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Hogwarts houses + alternative common rooms

Gryffindor common room — located in Gryffindor Tower, through the Fat Lady’s portrait.

Slytherin common room — located in Slytherin Dungeon, below ground level beyond a stone wall.

Ravenclaw common room — located inRavenclaw Tower, beyond a bronze eagle-shaped knocker that poses a riddle.

Hufflepuff common room — located in Hufflepuff Basement, below ground level behind a stack of barrels near the kitchens.

Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 17

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 || Chapter 15 || Chapter 15.5 || Chapter 16 || Chapter 17 || Chapter 18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

The end of the battle had left an emptiness, a silence beating down on Ritsu that seemed to fill his mouth and lungs with a white-noise nothing. The bleachers pressed cold, firm indents into his back. Mud lapped against his heels. Heavy raindrops spattered his face, rhythmic and dense. And Teruki’s hand gripped firmly around his own.

Ritsu did not return the pressure. His dislocated shoulder would not allow it.

Instead he sunk his left hand into the icy puddle by his side and leaned his weight against it. Shakily, he stood. He braced his back against the bleachers so that they might support him. He did not trust his own shaking, numb legs to support him, the water sloshing at his ankles, flooding his socks, sending shivers down his spine.

Gently, Ritsu tugged his limp hand free from Teruki’s grip, with only as much force as the pain would allow.

Teruki stared at his own extended hand, empty now, palm out and dripping from the rain water still pouring.

“You didn’t shake my hand,” Teruki said.

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Carpenter’s Sandwich Stand at 6285 West Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, CA, certainly was not the first drive-in, but the management apparently knew how to do it right. The octagonal-shaped wood frame building is topped by a neon sign, with four levels of conventional signage below it. The ground level walls and counter are decorated with ceramic tile.

The publicity images taken in 1932 show the complete facility, staff, and the restrooms in a separate building on the far-left. Sandwiches varied in price from 15 cents up to 25 cents for a “Sirloin Steak Sandwich.” A full line of beverages including “Ben-Hur” coffee were offered along with deserts. Carpenter’s also had a “Barbecue Pit” located at Wilshire and Western Avenues.

There is an interesting mix of mid-1920s through 1932 cars in the parking lot. On the far-left and behind Carpenter’s are two automotive service establishments. 

snoozingcat  asked:

i'm not feeling well (so just like the last time I sent you a crappy day prompt, I think). I have a sore throat like you wouldn't believe, so-- maybe something where 1/2 of stevetony loses their voice? or goes off grid during a mission and scares the bejeesus out of the other. hope you feel better soon!

aw yuck. i hope this helps!

The fiasco is Tony’s fault.

He’s second in command, so it’s his job to tell Steve he’s being a moron when he’s being a moron. And going on a mission after nearly being choked out on a mission two days prior is being a moron.

But then, what kind of moron does that make Tony for not putting his foot down and benching him?

Supreme moron.

Steve’s voice has only been audible over the comms because they’re such good quality. He’s nearly incomprehensible in a non-tech enhanced conversation because the bruising around his trachea was so bad he’s about one yell away from losing his voice entirely.

Which, again, is why Tony is the Supreme Moron.

Everything is going fine until the swarms of A.I.M. lackeys start riding Tony’s ass with laser cannons. He has to pull his focus from keeping-an-eye-on-everyone-and-especially-Steve to making-A.I.M.-agents-sorry-they-ever-signed-up-for-this. 

That is, naturally, when he a) loses track of Steve and b) hears him attempt to yell something. He only gets three syllables out before his voice gives up the ghost and all Tony hears is his raspy breathing.

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anonymous asked:

I miss you!

It’s too late. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Out of cash, out of a job, out of my house, I only have this place where to vent out. I don’t want to supplicate for help, or bore you with my sad story, I only want to open your eyes, be honest for once. This blog, and all the work published on it, was just a desperate attempt to fight back the growing insanity that overwhelmed my mind ever since I‘ve learned about the truth…

And the truth, you shall learn, if you’re willing to listen.

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Monday 9th October 2017. 11:00 Kyoto Japan.

We visited The Garden of Fine Arts which is about a 20 minute cycle from my house, situated right next to the Botanical Gardens.

The project was conceived as a contemporary, volumetric version of a stroll garden. The open-air Fine Arts Museum is situated below ground level to keep the view from the adjacent Botanical Gardens towards the Higashiyama mountains intact.

The museum displays reproductions of famous masterpieces on ceramic plates with permanent, weatherproof properties. The scheme is open; large concrete beams on massive pillars, overlapping bridges and ramps, walls of cascading water and pools with paintings floating on the water surface.

Circulation is intersected by massive concrete walls, allowing views from different angles, and adding depth and variety to the exhibition spaces. The greenish glass railing, in contrast to the concrete and stone surfaces, interact with the water surface reflecting the different materials.

I’ve wanted to visit here for a while and at just 100yen entrance fee you can’t really complain. The actually space was really cool I just wasn’t too keen on the actual art works. 

We'll See Better Days |  Pt 1

Main Characters: Jungkook, Taehyung, You

Words: 3485

Genre:  soulmate au, zombie apocalypse au,  angst

Summary: There isn’t exactly a certain direction to head towards, a strong hope to cling onto or a promise of survival but somehow, it seems as if everything will be alright as long as you’re together.  

A/N: This was inspired by World War Z and The Scorch Trials. Jungkook is briefly introduced here while Taehyung already plays a big role but I’ll start on Kook and the other members more in depth in the second part. This is my first ever au series and I hope it turned out well! Please leave comments if any and tell me whether you liked it :’) 

Originally posted by chimcheroo

“It’s darkening,” Taehyung observes, and you look at the flower-shaped mark  on your arm.

