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The thing that bothers me about (m/b)illionaires being praised for donating to charity, is that they aren’t going to miss that money? They could downsize on their cost of living to even just moderately wealthy, and then give the rest of it away - and still live comfortably. Like JKR might not be a billionaire anymore, but she still has an enormous amount of money? I just feel like sometimes the praise is so overdone.


A collection of drawings of my new ocs Sasha and Sacha ;D

Some info on them: They were robot “twins” purchased to be bodyguards for “the boss” and her beloved nephew Tom. When she introduced the robots to her nephew she told him their model numbers Sascha 003 and Sascha 004, and since he was a child at the time he misunderstood and thought both of their names were Sascha. So they were then officially named Sasha (the girl) and Sacha (the boy). Sasha and Sacha lived many years with them until a virus swept through the world, causing robots to turn on humans and kill them. The twins were unaffected since the virus was passed through the internet and they were illegal robots to begin with and were not allowed to connect with the internet. The virus eventually gets suppressed and all human-like robots are officially outlawed. Tom panics, thinking his aunt will turn them in so he runs away with Sasha and Sacha.

I’ve got mORE I COULD SAY but I’ll stop with that ;D I think i want to do kind of a mini comic series with them? i’ll be tagging all stuff as “project sascha” if you want to keep up with it :DD

The moon is a nonbinary lesbian in a long distance relationship, calling to her beloved gf, the ocean. She shines especially on wlw, because she loves them and wants them to be healthy and strong and love themselves.

The sun is a gay trans man who’s always trying to warm his bf, the earth, and protect mlm on Earth with warm kisses, but sometimes he gets too excited and burns/tans them.

The moon and sun are the only true symbols of wlw/mlm solidarity.


“Don’t disrespect Marilyn like this”: Fans tweet after Kendall Jenner channels Monroe

  • Marilyn Monroe was known for her icy blonde curls, her wide hips and hourglass figure. She was known for her airy voice and biting wit. She was beloved and admired the world over for her sensitivity and strength.
  • But when Love magazine, a U.K. fashion glossy, decided to enlist a model to channel her for a flirty new video, even lip-syncing some of her most iconic lines, they opted for a model who is neither blonde nor armed with an hourglass figure, a model who’s not known for her airy voice or biting wit. Read more. (3/28/17, 10:01 AM)
Landlock our land? Disrespect a solemn event in our lives...... Lose A TON of money.

This is going to be a long one so feel free to scroll down to the TL/DR.

My mother in law inherited approximately 50 acres of land seated by beautiful, well known lake. She recalls memories of camping, fishing, swimming, and having wonderful times with her (now deceased) brother and family. When she and her brother had children, they continued this tradition and created memories that my husband, to this day, fondly remembers.

Her land was located about 5 miles from the main highway and you have to drive through another property owner’s land to get to the land. They never had a problem going to and from her property when the previous owners owned the land.

In 1995, a local family purchased the land that led into the family property. The current land owner (who will now be known as “SOB”) told my husband that they could no longer enter my MIL’s land. My husband basically begged the land owner for access to the family property. He even volunteered to pay a yearly fee to be able to drive through an easement to get there. The SOB was adamant. NO.

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A new girl at work said she didn’t like Chris Evans, especially because of his hairy chest in What’s Your Number? and I don’t remember what happened after that I must’ve blacked out but you guys can vouch for my whereabouts the past 4 hours, right? RIGHT?!?


TARGARYEN WEEK | day i - one queen: Alysanne Targaryen

Queen Alysanne Targaryen, known as Good Queen Alysanne, was the queen consort of her brother, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Alysanne was a dragonrider whose mount was Silverwing. Alysanne was well loved throughout the Seven Kingdoms, being both beautiful and high-spirited, as well as charming and keenly intelligent She was beloved by the smallfolk of Westeros, loving them in return, and she was renowned for her charities. She had great influence over Jaehaerys, as she was his most trusted counselor. She convinced him to abolish the lord’s right to the first night. 

