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“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” - Galatians 5:22-25

And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.
—  ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:24-25‬

“Jesus Christ, Love of all loving, you were always in me and I did not know it. You were there, and I kept on forgetting you. You were in my heart of hearts and I was looking elsewhere. Even when I remained far from you, you kept on waiting for me. And the day is coming when I can tell you: Risen Christ, you are my life: I belong to Christ, I am Christ’s.”

~Brother Roger, Taize

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Jared Leto Imagine -Please Don’t Go

Anonymous said:Jared Leto imagine where the reader finds out that jared only used her for publicity at first but jared tries to get her back and say sorry and that he had fallen in love with herr 😋❤️️

Your P.O.V.

Everything that surrounded felt like a perfect surface to punch and kick at. I was so angry but at the same time I was absolutely devastated. After feeling happy for the first time in months, everything came crashing down. My home didn’t even feel like my home. It’s like the past year had been a fucking lie.

My ‘boyfriend’ had used me for publicity. He had been fooling me for a year! One fucking year, 52 weeks you get it.

I had thrown the magazine that had written a full two sided article about me and Jared away and I had managed to break a flower vase. Now it was on the bedroom floor completely shattered and dirt was everywhere. I didn’t care. I was fighting my tears hard as I tried to pack a suitcase.

Jared was supposed to be at the studio for two more hours so I thought I could leave without him interrupting me. I didn’t know what I’d do if I saw him. Surprise surprise he came home early. I heard his heavy footsteps because he was running. They were approaching. ‘’Y/N! Y/N?’’ He called out for me worriedly. He sounded really jittery.

The door opened and I knew he saw me by the end of the bed, packing my belongings. ‘’Jesus’’ He breathed out and came over. My emotions took over me easily and I knew I was going to break down. I turned around with teary eyed and I saw him. Jared’s hair was a mess and his eyes were really glossy like he was on the verge of tears. 

‘’Fuck you!’’ I spat angrily and then felt my own hot tears smudging my make up even more. ‘’Baby..listen to me. I-I can explain everything’’ He promised me. Jared tried to walk closer to me and he tried to touch my shoulder, but I slapped his hand away. ‘’Don’t touch me Jared! I hate you!’’ I swore with fire in my veins. It caused his mouth to gape.

Silence fell upon us. I guess it was easy to notice that we were both shocked. I just said that and honestly I wasn’t sure what to feel. Could I be sorry? Was he really sad? Or was this an act too?

I groaned and looked away from him. The look on his face was just too much for me to handle. I was going to grab a shirt but Jared grabbed my wrist. ‘’Y/N please listen to me okay?’’ He begged and then stepped closer. I took a deep shaky breath and that’s when I smelled his sweet cologne. It just made me even more emotionally confused. ‘’I see that you saw those articles’’ He started with a small voice. Damn right I did.

‘’And I admit it’s true but they’ve twisted so many things. Can we please just take a seat and talk?’’ He requested wistfully. That’s when I pulled my hand away from him and raised them up. ‘’Jared there’s nothing to talk about! You lied to me. You used me. How the hell am I supposed to believe anything if all we’ve had has been a big fat lie?’’ I hollered furiously, but at the same time crying. Jared was crying too now and I hated this sight but I wouldn’t comfort him. No matter how much I wanted to.

Suddenly he put his hands together and kneeled down so he was literally in a begging position. It made me shut up and my heart started beating harder. What was he doing? ‘’Y/N please..I’m begging you. Give me one chance’’ He pleaded. Then he came a little closer to me. I looked into his pretty blue eyes and it caused my heart to throb painfully.

‘’Y/N please I love you’’ he added and that was too much. ‘’Fine’’ I gave in and then I took a deep breath. Jared’s lips were trembling. He stood up and grabbed my hands, leading me to the right side of the bed. I forced myself to follow and then sit down next to him. This was his one chance. 

‘’First of all I’m not expecting you to forgive me for anything just let me explain’’ Jared started as he still held my hands. I didn’t bother to pull them back. I just nodded and let him explain. ‘’In the beginning over a year ago my managers got angry because I had been single for so long. They said that the band needed more articles and interviews. So they came up with a solution. I had to find a girlfriend’’ He began and honestly I felt so stupid. Why didn’t I see through his lies?

‘’I saw you. Once we started talking I felt like you were perfect. The managers said that you had to be younger so we’d be the center of spotlight. I admit that first I didn’t think this was going to be important but the more I got to know you the better things got. I was happy because I actually liked you. It didn’t feel like a job anymore. This what we have felt real. I thought I could just forget the reason why we got together. I wanted to forget the past and actually be with you like a normal couple’’ Jared promised me and he ignored his tears that silently rolled down his face.

I was speechless. I wanted to believe him but I didn’t know how. This was really hard and truly overwhelming. Jared looked at me sadly but with a little hope. He probably expected some sort of a reaction but I was as quiet as a rock.

‘’Please say something’’ He whispered and snapped me out of my little bubble. Our eyes met and I could feel his sorrow. It was genuine. But I didn’t know if I could trust my senses. After all I never doubted him. Could it be because he wasn’t acting? Could it really be that he had actually fallen in love with me?

