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But Do You Deserve It? (M)

Yoongi x Reader
Explicit depictions of overstimulation and one dominant Min Yoongi

*A/N: For all the subs that seem to be out there.*

[y/n]: are you at home?

The message sat unread on Yoongi’s phone for five minutes or so, which clued you in that he probably was, in fact, busy. Nonetheless, when he finally had a minute to look at his phone, he texted you a quick response.

Yoongi (d boi): i’m at the studio. we’re recording today

After sending the message, only glancing over it to make sure he didn’t make such glaring errors with his rushed typing, he sat his phone back on the desk, walking back to the couch where the boys sat as they listened to instruction that Yoongi spouted off on how to make the group vocals sound better.

And his phone sat there, silently notifying him of message after message for the next half hour. They’d finally finished the group parts, and they started to file out of the room with only Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook staying behind so Jungkook could start recording his parts.

“Jimin, can you hand me my phone?” Yoongi asked as Jimin passed by the desk on his way to the door. Jimin grabbed the phone, accidentally tapping the screen to life to see he had 4 unread messages all from you. He tossed the phone to Yoongi. Unlocking the screen to read your messages, he couldn’t help the way he brought the phone closer to his chest. He steadied his breathing as his eyes lingered over the messages over and over again.

[y/n]: shame :( for some reason I can’t get last weekend out of my head

[y/n]: how you went down on me for what seemed like hours. you know I love when you go soft first and start to build it up >.<

[y/n]: as soon as I got to work all I could think about was sitting on your dick

[y/n]: I’ve been such a good girl this past week and I just really need you

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Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 3

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,832

Summary: When the Reader gets captured, will the boys save her in time? And what secrets will be revealed if they do?

Warnings: Torture (probably really bad because I have no idea what I’m doing, but torture none the less), being tied up/gagged, lots of angst

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @infamati–et–obliterati @deathtonormalcy56 @sis-tafics @winchesters-favorite-girl @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @alexandriajanae4 @27bmm @comfortablynumb-cherrybomb @yoursmilemakesmeloveyou

A/N: Told you I’d get this posted today! Hope you all enjoy it and don’t hate me!

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by netflixuniversity

A sharp, throbbing pain in the back of your head forced you into consciousness. Hurt and confused, you glanced up, squinting in the bright light that assaulted your eyes.

As they slowly adjusted, you were able to make out some of your surroundings. Tied to a chair in a large, cavernous room, you could feel the ropes biting at your wrists, your ankles, your chest. All around you, there were broken down machines and conveyor belts, giant hooks and catwalks hanging from the ceiling – you must have been in that abandoned factory.

But what happened? From the little that you could recall, you knew that you and the agents had gone into the factory, splitting up to cover more ground. Once you’d made it inside, you searched the first floor, senses on high alert for anything out of the ordinary. You remembered hearing something behind you, a noise that echoed eerily in the quiet building, and you turned around, eyes searching. Then, out of nowhere, you felt a heavy object smack the back of your head, hard, and you fell into darkness.

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Two For The Show

Prompt: Seth asks you to be exclusive and you want to think about it. You are part of a scripted show (for the network) and one of the female wrestlers is supposed to pick on you. Seth joins in (as scripted) and decides to say something about your fear of commitment. Only later he finds out you had something special planned to tell him you are ready to be his. Angsty with Fluffy Smut at the end. @screamersdontdance

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let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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Obikin Ficlet: Exotic Dancer AU

Based on @darthvders excellent AU idea, which I could not get out of my head! Thank you for sharing, and hope you like it!

“ Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him. ”

The opulent room lies in darkness, its elaborate decor lost in shadow. The tall, narrow windows reveal only the faintest washes of light staining the hem of the night sky outside and the rare sight of stars, the room and the tower it sits in high above most other buildings in this particular Coruscanti district.

“Sky-side,” some who come to Coruscant whisper when they fantasize about success, a good life won by hard work and luck, but even the most optimistic dreamers never dare to imagine living star-side.

Only a rare few will ever know that refined of a life.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi general, would never have known it. He would have died of a blaster bolt to the back in some barren wilderness when Order 66 swept across the galaxy. Another idealist face down in the dirt, struck down by the reality the Jedi Order had never been ready to face, he tells himself.

But Obi-Wan Kenobi, the secret Sith and now Imperial general, has earned his place among the stars. He has served his master well, and his master has given him everything he’d promised: freedom, wealth, the chance to finally realize his potential and vengeance for the Order that had never chosen to see it.

Now, as he sits in the true darkness of this opulent space, a proud shadow in grey and black, he smiles as the first faint strains of an old Akitan stringed instrument whisper to life. Normally he would enjoy every note, think about the rich culture and nuances of this music as other rhythms slide in alongside the first. But on this particular night he has come to this high-end club and this private room for one thing and one thing only.