You had it since birth and the people who saw it always said that you were a lucky child and that one day, you would experience something so magical, a feeling indescribable. With a spark in your eye and hand placed gently on the area where the ebony black flower was, you would nod your head, anticipation growing one notch higher.

But the world descended into chaos one day. You still remembered, how your parents sat in front of the television all day, waiting for news of hope for the world and for your lives but there was nothing except footage of yet another attack of the infected and reports of a  once quarantined city being wiped out by the virus.

You look away from your arm and continue walking, too focused on survival to care about some mark that was supposedly special. It couldn’t save you if hundreds of those monsters decided to make you one of them, could it?

“If it getting darker means us finding food, then there’s a point in me knowing,” you say bluntly and he sighs, realising that the mark had already long lost its meaning and promise of a bright future ever since all possible hope got crushed by the constant loss of lives and merciless destruction.

A small supermarket catches your attention and you nudge Taehyung, pointing to the possible source of supplies that you both were so desperately looking for. “So does my magical mark really tell me when food is near?” You gasp, putting on a fake shocked expression and your best friend breaks out into a laugh.

“Perhaps,” he shrugs, then runs up the slope and you know what’s going on.

“Tae, we’re going to share the food we find!” Breaking into a sprint, you chase after him and the both of you are too focused on grabbing the precious smoked ham to notice that all the lights are out. It is only until he flings open the door, entering the supermarket that a thought enters his mind and his whole body goes stiff.

“Uninfected places always leave the lights on to show that the creatures aren’t inside.” His voice lowers to a soft, trembling whisper but you brush it off.

Putting your hand on his shoulder, you pat it lightly and smile. “Look around, this place is empty. Besides, the light that the infected can’t come into contact with is sunlight.” But turning around, you notice that the blinds were shut, blocking out all possible sunlight and you felt fear creeping into your heart, sending your mind into a frenzy and cold sweat to break out.

Taehyung listens to your reassuring words at first, calms down but soon notices what makes you so scared and the look of pure fear in your eyes and at that moment, he can only think of two words. It’s over.

Just like what the both of you had guessed, a door near the cashier creaks open and you back away slowly, hands feeling for the handle of the exit. A grey, limp hand emerges from the room, skin rotten and fingernails yellow. You had seen many of them before, on television, not in real life and you swear on the spot that they look a thousand times more disgusting up close, the stench coming from them making the whole experience even worse.

“D-do we run?” The boy stutters and you want to say yes and sprint for your life but your legs don’t listen. Taehyung repeats, immense terror evident in his voice, “D-do we run?”

You watch as the infected shows itself, stepping completely out of the room which might contain more of them but you don’t want to even think about that possibility. It turns its head, bloodshot eyes flickering to your direction and eventually staring straight at you. There is a moment of silence before it shrieks, showing its equally rotten teeth as it takes steps towards the both of you and you finally snap out of your trance, grabbing Taehyung’s hand as you shout, “RUN!”  

Neither of you looks back, entire body and mind focused on escaping from the infected whose animalistic noises can still be heard loud and clear which is weird because you were sure that they couldn’t come into contact with sunlight and they couldn’t possibly run as fast as you.

“How are they not burning in this sunlight?” You pant as you run for your life, hand still holding Taehyung’s tightly, refusing to let go. “And how are they running so fast?”

He looks back to see four of them not far back and he doesn’t know whether you two will be able to escape from them. We need to get on something faster.  His eyes frantically scan the surroundings, gaze finally landing on a motorcycle in the distance.

“You see that bike over there? We’ll sprint with all we’ve got and get on it. It’s our only chance!” Picking up speed to the max, you and Taehyung use every last bit of energy left to make the distance between the two of you and the infected as far as possible so that by the time you hop on and the engine starts, they wouldn’t have caught up.  

As soon as your arms are around his waist, Taehyung accelerates, causing the motorcycle to jerk violently but you keep your balance. One of them reaches out for you and you scream swinging your arm and flinging it away from you. “Taehyung we need to go now!” You yell, sweat dripping down your face and heart pounding in your chest. Right after you say it, the bike jerks again before moving forward, gaining speed in no time and bringing both of you away from the infected whose faint cries are the last thing you hear before nothing can be heard but you and Taehyung’s heavy breathing.

“We made it,” He says softly and you hug him even tighter, feeling the cool air evaporate the sweat on your skin as you rest your head on his back.

“Yeah, we did.”

Just when you think that everything is over.

Taehyung parks the motorcycle by the roadside and you hop off, memory of the encounter with the infected still fresh in your mind.

“We have to tell the rest about those,” Taehyung pauses, trying to find the right word to describe it, “evolved infected. With their speed and tolerance for the sun, we won’t even be safe in the day.”

You nod. “Their house is just over there, let’s go.”

The two-story house with a unique blue roof stands out among all the dull, grey ones and you frown when you notice that the front door is wide open. “All is welcomed huh,” he jokes but you know that something is wrong when the usual loud chattering and music blasting are absent.

You take cautious steps and Taehyung starts to understand why you look as if something’s wrong. “It’s too quiet, isn’t it?” he murmurs and you nod, grabbing a wooden broom from the front porch to use as a weapon to fight off whoever, whatever might be inside.

“Jimin? Hoseok?” You call their names but there is no reply and you’re a hundred percent sure that they’re not in.

