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How would the Nordics react to their teen daughter saying that she wanted to cuddle with them? And how would the Nordics cuddle them? Love your blog, btw!

Thank you love!!! <3

Sweden: He would probably take off his glasses and just look at them. Wondering when he became “cool enough” to want to even spend time with, now seeing his baby was a Teen. But he would relish in it and take them into his arms as they watched a movie. Happy that he could spend time with his daughter again, even if for a little while and that she was willing and wanted to. 

Finland: Asks no questions just says yes and swoops them into a huge hug. Taking them in their arms as he kissed their head, not remembered the last time he was able to snuggle his little ‘cuddle cakes since’ she hit her pre teen years. Happy happy Fin, nothing else would matter as he fussed over her and loved on her.

Iceland: He would be shocked but thrilled as his daughter came to his side as he laid on the couch. Basically hugging onto her daddy, needing some sort of comfort. Ice would rub her back and being to tell her stories of when she was little. Reminiscing about how much she had grown and thinking of how much time had passed. Happy yet bittersweet. 

Norway: Nor would be ecstatic. He would easily move over wherever he was to accommodate his little girl and just take her into his embrace. rocking back and forth a little just like when she was a baby. She beginning to vent and he listened, holding her hand as he was so happy to hear that they could at least still talk like this and communicate. He telling her how proud he was that she had grown into a fine young lady, as time seemed to all but slip away. 

Denmark: THRILLED. Almost like a puppy. Taking her in, picking her up in a hug, she would literally just put all her weight on her father as she knew he could handle it, sturdy Dane that he was. He would rub her back as she just enjoyed being close to her dad, the one that would protect her and never steer her wrong. She then falling asleep listening to the sound of his heart. Den too falling asleep content with his little girl right where she belonged, with him.  


Finland tried to escape when he first joined the Nordics group because he thought he didn’t belong there. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland already had some sort of family bond, so he thought that nobody would notice him if he just left.

But during that night, while he was trying to leave, Sweden followed him. Finland looked at him, kind of mad, kind of curious.

“Please don’t tell anybody about this. I don’t belong here. Nobody cares about me”. Finland asked him. He only grabbed a couple of stuff, some clothes and some food.

“I care” Sweden replied which surprised Finland because he had never heard him speak.

The swedish boy grabbed his hand, to try to make him understand that he didn’t want Finland to leave.

“Come on. You have your own family. I’m just a stranger.” Finland wanted to just go. He didn’t want to make a scene about it.

“You are my family” Sweden insisted.

What Finland probably ignored was that Sweden didn’t get along with Denmark and Norway, but he remained there because he didn’t want to be alone. It was Finland the one who actually make him feel better when he joined them. He didn’t feel an outsider.


Finland looked at him and took a deep breathe. He thought Sweden didn’t care at all, because of his silence.

“I don’t want to be alone again”

Finland didn’t know what to say. He wanted to go but when he looked at the sad expression of Sweden, he couldn’t do it. Finland hugged him, because he also felt that way.

“And you’ll never be” Finland promised.

So from that moment they started to become best friends.

                                Burning Red Forest in Denmark                                                                               by  Henrik Wulff Petersen  ©

Denmark belongs to the Boreal Kingdom and can be subdivided into two ecoregions: the Atlantic mixed forests and Baltic mixed forests.Most of Denmark’s temperate forests have been substantially destroyed or fragmented, chiefly for agricultural uses over the last millennia. In all, 12.9% of                                            the land is forested.

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When i see people commenting DenSu/SuDen pictures that actually sweden belongs on finland and denmark on norway :

Sorry this doesnt go for everyone but for some people that commented on my DenSu pic on devianart.

Please if you dislike DenSu/SuDen dont comment those things ON MY PICTURES OR ANOTHER ARTISTS PICTURES.


♕  My Favourite TiarasPrincess Dagmar’s Floral Tiara

This tiara belonged to Princess Dagmar of Denmark, the daughter of King Frederik VIII. The tiara returned to the main royal family at her death, because, despite the fact that she and her husband had children, she choose to leave the tiara to King Frederik IV, her nephew. King Frederik gave the tiara to his daughter, Margrethe. Queen Margrethe didn’t use it that much and she even loaned it, once, to her mother in law, Renee. In 2008, she loaned this piece to Marie Cavallier, the second wife of her son, Prince Joaquim. Marie wore the tiara, for the first time, on her wedding day and has used it since then. This piece it’s the only tiara from the royal family that Princess Marie has access to.

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Can you do the Nordics trying to convince their S/O to come out from under a blanket where they are currently sitting and their S/O refuses to leave the comfort of their blanket? Thanks~ (Sorry if it's really weird or random it just came to me)

Don’t worry, it’s fine. I had a lot of fun writing these!!


  • He wouldn’t try to convince them to come out, he would join them, cuddling with them for as long as he can.
  • Cue the rest of the Nordics trying to drag them out.
  • Please, it’s been four hours.


  • He would definitely be the one to use blackmail if he had to.
  • But it works like a charm.


  • This kid would get so agitated it’s unbelievable .
  • He will literally start acting like a kid if his S/O is too stubborn to get out. He’ll whine and pout until getting pissed and storming out of the room.


  • If his S/O refuses to get out, he will literally pick up them and the blanket.
  • Like he doesn’t care what they say they’re not getting put down. It’s punishment for being stubborn.


  • He would actually think it’s pretty cute and would join them and cuddle with them. 
  • He’d get his way though once they fall asleep, stealing the blanket and putting it back where it belongs.

Royal Tiara Challenge: Day 23 - Favorite Emerald Tiara

The Danish Emerald Parure

In total: 67 emeralds and 2,650 diamonds composing a parure of a tiara, necklace, earrings, and brooch. The brooch itself can disassemble into three smaller brooches, and can also serve as a pendant for the necklace. The largest 26 emeralds date from 1723, when they were a gift from King Christian VI to Queen Sophie Magdalene for giving birth to the future Frederik V. The rest of the emeralds belonged to Princess Charlotte of Denmark, and the diamonds used also previously belonged to the royal family. The whole thing was put together by C.M. Weisshaupt in time for Queen Caroline Amalie to wear while celebrating her silver wedding anniversary with King Christian VIII in 1840.

Princess Thyra’s Sapphire Tiara

Set in gold and silver and dating from latter half of the 1800s, it includes small diamond designs between five large scrolling diamond elements, each with a sapphire at the center. The sapphires can be swapped out for turquoise stones. The tiara belonged to Princess Thyra of Denmark (1880-1945), who was the daughter of King Frederik VIII and Queen Louise. Thyra never married and had no children, and she left the tiara to her niece, Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark (1912-1995).

Caroline-Mathilde was married to Knud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark, the second son of King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine. (Had history gone differently, Knud could have been the King of Denmark one day. He was next in line to his older brother, Frederik IX, who had only daughters at a time when women couldn’t inherit the throne. But the law was changed in 1953, and a young future Queen Margrethe and her sisters jumped ahead of him in line.) The couple had three children, and this tiara went to their only daughter, Princess Elisabeth. Princess Elisabeth is still in the line of succession for the Danish throne, and she sometimes attends official engagements. When a tiara is required, this is her constant favorite.