed when he finally admitted you were just too pretty not to stare in which Peter softly laughed.

When it came time for decathlon practice you watched as Peter talked with Mr. Harrington.

“Peter is not going” One of the girls said clearly upset.

“Really, right before nationals?” Liz said somewhat annoyed.

“It’s the Stark internship” Peter said clearly feeling guilty. “If Mr. Stark needs me I need to be here”

“Alright” Liz said. “Flash looks like you’re in for Peter”

“Oooo” He said kicking his feet up on a table. “I gotta check my calendar I have a hot date with Black Widow coming up”

“Shut up Flash” You sneered unable to help yourself.

“Excuse me” Flash said removing his feet and coming over to you.

“That’s enough” Peter said standing up and blocking Flash’s path towards you.

At the end of practice you caught up with Peter. You were really disappointed that he wasn’t going to DC with you guys. “This Stark internship keeps you pretty busy doesn’t it?” You asking now becoming super curious as to what he was doing.

Peter scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah well I’m hoping I can do more some day”

You smiled. “I wish you could come”

He gave a small sad smile. “I know me too. I’ll see you around school, I promise” He said running out the door as the bell rang.

The next couple days blurred together for you in anticipation for nationals in DC. Peter seemed really distracted and you didn’t see him too much.

The day came for nationals and as you were boarding the bus Peter ran over. You watched from the side of the bus as his jacket was returned from Flash and he boarded the bus.

“Look who decided to join us” You said poking him. To your surprise he was extremely muscled and you pulled away because the bush was creeping into your cheeks again.

“Yeah well I think this trip will be important” He said looking over at Ned.

On the way there you sat next to Peter while you guys practiced. Suddenly his phone rang and he excused himself and joined Ned in the back of the bus. What was up with him?

When you arrived at the hotel you were all assigned to your rooms and you ended up with Liz. At around midnight she poked you and you pulled your headphones out. “Come on we’re all going to go swimming”

You chuckled and changed into your red and white polka-dot bathing suit. You and Liz both snuck out your door as quiet as possible and rounded up the others.

On your way to the pool you passed Peter. “Hey are you coming? We’re going swimming”

“Oh” Peter said looking startled. “I was actually going to do some studying”

“Really” You scoffed. “I’ll come with you. I really don’t want to swim anyway”

“No” Peter basically yelled. “I mean, no, I want you to have fun and you’re so smart you don’t need to study” He said wavering at his own words.

He was dressed rather funny in a hoodie with a huge backpack. What was he up to? “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” You asked one more time wishing he’d change his mind.

“I’m sure” He nodded seeming disappointed at his own answer. “I’ll see you tomorrow at the decathlon” He said squeezing your hand and walking away.

“See you” You breathed softly.

You walked down to the pool and joined the rest of the team. As you sunk down into the hot tub you realized something. You loved Peter, you really did. He just seemed so distant lately. Maybe he wasn’t interested in you at all.

You pushed your thoughts from your mind and decided to enjoy the rest of the night. After everyone was done you all tucked in for the night.

The next morning you were banging on Peter and Ned’s door. “Guys come on we’re gonna be late”

“Ummm coming” Ned said in an oddly panicked voice. He quickly flung the door open.

“Where’s Peter?” You asked trying to get a look behind Ned.

“Uh he doesn’t feel good” He said slamming the door shut.

“Maybe I should check on him” You said reaching for the handle.

“No it’s ok” Ned said frantically pulling your arm away. “He’s sleeping now”

You were silent for a long time with a scowl on your face. “Alright fine” You huffed. “Let’s go”

The ride there was fairly quiet. Everyone was nervous, but Ned seemed the most nervous of all. Why wasn’t Peter here? Feeling a little sick couldn’t stop Peter Parker. Right?

Upon entering the decathlon the check in desk collected your phones. Then you all filed on stage and took your places. The decathlon went on for about an hour and a half. Then finally it came down to the last question.

The bell from your team rang almost instantly after the question asked and Michelle spoke up. “Zero” She said with a shrug.

“That’s correct” The announcer said and you all burst into joy.