Taehyung tries to lighten up the mood, smiling as he tells you that there is a possibility that they’re just being silly boys who play pranks but you know that isn’t the case as the doors of all the houses in the entire neighbourhood are left open.

You point that out to him and his smile fades away instantly. “They came, didn’t they?” A note nailed onto a wall catches your attention and you reach out and grab it, afraid that some of those things are lurking around.


Crushing the note and throwing it to one side, you look around once more to make sure that none of the infected are nearby. “Where are they?” He asks as he follows you back to the motorcycle and you hate to say it but it’s the truth.

“I know where the survivors are but I don’t know if our friends are a part of them.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen, entire being growing numb at the thought of his closest friends turning into one of them and a thousand ‘what ifs’ circle in his mind, fear and despair washing over him like a huge wave. What if we hadn’t gone to search for food? What if they’re hurting, wondering where we are at this very moment?

You notice the boy’s hands fall by his sides, back hunched and walking pace slow and draggy and you know that he is feeling horrible but so are you. “Jimin is smart, has one of the best instincts I’ve ever seen and Hoseok-” The two boys’ grinning faces flash into your mind and you blink away the tears in your eyes, telling yourself that there’s no need to cry because they will surely be alright. Together, they had the strongest chance and hope of survival so all you could do was hope that with all they had and with all the luck, if there was any left in this world, that they got through the attack.  

Taehyung straightens his back and tries to regain composure. “I know. They’ll be fine.” The both of you hop onto the bike and head off to the underground camp where you guess the survivors are hiding at from the “_V_” symbol on the note which looked like an arrow pointing below ground level. He whispers again, softly but you can hear it and you want to believe him without any doubts but it’s not easy to.

“They’ll be fine.”

A small, dim speck of light indicates there is indeed people in the underground camp and you knock lightly on the metal platform.

“They’re not going to open up just because they hear a knock, ___________,” Taehyung points out and you shrug, trying to hide your embarrassment to the best of your ability.  

“Then what are we supposed to do-” You trail off, noticing a red dot on his forehead that looked very much like it was from a sniper. Looking around, a man in black is standing on a rooftop and you squint, trying to make out who he was.

“Are you infected?” The man’s shout echoes and now, Taehyung realises what is going on when he sees a red dot on your forehead.  

Wondering whether he will even believe you if you say that you are clean, you take a deep breath before yelling back, “No! Both of us are clean!”  Taehyung nods, hoping that the man will put down his gun and not kill both of you off.

“Wait…” His serious, all-out-to-eliminate-infected attitude disappears as he takes off his mask and puts on his glasses and suddenly, he breaks out into laughter.

“Jung Hoseok, keep your glasses on next time,” Taehyung groans as Hoseok runs down the stairs of the building. The brunette chuckles as he presses a button on a device, revealing a small opening in the metal platform.

The three of you go underground as fast as possible, closing the only entrance behind you so that nobody could enter. You hate to ruin the reunion but you need to know  - “Jimin…is he alright?”

Hoseok points to the smile on his face. “I wouldn’t be smiling if he wasn’t.” His smile then fades before he rolls his eyes and says in a loud voice, “Jimin, stop hiding behind the wall. I can see you,”  and it feels as if the weight on your chest is lifted, knowing that all your friends are safe.

The chubby boy peeks out from behind the wall and grins widely, pulling you and Taehyung into a tight hug and at that moment, you feel as if they are all you need to get through anything the corrupt and twisted world will ever put you through.  

“Less than half managed to survive,” Jimin fills both of you in on the situation.

Taehyung has a confused look on his face and the other two boys can sort of guess what question he has. “While we walked around, we didn’t come across any infected. Don’t you change almost right after getting bitten?”

“You see-” Jimin lowers his head, not wanting to bring up what had happened again but he knows that you both have the right to know. “Those who got bitten asked to be shot. They didn’t want to become…animals.” Realization strikes you and your hand shoots up and covers your mouth.

“So you killed them…” Taehyung finishes and Jimin looks away, blinking away the tears that had formed. You can imagine how hard it was for them to kill their own friends and know that it must have taken a lot of strength to pull the trigger. 

“Just think about the ones who made it. At least we’re together,” Hoseok tries to add some positivity and you want to feel hopeful but you can’t. It’s just not easy. Deep down, even the most encouraging and optimistic people are actually hurting inside but that’s just how it works right? We all put on a front and hide our true emotions to try and be a positive influence when times are harsh.

Light reflects off a familiar pair of sunglasses and you remember about the shocking discovery you have to share with him - Namjoon, the oldest among the five of you and naturally, the leader. “We knew you two couldn’t possibly have been taken. You’re just too strong for them, aren’t you?” He smirks and you shrug, indicating that you knew you would be able to make it and he scoffs at your confidence.

“By the way, the infected can-”

“Yes.” Namjoon cuts you off. “They don’t burn in the sunlight like they used to. And- ”

Boy, they can run,” Jimin shakes his head and Namjoon frowns, annoyed that the younger one interrupted him. You then realise that three boys already have a fresh encounter with the infected and you feel stupid for thinking that you had made an amazing discovery.

2-07. That is the number given to your district - one which has less than fifty people left. You’ve heard of districts like 3-04 and 2-02 that are totally wiped out and you know that your district is more fortunate but you can’t help but think of them, the Ones.

The entire country was divided into three classes with seven sections each, “1” being where the richest lived and “3” being the homes of the poorest. You  and the four boys lived at “2”, what was called the middle class. The second number that came after the dash didn’t have any meaning, it was just something to differentiate each of the seven sections.

