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Idk what to call this: the fanfic

You wait outside your home in London, dressed in a stunning, albeit restrictive dress. As a Rook, this was not your usual attire. But Jacob had bought you the most expensive dress he could find. It was green velvet with gold details, the colors that represent his beloved gang.

Where was he? He had told you to wait outside your home at 8:00 on the dot, but it was quickly approaching 9:00. You sigh and shake your head.

Suddenly, a royal carriage turns onto the street. And who was driving? None other than Jacob, dressed in his best suit. You laugh as he pulls up in front of you.

“A royal carriage? Does the queen know?”

“Well, I suppose she shall find out soon enough.” He said.

“You stole a royal carriage!?” You gasp.

He tutted at you, smirking. “Borrowed, my dear. I fully intend to return it! And in one piece, as well!”

He dismounts the carriage and opens the door. He offers his hand to you to help you get inside the carriage.

“My lady.” He smiles as you take his hand. Once seated inside the carriage, he winks. “By the way, don’t open the curtains. I want to surprise you.“

Excited for what Jacob had in store for you, you quickly pull his head inside and give him a peck on his tender lips, a shiver running down your back with the passion you felt he kissed you back with. He winks at you, the master assassin’s cheeks turning ever-so-slightly red.

“Be a good girl.” He commands gently. He shuts the carriage door, leaving you in the gentle light of a flickering candle. You decide to adjust your décolletage, bringing the it scandalously low for Victorian times. Jacob had no particular interest in your breasts, but you knew it would make him blush again. And what a perfect and pure blush he had! You particularly enjoyed looking at him when he blushed. You take satisfaction in the fact that you can make notorious gang leader Jacob Frye blush like a school girl.

As you entertain this thought, the carriage comes to a stop. You wait patiently for Jacob to open the door and lead you out of the carriage. When the door finally opens, something is different about Jacob. You quickly pick up on the fact that his hair is neatly combed, and there is no sign of his usual top hat.

“Why, Sir Jacob Frye! You’ve combed your hair!” You exclaim, taking his hand.

“Indeed, I have Y/N.” He blushes as he walks you towards an empty pub. The pub is candlelit and only occupied by a handful of Rooks playing music. A table is set with your favorite food and drink, and Jacob’s favorite beer was waiting nearby.

He walks you into the pub proudly, pulls out your chair, and bows his head to you. You take a seat, and he pushes your chair back into place. He sits across from you and smiles.

A while, and a few tankards of beer later, you and Jacob are dancing merrily to the music played by a few Rooks. As another song comes to an end, you and Jacob laugh. A slow song starts up, but Jacob quickly quiets the band.

“Now why’d you do that?” You slur, giggling.

“Because… well… I have something to ask you…” Jacob blushed. Coming a bit more to your senses, you look at him. He looks back to you, and you see how anxious he looks in the firelight.

“Y-yes..?” You ask tentatively. He reaches into his pocket and slowly drops to one knee. You can hardly believe what is happening. You sober up immediately as he presents you with a ring.

“Y/N… Will you marry me?”

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❖ What is something that you regret deeply?

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There was no denying that Sensei was a storyteller.

The very first story that he wrote was about a calico cat who watches over humans. It was similar to a children’s book in its humor, in its persistence to laugh at all the wrongdoings. He wrote about humans like they were shadows, but there was this sincere breath of life to them and it turned him into the beloved author that he was to this day.

His friends at the military would hear his stories with childlike joy. He would tell them stories during his watch duty like it was nothing but a night in the campfire. The scent of burning oil filled the room while shadows of the rabbit, the owl, and the cat appeared on the wall, all made from the shapes of his hands.

He told them about home. He told them about family, about friends, about the loved ones they will come back to. Anything to keep them away from the war.

“–her name is Mei An.”

He couldn’t remember the soldier’s face. He could have been like any other ones with the silver badges adorning his chest and the rifle settled by his side. All he remembered was the picture of the child he always carried. A little girl, seven years old. She had the brightest smile he had ever seen.

