belong cary brothers

“Belong” by Cary Brothers

There are movies playing in your eyes
You dream of our fortunes
But you’re wrong
I don’t belong to you

The moon is the only friend I have outside
One more drink and I’ll be healed
I told you the words and then knew it was a lie
I wish I could offer an appeal

I was born with a broken heart
What I’d give for that first night when you were mine
Thought you were mine

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Ashes and Wine ― The DELENA Album - best delena songs and songs that should have been delena’s (skip to disk three for songs that aren’t from the show)

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or just add the songs listed to your delena playlist (if you think there are any of your favourites that I missed pls message me xx


Disc 1: Season 1 ― 4

1. Say (All I Need) ― OneRepublic (1x01)

2. The Weight Of Us ― Sanders Bohlke (1x07)

3. Brick By Boring Brick ― Paramore (1x18)

4. All I need ― Within Temptation (1x19)

5. It Is What It Is ― Lifehouse (1x22)

6. Come Home feat. Sara Bareilles― OneRepublic (2x01)

7. Ashes And Wine ― A Fine Frenzy (2x03)

8. I Was Wrong ― Sleeperstar (2x08)

9. Skinny Love ― Birdy (2x21)

10. I Should Go ― Levi Kreis (2x22)

11. Make It Without You ― Andrew Belle (3x01)

12. Echo ― Jason Walker (3x02)

13. Distance ― Christina Perri (3x03)

14. Holding On And Letting Go ― Ross Copperman (3x10)

15. Give Me Love ― Ed Sheeran (3x14)

16. Never Let Me Go ― Florence + The Machine (3x19)

17. Twice ― Little Dragon (4x01)

Disc 2: Season 4 ― 5

1. Fear And Loathing ― Marina and the Diamonds (4x02)

2. Feel So Close ― Calvin Harris (4x04)

3. The Thread Of The Thing ― Fay Wolves (4x06)

4. Little Deschutes ― Laura Veirs (4x07)

5. Kiss Me ― Ed Sheeran (4x07)

6. Eyes On Fire ― Blue Foundation (4x08)

7. Speechless - Acoustic ― Morning Parade (4x08)

8. Oblivion ― Bastille (4x09)

9. New York ― Snow Patrol (4x10)

10. Belong ― Cary Brothers (4x23, 6x07)

11. Royals ― Lorde (5x01)

12. Don’t Deserve You ― Plumb (5x02)

13. Satellite Call ― Sara Bareilles (5x03)

14. Fire Breather ― Laurel (5x16)

15. Do I Wanna Know? ― Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

16. Chemical ― Kerli (5x20)

17. Be Alright ― Lucy Rose (5x22)

Disc 3: Season 6 ― 7

1. Light A Fire ― Rachel Taylor (6x01)

2. Salvation ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x02)

3. All Through the Night ― Sleeping At Last (6x02)

4. The Power of Love ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x04)

5. Unbreakable ― Jamie Scott (6x06)

6. Another Love ― Tom Odell (6x07)

7. Compass ― Zella Day (6x09)

8. Lost ― Kris Allen (6x09)

9. Always Take You Back ― Night Terrors of 1927 (6x12)

10. Time ― Mikky Ekko (6x13)

11. You’re Mine (The Chase) ― Meiko (6x17)

12. When You Sleep ― Mary Lambert (6x18)

13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ― Cary Brothers (6x19)

14. Fly ― Meadowlark (6x20)

15. To The Wonder feat. Kina Grannis ― Aqualung (6x21)

16. Hunger ― Ross Copperman (6x22)

17. Silhouette ― Aquilo (7x22)

Disc 3: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. With Love ― Christina Grimmie

2. I’m A Mess ― Ed Sheeran

3. Never Ending ― Rihanna

4. fOoL fOr YoU ― ZAYN

5. Say It feat. Tove Lo― Flume

6. Running Up That Hill ― Placebo

7. Words ― Skylar Grey

8. Bloodstream ― Ed Sheeran

9. Trouble - Stripped ― Halsey

10. Decode ― Paramore

11. Breathe Again ― Sara Bareilles

12. Losing Your Memory ― Ryan Star

13. You Found Me ― The Fray

14. Stay feat. Mikky Ekko ― Rihanna

15. Fix You ― Coldplay

16. Love Somebody feat. Wafia ― Ta-ku

17. Bumper Cars ― Alex & Sierra

18. Let It Go ― James Bay

19. For The First Time ― The Script

20. What Now ― Rihanna

21. Hypnotic ― Zella Day

22. My Everything ― Ariana Grande

23. Higher ― Rihanna

24. Bloodstream ― Stateless (this is actually a Datherine song but it’s too good)

Disc 4: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Beauty Of the Dark ― Mads Langer