“Are you thinking about the Ones?” Taehyung raises his eyebrow and you wonder whether he could tell because of  the look of despise on your face or because he has been your best friend since birth and can read your mind.

“I hate them,” You hiss and the boys have grim expressions on their faces.

There is silence for awhile but Namjoon breaks it, sighing out loud as he twirls the ring on his index finger. “The rich always have a way out, don’t they?”

Everyone nods, anger and disappointment filling each of your hearts as you all question why is life so unfair and why can’t everyone have equal chances to live. Weren’t all lives equally precious?  

Why couldn’t the Twos, and even the Threes, get to enter the Safe Zone as well?

All the survivors are gathered in the main hall and you see some familiar faces but at the same time, wonder where some are before concluding that they didn’t make it. Ninety percent of the remaining people are your peers, the ones fit enough to outrun the infected. You see some adults and two old folks standing quietly by the side and you know that they feel the worse out of everyone because they are the ones who lost all the ones they loved.

Namjoon isn’t the oldest but the crowd listens to him. Perhaps it’s the strength and determination they see in him, or maybe they don’t even care, death seeming to come closer and closer anyway. But whether they want to press on, whether they don’t, it doesn’t matter to the boy because he is going to do all he can to make sure everyone has a chance of living.

“We’re all here for a reason.” He starts off, tone firm and voice projected, reaching the ears of all the people there. “We’re here because when the mob of infected came to destroy our lives and crush our hopes, we didn’t let them.” You notice some bowed heads start to rise and backs start to straighten and you smile, knowing that Namjoon’s words are starting to spark something in the people. “We ran for our lives. We fought alongside each other. To the best of our ability, we made sure that no one got left behind.” He stops, turns to the side and wipes away some tears forming in his eyes before continuing, stronger with each word. “But some did, and we cannot forget them. We managed to pull through and if we give up now, how would they feel? They fought for their lives and lost it, while we survived but chose to give it up? No. We can’t do that.”

At this point in time, some are sobbing and those around them have their arms wrapped around him or her. Tears flow down your cheeks and you cover your face, embarrassed but before you can stop your crying and pretend that nothing had happened, a pair of strong arms bring you towards his chest as he hugs you tightly, giving you all the support and love you need to feel strong again. The hug becomes tighter and you open your eyes, vision slightly blur but you can still see the beautiful sight of Jimin and Hoseok putting their arms around Taehyung who had his around you. The four of you stand there, being a pillar for the other and the feeling is so warm, so peaceful and you wonder what feeling from your mark could possibly be better than this moment.  

“With the lost ones in mind, with a bright future and lives something we insist on having, we’ll get through this together, no matter how hard it might get. Can we do this?” Everyone looks at each other, the fire of determination burning in their eyes and in unison, answer with a sure reply.

“We can.”

A boy with dark, black hair points at the speck of light on the platform. “There are survivors hiding down there,” he tells his leader and the older man is glad to have such an observant friend by his side.

“Good eye, Jungkook. Let’s try to make contact with them and see whether joining forces will be a good option.”  At that very moment, a red dot appears on the leader’s forehead and Jungkook freezes.

“Jin, there’s a sniper somewhere and he’s aiming right at you. Don’t move.” The blonde hears this and stops all movement, hands raising into a surrender position as he looks up, spotting someone on a rooftop.

Down below, Hoseok’s walkie-talkie makes a funny sound before a voice can be heard, loud and clear. “There’s a group of around twenty standing outside. They look like survivors and Threes. What do we do?“ 

Namjoon frowns and runs his fingers through his hair.“Survivors? What do they want from us?“ 

You shrug, and when you do, you notice that your sleeve seems as if a light is shining through it and you roll it up. 

”___________…what is that?“ Jimin points at your mark which is glowing and you jump, pulling your sleeve back down.

“What’s happening to me? Why the heck is that thing glowing?” There is panic in your voice as you cover that area with your hand, refusing to take another look at it.

“It’s your soulmark, right?” Namjoon asks and you nod, not exactly sure what that meant but that was what everyone told you it was. “Then your soulmate is near.” He says simply and the grip on your sleeve loosens as your arms fall to your side. Taehyung’s eyes are wide as he stares at you, wondering how such a thing could happen at such a time.


Back up there, Jin still has his hands up in the air, wondering why the sniper isn’t making a move but Jungkook’s attention isn’t on his friend anymore. The younger one says something that makes his friend turn his head and for a moment, the sniper is completely forgotten.

“W-why is my mark glowing?”

Okay that was actually a lot better than I was expecting… probably because my expectations were below ground level.

- Liked that HR giving his life for Iris wasn’t actually his Plan A, although I’m not convinced he had any real hopes for himself and Iris escaping. He really should’ve told Cisco this plan and got his help. Also why wasn’t Killer Frost with Cisco at that point? How quickly did HR do all this?

- Tom and Candice playing each other was gold.

- It will never cease to impress me how long people with huge gaping holes in their chests can go on talking.


- Oh hai thar Julian. I’d prefer to believe the “cure” was just a placebo, because how on earth do a CSI and a cryologist come up with a serum to rewrite DNA?

- While I understand everyone’s relief that Iris was okay, there was SO little reaction to HR being dead after his actual death scene. Obviously the show can’t have the whole cast sitting around crying, because PLOT, but Tracy and Julian seemed to be the only ones to have a reasonable reaction to the “be nice to Savitar” plan.

- Did Savitar really expect the Philosopher’s Stone would kill a team with two speedsters on it? Why did he even care? I thought he wouldn’t want to give up the stone in any case.