‘’I don’t know what to say Jared’’ I whimpered and blinked away more tears. Damn I swear I was crying a river. ‘’Just please don’t leave me’’ He begged and cupped my cheek. His thumb wiped away my tears and it caused me to close my eyes. I just tried to relax as his hand touched me so closely. I just remembered all the times we had been closer. All our dates, happy memories, sad memories, everything. I truly wanted them to be real.

The feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed was awful. I was sick of this feeling so for once I did the right thing and I pushed my thoughts away. Then for a little moment I just wanted to be with him without thinking. I leaned closer to Jared and I wrapped my arms around him. First he tensed up but it didn’t take long until he pulled me closer so my legs were in his lap and his strong arms were around me. Then I lost it.

Tears kept rolling down my face and I was sobbing uncontrollably. Jared’s hand was running up and down my back like he always did when he was comforting me. Then he rocked us gently, letting me weep. I could tell that he was crying too.’’I’m sorry’’ He kept telling me over and over again. ‘’I don’t w-want to go away Jared’’ I stuttered with a lump in my throat. Speaking felt really hard.

‘’I’m not going anywhere as long as you stay. Okay?’’ He whispered and tried to make a deal. I just nodded and melted into his arms. I could think later when I calmed down. We could talk things through but for now I just wanted to close my eyes and be here with him. My head ached way too much for it to think. ‘’I love you Y/N please just..know that I mean it’’ He reminded me. His voice was hoarse but the way he spoke sounded very reassuring.

I love you too, I thought in my head. Right now I couldn’t bring myself to the point where I could say that but I knew he knew my feelings were mutual. If not, I would be long gone already.

How can we recognize the voice of God?

This question has been asked by countless people throughout the ages. Samuel heard the voice of God, but did not recognize it until he was instructed by Eli (1 Samuel 3:1–10).

Gideon had a physical revelation from God, and he still doubted what he had heard to the point of asking for a sign, not once, but three times (Judges 6:17–22,36–40).

When we are listening for God’s voice, how can we know that He is the one speaking? First of all, we have something that Gideon and Samuel did not. We have the complete Bible, the inspired Word of God, to read, study, and meditate on. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

When we have a question about a certain topic or decision in our lives, we should see what the Bible has to say about it. God will never lead us contrary to what He has taught in His Word (Titus 1:2).

To hear God’s voice we must belong to God. Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).

Those who hear God’s voice are those who belong to Him—those who have been saved by His grace through faith in the Lord Jesus. These are the sheep who hear and recognize His voice, because they know Him as their Shepherd. If we are to recognize God’s voice, we must belong to Him.

We hear His voice when we spend time in Bible study and quiet contemplation of His Word. The more time we spend intimately with God and His Word, the easier it is to recognize His voice and His leading in our lives. Employees at a bank are trained to recognize counterfeits by studying genuine money so closely that it is easy to spot a fake. We should be so familiar with God’s Word that when someone speaks error to us, it is clear that it is not of God.

While God could speak audibly to people today, He speaks primarily through His written Word. Sometimes God’s leading can come through the Holy Spirit, through our consciences, through circumstances, and through the exhortations of other people. By comparing what we hear to the truth of Scripture, we can learn to recognize God’s voice.


Some of the most memorable T-shirt messages during football celebrations

1. Ian Wright - After scoring a goal for the Gunners against Bolton in 1997, Wright lifted his shirt to reveal another, made by Nike, stating: ‘179 – Just Done It,’ despite only equalling the record tally. However, he ended up scoring a hat-trick and breaking the record later that day.
2. Robbie Fowler -
during a European Cup Winners’ Cup win against Brann in March 1997 Fowler unveiled a T-shirt with a fake Calvin Klein logo that read: ‘Support the 500 Sacked Dockers’ to show solidarity with striking dockworkers in the city.
3. Thierry Henry -
In 2000, no Arsenal player had scored against Liverpool for almost 3 years, but, right at the death of the match, Henry made sure of the victory by scoring and went on to reveal the message “Bang goes the 0-0 draw”, pointing out the fact they had finally scored against Liverpool.
4. Kaká -
the Brazilian fell to his knees revealing a T-shirt that said “I belong to Jesus” after winning the Champions League final against Liverpool in Athens May 23, 2007.
5. Lionel Messi - In Barcelona’s now famous 6-2 win over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2009, he revealed a shirt reading ‘Sindrome X Fragil’, the name of a medical condition that leads to emotional, mental and physical problems for its sufferers. Messi later explained that he had spent a day with children suffering from the syndrome prior to the game and in the biggest fixture in club football across the world, he was able to give a relatively unknown issues a huge amount of coverage.
6. Andrés Iniesta - Likely to go down in the annuls of history as the most poignant celebration of any World Cup final goal, the Barcelona man celebrated his winning strike against the Dutch in the South Africa 2010 showpiece by lifting his shirt to reveal a vest with the message ‘Dani Jarque: Always with us’, in memory of the Espanyol defender who tragically died of a heart attack in 2009.
7. Mubarak Wakaso - after scoring a 38th-minute penalty and giving Ghana a 1-0 win over Mali at the African Cup of Nations in 2013, Wakaso revealed a shirt that read “Allah is great.
8. Mario Balotelli - In 2011, quite clearly aggrieved with the often undeserved negative attention that came his way from the media, after an exquisite finish, the young Italian stood defiantly in the face of those that had criticised him in the lead up to the derby at Old Trafford, wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Why always me?
9. Éric Abidal - In 2013, after a year out following liver surgery, Abidal celebrated his return to football by wearing a tribute to his cousin who provided part of his liver for the procedure. ‘It was a very special moment for me after a year out. I want to thank my cousin as without him I would not be here today,’ said Abidal wearing a shirt with ‘Merci mon cousin’ on the front.

