I won’t admit it
                                                                                         I miss you
                                                                                                                                                                        So very much…

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a day in the life of spark: dabs when he wakes up in the morning. goes upstairs and says good morning to his beloved mother who has made him smiley face pancakes. smiles at strangers on the street and whistles obnoxiously while catching pokemon. stubs his toe and cries. takes over a gym. dabs 5x. makes goofy faces at candela and blanche. goes home. dabs. goes to sleep

Beloved Mother

It has been 12 days since you left this physical world, mama. My heart still aches for you. And I have made a garden of your grave with all your favourite flowers.

But I long for one of your hugs, I’d give anything for one more. I long to kiss your cheek, your forehead, your hands and feet and to tell you that you are loved beyond measure. What a gift it was to be born of you. You gave me such joy and love, and without you I feel such sorrow in my heart.

You are free now, I know, of all the pain you endured for years. You are the strongest woman I know. It is my wish to be like you, you were full of love and so selfless, you were there for everyone that needed you.

Thank you for all that you gave and did for me. You were my angel on earth.

And now you are a part of everything that ever was. And. You are my eternal light.

I will love you forever.

Yours lovingly,

your daughter Mimi

O Muslim sisters

O Muslim women, How can you not be beautiful ? Your honour is protected , your dignity is preserved. You are not a morsel of societies sick and twisted desires. You’re not a prop around a mans neck to sport and show off. O Muslim sister, if only you knew the status you had ! Allah adorned us with rights, protection , preservation of modesty , protection of annoyance regards of body and beauty , and even made Us a means to enter Jannah whether she is daughter , a wife or a mother. My beloved sister, do not follow shaytans footsteps. Do not allow for him to make you feel less of yourself! Surely Allah has given you that which no women has on the face of the earth. Therefore, O noble Muslim lady, do not let a world getting Darker by the day persuade you to dishonour yourself for their whims! May Allah keep us steadfast on the straight path!

Arm prosthetic pt. 2

2 / 2

Words: 2046

A/N: This is the last part of this fic. I hope you enjoyed it! I might write an epilogue but I can’t promise.


Almost four in the morning. Fareeha had a nightmare of being left behind by her beloved mother so many years ago. She sat up and stared out through the open window. The sky was clear, countless stars shined. Some shined even brighter than the other or the future from this ridiculous situation. Omnic attack there, omnic attack here. When would this hell end?

The black hair woman’s mind went through these kind of question when she heard someones were talking in front of her room. Their talking was interrupted by the monitor which showed how Fareeha’s heart beat and how she took her breath. She wasn’t able to hear all the words clearly but she managed to hear them roughly.

“Have you heard that?” asked a man his colleague with deep and knurled voice. Maybe he was Dannish because of hs accent.

“I’ve seen and heard everything since I was transported from Lyon, France. What is it now?” the other doctor was a woman with literal French accent. What did she know?

“I heard that dr. Ziegler has a crush on this Soldier 76.”

“You mean she has a crush on the saviour of Spain?” questioned the man as she put money into the coffee machine and pressed the button.

The machine sounded like it was about to blow up. Fareeha couldn’t hear anything, even the information she needed. After a minute the machine started to make coffee again as the old man put his coins into that. It was horrible. Listening to this at four in the fucking morning. But they needed coffee to make sure they would not fall asleep during operation or physical examination.

Before they headed their offices or to outside Fareeha caught something useful. The woman sighed loudly.

“But I’m sure she hasn’t said this yet, after all I completely see her falling in love with someone else.” she remarked to the old man.

The Dannish doctor maybe was in shock. They stopped talking and walked away from the machine.

Silence followed. The only sound Fareeha heard was her monitor.

Oh, so this is it, she thought. She wondered who was the lucky person. Maybe somebody else but not her. Even Jack would be proud because he got a wonderful woman.


Fareeha had had chrush on her since at the first sight! It was a love at the first sight. That sight when their eyes met, the hopeless and the hopeful, the warm ones with the cool ones. Man, Fareeha would never forget that one glance of hers. Curiousity, understanding with a little worry in Angela’s.

Why was she worried? About the first impression? Maybe she was scared?