“I can’t stop thinking about my daughter.” The soldier’s fingertips caressed the edge of the photograph like one would wipe tears from a child’s eyes. “In six months, it’s going to be over. The war is going to end. It has to.”

“…and why is that?” Sensei asked him.

He could see the soldier’s mind wandering. Those eyes were gentle, like a man who has found his life’s meaning. “Mei An’s birthday. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it, coming home to a wife and child? Coming home to the ones you love?”

He knew better than to share his vulnerable moments in the face of another. You’re loving a shadow, they would say. “Have you thought about what you’re going to get her? A present, maybe?”

“Oh, I’ve got something better than a present - me!”

The soldier laughed at his own joke. It was terrible, so terrible and Sensei couldn’t help but grin at it.

“I think of her, you know? I think of her when I get up in the morning. I think of her when I’m about to fight out there. I think of her when I’m laying down on the ground, when my life was about to flash before my eyes. I don’t care what will happen. I will live on for her, that’s all that matters.”

The soldier paused to look at the rifle in his arms, like he was cradling a newborn baby.

“I miss my daughter. I miss her so much,” he continued. “Do you know what frightens me? My wife wrote to me about her. She said Mei An’s sick, terribly sick. She’s warning me, she’s warning me to end this war soon. She’s warning me that Mei An is going to leave me. She’s warning me that this is going to be the last time that I will ever see my daughter again.”

He remembered bowing to him. It was a bow meant for a friend, an inspiring person - a father.

They were only humans. They live for the sake of their loved ones. They do not live for the sake of war, no matter what the blood on their hands told them. They will never be able to run from the remorse, from the loss, not until they became shadows, until they linger to remind them of what they have done.

“My friend, I wish you safe journeys. May you return home to your daughter’s side for her birthday.”

He saw his friend’s smile before the other bowed back.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

The soldier never made it home. Blood loss. Shot multiple times through the lungs. Six months later, all Mei An got for her birthday was a letter from the military about her father. She’s dead now.

Sensei needed to forget.

He should have known that it was impossible.

All the people that he met and all the people that he lost, they became shadows. He wrote about all that he had seen so terribly. The love he felt for the woman he lost, the regret he had for committing his crimes, the guilt he felt for outliving his comrades, all the wrongdoings, all of the pain - reduced to a corrupt comedy.

One night Sensei told a story about the afterlife. He told the military boys about the world had come to end and the time when all of life will wait for their final judgement.

“What have you done in your life?” He asked, deepening his voice to resemble a sentient, godly being. “What have you done with your time in the world?”

His hands formed the shapes of animals. First it was the rabbit, and then the owl, and then the cat.

“I ate and I made children,” ‘the animals’ said.

That was all that animals said. He spoke in their place, highly-pitched and silly-sounding, and he sent his storytelling audience into bouts of roaring laughter. He spoke the words, over and over, forming one shadow after another. He never failed to make them smile.

The laughter never stopped until Sensei put his fists on top of each other against the light. A shadow of a human face was seen on the wall.

“What have you done in your life?” He asked, deepening his voice to resemble a sentient, godly being. “What have you done with your time in the world?”

“I have learned.” ‘The human’ spoke. “I have learned to love and to care, to win and to lose, to feel pain and to feel pleasure, to fear and to suffer. To dream, to hope, to struggle, and to regret. I have committed many crimes. I have done terrible things, but still I cherished my time in the world. I have learned my lesson and I have passed them down to my children after me.”

There was silence before he made the sentient being speak again.

“And what happened to your children?”

He pulled his hands away. The shadows were gone. All that’s left was a man who has seen too much of everything.

“They died in the war.”

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❖ What is something that you regret deeply?

Losing all those people. 


Noctis: for my beloved Eav


Whatever Chirrut had become in his life – and without the temple he could not truly be a Guardian of the Whills; without joy and frivolity he could not be a clown and jokester among sober peers; without the Holy City he could not be a protector of his beloved world – whatever he was, he was not a warrior at heart, and the events of the day had eroded his spirit. While Baze, his brother and ward, had embraced his role with vicious resolve, Chirrut had fought and run and killed because fighting and running and killing were necessary.

