So I decided to prioritize my mental health and as I can suddenly and unexpectedly afford to do so without putting my future at stake, I’ve dropped half my classes and decided to take a semester longer to finish my MA. This consequently means that I have time to read outside of my courses/thesis again… which in turn means that I can go back to reading all the books I feel I need to read in order to go into my specialty. First up: Beloved.

I haven’t worked on any new Loki in a long time - which is a travesty. There’s so much new Tom going around I don’t even know how to keep up! Found this sweet guy partly finished in a folder, & thought he should get some attention & see the light of day.
Oh Loki………you’re still my favorite.

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Happy Birthday Toni Morrison!

Check out photographer and professor William R. Ferris’ series “Toni Morrison at Home” from 1985 courtesy of UNC-Chapel Hill Library via North Carolina Digital Heritage Center. 

Educators & students - don’t miss our primary source resources on Toni Morrison’s Beloved. 

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Em không có một nơi cụ thể nào muốn đi cùng anh. Em chỉ biết mình muốn nắm tay anh đến tận góc bể chân trời, đến cuối cuộc đời ngắn ngủi và mong manh. Nơi nào có nhau, đó là nơi em muốn đến.
—  annepooh to her beloved

so far…
lapping unseen like the turquoise
ocean waves,
and you are left…
to fathom
how it will all be…
when you meet again
Beyond everything that has to happen yet,
Your heart preserved
with brine,
of your tears, desperately waiting to flow
The dull ebbing ache inside
before it is

© SoulReserve 2016

“Go south, Fitz. To the lands past the edges of every map that Verity has ever seen. And past the edges of the maps made in those countries as well. Go south, and then east across a sea you have no name for. Eventually, you would come to a long peninsula, and on its snaking tip you would find the village were a Fool was born. You might even find, still, a mother who recalled her wormy-white babe, how she cradled me against her warm breast and sang.”

“You cannot even picture it, can you? Let me make it harder for you. Her hair was long and dark and curling, and her eyes were green. Fancy that! Of such rich colours was this transparency made.”

“And the fathers of the colourless child? Two cousins, for that was the custom of that land. One broad and swarthy and full of laughter, ruddy-lipped and brown-eyed, a farmer smelling  of rich earth and open air. The other as narrow as the one was wide, and gold to his bronze, a poet and songster, blue-eyes. And, oh, how they loved me and rejoiced in me! All the three of them, and the village as well. I was so loved.”

- The Royal Assassin


To coincide with the paperback publication of God Help the Child in April, we have redesigned Nobel prize-winner Toni Morrison’s entire backlist. The covers were created in-house and aim to reflect the colour and energy of Morrison’s writing.

Beloved, The Bluest Eye and Sula are available now in Vintage paperback, with the rest of the series publishing over the next few months.