belt grab

Lets analyze this photo shall we.

J-Hope: Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Me

V: too scared to reach for the fun spot. Pussy.

Kookie: place the hand down gently and nobody gets hurt.

Rap Mon: You can do it Namjoon, you can do it, stick the landing, stick the- fuck, too hard Namjoon, you stuck it too hard.

Jimin: time to give these peeps a heart attack. Penis grab engaged. Shit. Penis grab missed. Fuck it. Belt grab engaged.

Suga: how about instead of grabbing it, I just thrust it, really hard.

Jin: it’s okay jin, we all know you’re not the dancer. Your hubby had enough crotch grab for the both of you.

  • *Ritsu and Ann are in a car*
  • Ann: Ritsu who is the upperclassmen that you are always staring at?
  • Narrator: Without thinking, Ritsu unbuckled his seat belt, grabbed his present and forced the car door
  • open, oblivious to the fact that the car was still moving. The only thing on his mind was to escape
  • from this conversation, and maybe even, escape from his true gay ass feelings.

I decided to do something different with this dress today and wear my gold belt.

I literally had on white jewelry and white shoes, and then realized the top of my dress was a little loose. I quickly swapped out the jewelry and shoes, and grabbed the belt. It’s silly but this is the first time I have used a regular belt like this, normally its the stretchy snap in the back kind.

Also, I bought this belt last year because it was in a three pack for clearance. I have never worn it, and I recall putting it on in November and it would not go that many holes in. (I had a lot of holiday weight gain and bloat going on). Now It’s almost unusable as it’s one notch away from the last hole. Wooohoo!

This picture got way more of a story then it really needed.

If you don’t feel like reading this then just go with: HEY LOOK A SELFIE AND OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

Imagine getting into a heated argument with Kit Walker.

