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Salton Sea, California - 1962 by Brad Smith
Via Flickr:
Salton Sea, California - 1962. Photo by George Mann.

Maryland Gothic
  • Your house was built in 1920. It has been marked historic. It will now stand here untouched until the end of time. The bridge has been marked historic. It was built in 1930. No one is allowed to drive on it. Your neighbor’s fence has been marked historic. He built it three years ago. You go to church. The church falls down. It was built in 2005. No one will clear the rubble to save you. It has been marked historic. 
  • You get in your dinghy. You motor to town. You tie up your dinghy at the docks. You buy your government mandated industrial carton of Old Bay and Old Bay seasoned UTZ chips at the Royal Farms. You can’t remember the taste of water. You don’t remember sunlight. There is only Old Bay. 
  • You are on a mountain. The fog is too thick to see the road in front of you. You wait for it to clear. You drive until you reach a town below sea level. The fog is still here. It has followed you. 
  • Your friend from out of state asks if you want to go swimming in the Bay. You say no. You’ll be too busy contacting their next of kin.  
  • You are driving. The DC NPR station signal is growing weaker. You are not yet in range of the Baltimore NPR station. The signal is growing fainter. Fainter. Fainter. You flip between the static of both stations. Nothing. You are trapped. You pass a road sign that reads: New Market. Your flesh melts from your bones as Rush Limbaugh comes in loud and clear. 
  • You sailed your preposterously large yacht into Ego Alley. All eyes are upon you. You approach the dead end docks. The tourists look on in confusion. The dockside bar patrons begin to take bets. It is time to turn around and motor your way out. There is no space left. You cannot turn. You are stuck. The harbor patrol calls the Tugboat Of Shame. In the end, your body is strung up with the others. 
  • You are in Severna park. A woman approaches you. In one hand she holds a field hockey stick. In her other hand, a lacrosse stick. You must chose. You do not know how to play lacrosse. You do not know how to play field hockey. With a heavy heart, you say, “I don’t play sports.” The woman smiles.  She brandishes the lacrosse stick. You close your eyes. You feel your nose break. You see your own blood staining your Sperrys. You do not resist. It is your own fault for entering Severna Park without the proper training. 
  • The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. The stink bugs are here. Ț̠̠̻̤́̍̅͊̑ͧ̊h̍̏͊ͤe̻ͬ͋̽ͤ ͖̦̼̣̰̝͙s̮̬̦̜͌ͭ̍͋͒̔ť̫̲̞͖̈́̅ȉ͉̓͌̈͌n̤̩̭̲ͣ̔ͧ̿k̲̝͓̠͓̥̙ͥͤ ̣̺̤̻ͩ̊̅̍̄ͯb̠̈́́͊̈́͗u̜̭̔͑̚g̘͎̼̪̳͌̍̅ͥ̋ͅsͨ́ ̒͛͌̂ͫ̾ă̬̣̹̲̠̠̘̋̇͊̋r͈͈͓͆͊ͯͧ̎ͯ̈́ě̯̒̓ͩͥ̽ͥ ̠ͭͦ̉h̬̘͓̉͆̋ͤ̚ë̻̟͉̊r̤͙̱̠̝̮͇ͬ́̋̿̄e͕̯̯͔͈.ͫͩ

aah, what a lovely day here in the Abyssal Plain, the area between 3,000 and 6,000 meters below sea level that covers 60% of the planet’s surface and contains as much biodiversity as the Amazon Rain Forest.

it is, however, SIGNIFICANTLY darker. and colder. and weirder.

say, what’s that over there? we should swim over and check it out.

just a little closer..


congratulations, you have just been introduced to the Gulper Eel (also known as the Pelican Eel, and in certain circles “ol’ Umbrella-Face”)

(my circles. they’re my circles.)

the Gulper Eel (not his real name, actually a fish) spends its life in the depths, where it reaches lengths of about 2 and a half feet. this might not seem impressive, but a full 40% of that is mouth.

