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get to know me meme ➳ favorite male characters (1/5)

Jacob Frye (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)

“I’ve changed since the years of lessons from my father and sister Evie pushing me constantly to improve. Now, I’m strong enough to run free and wild through the streets of London. And run wild, I w i l l.”

3 years of us being dreamers

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3 years of us telling our love

3 years of us being something to you

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3 years of us watching you be psycho

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3 years of us thinking we might just die

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3 years of us being your queens

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3 years of being with Kyungil

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3 years of being with Dokyun

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3 years with Sihyoung

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3 years with Jaeho

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3 years with Yijeong

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3 years of and more to come. Thank you history for always making me and every Storia so happy. Lets keep going the next year and the next

3 Years with history


(gifs belong to their makers)


Love Story - You Belong With Me

Raising simulation. Adopt a son/daughter and guide their lives as they grow up. The game is really polished and there appears to be a ton of content. It just came out in english on Oct. 1, 2015! 

This is the most similar game to the Princess Maker series I’ve ever come across, I would highly recommend this game to fans of PM2/visual novels/simulation games.

(Iphone/Ipad only atm)

Food Free Materials!

I’m finally done with these!! They took me SO MUCH time! I hope you’ll enjoy them!

They are free to use! You can find the download link on my Twitter as usual.

The waiter body base and the raising hand base belong to  天鳴

The food icons belong to RPG maker.

I put the materials in a box to give you an example!

bigger version!

*; ★.:。— MARGOT ROBBIE GIF ICONS; here are #100 gif icons of the Australian beauty Margot Robbie in various projects, interviews and photoshoots in my style C4. I did not include any gifs from the suicide squad because of personal reasons. There is very minimal nsfw-ish content and no other triggers as of my knowledge. Full credit belongs to the makers, of course ! I found all gifs here and here. A like or reblog if you found this helpful would make me very happy.

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As requested by an anomyus person, here are GIFs of actor Tyler Hoechlin being intimate with another person (kissing, making out, cuddling, touching). There are #18 small/medium, textless and high quality GIFs of him. None of these are mine and the credit belongs to the amazing makers. Please message me if you’d like me to remove your work. This was made for roleplay purpose only. A like or reblog, however, if you use or like this, would be appreciated. Thank you and enjoy!

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various adam driver gif icons

Below the cut are #30 100px x 100px textured gif icons of the actor Adam Driver requested by anon. I did not create the original gifs, so all credit belongs to the original gif makers. I only cropped and coloured them. Please don’t claim as your own and like/reblog this post.

Preview [ 1 of 30 ]

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under the cut are #111 #147 small/medium, textless, high quality gifs of actor matthew daddario as gabriel in “naomi and ely’s no kiss list.”  none of these gifs are mine and credit belongs to these gif makers (x x x x x x x x x x). please contact me if you would like me to remove your gifs! i will be updating this gif hunt as i find more gifs. like or reblog if you found this useful!!

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Jack O'Connell gif hunt;;

### small/medium, HQ gifs of the insanely hot Jack O'Connell. None of these gifs were made by me. all credits belong to the awesome makers. A like or reblog would make me very happy because it took me hours to finish this hunt. 

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In this GIF hunt you’ll find exactly #190 small to medium, textless and high quality GIFs of Australian actress Claire. I’ve excluded GIFs with blood and her being a vampire (teeth showing, etc.) and tried my best to collected various emotions, as herself in interviews and from her role as Rebekah Mikaelson instead. None of the original GIFs are mine, nor do I claim them as my own. The credit belongs to the makers and I’m willing to take down their work, if its requested. A like or reblog would be however appreciated.

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