Fareeha hadn’t known this since they met. She always wanted to ask about it but when they had the opportunity someone always distracted or something. One of the most embarrassing distraction where they had a great time at a pub, drinking coctails, wine, shots or beer, but there was two problems. The first one was 76, he was in the pub as well being with his friends. The other was Angela couldn’t handle that much alcohol as Fareeha, so she got drunk. She was speaking about everything, everyone, even in German.

The Egyptian, middle-aged woman didn’t know what to say or to do with the Swiss doctor until she mentioned that one problem she had noticed. Angela was way too drunk to think properly and she started talking about Jack, about how awesome he was, how handsome for his age, and how she could marry him. Not even close to the subject Fareeha wanted to talk about.

When Angela fell asleep, Fareeha took her home in the middle of the night, fighting her tears back. On that night she realized she had feelings for that woman who was five years older than she was. Her heart just broke.

She had gotten distant from her since the pub night. Fareeha hadn’t spoken to her until now.

“You got up early, didn’t you?” A tender voice was spoken up in the doorway, the lady was leaning to it. Angelic smile on her face but her eyes reflected tiredness.

“I had a nightmare.” Fareeha responded dryly to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Angela’s smile diappeared, walked toward to the bed and sat down on the edge. Angela’s soft hand touched Fareeha’s rough one. She sighed. “I know you’re upset about the past, but she was brave and fearless. She’d be proud of you. And I kno-”

“You know nothing why am I sad or distant.”

“Then tell me what is it!” Angela shouted and a teardrop rolled down on her cheek. “I’m fed up with your stupid game, Pharah.” she cried. Cried because she was exhausted and angry.

Everone called her Pharah, except Mercy, a.k.a Angela. She always called her by her real name or she gave her some nickname. Why didn’t she do it as well?

“Do you remember when we went out for a drink?” Fareeha asked quietly.

Angela nodded.

“You were drunk. And you started to talk about your former partner. Like, he was so handsome and nice and why he had to die.” She shook her head. “I still have that one problem or should I say that is just a simple question.” She bit her lower lip.

Angela looked at her in questioningly. She waited as long as she wanted to take. She would wait until the sun set down. But their time had price. The last and painful operation was coming.

Angela had spoken up before Fareeha could. “I remember what I said back then, and I’m truly sorry about that. I know what you asked but I can’t answer that why I looked at you with such a worrying expression.” She wiped off her tears. “Until now. I was worried about you. How would you react if you find out your mother disappearance.”

“So you knew that…” Fareeha looked away from Angela. “Why didn’t you warned me about my mother? Why have you been hiding this fact? Just why?!” Fareeha shouted at Angela, turned her head back.

“First of all,” Angela looked hard into the young woman’s eyes, “do not yell at me, I’m not in the right mood to start fighting with you. I’m tired and I have to be calm to attach your prosthetic succesfully. Second, I’ve not known that before Ana told me. She wanted you to be safe from the harm you could cause in yourself.” The blonde woman cupped her friend’s face. “And I did it well. You haven’t done anything stupid yet.” Angela put her forhead on Fareeha’s.

Fareeha looked into those ice cold eyes. They told Fareeha there was no need to worry.

“And I - “

“And you what?!” Fareeha was pissed off. “You love heartbreak every person you met?”

“No! Of course not! I just love y- “

“The room is ready, doctor!” Said an assistant in the doorway. They had already worn a mask and a pair of gloves.

The two women were still in position. Fareeha felt her head heaten up by this unexpected turn. She still looked into those eyes but in embarrasment. Angela’s head was deep red. The younger woman could see her doctor’s whole body was in red scheme. It made her laugh a bit just on the inside.

The assistant froze. They didn’t know what to do or say. They just left the room without any comment.

Silence again, just the monitor’s sound.

The sun had already risen up. Its shine shone through the window, light up the room. Everything was in yellow and orange. Outside the streetlamps shut down their lights, gave the sun’s room.

The adults hadn’t been moving since the interuption. Their no-talking-to-her was a pain in this time. Deafening slince was the worst.

Fareeha held her friend’s hands and took them off of her face. She looked at the monitor which showed her heart rating was as high as a bird in the sky. She blushed.

“Uh, weren’t they told you the op room is ready?” She told to the doctor in silent and shaky voice.

The blonde hadn’t said anything until she realized she was blushing hard enough someine could call her she had a fever and her hands were shaking. Angela took deep breaths before she could say anything. “Ah, yes, they were! So, are you ready?” asked.

“Yes!” Fareeha said in Arabic and saluted to the doctor.