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Only the Best

G-Dragon ft. Taeyang & Seungri | Smut | Completed

Requested by shy anon

Warnings: Foursome, Established Relationship, Princess!Kink, Good Girl/Bad Girl!Kink, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Ass!Kink, Facial/Creampie, Submissive!Reader, Riding, Toys, Rough Sex, Degradation/Humiliation, Saliva Play, Slight Choking, Voyeurism, and Fingering

A/N: Hello, this is the infamous BIGBANG “gangbang smut” that my blog has been blowing up with messages about for the past week. I hope I wrote this up to all of your expectations because I had so much trouble writing it and am still a bit nervous about posting it. Reader is in an Established Relationship with G-Dragon and I just based each of the boys’ personal kinks off of my own intuition and used my own posts here and here for reference. Please enjoy, but note the warnings.

“And you can back out any time you want to, princess. Your consent is something we don’t take lightly.”

“Jiyong, babe, this was my idea… And I trust all of you… I want this.”

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Good For You (Woozi/Jihoon Smut - Submitted)

Author: Gryffindor anon 

(AN: Tanishaaaaa I wrote you some siiiiin~ This may just be the filthiest thing I’ve ever written, which is probably because it’s got about 80% of my favorite kinks in it. basically I get the feeling Jihoon’s 100% about that switchy life, one night a total top making his partner scream loud enough they go hoarse, and the next, well… this happens. :3 Title from the Eric Nam song bc fuck yeah Eric Nam.  ~Gryffindor anon)

(Admin note: this is one of my favourite pieces of filth i’ve come across in a while. if you love sub woozi, then 20/10, would recommend. and tbh i love eric nam waaaay too much too. his new mv kills me. anyway, this absolutely made my cheeks fire truck red and i absolutely love it. warning for: smut, smutty smut smut, sex toys, anal, bondage, lovely sub!woozi, all the good stuff. everyone please enjoy. if you don’t like, feel free to relocate to some fluff. -Tanisha<3)

Summary: Singer, dancer, producer, unofficial leader, ultimate bias, hard-working artist… Jihoon was a man of many titles, with a lot that came attached to them. He deserved to come home at the end of the day and have that weight taken off his shoulders, if he so desires. Smut. 

“You ready, babe?” You murmur against your boyfriend’s lips, toying with the short, golden blonde hair at the nape of his neck. He hums assent, lifting his head slightly to kiss you again, and you run your fingers up through his hair as you kiss him back. 

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Summary: In which Emma and Killian are both a little impatient.

Notes:  I don’t even know, you guys.  Emma, Killian, and Belle basically have a sleepover on the Jolly Roger for reasons.  Post 6x03.

When evening falls, and the sheer bliss begins to ebb into something much quieter, pleasant like the crystalline sight of the moonlit bay stretched like warbled glass before him, Killian wonders aloud –

“How much longer are we fated to wait?”

The sea, of course, answers only in echoes, water that leaps up and smacks the hull.  It’s a rhythm to which he’s grown quite accustomed.  For weeks, now, he’s been consigned to the cabins of the Jolly Roger.  She was the lady love of his life for centuries, of course, but as the trees erupt with the colors of fall, and the winds grows higher and harder along the waves, Killian can’t help but recall the sparing nights he’s spent in his Emma’s bed, wrapped as much in her quilt as in her arms.  She bears the scent of the forest – the sweet decay of red and yellow leaves underfoot – and of sweet waters.  And though the enchanted oak of his ship is sharp and familiar, the paints along the gunwale yet bearing the cloying smell of the plants from which they were wrought, it can hardly compare.

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Stress Reliever - Jimin (Smut)