2. A Drop In The Ocean ― Ron Pope

3. In My Veins feat. Erin Mccarley ― Andrew Belle

4. Orbit feat. Ashe ― SŸDE

5. Open Your Eyes ― Snow Patrol

6. Stop And Stare ― OneRepublic

7. Loop ― Paces

8. Close To You ― Rihanna

9. TiO ― ZAYN

10. Touch It ― Ariana Grande

11. Do You Remember ― Jarryd James

12. Hold ― Vera Blue

13. Not Over You ― Gavin DeGraw

14. High ― Zella Day

15. TALK ME DOWN ― Troye Sivan

16. Wings ― Birdy

17. Between ― Courrier

18. iT’s YoU ― ZAYN

19. Never Say Never ― The Fray

20. Mercy ― Shawn Mendes

21. Never Be Like You feat. Kai ― Flume

22. Down ― Jason Walker

23. Chasing Cars ― Snow Patrol

24. Playback feat. Reija Lee ― Paces

Disc 5: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Sex With Me ― Rihanna

2. I Found ― Amber Run

3. Run ― Leona Lewis

4. 1000x feat. Broods ― Jarryd James

5. Clarity feat. Foxes ― Zedd

6. Be The One ― Dua Lipa

7. Bridges ― Broods

8. Keep You ― Wild Belle

9. Cruel feat. ZAYN ― Snakehips

10. Over And Over Again feat. Ariana Grande ― Nathan Skyes

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) ― Ed Sheeran

12. Best Mistake ― Ariana Grande

13. Love On The Brain ― Rihanna

14. Without A Word ― Birdy

15. Unsteady ― X Ambassadors

16. Settle ― Vera Blue

17. Breathe ― Fleurie

18. Perfect ― Ed Sheeran

19. Dream ― Imagine Dragons

20. Hold On ― Chord Overstreet

21. Now Or Never ― Halsey

22. All The Time ― Jeramih

23. Outside ― Tender

24. Only You ― Zara Larsson

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Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


Olicity playlist

Part I - “I was chewing on a pen.” “It was red.” [listen]

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran | I’d Come For You - Nickelback | Beautiful Disaster Instrumental - Kelly Clarkson | Gravity - Sara Bareilles | Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine | Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys | Try - Pink | Let Her Go - Passenger | When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars | Unconditionally - Katy Perry | Demons - Imagine Dragons | Atlas - Shannon Saunders | All You Never Say - Birdy |

Part II - “And the second thing?” “I love you.” [listen]

Light a Fire - Rachel Taylor | What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts |
All I want - Kodaline | The Hardest Thing - Toše Proeski |
Dead Inside - Skillet | Guiding Light - Foy Vance ft. Ed Sheeran |
My Immortal - Evanesence | Rebirthing - Skillet | Belong - Cary Brothers | Somebody To Die For - Hurts |


“Will you remember? For me? Just that–I loved once, just once, really, in my whole life. Can you remember that I loved you? That makes my life… worth.. something..”

A mix for two hopelessly in love fuckers with bad luck and a love with no expiration date. Graphic generously provided by tonkyn.

ilast kiss, taylor swift. iigoodbye, apparat ft. soap&skin. iiiclarity, zedd ft. foxes. ivfor blue skies, strays don’t sleep. vthe mess i made, parachute. vistill here, digital daggers. viitemptation, moby. viiilosing your memory, ryan star. ixtoo late, m83. xif this was a movie, taylor swift. ximedicine, daughter. xiiiyou are a memory, message to bears. xivall i want, kodaline. xvskin, zola jesus. xvithe lightning strike, snow patrol. xviibroken, lifehouse. xviiicold water, damien rice. xixdraw your swords, angus and julia stone. xx.  far from yesterday, amy stroup. xxinot about angels, birdy. xxiitwice, little dragon. xxiiilet him go, birdy. xxivin the shallows, daughter. xxvin case, demi lovato. xxviin my veins, andrew belle. xxviisay something, a great big word ft. christina aguilera. xxviiii need my girl, the national. xxixheavy in your arms, florence + the machine. xxxgone away, lucy schwartz. xxxibelong, the cary brothers. xxxiilittle talks, of monsters and men. xxxiiisay goodbye (i won’t even), adaline. xxxivto be alone with you, sufjan stevens. xxxvecho, jason walker. xxxvi. wires, athlete. xxxviibloodstream, stateless. xxxviiibe alright, lucy rose. xxxixblindsided, bon iver. xlanother love, tom odell. xlitenerife sea, ed sheeran. xliidown, jason walker. xliiibreathe again, sara bareillies. xlivghost of you, selena gomez + the scene. xlvamen, omen, ben harper. xlvilet me sign, robert pattinson. xlviisilhouettes, of monsters and men. xlviiinever think, robert pattinson. xlixi’ll never forget you, birdy. lmy blood, ellie goulding. linight, zola jesus.