Angela laughed awkwardly as she stood up and prepared her friend.

The only sound they were hearing the pain of scream. It was so loud even they stuffed Fareeha’s mouth with something - it didn’t work. She shrieked, grasped a nurse hand, her body twitched every time she felt sudden pain. The morphine-based drug dose they injected wasn’t enough. At least, Angela thought it.

They had been there almost for four hours but it felt like it was even more than that. This unending operation, not fading shrills and the heat was bothering too - it didn’t help wipe off the sweat in every minutes the doctors requested.

“Hold on, Fareeha! Just one more push and you’re free.” Angela informed the screaming patient.

As she said it one of the other doctor did it. They pushed the last piece of the prosthetic’s base. It was on Fareeha’s left shoulder, it took whole, covered the whole shoulder in steel. Fareeha had yelled once again before she passed out, her heart rating dropped and her breath slowed down.

All the people in the room tried to bring her back with more or less chance. Fareeha felt numb all over her body, not knowing her life was in danger. All she could see was her body outside and the others trying. It scared her but it didn’t last one minute and she was in her body again - feeling the pain.

The group of doctors and nurses were busy to hold Fareeha in life. They brought in the arm, connected all the cords, which served as nerves, and screwed it to its places.

“May I offer you to move your left little finger?” Asked Angela, worrying if they put the arm on to its right place.

Fareeha groaned in pain, shut her eyes. She tried to move her pinkie finger but it refused to move. She went once again, collected all her mental strenght to move it. The little finger managed to move a little bit.

Everyone relieved. Two nurses stayed to put an end to its madness the rest of them left, even doctors who helped Angela. They injected pain killer and other important vaccines.

Fareeha was tired. She just lied there. Beside tiredness she felt sleepy. It exhausted her. She murmured if it was okay went to sleep and then she was in deep sleep.

Angela stroked the black hair. It was nice and soft. She wondered what kind of shampoo or balm did she use. Or did she use both? If yes, then what order did she use them.

She couldn’t help herself it distracted from the actual work. The nurses didn’t bat an eye for them just making their duty to clean up. Put away the already cleaned gadgets and push Fareeha back to her room. Angela followed them.

When the two nurses had left, Angela stayed and sat down on a stool next to Fareeha’s bed. As she watched her sleeping, her head got heavier. She let herself falling onto the bed edge and fell asleep of weariness.

“I love you, Schatz.” She murmured in her sleep.

Fareeha somehow could hear that and she started to smile. Reached out to her friend’s hand and grabbed it.

They slept like this until someones woke them up and these strangers were their firends, gasping and ooh-ing at them. They made fun of the two women, like, how cutie pie they were, or how they acted like a married couple.

Angela got up and chased them away with anger. She had enough of them being such a child.

Some of them stayed and talked to Fareeha, who was glad they weren’t stupid. Those friends brought her flowers and food from her favourite place. After half hour later they left her alone to recover in no time.


(originally uploaded April 15th, 2016)

After the intro, the song’s melody turns into that of “Bonetrousle”/”Nyeh Heh Heh!” from Undertale. (The joke being that their melodies are similar.) Keep in mind that the previous rip claimed to be a version of “Bonetrousle” but was actually “Unfounded Revenge”, completely unaltered.

At 0:22, the song begins to cover “Beloved Tomboyish Daughter” - Cirno’s theme from Touhou. (This may reference the fangame series Touhou Mother.)

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How about "A mark that matches, sometimes like a puzzle piece to someone else, and grows hotter the closer they are to you" with Connor?

Bow and Arrow

Raising my left hand to my face, I gazed at the mark that seemed like a tattoo on the back of my hand. An arrow. It was the mark that bonded my soulmate and I together. The signs of being close to that person didn’t come to light yet. I’ve heard from my beloved mother the mark will start to burn like a furnace when the two of you get closer and closer together. But, it has been years since she told me that, now I run a store in the middle of the Frontier. I see hunters or small animals everyday, preparing for the Winter however they can, which was rapidly approaching. More often than not, the hunters stop by to sell the skin and meat. They were very kind, saying please and thank you, unlike Boston or New York. It almost seemed like everyone was family here, except the rival hunters who took our game. They knew who’s territory they were on, and they didn’t care, they were here for the fresh prey. I sighed as I started to close up shop, night was approaching and I didn’t want to be caught outside with a bear. But, as I was putting away the furs for tomorrow, the mark had started to grow hotter, dangerously hot, just like Mom described. It also started glowing a light brown. Who are they? I thought, closing the door to the storage. A gentle knocking disturbed my thoughts, making me jolt in slight fear. “I’ll be there in a moment!” I called, finding my gloves to block out the glowing. The mark grew hotter and hotter as I reached the door, almost to the point where I cringed. My hand turned the door knob, opening the red oak door to receive a very tight hug.