Barrio Slums and More Ch.2

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Watching everyone rushing to make food and set the table couldn’t be more painful. Lance felt like he was falling apart and he couldn’t show it. He couldn’t bring himself to disappoint them.

He’d rehearsed so many times. As he worked on his mom’s car, as he showered, as he got dressed, and as he watched. But it never made it easier. Not once, did it feel like he could tell them without bile rising up in his throat.

His little cousins were running around the adults, being ushered out to the front yard, but they were too hyped to listen. Suddenly, his cousin Lily shrieked and began bawling. “Guys, give her back her doll,” Lance scolded the two twins that were her older brothers. “You know how she gets, and unless you want me to tell Tia Carla what you did-”

“Ugh, Lance you’re the same as before you went to college,” Jose grumbled, tossing back the doll.

“Just go back to college,” Jesus, the other, muttered, sticking his tongue out. They ran out, screaming after their other cousins.

Lance sighed and mumbled, “Wish I could, buddy.” He went to be sure the kids weren’t fighting. The boys were running, and the girls were playing with dolls. Until Lance’s brother, Miguel, decided to pull their cousin Rosa’s pigtail and began a gender war of tag. He shook his head and turned back to look at the house. His tios were drinking, claiming to toast to them. His tias and his mom were cooking, gossiping in Spanish. His Papo was asleep on the couch with a cup of soda in his hand. His buela was cleaning, setting out a new mantel for the table.

It was too much. It was way too much. Despite the humid heat, Lance left the house and went to the back where the dogs were. At his Papo’s house, they had a chicken coop. Lance hated those chickens. He could still hear the shrieks of laughter and anger from the kids in the front, but from where he stood, Lance could close his eyes and pretend that it was a normal day. That he wasn’t about to drop the worst news in months to his family. That he wasn’t about to explain what a failure he was, and how he didn’t deserve anything they were doing for him.

He could pretend he had never gone to college, that it was last summer and he was filled with hope to envision all the possibilities the future would bring. He was still Lance, the jokester, the fun cousin, the fun brother, the troublemaking son, the smart one.

Lance!” one of his tias called. “Your friend is here!” Lance frowned and went inside, surprised to see Keith at his front door with his tios and tias and mother and buela surrounding him, inviting him, offering things, asking him questions.

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Evangelism is not a professional job for a few trained men, but is instead the unrelenting responsibility of every person who belongs to the company of Jesus.
—  Elton Trueblood

Glorify God in your body and in your spirit because both of them belong to God, it says that we’re not our own. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

When you think you belong to you, you tend to feel like you can do whatever you want with your flesh, but scripture says we’ve been bought at an amazingly great price, so we must glorify God in our spirit and in our bodies.

If we belong to Jesus, giving our bodies away because we feel like we can will violate our relationship with God and we’ll defile ourselves and muddy our hearts. It’ll shame us. So we have to know our value comes from Jesus and honor that covenant. But people who don’t honor that covenant don’t know that they belong to Christ. That’s why Paul says, “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that is in you.”

Drop your pride and come near to God and He will come near to you.. the thing that’s stopping you right now from coming closer is you think more of your sins than of God.. focus on Jesus let him do the change in you.. God desires a relationship with you when you gonna start wanting one with Him… God is always welcoming. Come home were you belong…
Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel for Purity

St. Raphael, Patron Angel of Youth, I beg you to plead with God for me, that I may always keep my life pure and holy. As thou didst guard the young Tobias from dangers of soul and body on his journey to a strange land, protect me from the many dangers that confront me in my life. Strengthen me in my struggle against the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

I pray and beg of Thee, glorious Saint Raphael, to be my Patron Angel of Purity. For thy great love for Jesus, the King of Angels, and for Mary, the Queen of the Angels, deign to keep me from all uncleanness and to obtain that my mind may be untainted, my heart pure, and my body chaste. May I frequently receive the “Bread of Angels” in Holy Communion, that it may be an effective remedy and protection against the temptations that press round about me, and seal my heart forever against the suggestions of sinful pleasures. 

Help me always to serve Jesus and Mary in perfect chastity, so that one day I may merit to belong to those of whom Jesus spoke when He said, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.”