Endless List of DC Fancasts (Young Justice-Comics)

Laurence Coke as Kon-El (aka Superboy) // Freya Mavor as Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wondergirl) // Sota Fukushi as Tim Drake (aka Robin) //Jasmine Sanders as Cissie King-Jones (aka Arrowette) // William Marcin as Bart Allen (aka Impulse) // Mimi Elashiry as Greta Hayes (aka Secret) //Lida Duch as Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) // Belouka Almonacy as Anita Fite (aka Empress) // Seth Atwell as Lil’ Lobo

Requested by Anonymous

Awena Brown. Energetic, life-filled, uncertain,

Awena has just turned 17. She’s energetic, beautiful, and gifted. She’s a talented artist and has embraced all that life has to offer her, but she feels… lost. Recently an older mane named Nathan Willis has taken an interest in her and has horned in on her life. She finds him fascinating and terrifying all at once; she’s consumed entirely, but she’s also very afraid of him. She doesn’t know a thing about his life with Rube Guo, nor does she know he has a daughter her age. She thinks, however, that she might love him.

Playby: Belouka Almonacy

Status: Open