- Why did Wally leave Iris for last to rescue?

- So glad Harry didn’t pretend to be HR. I had a moment of fear. Sad he didn’t seem to recognize Tracy in any way. Also wanted them to hug, but Harry needs months to build up to that.

- WHERE WAS JESSE. Her beloved uncle just died ffs.

- Danielle did a decent job with KF, but I feel there’s SO much guesswork needed to figure out what’s going on with this character, and that’s on the writers. 

- Random Cindy is random. She didn’t feel the need to intervene last week? Does she only get summoned when the universe knows it’s for realsies?

- Major LOL at how easily Killer Frost dispatched Hunter/Black Flash. Eobard is like “dammit!”

- Caught between thinking Iris shooting Savitar was SERIOUSLY badass and being like “Iris just shot Barry in the back…” But I guess if you’re shooting Barry to save Barry, there’s such a thing as having too many Barrys in your life.

- I feel robbed of a Barry vs. Savitar sing-and-dance-off. This is how you decide things like men.

- Expected Jay and possibly Wally to volunteer to go back into the speed force prison, but I guess they’ve both had enough of hell. Also there’s seriously no way to disassemble a prison Barry created?

- I assume STAR Labs will be fixed pretty quickly with Wally’s speed plus Cisco/Harry’s tech wizardry. Barry will probably be in the speed force for 20 minutes. Hope we get to see Wally in a “Flash” suit for a bit though.

- Hopefully Harry saying he’ll stick around means we can skip the traditional hiatus “who are you playing next season, Tom?” Is Jesse going to run his company for him? 

- Wish we’d had some closure on what Tracy is doing… She just lost her PhD funding, lost her boyfriend, and probably lost her Team Flash gig too.

- Okay, the drumsticks were a nice touch on the grave. But please someone take them. They’re just going to get stolen or roll away with the wind. I thought they might integrate them with the headstone, which would’ve been safer.


- Stinger: Olga emerges from the rubble of STAR Labs and asks if anyone wants a cappuccino.

@everybodyhatesjroth a bigger Lexark hoe than me. #2 Lexark

The building was burning and Elyza could feel the heat burning the soles of her boots. “Damn, I love these boots.” Elyza complained as she ran through the flames. The heat was licking at her exposed skin and she was sure she wasn’t going to escape without severe burns. But none of that really mattered to Elyza. She had lost Alicia somewhere in the madness. All that mattered right now was finding Alicia.

“Alicia!” Elyza called out as a beam fell from the ceiling about ten feet behind her. The crashed echoed through the large building and drowned out any response Elyza hoped to get.

“Alicia!” Elyza called again, her boots kicking up ash and making her cough. “Alicia!”

“Here!” Alicia’s voice was weak but it was just below Elyza on the ground level. “Elyza, please. I’m here.” Alicia coughed violently and Elyza looked around desperately for a way down.

Elyza ran faster and to her right found a staircase. Elyza took the steps two at a time and jumped over the small fire that had started at the base of the staircase.

“Alicia!” She called again, trying to find Alicia through the thick, black smoke.

“Elyza!” Alicia’s voice was even more weak and barely audible over the roaring fire.

Elyza heard the voice to her left and once she got closer to the sound found Alicia with a beam laying over her right leg.

“I got you babe. Hang in there.” Elyza called as she moved over to Alicia and tried to lift the blazing hot wood beam. It barely moved an inch as Elyza groaned under the weight.

“Do you think your leg is broken?” Elyza asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead.

“I don’t think so.” Alicia looked like she may pass out at any moment.

“Hey! Stay with me. I need you to stay with me.” Elyza called out. The smoke was growing thicker now and Elyza was having a hard time pulling in a full breath.

“I’m going to get my back under this bean and lift it up. I need you to crawl out and find a way out. I’ll be right behind you.” Elyza explained.

“No, I won’t leave you.” Alicia argued as she tried to sit up straighter.

“I’ll be right behind you I promise.” Elyza tried to look over at Alicia but couldn’t make her out through the smoke. “On three. One, two, three.”

Elyza lifted with everything she had and felt the beam move. “Go!” She grunted under the weight. Elyza heard Alicia get out from under the beam. But she hesitated before running toward the door. “Alicia, now!” Elyza called out desperately.

Elyza moved carefully and let the beam fall back down onto the ground with a resounding thud.

Elyza felt dizzy but she knew that she needed to find a way out. The smoke was choking her now and her eyes were streaming. The only thing that stopped her from passing out was the thought of Alicia waiting for her.

Elyza stumbled through the heat and smoke. She nearly ran into a wall of fire trying to get herself out. After what felt like an eternity of struggling to escape she felt cold air coming from directly ahead of her.

Elyza burst through the large industrial door and out into the fresh air. She coughed and fell to her knees. Her body was shaking badly and she was now starting to feel all the burns over her body.

Alicia ran up to her and wrapped her arms around her. Elyza flinched as her skin was red hot.

“I didn’t know if you’d be able to make it out.” Alicia had been crying and Elyza tried to push back her pain so she could wrap her arms around the scared girl.

“I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re okay.” Elyza ran her hand over Alicia’s long hair. “Everything is going to be okay.” Elyza kissed Alicia’s cheek. She was grateful too. Elyza wasn’t sure what she would have done if she had lost Alicia in the inferno. She may have just given up and let them burn together.

“You’ll never lose me.” Elyza whispered into Alicia’s ear. “I will always find you.”

Welcome to Mute Laboratories

Facility Tour Master-post

Enclosed below is the official tour of my giant-friendly and tiny-friendly facility, Mute Labs!