The Dead Romans Society - Dads & daughters

  1. Tullia and Cicero: Tullia, or Tulliola, as Cicero affectionately used to call her, was Cicero’s beloved daughter. She is constantly mentioned in his letters to his family members and to Atticus, in which Cicero shows a deep heartfelt love for her and describes her as a sweet, good natured girl. When she died prematurely after a pregnancy in 45 BC he was devastated by the grief; in one of his letters to Atticus he wrote “I have lost the one thing that bound me to life”.
  2. Perilla and Ovid: One of the many elegiac epistles Ovid sends from his exile in Tomis is addressed to Perilla (Tristia 3.7), a girl Ovid had tutored since her childhood and a poetess. Ovid talks of her showing paternal affection (he uses, for example, expressions like “utque pater natae”, “(I’ve been to you) like a father to his daughter”), but it is unclear whether she was an actual adoptive daughter or just a particularly beloved pupil, most likely the daughter of a (woman) friend of his. What is clear is that Ovid deems her a very talented poet, and that to him she was as dear as a daugher, regardless of family bonds.
  3. Erotion and Martial: Some of the saddest epigrams by Martial (Ep. 5.34, 5.37 and 10.61) talk abouta little girl, most likely the child of some of the house servants, who died at the age of five. Although the poem is short, it sounds sincerely heartfelt.

Star Trek — WonderTrev AU (Series)

Star Date 2265. Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, protector of mankind lives to see humans evolve beyond war. Born a goddess more than 4,500 years ago, Diana did her part to rid the Earth of invasion during an age when they were most vulnerable. Now she travels to distant galaxies to live among peoples who are stranger to her than man was the first time she sailed to their shores. Some humble her with advanced understandings of peace. Others cling to war, so she must carry sword and shield.

The gods lead her to an unoccupied planet so alike Themyscira she aches. There, she establishes a society of New Amazons. Women-spirited lifeforms from all corners of the universe make their home there. They elect their queens, they study ancient texts, and they fight in the style of the greatest general the Amazons have ever known. Diana is their reveared goddess of truth. She is beloved, but she is held apart. 

The Federation finds Themyscira by accident. A Klingon warship shoots down a pod ejected from the starship Enterprise. Diana rescues the lone figure inside. When she sees him, a thousand years fall away. Captain Steven Rockwell Trevor returns to her as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Steve. Jim. Instead of a book of poisons, he has a powerful crystal he must deliver before war sweeps the Federation. The differences mean little.

She knows those blue, blue eyes. Brash, honorable, self-sacrificing — he is her heart made whole again. He calls her home Paradise Planet and approaches its glowing waters with a boyish fascination. On the beach, he remindes her how to sway. Yet, even with a holo as proof, he finds it difficult to believe in reincarnation. He tells her it doesn’t matter if he can’t remember — he believes in her.

With him at her side, she leads his crew and the Amazons into battle. Ares is alive again in the body of a Klingon general. Diana almost loses her love again, but Ares’ stolen lightning hits the crystal first, giving Jim back his life as Steve. Together, they defeat the god of war for a second time. The Amazons invite their enemies to Themyscira, where they reform the war-minded. 

Diana accepts an invitation to board the Enterprise and makes a home for herself in the arms of her captain out among the stars.

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Okay so there’s this part in ACOMAF where Rhy’s talks about his parents and how they weren’t quite right for each other;

“my father and mother, despite being mates, were wrong for each other. My father was cold and calculating, and could be vicious, as he had been trained to be since birth. My mother was soft and fiery and beloved by everyone she met. She hated him after a time—but never stopped being grateful that he had saved her wings, that he allowed her to fly whenever and wherever she wished.“

And that’s sad and all but had anyone considered that they were mates purely for the fact that they produced THE most powerful high lords in Prythian’s history????!?



@xxtorchxx made this gorgeous manip and it lit a fire of inspiration in me.  She was kind and generous enough to allow me to lend my words to her perfect image.  Just bask in this brilliance for awhile.   As should go without saying, do not repost, re-use or claim this work as your own.  If you like it, use that little reblog button in the bottom right corner of the post.

A million thank-yous @xxtorchxx for your talent and creativity and for your thoughts on this little fic to complement it.  

Thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits.  As always, you elevate my work.

A note about this little fic.  Mon-El was never Kara’s boyfriend.  In this little world, he was the funny, goofy, sidekick pal we all deserved him to be.  Kara misses him and does have to deal with the loss of a friend, but he did not have the dominating presence in her life he was given in canon.

Please enjoy!

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PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;