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Belong (Rafe Adler X Reader)

AN: The first request in my iPod Shuffle One-Shot challenge which was a request for a Rafe Adler X Reader pairing. Eight skips were requested and that ended up landing on Belong by Cary Brothers. So give it a listen if you can and I hope you enjoy the story! (Brief language warning! This is going to be angsty. How angsty? Hella…)

           The moon was absolutely breathtaking this evening and you barely noticed the chill in the air. Perhaps that was due to the drink in your hand, on any other night you might have been sipping tea while watching the iridescent moon hanging in the sky. Then again most nights you didn’t find yourself in Scotland, trapped in a hotel room, battling your inner demons. So, no… the drink in your hand was not tea but something harsher and distinctly bitter. Perhaps, it was Brandy? You didn’t really care; it was whatever you happened to swipe from the Hotel mini bar. All that you really knew about the drink was that it was incredibly expensive and it tasted like shit. Although, it was doing a pleasant enough job of warming you up from the inside out; with another sip of that burning liquor the cold couldn’t chill you through the thin cotton of your nightgown and robe.

           You looked over your shoulder and smiled lightly at the silence that continued to drift through the open door. Rafe has gone to bed a few hours ago but you were still wide awake and you reasoned that you were simply fighting a losing battle against jet lag. You had fallen into a pit of silent contemplation, a habit that you had picked up recently in the past few years. Truly, Glasgow was a beautiful city wholly alive and filled with people but even in a city as big as this, you couldn’t help but feel the bitter sting of loneliness. It was a ridiculous notion to feel lonely when your lover was asleep in the next room but you felt it just the same.

           This wasn’t your first trip to Scotland but just like your previous trips they were fueled by the same reason, Henry Avery. Or it was his treasure that was fueling these frenzied searches and trips halfway across the world. Once upon a time, you had found Rafe’s passion and ambition to be some of his most attractive qualities but as time went on you didn’t appreciate it as much. Ambition and passion were fickle concepts that too quickly spiraled out of control; those traits were too easily manipulated into obsession or madness. You wanted neither of those things to befall Rafe but he was headed down a path that you could not follow.

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b i t t e r s w e e t.

bit·ter·sweet. adj. pleasant. but tinged with sadness.

i. demons imagine dragons ii. belong cary brothers iii. only place i call home every avenue iv. monster imagine dragons v. pull me down mikky ekko vi. i wanna be yours arctic monkeys vii. 챠우챠우 deli spice viii. afraid the neighbourhood ix. in my place coldplay x. 성장통2 cold cherry

[ l i s t e n ]


▼TVD Songlist | 6x07 - Do You Remember The First Time?

Scene: Liv teaches Tyler how to properly pour champagne into glasses; Jo and Alaric arrive at the Whitmore event then Damon joins them

Scene: Elena arrives to the fundraiser with Liam; Jo lists all of Liam’s attributes for Damon; Damon introduces himself to Liam, then sends him away and asks Elena to dance

Scene: Elena and Damon dance together, he tries to jog her memory but she tells him she can’t then she leaves for air

Scene: Alaric and Jo make a toast to being ‘powerless and ordinary’; Luke confronts Liv but she tells him to leave her alone

Scene: Damon drinks at the bar when Elena comes over and tells him that she wants to try and get back her memories

Scene: Elena and Damon stand at the edge of Mystic Falls

Scene: Stefan asks Caroline about her feelings for him, then apologizes to her; Elena tells Damon of something she remembered

Scene: Damon pours a drink for himself and proceeds to drink as he remembers what happened with Elena in the rain

favorites // LISTEN HERE (X)