Just wanted to say that I was blown away by the amount of interest generated from the sneak-peak yesterday!  Really appreciate it, especially considering my inconsistent activity in the community as of late ^^; I’m hopeful that the interest was from the concept itself and not from the…I think, misconception that some people had that the ‘world-building’ involved was linked to this project of mine becoming a video game…cuz it’s not, sad to say >.> Just a fictional community with which to link future g/t fluff shots and innovative ideas ^u^

As always, I’m open to ideas and questions!  Hope y’all enjoy!

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100 things that you did not know about Africa - Nos.51- 75

51. The mediaeval Nigerian city of Benin was built to “a scale comparable with the Great Wall of China”. There was a vast system of defensive walling totaling 10,000 miles in all. Even before the full extent of the city walling had become apparent the Guinness Book of Records carried an entry in the 1974 edition that described the city as: “The largest earthworks in the world carried out prior to the mechanical era.”

52. Benin art of the Middle Ages was of the highest quality. An official of the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde once stated that: “These works from Benin are equal to the very finest examples of European casting technique. Benvenuto Cellini could not have cast them better, nor could anyone else before or after him … Technically, these bronzes represent the very highest possible achievement.”

53. Winwood Reade described his visit to the Ashanti Royal Palace of Kumasi in 1874: “We went to the king’s palace, which consists of many courtyards, each surrounded with alcoves and verandahs, and having two gates or doors, so that each yard was a thoroughfare … But the part of the palace fronting the street was a stone house, Moorish in its style … with a flat roof and a parapet, and suites of apartments on the first floor. It was built by Fanti masons many years ago. The rooms upstairs remind me of Wardour Street. Each was a perfect Old Curiosity Shop. Books in many languages, Bohemian glass, clocks, silver plate, old furniture, Persian rugs, Kidderminster carpets, pictures and engravings, numberless chests and coffers. A sword bearing the inscription From Queen Victoria to the King of Ashantee. A copy of the Times, 17 October 1843. With these were many specimens of Moorish and Ashanti handicraft.”

54. In the mid-nineteenth century, William Clarke, an English visitor to Nigeria, remarked that: “As good an article of cloth can be woven by the Yoruba weavers as by any people … in durability, their cloths far excel the prints and home-spuns of Manchester.”

55. The recently discovered 9th century Nigerian city of Eredo was found to be surrounded by a wall that was 100 miles long and seventy feet high in places. The internal area was a staggering 400 square miles.

56. On the subject of cloth, Kongolese textiles were also distinguished. Various European writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries wrote of the delicate crafts of the peoples living in eastern Kongo and adjacent regions who manufactured damasks, sarcenets, satins, taffeta, cloth of tissue and velvet. Professor DeGraft-Johnson made the curious observation that: “Their brocades, both high and low, were far more valuable than the Italian.”

57. On Kongolese metallurgy of the Middle Ages, one modern scholar wrote that: “There is no doubting … the existence of an expert metallurgical art in the ancient Kongo … The Bakongo were aware of the toxicity of lead vapours. They devised preventative and curative methods, both pharmacological (massive doses of pawpaw and palm oil) and mechanical (exerting of pressure to free the digestive tract), for combating lead poisoning.”

58. In Nigeria, the royal palace in the city of Kano dates back to the fifteenth century. Begun by Muhammad Rumfa (ruled 1463-99) it has gradually evolved over generations into a very imposing complex. A colonial report of the city from 1902, described it as “a network of buildings covering an area of 33 acres and surrounded by a wall 20 to 30 feet high outside and 15 feet inside … in itself no mean citadel”.

59. A sixteenth century traveller visited the central African civilisation of Kanem-Borno and commented that the emperor’s cavalry had golden “stirrups, spurs, bits and buckles.” Even the ruler’s dogs had “chains of the finest gold”.

60. One of the government positions in mediaeval Kanem-Borno was Astronomer Royal.

61. Ngazargamu, the capital city of Kanem-Borno, became one of the largest cities in the seventeenth century world. By 1658 AD, the metropolis, according to an architectural scholar housed “about quarter of a million people”. It had 660 streets. Many were wide and unbending, reflective of town planning.

62. The Nigerian city of Surame flourished in the sixteenth century. Even in ruin it was an impressive sight, built on a horizontal vertical grid. A modern scholar describes it thus: “The walls of Surame are about 10 miles in circumference and include many large bastions or walled suburbs running out at right angles to the main wall. The large compound at Kanta is still visible in the centre, with ruins of many buildings, one of which is said to have been two-storied. The striking feature of the walls and whole ruins is the extensive use of stone and tsokuwa (laterite gravel) or very hard red building mud, evidently brought from a distance. There is a big mound of this near the north gate about 8 feet in height. The walls show regular courses of masonry to a height of 20 feet and more in several places. The best preserved portion is that known as sirati (the bridge) a little north of the eastern gate … The main city walls here appear to have provided a very strongly guarded entrance about 30 feet wide.”

63. The Nigerian city of Kano in 1851 produced an estimated 10 million pairs of sandals and 5 million hides each year for export.

64. In 1246 AD Dunama II of Kanem-Borno exchanged embassies with Al-Mustansir, the king of Tunis. He sent the North African court a costly present, which apparently included a giraffe. An old chronicle noted that the rare animal “created a sensation in Tunis”.

65. By the third century BC the city of Carthage on the coast of Tunisia was opulent and impressive. It had a population of 700,000 and may even have approached a million. Lining both sides of three streets were rows of tall houses six storeys high.