This was the 5th time this week that Jimin had came home late from practice, he’d leave the house at 6am and return at 12am it was simply too much for a growing boy to handle, sure he’s got the metabolism of an athlete but dancing, singing and promotions pile a lot of stress on top of that. You could see through this act of him being ‘fine’ his eyes where mere slits due to the irritation and pain of keeping them open, and it wasn’t his signature “eye smile” that he was trying to convince you of, because his eyes where filled to the brim of stress & utter exhaustion. He walked through the door his hands filled with 2 empty water bottles, a jumper that weighed twice as much as it was meant to due to sweat, a black gym bag and red snap back. You jumped from your sofa, running over to collect all weight from his hands, throwing it onto the arm chair. “Hey Chim” You said wrapping your arms so very lightly around him. “Hey baby” he replied hugging you pathetically to tired to put any strength into it, which made him feel horrible, his voice was low, devoid of emotion and over all tired. “Whats up?” You asked him sitting down, lifting his long muscular legs over your crossed ones so he was laying over you. “Baby, Ill hurt you” He said trying to move off of you. “No you won’t. I wanna be close to you” You said beginning to massage his calfs, he made an “Ah” sound, somewhere between a moan and a wince. You worked your thumbs into his tight muscles, feeling them twitch when you hit a twisted/strained spot. You worked him from his ankles all the way up to his knees, then you moved moved up a little and began to massage up his thighs. You started very close to his knee cap, rubbing deep circles into his stiff femoris tendons. The higher you got on his thigh the more the noises Jimin made changed from pained squeaks to pleasurable moans. “Jagiya, You can stop.” He said, feeling almost bad for making you do things which require so much ‘effort.’ You slid out from under his legs and kneeled down beside the aching boy. “No, I can’t. You work so hard all the time, you need to have a time to relax” You said. You opted to go near enough to the slight bulge you saw in the orange haired boys pants but move passed it, you began massaging his hip bones all the way up his abdomen, not forgetting to move your hand up his top and have a feel at his mesmerising six pack (like you didn’t do that enough) The tired boy let out a small chuckle, his head still falling back onto the arm of the couch. You moved round to get the to top of his arms, where he was most tense recently due to the new choreography the boys where working on evolving a lot of arm movements. You made sure to get into every nuke and cranny you could feel, relieving some of the god awful tension in his muscular arms. Once your full body massage was over, you gave him a small peck on his lush lips, that seemed ever so chapped -most likely due to stress- You walked over to the kitchen and hunted through your tea collection finding a stress relieving chocolate & peppermint tea. You made Jimin a cup, placing on the coffee table beside him. “I’m gonna run you a bath” You said, leaving the tired boy on the sofa sipping his tea. You began to let the water run, steaming up the room as the warmth hut the ceramic tiles. You brought out your basket full of bath salts, fizzers and bubble baths and added in a cup of apple bath salt and a few drops of lavender bubble bath. Once the bath was filled, you lit some scented candles and called Jimin. “Give me a shout when you’re done” You said walking passed Jimin, however he caught your wrist. “Baby, could you help me?” He asked, you thought because he was so tired you would do what a girlfriend should and help your stressed boyfriend. You placed your hands under his white muscle-tee, bringing it up over his head earning a distressed “ahh” from Jimin. You admired his glorious body for a second, earning another half hearted smile from him, he loved it when you checked him out, the look on your face was delightful and the only thing he could read from your eyes was a short and simple word, ‘mine.’ You dropped to your knees slowly, unbuttoning and unzipping his black skinny jeans, removing before placing your fingers in the belt hooks and slowly pulling them down leaving him in only his -now tented- black boxers. You looked up at him with a raised eye brow, causing him to wink at you. You tried everything to give a genuine smile but all you could see in his eyes was worry and drowsiness. You finally removed his boxers, collecting all clothing and placing it in the washing basket beside you. “Now you” He said, looking down at you. “Jimin-ah, you aren’t in the right place for us to do this” You said, standing up. “Jagiya please, it would really help me” He said in a whispered voice, almost inching tears. You sighed, slowly lifting up your top, unbuttoning your jeans leaving you in your royal blue bra and panties. You went to unclip your bra when Jimin stopped you. “Allow me” He said, reaching round with his right hand and unclasping it. He placed his hands up at your shoulders, and pulled the blue straps down lightly until it fell to the floor, you quickly slid down and stepped out of your panties. Jimin got in first, laying lightly on the bath pillow you stuck to the top of the tub. He widened his legs slightly, allowing you to lay in front of him, the bubbles and hot water engulfing you both in a cocoon of relaxation. “Tell me whats on your mind Chim” You whispered, lightly trailing your fingers up his thighs which where either side of you. “It’s the new comeback baby, I can’t get the hang of this dance. No matter how hard I try, our mnet stage is only a  few days away, what If I mess up in front of all the fans?” He said sighing deeply. “Chimchim, everyone loves you and they know that you work you ass off for every promotion you boys do, they won’t judge you if you make a little mistake, trust me. You’ll do great, I’m sure of it” You said leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you baby” He said, moving your hair round to one side before placing tiny pecks from your cheek, round your jaw and down to your collarbone, sucking ever so slightly when he got to your sweet spots earning a small moan from you. You slowly flipped over, allowing one of his legs to slide down, you took that opportunity to lightly kneel on this thigh, wrapping your arms around his neck, you began to slowly grind into his thigh, your head falling back in the pleasure you felt. As you moved back and forth your thigh rubbed on Jimins member, the friction on top of the sight infant of him was enough to get his tired body aroused and you felt him harden. You leaned down to kiss him, your left hand remaining round his neck while your right hand began to stroke Jimins member. His right hand snaked around hip while his left slightly gripped the back of your neck, pulling your hair ever so slightly. You continued to grind down onto Jimins thigh as your hand worked its magic, your light strokes, became to gentle for the aroused boy so you wrapped your hand round him and began pumping him fast, occasionally stroking over his tip to make him twitch. “Ugh Jagiya” He moaned, before he could cum you release him, knowing he wanted you, you knew you perfectly well that you should let him sleep instead of having sex but he needed this right now and if you where perfectly honest, so did you. He slid his other leg down and moved his hands to be placed on your hips, you moved your legs over so you where straddling him, you slowly lined up with him, sliding down until he filled you completely. You let out a small whimper at the stretch but once you stilled for a few moments the pain turned into indescribable pleasure. It was relaxed and slow, nothing was over powering or rushed. You slowly rode him, grinding your hips slowly into his “You feel so good baby” He said moaning, he would occasionally lift his hips to meet your for a more powerful thrust in which you would both release a sharp breath or a moan of some sort. “Ah Chim, I’m so close” You said moaning, eyes closing. “Me too baby” He said, all he needed to release was the tightness of your womanhood when you released, and he knew exactly how to do that. He slowly moved his pointer finger and middle finger to your clit, rubbing small slow circles into you, applying more pressure making you uncoil completely. Your heat held such a tight grip around his shaft when you came that it pushed him over the edge, feeling his seed fill you up and loving it. You lifted yourself off of him, grabbing a sponge, putting some lavender body wash on it, and began to rub down his arms then his chest and down his legs, before grabbing a face cloth and wiping the sweat and excess make up of his face with gentle strokes. You stepped out of the bath, wrapping a towel around your form before helping Jimin out of the bath. “Let me get you ready for bed” You said, taking a velvety soft Egyptian cotton towel and slowly rubbing him dry, Placing a white dressing gown over him. You got a tub of gentle moisturiser from the cupboard and rubbed it gently into his face, he brushed his teeth then you applied some double strength lip bam to his lips. “There all done” You said, feeling a little tired out yourself now. “Thank you so much baby, you’ve made me feel so much better” He said, bringing you into a hug, wrapping his now strengthened arms around your waist. “I’m so glad I could help Chim. Now go and snuggle into bed, ill be there in a second.” You said smiling, you quickly brushed your teeth and blew out all the candles, walking into your room. You slipped under the covers and felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and snuggle into your neck, both completely naked and completely comfortable. “I love you so much baby girl” Jimin whispered sleepily, “I love you too, Oppa” you whispered back as you fell asleep in each others arms.