it’s basically the Gollum of deep sea organisms

this ridiculously oversized ubrellaface lets the Gulper Eel eat pretty much anything it can convince to hold still long enough, including animals that are actually larger than the eel itself. (like many deep-sea fishes, they have very elastic stomachs but like fuck am I about to google that for pictures)

google it yourself if you’re that interested, I’m not here to judge

they do seem to prefer shrimp and squid, however. maybe they’re picky about bones, who knows. 

we HATES bones, precious

though it’s found in warm waters worldwide, not much is known about this lonely voregoblin. perhaps it will remain a mystery fish, haunting the depths and occasionally appearing in your weirder dreams 

and I am just fine with that, thanks.
'Faceless' fish missing for more than a century rediscovered by Australian scientists
Expedition leader says the deep-sea fish had not been seen in waters off Australia since 1873
By Elle Hunt

A “faceless” deep-sea fish not seen for more than a century has been rediscovered by scientists trawling the depths of a massive abyss off Australia’s east coast, along with “amazing” quantities of rubbish.

The 40cm fish was rediscovered 4km below sea level in waters south of Sydney by scientists from Museums Victoria and the Australian government’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on the weekend.

Dr Tim O’Hara, the chief scientist and expedition leader, who is a senior curator of marine invertebrates at Museums Victoria, said it was the first time the fish had been seen in waters off Australia since 1873, when one was dredged up by a British ship near Papua New Guinea.

“This little fish looks amazing because the mouth is actually situated at the bottom of the animal so, when you look side-on, you can’t see any eyes, you can’t see any nose or gills or mouth,” O’Hara said via satellite phone from the research vessel Investigator on Wednesday. “It looks like two rear-ends on a fish, really.”

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unlike many cave networks that are formed by the erosion of water over limestone, the cueva de los verdes (or “green caves”) in the canary islands were formed three to five thousand years ago when surface lava cooled and hardened quickly while streaming lava continued to flow underneath the petrified basaltic layer.

the caves were formed over a fifty kilometre squared area of more than one hundred volcanoes, the last of which erupted almost two hundred years ago. the lava tunnels can stretch for several kilometers, with some parts dropping well below sea level and reaching temperatures of up to six hundred degrees.

photos by edwin jones

Loading screen for The Great Wall of China level I painted for the Tomb Raider II Unreal Engine remake by Nicobass ♥

To say that this painting was extremely special to me is to say nothing. Nico is the very first TR artist I saw whose works made my jaw go way below the sea level. What is more importantly, this is the reason why I joined devinatArt years back. And the reason why I have started painting in the first place. So now, when my art has gone from noob-ish fanarts to smth I do professionally, working together with one of my absolute TR icons on the remake of my favorite TR game (one of the two!) feels just crazy! The point of this mushy speech is – do what you love, guys! Follow your passion no matter what and the most unimaginably great things happen.  


I don’t normally do anything like this but I just can’t. This doesn’t sit well with me. All you who know me well, what is about to follow is not in my nature to shame others but…

PLEASE be careful of people preying on your sympathy. This is how scam artists operate. Those who are unaware about hurricanes and easy coast geograhy please take a moment to think this through. I live in Florida - a state that has also been declared a state of emergency. We are having areas like Miami and now Tampa being told to evacuate. The hurricane will hit this weekend, like Sunday earlies for the south tip. Now yes we don’t know if it’ll go east or west. But what is projected right now is potentially up east coast with effects felt inland and west coast. By the time it reaches north Florida (where I live) it should be downgraded to a category 3 by then. My neighbors are NOT evacuating for a Cat 3! They, like me (just got back from hurricane prep shopping), are stocked in resources. This is what we did last year for Matthew. My house is about 20 miles from the coast. Here us how we were impacted - the coast flooded because it is below sea level while my house had no damage! The wind knocked over my grill and that was it. We didn’t even lose power in my neighborhood.