Now they were necessary no longer, and he was glad.


YOI royalty AU in which 18-year-old Yuuri is the prince of the country of Yutopia, and in the year leading up to his sister’s coronation as queen, he finds his relationship with Mari deteriorating.

He doesn’t blame her - she’s under a lot of stress, taking on more of her father’s responsibilities, meeting with all the leaders of their country’s allies, finalizing all the plans for the coronation gala.

But when one particular argument goes too far, he decides to run away from home and lay low for a while until the storm passes.

Of course, he can’t stay in his own country, because literally everyone knows the face of their beloved prince.

So he goes to the neighbouring country.

Unfortunately though, his plans of laying low are thrown right out the window when, through a series of misunderstandings, he somehow finds himself the new bodyguard of crown prince Viktor Nikiforov.

By the time Yuuri realizes what’s happened, it’s too late, and he’s too embarrassed to out himself, so he plays along while frantically trying to think of a way to get out of this situation.

Several hijinks ensue as Yuuri repeatedly brings himself under suspicion by knowing too much about manners and etiquette of being in high society, and the foreign relationships and alliances between the monarchs of the different countries.

Of course, it also doesn’t help when his best friend, prince Phichit, whose country is Yutopia’s closest ally, has an audience with Viktor and almost outs Yuuri the moment he sees him at Viktor’s side.

Luckily, Phichit and Yuuri have long since mastered the art of silent communication and the moment Viktor turns away for a second to give orders to a servant to have a feast prepared, Yuuri is able to signal to Phichit that Viktor doesn’t know about him being a prince and that it has to stay that way.

Phichit finds the entire situation hilarious, but he doesn’t say anything. The mischievous smirk he directs at Yuuri does hae Viktor confused though when he turns back to look at Phichit. Phichit’s aides have long since gotten used to their prince’s antics and they decide that if he’s not saying anything about Yuuri being treated like a mere servant rather than the respect he deserves, then they probably shouldn’t mention anything either.

In the end, the jig is up when Mari sends one of her people with an invitation to her coronation for King Yakov and his two sons.

The man immediately recognizes Yuuri and right there, in front of the king and both princes, he breaks down in tears, sobbing to Yuuri that, “Your majesty!! We have been looking for you everywhere!!! Your royal parents have been sick with worry! Please return home at once!”

Everyone turns to stare at Yuuri in shock.

Yuuri just laughs awkwardly and explains that he’s actually the prince of the neighbouring kingdom haha, surprise!

There’s a long silence after that.

And Yuuri is starting to get a little worried that his actions would constitute as an act of war.

In the end, Viktor is the one to break the silence when he pulls Yuuri into his lap in a tight embrace, and turns to laugh at his father.

“Yuuri’s a prince! Take that you stupid old man!” he crows in delight. “Now there’s nothing you can do to stop me from marrying him!!”

Fics based on this au:

A Royal Victory by @a-queer-in-spaceland
In the Rough by @realisticallycynical
The Meeting by @droewyn

I dont even know why I made this. 🤹🏼‍♀️

I’m not even into Jake. 🐺

But this is what he looks like in my mind whenever everyone goes gaga over him. 😽

  • Samurai Jack: Heart-wrenching tale of a self-aware robot forced by Aku to resume his hated former life as an evil bounty hunter when he beloved dog is kidnapped, incredibly well animated, staged in a depressing noir setting, actually manages to not only make the viewer root for the technical antagonist but to also fear and hope for his survival against the hero that has an overwhelming skill and tactical advantage over the robotic villain we've grown to love
  • Samurai Jack, two episodes later: Jack tries and fails to milk an opossum in order to feed a random baby he saved from goblins

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Sanity, the light is peeking through the darkness
Purity, cant feel anymore of the stress
Sanity, Its already fading away

c̝̻̬̰̖͈̜r̝̙̣͈ú̮̻̗̘̙͓͉è͔̲͎̜̣̝̟lt͙y̭̱͓͢ͅ , there’s things controlling me


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When something goes missing, you can always recreate it by the hole it left. I know her name was Clara. I know we travelled together. I know that there was an Ice Warrior on a submarine and a mummy on the Orient Express. I know we sat together in the Cloisters and she told me something very important, but I have no idea what she said. Or what she looked like. Or how she talked. Or laughed. There’s nothing there. Just nothing. There’s one thing I know about her. Just one thing. If I met her again, I would absolutely know. 