is that my shirt?

Stiles has been stealing Derek’s clothes and Derek finds out. 
anxiety warning. also leads to a panic attack that doesn’t happen. 
also on ao3

Derek is a little bigger than Stiles. And really, Stiles doesn’t mind. In fact, he spends most of his day thinking about how hot and attractive his boyfriend is. He loves Derek’s everything else too, such as his personality, his intelligence, but fuck, his boyfriend is hot.

Derek is a little bigger than Stiles, and Stiles knows that, he really does, but it doesn’t mean that Derek’s clothes can’t be Stiles’ … does it?

And so, Stiles, the little sneak, steals Derek’s clothes whenever he’s over at his place. It starts with a sweatshirt. It was Christmas eve and they were cuddling in front of the TV, and while Derek’s a heater, Stiles’ is not. He maximizes the surface area to volume ratio. And so Derek lent him his navy sweatshirt.

And Stiles never gave it back.

The clothes-stealing continues. Stiles conducts a heist every couple of weeks after Derek gets new clothes, stealing them one by one. He goes from the sweater, to fuzzy socks—Derek will never admit that he has them though Stiles sees no reason to deny it—to one of his million leather jackets and Henleys.

Derek has never noticed and Stiles has never been caught … until today.

“Is that my shirt?”

Stiles freezes, his head ducked into the refrigerator while his fist tightens around the handle. He rigidly begins to straighten up. He looks everywhere other than Derek’s face, finally settling to look at the ground. His fingers remove themselves from the handle after closing the door and grip onto the bottom of his—no, Derek’s—shirt.

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Hi Shy

Request: Hi! Can you pls do a shy!Virgin reader who is oblivious to how men look at her, but she’s also insecure and the Winchesters take it slow and guide her through intercourse and make it all fluffy? Thank you!! xx Btw i love your blog :) – @sammi-sigh

Pairings:  Dean x Reader x Sam

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 2829

So fluffy! 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“You know what? I don’t know why (y/n)’s here.” Dean complained for the nth time, pacing around the motel room. “For fuck’s sake! I am right here!” You screamed at him. He looked at you and gave another exasperated sigh. Sam sighed. “Because we can’t leave her somewhere too!” He reasoned. “We could’ve at least left her with Bobby!” Dean said. You screamed at them again. They both gave you a bitch face. You gave up and huffed. With a stomp of your foot, you went out of the motel.

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Out of the Park

Part Four
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1960
Warnings: Some language.


A/N: Sorry this took so long! Fingers crossed part five works better!

Your name: submit What is this?

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Happy's Personal Pornstar *SMUT*

Request: Can i request a happy lowman smut imagine please? Where he has feelings for a gorgeous blonde who is a pornstar at diosa and feels the same way for him. She is covered in tattoo’s. And it starts at a clubhouse party and end up having kinky rough sex in his dorm?

You had just wrapped a scene for RedWoody Productions, so you put on your robe, and sat down on the couch. You sighed as you watched a few sons come in through the back entrance. You saw Happy and you tried to act normal. You walked back into the dressing rooms and you got dressed in what you had come in. You put on your skinny jeans and your tanktop, then slipped on your black heels that displayed your red painted toenails. You walked out of the dressing room and walked up to Lyla.