66. The Ethiopian city of Axum has a series of 7 giant obelisks that date from perhaps 300 BC to 300 AD. They have details carved into them that represent windows and doorways of several storeys. The largest obelisk, now fallen, is in fact “the largest monolith ever made anywhere in the world”. It is 108 feet long, weighs a staggering 500 tons, and represents a thirteen-storey building.

67. Ethiopia minted its own coins over 1,500 years ago. One scholar wrote that: “Almost no other contemporary state anywhere in the world could issue in gold, a statement of sovereignty achieved only by Rome, Persia, and the Kushan kingdom in northern India at the time.”

68. The Ethiopian script of the 4th century AD influenced the writing script of Armenia. A Russian historian noted that: “Soon after its creation, the Ethiopic vocalised script began to influence the scripts of Armenia and Georgia. D. A. Olderogge suggested that Mesrop Mashtotz used the vocalised Ethiopic script when he invented the Armenian alphabet.”

69. “In the first half of the first millennium CE,” says a modern scholar, Ethiopia “was ranked as one of the world’s greatest empires”. A Persian cleric of the third century AD identified it as the third most important state in the world after Persia and Rome.

70. Ethiopia has 11 underground mediaeval churches built by being carved out of the ground. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries AD, Roha became the new capital of the Ethiopians. Conceived as a New Jerusalem by its founder, Emperor Lalibela (c.1150-1230), it contains 11 churches, all carved out of the rock of the mountains by hammer and chisel. All of the temples were carved to a depth of 11 metres or so below ground level. The largest is the House of the Redeemer, a staggering 33.7 metres long, 23.7 metres wide and 11.5 metres deep.

71. Lalibela is not the only place in Ethiopia to have such wonders. A cotemporary archaeologist reports research that was conducted in the region in the early 1970’s when: “startling numbers of churches built in caves or partially or completely cut from the living rock were revealed not only in Tigre and Lalibela but as far south as Addis Ababa. Soon at least 1,500 were known. At least as many more probably await revelation.”

72. In 1209 AD Emperor Lalibela of Ethiopia sent an embassy to Cairo bringing the sultan unusual gifts including an elephant, a hyena, a zebra, and a giraffe.

73. In Southern Africa, there are at least 600 stone built ruins in the regions of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. These ruins are called Mazimbabwe in Shona, the Bantu language of the builders, and means great revered house and “signifies court”.

74. The Great Zimbabwe was the largest of these ruins. It consists of 12 clusters of buildings, spread over 3 square miles. Its outer walls were made from 100,000 tons of granite bricks. In the fourteenth century, the city housed 18,000 people, comparable in size to that of London of the same period.

75. Bling culture existed in this region. At the time of our last visit, the Horniman Museum in London had exhibits of headrests with the caption: “Headrests have been used in Africa since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Remains of some headrests, once covered in gold foil, have been found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and burial sites like Mapungubwe dating to the twelfth century after Christ.”

Part 1. 1-25

Part 2. 26-50

Part 3. 50-75

By Robin Walker 

Robin Walkers book When we ruled is one of the best books Africans and African Diaspora can use firstly as a introduction to African history and secondly a good source to become proficient with precolonial African history.

Recommended reading

Ik Kil Cenote - Mexico

Located in the Ik Kil Archaeological Park, Ik Kil Cenote is a popular swimming hole that is open to the public. The water is 26m below ground level, and features a carved stairway leading down to swimming platforms. Used primarily for relaxation and religious ritual, the area is sacred to Mayans, with ancient Mayan ruins nearby as well.

Creepypasta #606: The Initiation Of Ryan Cadle

Story length: Super Long

I never believed in the supernatural.

Joey “Bologna” Baldwin (yes, they call him, Bologna) was the captain of the football team at my new school, Poca High. He was also in charge of harassing the new students upon arrival as well. He stood tall and slim with the redneck equivalent of the California-surfer look. His wife-beater lay tucked under his favorite camo-jacket and his tight blue jeans completed the package. I hated him before he even spoke.

“Hey! New kid.”

I kept my face down and my books clutched to my chest. There was nothing I wanted less than a conversation with that meathead.

“You deaf, kid?” He reached out and grabbed my shoulder. “What’s your name?”

“Ryan,” I mumbled looking at him. “Now leave me alone.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to invite you to a little get-together at my place this weekend.”

I stared at him and his group of hype men and wondered what kind of joke they were trying to play on me.

“You what?” I asked.

“It’s an initiation type thing, you know?” Joey smiled, “After that, we leave you alone.”

I had no desire to be initiated, but I also had no desire in being harassed every day for the remainder of my stay at this, God-forsaken, school. I considered my options, and with a defeated sigh I replied, “What time?”

His friends erupted into barbaric cheers, fist bumping and high-fiving each other. I felt like I was a cast member on some shitty MTV reality show.

“Friday night, my place, my parents are out of town for the weekend.” He grinned.

“What is this initiation?”

“You’ll see,” he looked over his shoulder to his friends who were all laughing. “Hope you don’t scare easy.”

I don’t scare easy, but the way he and his friends were acting made me doubt my own fear tolerance. Over the next few days I asked a few kids if they knew what the initiation was all about, but no one would say a word. It was apparently something that everyone knew about though because on Friday people started wishing me luck. My mind started telling me this was a bad idea, and my heart was trying to leave my chest and flee the scene. I sat on the school bus on my way home thinking of all the things it could be. Nothing had prepared me for that night. Nothing could have.