As a reward Mr. Harrington said you could all visit the Washington Monument. You and Ned entered the huge building with Liz close behind.

“Peter where are you?” Ned asked into his phone.

“Is that Peter?” You asked getting closer to Ned and attempting to grab the phone.

“Phone on the conveyer belt please” The security guard said as Ned tossed it on the belt along with his backpack.

By the time the phone had come back through Peter’s call had been disconnected. The ride up the elevator was pretty boring. The tour guide made it even worse.

All of a sudden something exploded and the elevator stopped working. “Look at the ceiling” One of the kids exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, we’re perfectly safe and our emergency protocols are still in place” The tour guide said in an anything but comforting voice.

Some security guards managed to get the top hatch open as well as the closest level’s doors. The team slowly started to file up and out. Flash was the last one out before the elevator began to shake and fall.

You and Liz clung to each other and screamed and Mr. Harrington and Ned backed themselves up against the walls. All of a sudden the elevator was stopped and Spider-Man dropped down bracing the elevator with his feet.

“Everybody ok?” He asked as he started to pull you all up slowly.

When you reached the open door Ned was pulled out, then Mr. Harrington stepped out extending his hand to you two girls.

“Go on” You urged Liz and helped her up.

Suddenly the elevator started to shake again and Spider-Man’s webbing snapped sending you plummeting down.

“Y/n, no!” Spider-Man yelled as he extended his arm and webbed your hand leaving you suspended in mid air.

Your breath hitched as he caught you. You were terrified but something about him let you know it would be ok.

He slowly lifted you up and into his arms. Before he set you down on the level he clung tightly to you almost as if he was hugging you.

He finally set you down on the platform and Ned pulled you back. He hung there for a moment and looked directly at you. “Are you ok?”

You nodded silently. Then yet again his webbing snapped and down he fell.

“Are you really friends with Peter Parker” Flash yelled down the now destroyed elevator shaft.

“Are you ok?” Ned asked you somewhat freaking out.

“Yeah, I’m fine” You nodded still in a bit of a daze from the whole ordeal.

Moments later paramedics rushed in and insisted on taking you and some of the others to the hospital just to be checked out. Though things were crazy and moved by in a blur, one thing stood out: Spider-Man called you by your name.

When you got back to the hotel it was night. Without hesitation the first thing you did was go right to Peter and Ned’s room. Without knocking you opened the door.

Ned was startled and laying in bed. Confirming your suspicions Peter was not there. “Ned what do you know”

“About what?” He asked jumping out of bed and backing up against the wall.

“Spider-Man. I know it’s Peter. It has to be Peter” You said starting to pace back and forth. “He wasn’t at the decathlon, he disappeared last night, he’s always busy….he knew my name” You said stopping and looking at Ned who still remained shocked and silent against the wall. “Ned” You said getting closer to him. “Is Peter Spider-Man?”

“I am” The voice from the doorway called out. You jumped and turned around meeting Peter’s chocolate brown eyes. You couldn’t read the expression on his face. Was he mad? Relieved? Afraid? Peter shut the door gently.

“I didn’t tell her anything” Ned said defensively.

Peter’s face finally cracked into a smile. “It’s ok Ned”

“So he knew” You said throwing your hands up in the air. “Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been so worried about you! Just a small heads up so I didn’t have to worry. Why didn’t you just tell me, that way…..”

“Because I love you” Peter finally burst out, talking over you.

“What?” You asked stopping mid sentence. You could feel your heart racing.

Without hesitation Peter lunged forward and grabbed your waist pressing his lips against yours. They were warm, soft, but slightly chapped. His grip was tight on you but you felt safe.

“Um should I leave?” Ned interrupted your kiss.

“Sorry Ned” You said laughing resting your head on Peter’s shoulder.

“Was that ok?” Peter asked suddenly very nervous.

“Yes” You nodded. “I love you too”  

He grinned but then his smile dropped and he paced away from you. “I wanted to tell you, I really did. It’s just that I care about you so much and I thought if I told you that it would put you in danger. Ned found out on accident” He added shaking his head and Ned grinned sheepishly.