“Hey I got a doctors appointment, is it okay if I take off?"  You asked her nervously.

"Sure thing, hey there is a party at the SAMCRO clubhouse tonight, you should go.”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Okay see you later, y/n”

“See you Lyla!” You called out as you left the building.


Y/n, looked to sexy today, I really hope she goes to the SAMCRO Party tonight.

“Hey brotha, you alright?” Jax tapped Happy on the shoulder.

“Ye.” I said and nodded. I walked outside and leaned against my bike, watching y/n take off in her Chevrolet Camaro.

You didn’t know if you wanted to show up to the SAMCRO party tonight. You had a semi-obsessive crush on Happy, and you tried to not let him notice. You had pulled into the doctors office, contemplating if you should go or not.

After the doctors office, you wanted to get your right arm sleeve completed. You drove to your favorite tattoo shop and went inside. You looked through the book on the counter, you had decided on a tattoo that went around your wrist.


Y/n still wasn’t here and it was 10pm. I had seen several other girls from diosa there. I had wanted to fuck y/n brains out ever since I had seen her. She seems a little skittish of me. I should take to her if she shows up.

Your tattoo was done by 11pm. You knew that the SAMCRO party was still poppin’ so you had decided to drop by. You drove to the clubhouse and parked in the parking spot closest to the gate. You got out and walked into the clubhouse.

You walked directly to the bar and saw Happy sitting on a couch in the back, looking at you. You took at beer and you opened it, as soon as you were going to get a swig, Happy came and took the open seat next to you.

“Hey.” He said in a gruff voice. You looked over at him, not saying anything, just staring at his beautiful features.

“Fuck it.” You mumbled.

“huh?” Happy said before he realized what you were doing. You stood up in front of him and grabbed both sides of his face and kissed him. He put down his beer and he rested his large hands on your ass.

You pulled away and looked at him.

“Follow me girl.” He said with a smirk. You nodded and you had followed him into his dorm.

Once both of you got into his dorm, you closed the door behind you, but before you had noticed he had you pinned on the door. You smiled and rose your eyebrows.

“That all you got?” You asked, daring him to go further. He kissed you roughly, and still held you against the door.

He had took one hand off of you and he started to take off his belt. He pulled away from you and he took your arms above your head and tightened his belt around your wrists. 

You grinned, and he ripped open your tank top, revealing a lacy black bra. He looked at you and he grabbed you by the hips and made you lay on the bed. You had your arms tied above your head, when your felt him hook the belt onto something, making it to where you could escape. You had smiled to yourself and he started to take your heels off. You watched him take off your clothing. He stripped you to your bra and panties, and looked over your body. He bit his lip and he felt a sudden urge come over him.

He stood at the edge of the bed and took off his shirt, and jeans. You watched him strip and you bit your lip while watching him. He grabbed something from the drawers behind him and he turned around to you, and tied a bandana over your eyes.

All you could feel was his breath trailing down your body. You also felt his rough hands rub along your curves. You bit your lip when you felt him kiss at the top of your panties. You then felt him spread your legs, pulling your panties to the side. You tensed up at his action, and you felt his breath on your wet pussy. You gasped as you felt his tongue flick across your folds. Happy smiled and watched you. He kept licking between your folds, then he entered one of his fingers inside of your wet pussy.

You moaned as you felt his finger slide in and out of you slowly. Just as you were almost going to cum, Happy stopped. 

You felt him jerk your panties off of your legs. He then flipped you over and grabbed your hips and put you on your knees while your hands were still tied up. You felt him shift closer to you, rubbing his tip along your slit. You moaned and had arched your back.

He had grabbed you by the hips and he pounded into you. At first, he had thrusted slowly.

“Please Happy, faster.” You said as you moaned. He has followed your order and he tightened his grip on your hips and he had thrusted faster into your pussy. You moaned loudly and the headboard started to hit the wall. You had arched your back, and happy had closed his eyes and tilted his head back, and he thrusted into you as hard and fast as he could.

You felt sweat started to form on your forehead as you moaned to Happy’s rhythmic pounding. You were close to climaxing when you felt Happy pull out of you. You were suddenly flipped over and you were on your back. He took off the blindfold and he brought your legs up, as close to your face as they could go. HE then entered you fast and hard, going at the same speed he was before. You get seen stars, and you were silent and your eyes had closed really hard as you came. He felt you pulse around him and he had come so close. 

He still hadn’t finished by the time the end of your climax, He had untied your wrists and you looked at him with a devilish smile. He laid back on the bed, and you took his tip into your mouth. He moaned, as he felt your warm mouth around his hard cock. You took him all into your mouth, sucking so hard that your cheeks had hollowed around his cock. He moaned as he released, into your mouth. You had swallowed his juices and you stood up and started to look for your panties.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Happy asked, wiping the sweat off of his forehead.  

“Uh, to go get a beer.” You shrugged as you continued to look for your panties.