1. time is running out - muse // 2. i’m low on gas and you need a jacket - pierce the veil // 3. hold onto me - mayday parade // 4. angel with a shutgun - the cab // 5. belong - cary brothers // 6. no surprises - radiohead // 7. i miss you - 5 seconds of summer (cover) // 8. come a little closer - cage the elephant // 9. shameless - lissie // 10. stay high - hippie sabotage // 11. stay gold - the big pink // 12. backseat serenade - all time low // 13. girls - the 1975 // 14. never wanna know - mø // 15. if it means alot to you - a day to remember // 16. teenage dirtbag - wheatus // 17. and the snakes start to sing - bring me the horizon // 18. fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys // 19. over and over - smallpools // 20. afraid - the neighbourhood // 21. young volcanos - fall out boy // 22. waiting for superman - daughtry // 23. weekend - neon trees // 24. casual affair - panic! at the disco // 25. liquid confidence - you me at six

  • All I Need by Within Temptation
  • I Was Wrong by Sleeperstar
  • I Should Go by Levi Kreis
  • Holding On And Letting Go by Ross Copperman
  • Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machine
  • Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
  • Belong by Cary Brothers
  • Fire Breather by Laurel
  • Be Alright by Lucy Rose
  • Light a Fire by Rachel Taylor

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+ fic playlist ||   Out of the thousands of emotions Louis is feeling right now (anxiety, pity, despair, helplessness—the list goes on) there is one predominant feeling that shoots to the surface: love. Love for Harry because here is this boy. This boy who’s been left by everybody he loves, who grew up simultaneously in the spotlight and in anonymity, who is so widely adored and forgotten, who shields himself from the world that is too much to bear, and who has just opened his veins for Louis. Here is this boy telling Louis that he wants to know him.That he, who has never let himself love, who has never opened himself up to the vulnerabilities of the world, who laughed at Zayn’s love because it was too serious, is telling him that he wants Louis to know him. To know him.

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THE  L i t e r a t i  PLAYLIST — — — ♫ LISTEN ♫ — — —

1. Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift • 2. The Nicest Thing - Kate Nash • 3. Wonderwall - Oasis 4. The Memory Will Never Die - Default 5. Safe - Britt Nicole • 6. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls  • 7. Say When - The Fray 8. Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson • 9. Take My Hand - The Cab 10. Wouldn’t Change a Thing - Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas 11. The City Lights - Umbrellas 12. Another Sad Song - Lower Than Atlantis 13. Shouldn’t Be a Good In Goodbye - Jason Walker 14. Photograph - Ed Sheeran 15. Belong - Cary Brothers 16. Hush Hush - Avril Lavigne  17. Losing Your Memory - Ryan Star 18. For Blue Skies - Strays Don’t Sleep


Moony Mix: Here;

Monster/Imagine Dragons, There’s a Light That Never Goes Out/The Smiths, Belong/Cary Brothers, Dirty Paws/Of Monsters and Men, Demons/Imagine Dragons, Loser/Beck, The Coldest Heart/ The Classic Crime, Don’t Panic/Coldplay, Hero/Family of The Year, Your Heart is An Empty Room/DeathCabForCutie, With a Little Help From My Friends/The Beatles, The Way We Get By/Spoon, The Times Are A-Changin’/Bob Dylan, To Build A Home/The Cinematic Orchestra, Flaws/Bastille, Sleep/My Chemical Romance, Goodbye Apathy/OneRepublic, Blackbird/The Beatles, Delicate/Damien Rice, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)/Green Day, Friend O'Mine/Bowling For Soup, Everything We Had/The Academy Is, Kill All Your Friends/My Chemical Romance, Farewell Ride/Beck, Move Along/All American Rejects, You Know I’m No Good/Amy Winehouse, Wires/Athlete, I Dreamed a Dream/Anne Hathaway, All Alright/Fun., Keep Your Head Up/Andy Grammer, Back to Me/All American Rejects, Obivion/Bastille, Graduation (Friends Forever)/Vitamin C, Time Won’t Let Me Go/The Bravery, Devil Town/Bright Eyes, Coming to Terms/Carolina Liar, A Rush of Blood to The Head/Coldplay, Save Tonight/Eagle-Eye Cherry, When I Was Your Man/Bruno Mars, Keep Breathing/Ingrid Michaelson, Bookends/Simon&Garfunkel, Time of Our Lives/Tyrone Wells.