Kit was always such a handsome man, so the overwhelming jealousy I felt towards that girl that he was flirting with while we were on kitchen duty made my stomach ache. I tried to get out my frustration as I aggressively cleaned the kitchen counters off, before we had to be asigned to go back to our rooms. Which were more or less a cell. Kit came up from behind me, hugging me, and kissing my cheek. “Hello, gorgeous.” I shrugged him off, not saying a word to him as I continued to clean the flour off of the counter. “What’s wrong?” He asked with a chuckle, trying to hug me again, I shrugged him off again. “What don’t you ask that nympho girl you gave a flower to, I saw her grabbing your belt loops, you can tell how into you she is,” I said coldly, as I gathered dishes to put into the sink. “What? Shelley? She was being nice to me. She’s my friend.” He defended himself. I didn’t say anything else “Hey,” he said smoothly, touching my arm. “You are my girl, Shelley isn’t my girl.” I still ignored him, and he soon becane frustrated, huffing, turning me around. “Please, will you please knock this shit off? Listen to what I am telling you, Y/N. You are my girl,” “Whatever, Kit. Go sleep in her bed tonight,” “knock it off! You don’t mean that!” He yelled “what else do I need to say to fucking convince you other wise? I am nice to another girl, and suddenly you’re annoyed by that?” “No, I am not annoyed because you were nice, I am fucking mad, because you were flirting with that blonde nympho who talks about how much of a nympho she is to EVERYONE!” I yelled back, “Will you please stop? She is not a bad person! She is misunderstood, she was being fucking nice to me, so I gave her a god damn flower. We need friends if we ever want to get out of her, so stop with this jealousy!” “Jealous? I am not jealous. Get away from me, Kit. There is nothing you can do to convince me, especially where you aren’t apologizing for flirting with her.” “I refuse to apologize for something I didn’t even do, Y/N.” We both stared at each other in frustration, he then lunged forward, wrapping his arms around me, forcing me into a hug. “Get off of me!” I protested “No!” He yelled as he kept a hold of me. “Kit!” I yelled trying to push him. “No!” He repeated still holding me. I wiggled trying to get out of his grip and that’s when he pushed me into a wall “You fucking piss me off,” He said through clentched teeth. I went quiet. “Now you WILL listen, I did NOT flirt with Shelley, I did NOTHING wrong. I am a good, loyal man. Being accused of shit I didn’t do is exactly why I am here. So we need to get some things straight if you and me are together. 1) I don’t want to be accused of shit I didn’t do. Ask me! 2) I am not some womanizer, get that through your head. ” He said as he still held me there, me still angry that he had me in this kind of a hold, where I had no control. I had hit a nerve, and I realized it. “Get off me,” I demanded still “Do you want to be with me or not?! Because it’s pretty god damn important you listen to me if you want continue being with me.” He said. I still protested on his hold. “God damn it you are so stubborn!” He yelled and then he pressed his lips into mine hard, and passionately instantly moving his lips into mine, holding me to a wall, and rubbing his hand up my skirt. I tried to fit him, but was like butter in his arms, as he began to kiss my neck. “You are so fucking stubborn,” He muttered into my neck his lips locked onto my skin. I bent my knee, him holding my leg with his hand. Rubbing up my thigh, to give my ass a hard squeeze. Without hesitation, he undid the buttons on the front of my dress, moving his hands inside of it. Feeling me up. “What if someone finds us?” I said with a nervous laugh, grabbing onto his arm. “Oh well!” He said with a laugh, he then turned me around, bending me over onto the counter, I listened to him undoing his pants, pulling them down. He pulled down my underwear, tossing then aside. He moved my legs apart with his feet, then thrusted inside of me not taking time to do anything else. He instantly began to go harder with each thrust, pulling at my hair, thrusting harder and harder. I moaned out somewhat loudly, him giggling in response, and cupping a hand over my mouth. He kept going, quickening his pace, while he muffled my moaning into his hand. He leaned down, kissing the back of my neck, grazing his teeth against my neck. Sending shivers down my spin. He grabbed onto my ass with both hands, grasping hard on it, using it to help him get deeper into me. “Kit, Y/N.” We heard from the hallway “Shit shit shit shit shit shit!” Kit said as he pulled out of me and struggled to get his pants buttoned and zipped. I smoothed down my shirt, as Sister Mary Enuince came inside, looking at us both. She smiled “Are you almost finished with your chores?” We looked at each other and nodded. “Hmm, why are you out of breath? Something is going on in here?” She asked looking around the kitchen. I kicked my underwear out of site as she walked in, starting to look to see if we had hidden something. She eyeballed us, as she walked to the door. “Remember something, Satan is the one who tempts us to do things we shouldn’t do. Whatever it is you are doing, I suggest… You stop. But you know, there is so much to do still” She said, giving us a strange look before exiting. “She’s been so weird lately,” I said, remembering the stuttering, stressed out, mess she was before. I scratched my head and looked at Kit. “I’m sorry I over reacted,” I said looking down at my feet. “I am so very sorry, I hope that you will forgive me.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulders “I think it’s safe to say I forgave you 20 minutes ago,” He laughed and kissed me. Kit was such a good man; I needed to not worry so much about him hurting me.

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Rummaged Clothes

Luca rushed out to find some clothes someone might have tossed and found some shorts and old flip flops and grabbed a belt and shirt from his own dresser and brought it to her. He noticed she had some cuts on her knees from hunting frogs and wondering around and gave her some band-aids as well. She walked into his room to change and was quite pleased with her disguise.

“He ain’t yours little brother”

“How dare you speak up to me?!” Merle yelled, lashing out at the teen with his belt. It hit with a solid TWACK, sending the teen crawling back with a cry. His arms were raised to defend himself against the stronger Alpha, and he was trying not to cry. He had been a slave most of his life, the illegal chip in his leg making him always in heat, always ready for an Alpha, but also always supposed to work. This cruel man had picked him up at the market for reasonably cheap, and dragged him back to this shitty trailer, where he began ordering him around. When Jake had defended himself, saying he wasn’t going to take orders from a drug dealing redneck, Merle had grabbed the belt and began beating him until he could no longer stand. The loud sound of an engine outside the trailer made Merle stop. “Git outta here.” he spit, and Jake crawled into the cage in the corner that was where he was allowed to sleep, looking up to see who was here. 