“No, you’re not. I’m not done with you, get back over here.” He said with authority that made you wet once again.

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Brother’s Best Friend

Originally posted by hoodzer

AU where the narrator is Mikey’s younger sister. Gif is not mine. Warning: Smut, Foul language.

“Damn. When did his sister get so hot?” I smiled to myself, hearing Luke’s failed whisper. I went to grab a cup out of the cabinet, stretching just a little more than needed.

“I dunno, man, but this last year has done her well.” Calum whispered back, not much quieter than Luke. I felt their stares flick down my body and felt a sense of pride. It had been nearly a year since I’d seen any of my brother’s friends, due to their tour. And in that year, I’d definitely matured physically.

“I’d like to do her well if you know what I mean.” I nearly laughed out loud at Ashton’s dirty pun, but I managed to restrain it. If Michael heard anything they were saying, he’d skin them alive. Mikey is an overprotective type of older brother. Especially when it comes to his own bandmates.

“How old is she, again?” Calum asked.

“17. Young and sweet.” I smirked at Luke’s ‘Dancing Queen’ reference. I turned around and saw all three of the boys quickly shift their gazes from me to anything else in the room. I walked to the fridge and bent down to grab the apple juice out of the bottom.

“I swear to god, she’s doing it on purpose.” Calum whispered again. I stood up and poured some juice before hopping up onto the countertop, opposite the three boys.

“Remind me again why you three losers are here?” I took a sip of apple juice as I stared at each of them in turn. I couldn’t help but notice just how hot they all were, each in their own way.

“We were supposed to have band practice, but your brother hasn’t shown up yet.” Luke replied, obviously irritated with my idiot brother. I rolled my eyes at them.

“Then why don’t you guys just go home. I doubt he’ll be home before 7 anyway.” I finished off my drink, jumped off the counter, and put my glass in the sink. I felt all three of them watching my butt sway as I walked out of the kitchen. When I was out of sight, I stopped.

“Do you think she knows how sexy she is?” Ashton’s voice could be heard from the kitchen. I smiled, suspicions confirmed.

“Oh, she knows exactly how sexy she is. Did you not see the way she was acting?” Calum answered Ash’s question with another question.

“You do know Mikey would rip us to shreds if he knew we were talking like that about his sister, right?” Luke chimed in to the conversation. I pictured the other two nodding sadly.

“Well, I’m gonna go home. She’s probably right about Michael not showing up for a while.” I heard Ashton stand up and his keys jingle and I hid behind the couch.

“Yeah, me too. I’m hungry and I really want some Chinese food.” Calum was the next to leave. When I heard Calum’s car pull out of the driveway, I re-entered the kitchen. Luke sat alone at the table, tapping his fingers to the music in his head. I coughed, causing him to look up in confusion.

“Scare off your band mates, Hemmings?” I teased. Luke had always been my favorite, and I think he knew that. He was the only one I would talk to for the first month of the band’s career.

“Nah, they got sick of waiting for Michael and left.” I sat down in the chair next to him and he turned to face me.

“Yeah, I don’t blame them. Mikey’s almost never on time to anything.” I rolled my eyes, remembering the countless times I’d been late to school because of my idiot brother.

“See, I’m always perfectly on time to everything.” Luke joked. I smiled, I couldn’t resist. I had to say it.

“Oh, you never come too early, then?” Luke turned beet red and let out a small chuckle. The next words out of his mouth shocked me.

“I don’t know, want to find out?” My jaw hung open and I barely held in my laugh.

“Luke Robert Hemmings! I had no idea you thought that way about me!” I was teasing him, of course, but he took it a bit more seriously.

“We both know that’s a lie. I know you heard us whispering about you earlier. We are absolutely awful at whispering.” I sat in shock. He knew I knew? “And don’t even try to deny the fact that you like me, too. I’ve seen the way you look at me. The way yo-” I surged forward and pressed my lips to his. One of my hands rested on his upper thigh, the other grabbed the back of his head and held his lips against mine.

Holy hell. I’m actually kissing him. I couldn’t believe I’d actually worked up enough courage to kiss my brother’s best friend. Luke’s arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me out of my chair and into his lap. The hand that was on his thigh came up and ran through his hair. I pressed my body against his, causing him to moan into the kiss. One of Luke’s hands drifted downward and squeezed my ass

“Anyone home?” I heard Michael’s voice echo through the house and practically threw myself back into my seat across from Luke. Luke’s hair was messy and I was sure I was blushing.

“Yeah! In the kitchen!” I called back to my brother. Luke attempted to tame his hair and I tried to cool my cheeks. Michael stepped into the kitchen and saw us sitting across from each other.

“I missed band practice again, didn’t I?” Michael seemed disappointed by himself as he slumped into a chair. Luke nodded at him and my brother’s shoulders sunk more.

“Well, I’m gonna go up to my room. I will see you later!” I stood up and hurried myself out of the room.

**Two days later**

I heard the doorbell ring and rolled out of bed, trudging down the stairs and to the front door. I opened it and stared in confusion at the person in front of me.