“I understand” You nodded. “But honestly I’m glad I know now”

“Me too” Peter nodded. “Because I’m going to need your help”

Bad Decisions pt 4 [Jaehyun]

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Genre: Angst

Scenario: Your long term friend Jaehyun is in love with your best friend. You want nothing but the best for them but silently dealing with your break up from BTS singer Jeon Jungkook has been weighing on you. One drunken night and one bad decision leads to risks taken and mistakes made.

Characters: Jaehyun; Reader (You); Your Friend (Y/F/N); Mark

Word Count: 1820

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5

Jaehyun listened to the engine of Y/F/N’s car roar as he watched her tear off into the distance. As if to reflect his mood the dark clouds in the sky quickly merged together and the rain from earlier had returned with a force. He felt the cold raindrops splash against his skin and he took his bottom lip between his teeth. He pressed down so hard he could have sworn he recognized the coppery taste of blood on his tongue.

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Luck of the Irish

Sheamus/OC: can you please do a oneshot with cocky sheamus that also has smut smut?? like, he’s just won a tag team match or smth or his first title and his shit is lit and he’s ready to bone (could you maybe include riding him? cause riding him while he’s acting like that and that little smirk and the fuckin sparkle in his eyes ?? WHEW! basically he got me fucked up.) - @get-glitched


Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @livingthestrongstyle @valeonmars @squirrel666 @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @phenominalstyles @panic-angel3314 @that-lolachick @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @heelturn-timesten

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can you please do the “please? For me?” Thing from the 3 little words starter pack for Reddie?

3 little words || “Please? For me?”

Summary: To say that Eddie was concerned he would die on one of these things was an understatement. Does Richie know how many accidents happen on these every year? Has he even seen the ‘Top 10 fails’ videos circling the internet? Apparently not, because he was persistent on convincing Eddie to join him, anyways.

Word Count: 1,615

Warnings: A tad bit of swears and a couple joking mentions of death, nothing too crazy.

A/N: This probably wasn’t what you were expecting, but I hope it’s okay !!! Also I love roller coasters and I laugh like a mad man going down the hills, and I hc that Richie is the same. Fight me on it. Enjoy !!!


To say that Eddie was concerned he would die on one of these things was an understatement. Does Richie know how many accidents happen on these every year? Has he even seen the ‘Top 10 fails’ videos circling the internet? Apparently not, because he was persistent on convincing Eddie to join him anyways.

Going against his common sense, Eddie had decided to tag along with Richie to an amusement park. Why? He wasn’t so sure. He had kind of assumed they’d spend the day playing games and going on safe, fun rides like the carousels or baby roller coasters. He was wrong. God, he wished he were on a baby roller coaster.

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Drivers Ed | A Peter Parker Imagine

gif credit

Peter Parker x Reader (another request by the lovely and kind @signethatsmelol based on the gif they submitted which is shown above)
Words: 2,010 words
TW: n/a
Spoiler free

   "Where are we headed?“ You asked as you clicked your seat belt securely over your body. The idea of driving off into the sunset with Peter Parker was actually a really pleasant idea, and so when he did not respond to your question you didn’t really notice. You were off in dreamland thinking of holding his hand while you cruised around Manhattan, during slow hours of course. 

    He was fumbling with his keys. He had broken a little sweat on the rim of his hairline. His hands were almost shaking as they reached for the ignition. You set a hand on his and gave him a curious, and worried, look. 

    “Are you alright?” You pondered, rubbing his hand gently to ease the nervousness. For Peter, though, it didn’t really help and only made the softest pink blush rise in his cheeks. He shook his head.

   "I’ll be honest, this is only the third time I’ve driven a car, and the past two times weren’t really very successful.“ He admitted, eyes looking down at the steering wheel. You beamed. 

   "Oh no, Peter! You don’t have to be ashamed. I didn’t pass my drivers test the first time. It took me almost a year to get the hang of the traffic in these streets. All the pedestrians and the sudden break checks New Yorkers love to do. Don’t worry!" You we’re so bubbly and so happy because you were about to help Peter out, and if you got it just right it could turn into a potential date. "Can I just ask… why did you say we should go for a drive if you can’t really drive?" 