This is what set off alams in my head about Ruby and Jin. Ruby is “as far inland” as you can get. This means she’s getting rain and wind from what should be a tropical depression by then. And Western SC is hilly so no flood worries like Charleston would have since that’s an east coast city below sea level.

Jin said on her page she will get hit Saturday or Sunday. No she won’t. I might get it Monday. She will probably get the rain on Tuesday earliest. She has time to prepare for the rain and higher than normal wind. Yes better to stay indoors but not catastrophic. And not something for “hurricane preparation.”

Ruby and Jin will be fine.

I find this very insulting to those in the actual danger zones. If you want to help those who will be affected please consider giving donations through trusted organizations like the Red Cross and those aiding in relief efforts.

CREATURE FEAR (chapter 1/?) | ice, circa season 10 | s/o to the wonderful @kateyes224 for her word prompt(s) | see ao3 for a/n 

summary: Welcome to the top of the world. Please enjoy your stay.

This is their glacial thaw in the modern era. It is D.C. spring and his feet up on the office desk despite the protest of his knees. He smiles when she knocks on the open office door before coming in. 

This the ironically earth-bound slowness of them. She’s balancing coffee with one hand and deleting emails with another. The basement is losing its bleached smell, or she’s becoming accustomed to it. It used to matter to her, the difference between real change and careful self-delusion. Now, she breathes in deep.

“The world is melting, Scully.”

Monday morning, and he’s armed with the apocalypse.

“I watch CNN,” she says. “But good morning to you, too.”

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anonymous asked:

Henlooo can I request a Mc who is short and is often teased/bullied about it Rfa + V + Saeran

i’m sorry if you wanted this to be heartfelt or in an imagine form (if you don’t like this i’d gladly do it over in whatever way you’d like) i hope you like it anyway, thank you for the request!
-mod seven

🌙 jumin
-thinks its cute
-loves to hug you
-takes you high heel shopping if you’d like
-doesn’t make fun of you over it
-doesn’t retaliate when people make fun of you, just gently leads you away
-always tells you how much he loves your height

🌙 jaehee
-the shortest one also
-she feels your pain
-doesn’t make fun of you for it
-but death glares anyone that does
-stays in the short end of the pool with you when you’re too tired to tread water

🌙 v
-lifts you at concerts/in crowds
-literally always holds ur hand. you cant get lost on him
-tells off people that make fun of your height (wags his finger and threatens to hurt them)
-hates when he has to put you in front of the RFA group photo cus it puts you on the spot

🌙 saeran
-makes fun of your height
-but if ANYONE else does…. death, pain., strife follows
-makes you crawl underneath the couch when he drops the remote in between the two seats
-snatches things from people that raise stuff over your head

🌙 seven
-you already know there are jokes lined up for you
-hes probably called you lord farquuad honestly
-and an elf during winter
-but he loves it
-the cuddles are the best
-also ur an arm rest sorry

🌙 yoosung
-rests his arms on your shoulders
-he literally loves it
-he laughs bc u make all ur video game characters taller than what you actually are
-“(Y/N), being small rules!! do you know you can crawl in small places? in video games aaand in real life!”
-its okay, both of you get your id’s checked at clubs

🌙 zen
-“how can i take selfies with you if you’re below sea level”
-lifts you so you can reach stuff
-will straight up punch someone if they make fun of your height
-“sweetheart, your height is fine. i love it, you’re a perfect little spoon!”
-pats your head at all times (even when just walking by)

I’m back to blogging about the planets! Next up on the list is Earth. Earth is the third closest planet to the Sun and is undoubtedly the most studied. With a diameter of ~12700 km, it is the largest terrestrial planet in our Solar System as well as being the most dense. So far, it is the only location known to contain life, however, in the future, this may change. It has one moon, which I shall blog about later. Our planet has lots of different aspects worth exploring, however, for the sake of keeping this post a reasonable length, I’ll explore a handful.                                                                     

Mercury | Venus | Earth

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