“I’ve finally found you.” I gasped at the calming voice this man had, as if we were apart for years. My arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly, a happy grin spreading across my face.

“You’re my soulmate?” I whispered, finding relief as he nodded. We both pulled back from the embrace, looking each other in the eyes. His dark chocolate eyes was calming to look at, the gentleness in them was something I had dreamt about.

“Where’s your mark?” He asked, holding my shoulders with the utmost care. My fingers were crawling with excitement, taking the gloves off to show him the arrow. It glowed brighter as I revealed it to him. “It is true, you are the one!” He grinned, running his thumb over the mark.

“And where’s your mark?” I asked, looking up into his brown hues once again.

“Here.” He raised his right hand so it was in front of me. The bow that connected us was there, clear as day, on his palm. “What’s your name?”

“(Y/N). I suppose you’re the new hunter everyone’s talking about, Connor.” The man nodded, interwining his fingers with mine. “What’s your real name? I can tell you’re Native American.” He chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton. I was born in Kanatahséton, Mohawk Valley.” Nodding my head, I lead him outside, shutting the door and locking it.

“I’m sure your home is far from here, care to stay in my place?” I suggested, seeing him nod his head with a loose smile. “They sound like nice people, I’m sure you’re doing everything you can to protect them.” His grip tightened a bit on my hand, looking off to the side to gaze at the trees around the small town.

“I’m trying to keep them safe from the Revolution. They are all very good people.” I too tightened my grip, looking down at the path in front of me.

“I’m sure you will succeed, Ratonhnhaké:ton.”

Deadline first reported that Brooklyn’s John Crowley has been set to direct the movie adaptation of The Goldfinch, the Pulitzer Prize-winning bestseller written by Donna Tartt. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy’s writer Peter Straughan penned the script.

The story focuses on Theo Decker, a thirteen-year-old New Yorker who survives an accident that kills his beloved mother. Abandoned by his father and unable to mesh in the elite social circle after he’s taken in by a wealthy friend, Decker stays connected to his mother through a small painting that eventually draws him into the art underworld. 

                                                                                                                              Real Name: Wynne Jamous
Age: 21
Nationality: Canada

At the age of sixteen, Wynne and her mother were involved in an heavy car-accident, that was caused by omnics, beeing out of control. Her mother already died at the place of accident, while her daughter could be saved, not without paying a bitter price: Beeing condemned to live without her arms and one leg, Wynne was bound on an wheelchair, feeling nothing more than bitterness and sorrow about the death of her beloved mother.

Searching for a solution to save his daughter from despair and depression, her father, also well known as an famous omnic scientist, built an kind of robotic construction, that replaced her arms and her missing leg. After some years of healing process and physiotherapy, the girl was able to walk again.

Remembering the kindness of her mother and the imagination about a peacful time, Wynne vowed herself, that she would do everything to etablish the peace between Omnics and Humanity.

Wynjas bodyparts like her arms and her right foot is replaced by omnic-technology.Beeing able to withstand a fight, her father designed an fight-construction, compatible with her new arms, that is saving energy in its core and convert it to laserbeams. She is able to shoot through her hands and also through her right foot.

Omnics & Overwatch © Blizzard
Artwork & Character © schl4fmuetze                


About the Game

Safe Haven is a first-person experience that takes place shortly after a disastrous outbreak. You will play as Elizabeth and embark on a journey. She lost her parents, and is completely alone. However, she won’t let this world beat her without a fight; so she chooses to fulfill her beloved mother’s last wish… “Find him.”

About the Developers

Infinitude Studios is an independent game development company that has a passion for all kinds of games. While our goal is to develop great games that fans will love, we also want to become a positive influence within the gaming community. One of our main priorities, aside from making great games, is to constantly grow as a team and become more knowledgeable in our craft.