“Luke? What-” Before I could finish my sentence, Luke grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. My first instinct was to push him away, and I nearly did. But before I could, Luke slowly backed us into my house and kicked the door shut behind him. By that time, I had surrendered to the kiss and let my hands wander to the back of his neck. We kept walking backwards until we hit a wall. I moaned as my back pressed against the cool surface. Luke pressed his body against mine, effectively pinning me. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the wall above my head. He held my hands with one of his large ones and the other wandered down my body.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Luke broke the kiss to ask. I shook my head, breathing still not fully recovered. He smiled and pressed his lips to my neck. I was so focused on his mouth, I forgot about his wandering hand. At least, until he shoved it down the front of my sweat pants.

“God, Luke!” I moaned as Luke rubbed my bare core. He smirked and brought his head up to whisper in my ear.

“Mm, baby, I like the way you sound.” Luke’s long finger teased at my folds, forcing another moan from my mouth. I struggled against his hold on my wrists, aching to touch him the way he was touching me. Luke smiled, pulling his hand out of my pants. I sighed at the loss of contact. “We should go upstairs.”

“Good idea.” My voice was barely more than a whisper. He let go of my hands and stepped back from me. I nearly stumbled, but I composed myself in enough time. I grabbed Luke’s hand and led him up the steps to my bedroom. When the door shut behind him, I pinned Luke against it. I pinned his wrists on either side of his torso and pressed my lips against his neck, nipping and sucking in different places. I left more than one or two dark spots on his skin. It wasn’t long until Luke decided that he’d had enough teasing. He freed his hands from my grasp and tugged his shirt over his head. I bit my lip as I stared at his lean torso.

“Your turn.” Luke’s voice was lusty and deep. I stepped back and pulled my shirt off. He bit his bottom lip as he stared at my nearly bare chest. He reached out and pulled me against him. His right hand came up behind my back and unfastened my bra in one quick movement. His face was inches from mine as he slowly slipped the straps off my shoulders. I arched my back away from Luke just enough to let my bra tumble to the ground between our feet. I pressed my chest against his again, skin rubbing on skin. My fingers strayed to his belt loops and hooked in. I turned us around, trapping myself against the wall again. With my hold on his jeans, I pulled Luke’s hips against mine. He moaned at the rough contact and ground his hips into me.

“Take your pants off. Now.” My voice was a low growl. I needed him. Fast. Luke wasted no time complying to my demands, undoing his jeans faster than I had ever seen before. In the blink of an eye, Luke stood before me in nothing but his boxers. I smirked and walked right past him. I felt his eyes on me as I slowly slid my sweats down my legs, being sure to keep my knees locked. Before I stood all the way back up, I felt Luke’s hands grip my hips. He pulled my ass flush against his crotch, grinding into me. I straightened out slowly, Luke’s hands traveling up my body. His hands came to rest over my boobs, giving them a gentle squeeze. His mouth came so close to my ear, I could feel his breath.

“Do you have any idea just how sexy you are?” I smiled and ground my ass back into his increasingly hard erection.

“I do now.” I turned around in his arms, kissing him again. One hand rested flat on my back, the other ventured downward and gave my ass a firm squeeze. My arms wrapped around his back, pulling his body against mine. I felt him back us up until my calves hit the bed. Luke pushed me backwards onto the bed, crawling on top of me. I pulled myself up to the pillows, Luke’s lips trailing down my body as I moved. When I stopped, his lips were even with my hip bones. He smirked at me and pressed an open-mouthed kiss to my skin.

“I’ll bet you’re a loud one.” He teased, pressing another kiss a little lower. I let my head flop back onto the pillows as Luke’s head dipped even lower. I wiggled my hips when I felt him pull back. I let out a loud moan when he dragged the flat of his tongue up the length of my slit. He smirked and hooked his fingers in the band of my underwear, dragging them slowly down my legs. He left little kisses as he made his way back up my legs. When his breath fanned across my wet folds, I couldn’t fight the shudder that coursed down my spine. His lips attached to my clit, sucking lightly.

“Fuck, Luke!” I moaned, fingers weaving through his hair. His tongue flicked out and softly prodded the nub, encouraging another loud moan. Luke left my clit in favor of licking another slow stripe up my center. He hummed quietly as he got a taste of just how wet I was for him. I whimpered as Luke’s tongue teased lightly at my entrance. When he slipped a finger inside me, I pulled on his hair, earning a soft moan from his plump lips. I pulled his head away from my center and up to my lips, needing the feeling of his lips on mine again. His kiss was rough and dominating as he added another finger to slide in and out of my wet entrance. I moaned his name again, breaking the kiss.

“God I love the way you say my name, baby. C'mon, let everyone know who’s making you feel this good.” Luke doubled his efforts on my core and within a few seconds I was on the brink of paradise.