    He looked up at you sheepishly. "I wanted to impress you by taking you to the Empire State Building." 

   "But you can’t drive.” You smiled as you spoke, happiness creeping into your tone. “I could’ve just driven us there…" 

   "It wouldn’t have been the same, (y/n). I wanted to do something special for you.” He tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but you were still touching his hand, and your face was looking right at his face and he knew he was almost ripe as a tomato.

   "Peter Parker that’s the nicest thing anyone has tried to do for me.“ You were being honest, and if you really wanted to spill you wouldn’t have minded just pecking his pink petal lips right there and skipping the whole formality of a date or an extended interest in a romantic relationship. Instead you say back in the seat and undid the seat belt. 

   "Where are you-” he started to ask, but you were already out of the car and walking around to the driver’s side back seat. “(y/n)?" 

   "Lean forward, please.” When he did you pulled the headrest out of the seat so that his soft, curly hair was all you could see. “Are you ready?" 

    "For what?” He asked, turning to look at you from the corner of his eye, but you were right there and the tips of your noses touched. Peter turned his head swiftly so that he was facing forward. You caught a whiff of his shampoo and wondered if he chose the smell himself because it was wonderful. “I’m going to teach you how to drive.” You said in a triumphant tone. 

   Peter hesitated. You already made him so nervous he felt like he was sweating through his shirt, and when he drove the last time he wrecked the vehicle badly. No one was hurt, and he really needed to use the car, but it made him feel terrible that he’d ruined something so expensive. “Are you sure about this?” He asked, turned to face you a little more, but spacing himself away from you just a little bit. 

   "Of course I am.“ With that he leaned back in his seat and went to put the car in drive, but it didn’t shift. "Pete…" 

   "Yeah?” He stayed rigidly still. “You have to turn the car on.” You hinted, trying not to laugh.

   "Oh, yeah.“ He turned the key and the two of you listened as his Aunt’s old beater roared to life. Well, more like sputtered and gagging for life. It immediately started smelling like oil inside the car. "It’s supposed to do that." 

   "No, it’s not…” you laughed and he joined in with a chuckle until you set your chin on his shoulder and then he completely froze up again. “Peter, it’s alright. I won’t bite.”

   "That’s… not the problem here…“ his voice petered out until it was a whisper. 

   "So what is the problem?” You asked as you turned your hair so your nose touched the top of his ear and your lips brushed the skin inside the rim. He shivered and sat forward so forcefully the car rocked. 

   He looked you square in the eyes and tried to wish away the hottest blush he’d ever felt before in his life, and he’d been surrounded by actual burning fire. Literally all around him attempting to burn his skin off, but this was hotter. 

 "Don’t do that.“ He was very serious, something you hadn’t really seen from Peter before. 

    You sat back and threw your hands up in a shrug. "Okay! Okay…" 

  Peter turned to face forward, readjusted himself on the seat for a while while you sat back and enjoyed the air conditioning on this boiling afternoon. The two of you had planned hanging out today and maybe grabbing s hot dog from a street vendor, but when you met Peter outside his apartment, he was standing with car keys in his hand and a smile so bright it could melt Antarctica. 

   Once he settled you leaned forward again, but not right against his ear. "Are you ready, Princey… throne to your liking?" 

   "Yes.” He was all business. 

   "May I set my chin on your shoulder?“ 

   "Yes.” Cool as a cucumber, until you actually did it, and then he had to clear his throat. To his un-surprise, you smelled amazing. Something from Bath and Body Works you’ve had for months just trying to wear down do you could get new perfumes. Your cheek soft against his as you softly turned your head to assess the traffic situation. 

   "Turn your signal on,“ he knew what that was. "Turn your wheel.”

   He turned the wrong way, which is an honest mistake because some cars are like that. 

   "Other way,“ you corrected and he turned accordingly. "Give it a little gas. Just enough to get you out of this spot and into the lane." 