VG Monsters! Batch 3

This post is divided in multiple pieces to not be too long.

Alice doll

Gender ratio: Neutral (They usually identify as a she)

Diet: Mp and Mana (all not necessary for survival)

Habitat requirements: A quiet and peaceful place (generally not so bright areas too), where they can sleep in peace.

Alice dolls are life-sized dolls that spend most of their existence blissfully asleep. The origins of these dolls date a few centuries back, a master toy-maker and his wife were longing for a child of their own, yet could not have any. Every time the toy-maker made a doll, he’d treat and make them with care, as if they were the beloved children he never had. One day, the dolls came to life with a wish upon a star. The toy-maker, his wife and the dolls would spend lots of time together, reading books, watching the night sky, having picnics and so on. But then, many years later, the toy-maker died alongside his wife. The two died peacefully in their sleep. Once the dolls found them, they too, went back to sleep thinking they were asleep. Hoping that they too, will join their makers in the blissful dreamland.

Attack: Once sensing someone’s presence by them being closer than four feet or hearing them, they wake up and charge at the character trying to hit them, slap them, kick them and all kinds of physical attacks. If they can no longer see of hear the character(-s), they will go back to sleep.

Drop item: Loli shoes, loli wig, loli dress, loli socks and indestructible string.(one of these randomly each time they are defeated)


Gender ratio: Unknown

Diet: The souls of the innocent and hp

Habitat requirements: Dark and spooky places. Preferably dark, misty forests and old haunted houses.

Noroi.. the spooky cousin of the Frost lasses. They love to give anyone a scare and are successful a most of the time. Their bodies are see-through, extendable an very flexible. Being able to camouflage themselves as mist and so on. They are very mischievous and rarely show themselves unless for pranks.

Attacks: They slowly seep away the character’s hp whilst giving them the spook. 

They curse the character to be very unlucky for an hour.

Drop items: Cursed halo (rare)


Gender ratio: 60% male 40% female

Diet: Unknown. they are a flying eyeball for Pete’s sake!

Habitat requirements: No sand, moist and cool places with few sharp objects.

The Dave are seasonal creatures, never seen around winter. Their wings can bring them to about 10 miles per hour. 

Why they were called Dave? Well the one who discovered them made a mistake whilst writing. Somewhere in the world there is a kid named Oculothorax. (The man mistook his childs birth certificate for the monster’s file)

Attack: Laser eye.

Drop items: Dave wings (common)

Cyclops Children

Gender ratio: 90% male 10% female

Diet: A human’s diet.

Habitats: The forest and in the woods on the road to the Demon King.

Children of cyclopes, they play around in the forest. Being fascinated by the story of Robin hood, they steal from anyone that catch their eye (ey? ey? no? okay). The girls were more fascinated with the story of cinderella, except for a few. Who went along with the little Robin hood wannabes.

Having one eye, they are not able to see in depth, making them master snipers from birth. Even with high accuracy and being good blacksmiths, they are still children.

Attack: They use bows, swords and shields. 

Drop item: basic Bow(rare), sword (rare), Shield(rare) M24 sniper rifle without scope(ultra rare)

(I forgot to name them so… yeah..)


Gender ratio: 60% male 40% female

Diet: The rich minerals of the ground, sunlight and meat.

Habitat requirements: Lots of sunlight, water and rich ground.

Leonidas are wise beings that rule over many monsters in the forest.

Attack: They are able to pounce on you and bite with their strong jaws and sharp teeth. With their roar, they are able to call for back up. Leonidas are also able to control vines.

Drop items: Leonidas Fang(rare) Flower of power(common)

Video game AU: @blogthegreatrouge