This Scene...

I feel like we don’t always give Code Lyoko enough credit. We spend so much time laughing at the big foreheads, we forget to mention the more awesome bits.

These are children. Children who fear their friend is dead. But, like Jeremie, they keep working on. 

They don’t scream or make a fuss. They cry, but not loudly.

They have no one to turn to.

They’re alone in all of this.

And they were going to go to class the next day. They were going to lie to the teachers, tell them Ulrich had disappeared or was sick; knowing he was probably dead, knowing they were in just as much danger, knowing they could go just like he did; just poof! and gone.

Staring their own morality- and the death of their friend- in the face, they mourn, and they move on.