I arrived at Joey’s house around 9:00p.m and knocked on the door. His home was tucked away in a wooded area (much like every other house in this town) under an overcast of hanging trees. I must admit it was a nice house. The door opened and there stood Mr. Joey Bologna wearing his school issued, Poca “Dot” sweatpants—yeah, the high school mascot is the Dots, how stupid—and a plain white t-shirt. He placed his right hand on my shoulder and gripped it tight, “I didn’t think you’d show.”

“Well, I did.”

“Hey, the new kid showed up.” He screamed into the house. I heard a few hoots-and-hollers over the country music that was blaring from the kitchen. I felt like I was in a shitty horror movie like Deliverance meets Scream or something.

“Wanna beer?” Joey asked me.

“Sure,” I said. I may as well get drunk if I’m going to have to deal with these assholes for the night.

“Hey Danny, throw me a Natty, bro.”

Danny was one of the offensive linemen on the football team. He weighed about three-hundred and forty pounds and was wearing his football jersey with the same Poca Dot sweatpants.

Joey caught the beer and tossed it to me. I pulled the tab and had to immediately drink the beer that started spewing from the top.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” The mob chanted.

An hour passed and I felt the mood shifting. Everyone started whispering to themselves and looking at me which made me uncomfortable. I was starting to become intoxicated.

Why was everyone staring at me?

“It’s time for initiation people!” Joey entered the room with an empty black sack.

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Mr. Perfect (ft. Suga)
  • School theme
  • Word count: 2251

Scenario about Suga being a sub teacher for your class and your teasing each other and it ends in sex

Originally posted by chan-lay

Coming into a classroom and hearing all of the girls gasp is not something you were used to, that’s why you suddenly became interested this one particular day. You’ve never been the type to pay much attention to school and everyone around has already had a chance to experience it themselves, whether they were teachers or students. Affairs barely caught your attention and gossips just weren’t your style, not even mentioning the actual classes.

This one day you were heading to your music class; just as bored as always and caught a glimpse of a strange circle of girls letting out weird noises.
‘What’s going on?’ You tapped a girl’s shoulder, making her turn to you.

‘There’s a sub teacher for our music class and he looks like a nice bae.’

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Sneak preview of what the Mystery SkullsAcademy Building may or may not look like. The building itself is a mix of architecture ranging from the styles depicted in Soul Eater’s DWMA, Casper’s Scare School, Lewis’ Mansion from the Episode “Ghost”, and buildings built between the late 1800s and early 1900s. There are only 2 stories shown (3 if you count the attic), but there are other floor levels below ground, cellars, which extend more than 6 feet under *ba dum chhh* the final rendering will be sure to have its main color palette borrowed from Lewis’ mansion, as the school was built with the help of Lewis. The large heart at the top does have a purpose, but that purpose will be revealed in the comic when the time is right. For now, please enjoy the line art of the building!

So this is essentially the standard north-facing view of the Temple (I think it’s North-facing lol) since the Main Entrance is due West.

I’m working on some doodles for the Room of a Thousand Fountains for my Kenobi Twins AU (basically, semi-important sites to Obi-Wan and Adara) and will likely work on others like the Archives and even their rooms with their respective Masters.

And just so you know, I did some math for the size of the Temple on Coruscant - it’s approximately 640 thousand meters squared. That is almost as big as the size of the Forbidden City in China if any of your are curious. It’s bigger than Vatican City.

The actual standard design of the Temple that we get is actually pretty simple, it doesn’t go below the ground level entrance for the Temple which are basically on the new surface of Coruscant. Coruscant’s natural surface however is a long way down from where most of its buildings and such start at. So I decided to add some stuff heh.

This is actually due to @deadcatwithaflamethrower and her Re-Entry behemoth tbh. I figured that there would be sections of the Original Temple below the new entrances built after the Temple got razed and rebuilt, hence why the chamber with the Well Spring in it (which is connected to the giant funnel of mountain rock basically sitting in the middle of the Temple) is located so far down. Also, I figure that accommodations and classrooms would have been relatively close together in this Old Temple which was probably larger than the current Temple, but not as high (basically they went for distance over height which makes sense in a way).

Also, if that Force Nexus is literally rock (which I think it is btw), then it stands to reason that the Temple would be built around it, spiralling out around it, like an organically growing city. Then, with the Old Temple destroyed by the Sith, the new Temple essentially concentrated itself in around the same area but built upwards like the rest of Coruscant was.

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So, you all remember the amiibo store hack house (and others) back in October right? Well the creator of those ACHHD houses has contacted me again with his latest design. And there is a lot to it! You can walk outside the house boundaries, see several stacked, glitched and overlapping items, and run around above and below the normal ground level. Code: 0601-5715-141

Note: If you visit and find yourself stuck, remember you can close the ratings sheet and pick up you character if you walk back towards the house. ;]

Buried Under The Museum Is A Room Full Of Skulls

Found 2 floors below ground level, past 3 secure doors requiring various levels of clearance from security and curatorial staff, lies the Antler Room, one of of the most fascinating spaces at the Museum. Beyond the camps and VIPs, the only people who get to visit this area are the researchers that manage it and study within it. 

The Antler Room, which is really just a separate sealed off room within the bigger mammalology collection, features a vast selection of head gear and skulls from mammals ‘round the world. But that’s not all. If you remember the old ROM and the detailed dioramas that lined the 2nd floor of the west wing, many of those animals now inhabit the Antler Room. The zebra, lion, chimps and more. Boxed and wrapped up for their next turn on display.

By @kironcmukherjee. Last update: November 30, 2015.