   He nodded and went a little too fast, but caught himself and slowed down enough to correct the steering wheel so you were going the right way down the road. Sure it was ten miles under the speed limit, and cars were starting to honk, but he was doing well. You cruised along the road, he sped up accordingly and handled the car really well. It was silent other than a pen rattling in one of the ac vents, but it was calming. Even with the honking and jaywalkers happening constantly. You tilted your head more toward his and leaned a little bit into him. It was so nice to be having this moment. 

   "Red light.” He said. You smiled and hurried from the back seat to the passenger seat so you were sitting next to each other. “Hello again!" 

   "Hi! Long time so see!” You joked along and then the light was green and Peter started on the gas. What you didn’t realize was that a 40,000 pound semi truck was barreling down the cross-way street at a speed too high for them to downshift in time to stop. You were facing Peter, you couldn’t see it, and you were laughing so you couldn’t hear it very well. You were focused on his smile, his jaw. The way his fingers curled around the steering wheel, so when he slammed on the breaks and shot a hand out to stop you from flying out of the windshield you shut your eyelids and watched your entire life flash before your eyes. 

   When you opened them again, the whole world seemed to be standing still. You were alive, and safe, and Peter had stopped the car in time. He had stopped the car in time, and also, held you back from even more pain. How had he held you back though? The propulsion rate mixed with your weight meant you should very well be hurt right now, but you weren’t, and Peter hadn’t taken his eyes off of you for a second. 

    “How–?” You looked outside Peter’s window to see the semi had been pulled over by police a few blocks down, he pulled over on the next block. “How did you know the truck was coming… I. I should be injured right now but you stopped the car… how did you stop the car so fast? How did you hold me down? I’m not wearing a seatb elt. How did you do that?" 

   "Adrenaline rush, probably.” But he turned away from looking at you, but his hand across the top of your chest hadn’t moved. You looked down at his arm and he pulled it back gently so as not to touch you any more. He was lying, but right now you didn’t care to bother him about it. “You okay?" 

   "I’m just, flustered. Is all. Not you though. Not because of you. I just-” you turned to face him and there were tears in your eyes. “I don’t mean to be dramatic Peter, but you saved my life." 

   "You’re not being- ” he undid his seat belt and leaned over the center console to hug you. He pat your hair softly, tucked his nose into your head to breathe you in. You closed your eyes and grabbed onto his bicep, which was surprisingly muscular. You tried not to think about it too much so that you could enjoy this hug. “You’re allowed to feel this." 

   You nodded and tried not to get snot all over his midtown sweatshirt. Your tears were unstoppable though and they made two little wet spots on his shoulder. After a moment of him stroking your hair and you taking deep breaths, you pulled back and looked into his eyes. They were tender, and soft. You wanted to stay parked on the side of the road forever just looking into those dark brown eyes. 

   He thought yours were magnificent. Shiny and glossy, like a perfect marble that held the secrets of the stars. He brushed back a few stray strands of hair from your eyes to rest behind your ear. Grinning softly, Peter licked his lips and began to lean in. You didn’t hesitate before leaning in and letting your lips touch just slightly.His lips were so soft, and warm, and yours were teh same. He wanted to have courage to deepen the kiss, and you wanted to take the chance yourself, but you didn’t. Neither of you did, you both let the kiss be just enough for a faint sound to arise when you pulled back. 

   The blush on his cheeks was so warm you could feel it from an inch away.

   "I think we should call this driving thing a quits for a while and go get a slice of pizza or something.” You suggested, letting him dab your tears away from your cheeks. He nodded and smiled. 

   "That sounds like a perfect idea.“ He agreed. 

   Peter hurried out of his side to open the door for you, taking your hand to help you out of the car. He held your hand all the way down the few blocks it took to find a place you wanted to eat. He held the door open for you, and waited until you were seated before sliding in across from you in the little booth by the jukebox. Your feet rested against his the entire time, and when he drove you home you didn’t think it was only the fourth time he’d done it.

Michael Clifford - Homesick

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 6.1k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yes, by anon

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