Infinitude Studios Official Website

YouTube Channel

Steam Concept Page



Thomas May’s Style: Put Your Head Down and Get to Work

This is a gender flip of this New York Times article - seems unlikely they would have started the piece about how parents dying made one closer to their spouse, if this was written about a man. A lot of other little gems in there too, including a sentence about how “he lives for his work and his wife” and this: “Mr. May has been compared to Chancellor Abe Merkel of Germany – both sons of Protestant clergymen, both with quiet, private wives, both without children, both hardworking and rather distant.”

Thomas May has been sworn in as Britain’s second male prime minister. 

LONDON — His beloved mother, an Anglican vicar, died in a car crash when he was 25, after he had been married only a year, and his father, who had multiple sclerosis, died a few months later. For Thomas May, a cherished only child, the shock was devastating.

It brought him even closer to his wife, Phillis, two years younger, whom he had met at Oxford, at a Conservative Party disco. They bonded over cricket and silly university debates, like the one where Phillis induced him to speak for the motion “That sex is good… but success is better.”

Both became bankers, and Mr. May threw himself into the Conservative politics that had entranced him since the age of 12, when he liked to argue with his mother, and she asked him, in order to maintain neutrality in her parish, not to parade his Tory colors in public.

“Politics captured me,” Mr. May said in 2014. “That sounds terribly trite,” he said, but “I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to be part of the debate.”

On Wednesday, Mr. May, 59, became Britain’s prime minister, the last adult standing after other senior members of his party — the clever younger women from Britain’s elite schools, like his predecessor, Daphne Cameron — schemed each other out of contention.

For Mr. May, only Britain’s second male prime minister, it is a job he never publicly acknowledged wanting, until Ms. Cameron, bluff and self-confident, pushed her luck once too often, lost the referendum on keeping Britain in the European Union and quit.

Mr. May, who had been home secretary, is considered “a safe pair of hands,” not flashy and even dull, who seems to be a candidate of continuity. But the country’s dire circumstances may demand more. And Mr. May, a traditional economic and social conservative in many respects, has signaled a desire to give his party a new focus on the need to build a fairer society.

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Kaname couldn’t help thinking of his earliest memory of Ai, of the baby, so warm and soft in his hands; a life that he hadn’t thought possible.

The king gave his daughter a smile, reaching a hand out and lifting her chin to look into his eyes, so she could see the honesty. “I do not tell you nearly enough, my dear. But you remind me nothing of your mother, or any Kuran to ever come before you. As regal and promising as you are, my dear. You are a Kuran all your own.

●▬๑۩۩๑▬▬● Upon hearing the monarch’s words Ai almost got into a hypnotic state of profound cogitation. He didn’t know the significance that had for her. The Infanta had meticulously delineated a goal and would do her utmost to achieve it.

[“My father.– ”] Uttered, offering him a pulchritudinous smile. It was impossible not to feel nostalgia and longing for her beloved mother. The matriarch’s absence was irreplaceable. [“I promise I’ll do everything to honor you.– I want you to be proud of me one day.”] She added, cordially grabbing the king’s hand. @kurxn

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Teaser Trailer: Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel Dive Back Into Their Banter

For months “Gilmore Girls” fan have been waiting patiently to find out when they will get to see Lorelai and Rory back in action. Now, Netflix has announced the official premiere date for “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” with a special teaser trailer.

While the seasons may change, some things never will. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel reunite to reprise their beloved roles of the mother-daughter, gabbing duo in this Netflix special. “A Year In The Life” includes four 90-minute chapters, each spanning one of the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

READ MORE: ‘Gilmore Girls’: Watch New Footage of Alexis Bledel As Rory In Michelle Obama’s Literacy Video


TCA members got a sneak peek at the first two minutes of the premiere episode, and it was all about the famous back-and-forth patter.

Starting with Lorelai sitting on the iconic gazebo alone, sipping coffee, she was soon joined by her daughter Rory, fresh from a plane trip home — and how fresh she looked was all her mom could talk about. She told Rory how she should look and sound awful after being jammed into a “tin can” flying through the sky, “but instead, you look perfect.”

“How long’s it been?” Lorelai said.

“Feels like years,” Rory replied, nodding to the time that has passed since they last played the characters.

When asked what it was like to go back to Stars Hollow, Graham said, “It was easy [and] exhilarating. […] It brought me back to the first time I played this part, and I couldn’t believe I got to do it again.”