Merle looked at the door with a glare. “You got bad timing, little brother. I’m busy.”



“Are you happy now, Y/N?” Dean grumbled, stepping out of the bathroom and holding his arms out to display his new look. 

“Oh my god, yes!” you exclaimed, jumping off of the bed and running over to him so you could get a closer look. “Oh, you look so dapper! Now give me a spin.”

“This is stupid,” he muttered under his breath, but he followed your instructions nonetheless, slowly turning in a circle.

You ran your hands over the fabric of his sweater once he had completed his 360 before taking hold of his tie and pulling him close to you. “I can’t decide if I wanna squeeze your cheeks or fuck you.” You grinned, licking your lips teasingly.

“Well,” Dean started with a wink, his hands moving to grab the belt loops of your jeans, “I think we both know which option I’d prefer.”

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With Me - VIXX

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Confession(?): I get punished for skipping meals, throwing tantrums, & throwing stuff around the house. We were at a friend's house once, I got so mad i threw my collar, my ears, a glass filled with water, and my ring. we didn't talk for a while, my friend bridged us. and when he got back, i held my hand out, he told me to tell him what i did wrong. there wasn't any belt in sight, he grabbed a metal leash, you can say i learned my lesson. no, i wasn't bound. never knew he could hit THAT hard😭😁


Walk Me Home? (Part 6)

Enjoy part 6 guys! Uploads will be a bit slower for a while, I have moved back to uni and am just getting back into the flow of things. I’ll try to upload at least once a week though.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

When you reach Bucky’s building, you both struggle to keep your hands off of each other for long enough for Bucky to unlock the door. You make it up to his door slowly, Bucky stopping every now and then to push you against the wall and kiss you deeply, his hands running up your sides. He directs you towards a door, and you grab his belt buckle, pulling him forward and impatiently unbuckling his belt while he fumbles with his keys.

Eventually you stumble inside his room, in various states of undress, not bothering to turn on the lights. You both collapse onto a bed, Bucky working quickly to pull off your top and throw it across the room. Just as you are ripping Bucky’s belt out of the loops and unbuttoning his jeans, the light flicks on. You both blink at the sudden brightness, letting your eyes adjust.

“Seriously?” A guy says from the bed across the room, staring at the pair of you with mild irritation. He had apparently been sleeping, and woken up to turn on his bedside light and see you topless and Bucky with his pants unbuttoned.

“I thought you were going out tonight?” Bucky asks casually, not at all phased by the position he had been caught in.

“Clearly not. Who’s your friend?”

“(y/n).” You say, sitting up slightly.

“I’m Sam. You’ll excuse me if I don’t get up and shake your hand. I like to sleep naked.”

“I’ll catch you later for that handshake.” You say with a nod, turning to look at Bucky. “What now?”

“Sam can turn around.” He says with a grin, trying to fiddle with your bra. You slap his hands away and scowl.

“I am not having sex with you while your roommate is in the next bed listening.” You protest, jumping off the bed and standing with your arms crossed.

“I could join in?” Sam suggests in a sarcastic tone.

“Your handshake just got revoked.” You say, pointing at him accusingly.

“Let’s go to Steve’s and get your keys from Nat!” Bucky suddenly cries triumphantly.

“And walk in on them all pretzeled up? No thanks.” You scoff, Sam sniggering from his bed.

“Oh come on they can stop for one minute so you can get your keys.” He pleads, buttoning his jeans again and rolling off the bed, grabbing your top and handing it to you.

“You know what, fine. Not only because I haven’t gotten laid in a really long time, but Nat has done this to me before so it’s payback time.” You say, pulling on your top and grabbing the rest of your things.

“Yay! Let’s go.” Bucky says, charging out of the room without a backwards glance.

“Bye Sam.” You call as you’re shutting the door.

“Nice meeting you.” He calls back. You shut the door and see Bucky practically skipping down the corridor. With a laugh, you follow.

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