“Luke, baby.” I whimpered, unable to get much more out. He smirked and sucked my clit back into his mouth, effectively sending me over the edge. Stars and spots danced in my vision as my back arched in pleasure. My grip on Luke’s hair tightened so much I pulled a few strands out. When I finally came down from the clouds, Luke was grinning with a victorious glint in his eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” He mumbled, capturing my lips with his again. I could taste myself on his tongue, and it was oddly arousing. I moaned into his mouth, wrapping my arms around his neck. Luke somehow moved us so that I was straddling his hips, my center rubbing over his hard-on. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding my bare body against his. I trailed my kisses across his jaw, pausing to leave a dark purple spot just below his ear, before trailing down his neck. Luke’s hands gripped my hips, moving me to create a delicious friction between us. His fingers dug into my skin almost painfully, no doubt leaving little finger-shaped bruises.

“Fuck, Luke. Hurry up and fuck me already, you asshat.” I moaned as his hips bucked up against mine. Pressing one last hard kiss to my lips, Luke laid me down on the bed and stripped off his boxers. I bit my lip at the sight of him. The head blushed an angry pink, a little pearl of pre-cum gracing the tip of it. I couldn’t help but imagine how good he tasted and how much I wanted him in my mouth. But a blow-job would have to wait. I knew exactly what I needed and where I needed it.

“You ready for this, baby? Cause I sure am.” Luke whispered, giving himself a few tugs to prepare. I wiggled a little on the bed and let out a small whimper in anticipation. Luke took that as a yes and smiled, running his tongue over his lower lip. He hovered over me, guiding himself to my entrance. As he finally sank into me, I let out a loud moan of satisfaction. I’d been with a few other guys, but none of them felt like Luke did. He filled me in ways the others could never even dream of. When I opened my eyes, Luke’s face hovered above mine. His eyes were screwed shut and his mouth hung open. He looked so perfect I almost wanted to take a picture.

“Move, Luke. For the love of god, move!” I whispered, breathless from the level of pleasure he was making me feel. Luke slowly drew himself out, breathing heavily already. As he pressed back into me, he let out the most arousing moan I’d ever heard from a guy. I felt every inch of him as he slowly pulled back out and in again.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good, baby.” Luke praised between gritted teeth. I bit my lip and bucked my hips up to meet Luke’s slow stroke.

“Faster, Luke. Please.” I groaned out, digging my nails into his shoulders. Luke grunted and picked up his pace. On one particularly hard thrust, I scraped my nails down Luke’s back with a loud, high-pitched squeal-moan. Luke swore at the pain caused by my nails and thrusted hard into me again. Within a handful of minutes sweat was beading on his forehead and I was close to my second orgasm of the night. Luke must’ve felt my walls pulsing around him because he reached down and rubbed my clit with one hand, pushing me even closer to my tipping point.

“Come for me, baby. I wanna feel you come around me.” That was the only urging I needed before I let go. I couldn’t see anything except Luke’s look of pure concentration on not blowing his load too soon. I couldn’t hear anything except his heavy breathing and my loud moaning. I couldn’t feel anything except his hard, quick thrusts. When I came back down, Luke’s thrusts started to get sloppy. I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed in one final time. I felt him twitch before he spilled inside me. When he was spent, he collapsed on top of me. Our sweaty bodies pressed against each other, sticking together in places.

“That was…” I trailed off, unable to think of a suitable word.

“Yeah.” Luke agreed, rolling off of me to lay on the bed beside me. I rolled to face him, only to find my content smile mirrored back at me. I snuggled closer to him, cold despite the sweat coating my body. Luke grinned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me against him. We sat there for a while, foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes.

“How the hell are we gonna tell Mikey?”


Part 2

Heart Broken: Elliot x Reader

Request: Can you do a smut where the reader is the little sister of Angela and Elliot has a crush for her for years but he never dared tell her because he thinks she is too good for him ? And where, one night, after she is broke up with her boyfriend, she comes find solace with Elliot ?

WARNING: slight smut

Word count: 1,353

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Original Imagines: Imagine being stuck in a house with Kai during the snowstorm. At first, you both annoy each other but then things get heated and you end up seducing him & Imagine having a very animalistic game of hide and seek with Kai in the town of 1994. It ends with him finding you and marking you as his & Imagine Kai eating you out
Author: puellaigmotum
Reader gender: female
Word count: 3,028
Warnings: smut
A/N: The song at the beginning is ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede. You don’t have to listen to it whilst you read but it might help!

‘The room was empty yet the sound of the grandfather clocking chiming away in the corner of the room made the silence of the manor even more terrifying.

Her heart was thundering away in her chest and she knew that the beast would find her. He always did.

She slowly backed herself into the far corner of the room, waiting for him to burst into the room and kill her.

The sound of boots on the wooden staircase made her heart jump with each step.

Just as the footsteps stopped outside her room, she held her breath, waiting for the beast to appear, yet nothing came.


The speakers boomed alive with chanting causing me to jump right out of my skin; the book I was so enveloped in tumbling from my hands and onto the floor in front of me.

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