“It really felt like no time had passed,” Bledel added. “It’s all on the page.”

The writers agreed, as Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino praised Netflix for resurrecting the series.

“It’s really just there to tell stories,” Sherman-Palladino said, noting how she was excited about not writing for commercials about “soap and tampons” anymore.

“When it hit Netflix, a whole new generation came up to us and started talking to us about the show,” Palladino said. “We pitched exactly what it ended up as: four, 90-minute chapters.”

But is this the end, or will there be more “Gilmore Girls” after these new episodes? No one would say.

“This is what it is,” Sherman-Palladino said. “We put this together, we told these stories, and we put them back out into the universe.”

Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who executive produces, writes and directs the four parts with Daniel Palladino, the series sees the return of most of its original cast including Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Yanic Truesdale, Kelly Bishop and Rory’s love interests played by Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Czuchry.   

“Gilmore Girls” debuted in 2000 and ran for seven seasons, ending in 2007. At the end of the series, Rory left her hometown of Stars Hollow to join a political campaign and begin her life as a journalist. The revival will pick up years later, catching fans up with everything that has happened with the Gilmore women.

READ MORE: ‘Gilmore Girls’: Netflix Reveals Official Poster and Revival Title

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” will premiere globally on Netflix on November 25. Check out the teaser below.

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Ven stared helplessly at the small grave marker, his expression blank. He knelt down onto one knee, brushing the dust off the small grave.

Here lays a beloved mother, cherished by her family and all those she helped.

“If they cared, why the hell am I only cleaning your grave each year?” He hissed, his voice brittle. It pained him to come here, in the isolated cemetery where the dead laid peacefully. It became a ritual, each year to clean off her grave when dust and overgrowth started appear, nature trying to reclaim the place. Maybe it was more proper to let nature take her but a part of him didn’t want that. He furiously plucked each weed that grew over it, a stinging sensation in his eyes.

“Dammit… Don’t cry. I don’t need this shit now…” He quickly wiped at his eyes, glaring at the traitorous tears on the back of his palm.

“I will always love you, Vincent. My precious son…”

He could feel her embrace, the gentle arms wrapping around his shoulders. He paused, his hands digging into the soil, tears streaming down his face. Teeth clenched, he bowed forward, his forehead pressing against the cold stone. “Dammit, mom… Why did you leave me… I can’t handle this by myself. I don’t know what to do. Help me… please. I can’t do it alone.” A desperate plea.

                             ❝    P.J!!    ❞   she   runs   when  she  sees  her  big  sister                leaps   away  from  her  beloved  mother  to  wrap  herself  around  prudence’s  legs  as  tightly  as  she  can  while  her   parents   giggle  in  the  background.   ❝    i  missed  you!!    ❞

@prudcnce  //  liked  for  a  starter!!

Reese Witherspoon Slips Back Into 'Legally Blonde' Bikini -- and Looks Better Than Ever

All those bend and snaps are really paying off!

Reese Witherspoon went all out for Legally Blonde’s 15th anniversary on Wednesday, and proved that after all these years, Elle Woods’ teeny pink bikini is still a perfect fit!

In the movie, Elle wears the scantily-clad swimsuit for a video she’s making to get into Harvard University’s law school.

WATCH: A Look Back at All the Lessons We Learned From Elle Woods

That wasn’t the only costume  the 40-year-old actress tried on for her fans. Witherspoon also modeled her bunny suit and several pink ensembles, in addition to reciting lines from the movie on both her Snapchat and Instagram.

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed,” she recited while dressed as her beloved character.

The mother of three also tried on the dress Elle wore when she had her date with Warren and thought he was going to propose.


After a big day going down memory lane, Witherspoon had a message for her followers. “Wow, what a day!!!! Thank you all so much for celebrating 15 years of #LegallyBlonde with me. I had a blast! #LegallyBlonde15,” she Instagrammed.

In celebration of the beloved comedy’s anniversary, ET found our interview with Witherspoon when she talked about Legally Blonde when she just 24 years old. “The whole movie is sort of a play on ‘dumb blondes’ and how when a person looks a certain way, you perceive them as being sort of stupid,” she told ET on set in 2000.

WATCH: Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Brilliant Ideas for Legally Blonde 3

Here’s a look at the interview, which proves that Witherspoon doesn’t age!

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