Seeking RP connections

Rosalie de Belmont
Ishgardian | Adventurer | Scholar

Rosalie de Belmont, former knight of Ishgard turned adventuring musician and so much more. This woman is not afraid to delve into the deepest depths of Eorzea in the pursuit of inspiration for her songs, or indeed the pursuit of that which is unknown to her.

Name: Rosalie de Belmont
Age: 30
Race: Elezen
Clan: Duskwight/Wildwood (mixed heritage) Common haunts; Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre, Apkallu Falls, Idyllshire, The Pillars, The Shroud (she tends to wander for hours in the shroud and can be found all over).
Likes; Learning new things, seeing new places, writing, listening to music, playing music, sweets, wine.
Dislikes; Extreme heat, liars, criminals, bitter foods, being messed about, mind games.

So I am once again looking for a couple of contacts for Rosalie, and specifically for people who would likely go over to Doma IC'ly once Stormblood hits. Now I’ve already got a few plausible reasons for her to go to Doma, but nobody for her to go with which is more than a little daunting. Other than that, the standard RP contacts. I’m usually down to RP anything and everything as long as it suits my character, i.e. Criminal RP is not her schtick so it wont be happening. All races/genders/ages are welcome, though obviously being an adult myself I would ask that people are mature.
Please drop me a message on here if you’re interested, or on my discord which is Swanmay#4079

A full bio is inder the cut for any who are seriously interested. Any signal boosts are much appreciated.

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Indiana transgender man Alan Belmont named high school prom king

  • Alan Belmont, 17, of North Central High School in Indiana made school history when he was announced as prom king, WTHR reports.
  • “They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much,” Belmont told WTHR. “The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible.”
  • Belmont celebrated the night with his girlfriend, Anastacia Cohen. The high school junior came out one year ago during his sophomore year.
  • Video online of Belmont’s coronation shows the audience greeting the new prom king with cheers and screams. Read more (4/25/17)
iconic moments from mtv scream

•"so who cares if she IS a lesbian"
•bella thorne died immediately and everyone was pretty much ok with it
•when noah went to the party and got fucking wasted after like 2 beers and they put him on the lake
•"noah are you a virgin" “no i’m a regular man slut”
•tyler was like a huge deal but he had nothing to do with anything
•when audrey flipped will in front of everyone and whispered “how does it feel to take it in front of everyone” in the most menacing and badass voice i’ve ever heard in my young life
•brooke taped a knife to a stick and noah was like “wow she’s so badass” but all she did was duct tape a knife to a stick
•the Daisy song which was honestly a banger
•that time emma kept seeing the ghost of will but he was like cut in half haha ew
•"noah do you know how to use a gun" “yeah” and then he immediately handed it to audrey
•when piper was revealed to be the killer and she went “hashtag mind blown” to remind us all that this show was on MTV
• jake’s last text message ever sent was “jakey likey :) we good?”
•eli ? just like eli in general
•jake’s body fell on brooke and it showed everyone’s reactions and the face audrey made was like :/
•that time audrey literally almost knocked noah out with a bookend
•that time audrey DID knock noah out with chloroform
•when noah was guessing audrey’s phone passwords and he put in “noah” and then looked offended when it didn’t work
•when they like ran into branson at the movies??? and they all dragged him??? in front of him???
•eli sneaking into those ppl’s house just to make toast and watch em sleep
•when the model home caught on fire and emma was like “we can’t just leave!!!!” and eli was like “yes we can just leave and that’s what we’re doing lmao”
•that bitch HALEY who died SUCKING DICK
•"hey zoe! zoe-ologist"
•audrey and emma paused to argue about their relationship while literally standing over noah’s coffin when he was buried alive and rapidly losing blood
•stavo visited noah in the hospital and did that thing where he grabbed his foot? and he drew him a comic awww
•emma and audrey got increasingly gay as season 2 progressed
•"you know it wasn’t me. except that’s…..what the killer would say!!! haha it’s not me. it’s really not me.“
•the reveal of kieran THA SNAKE wilcox
•"haha” -kieran
• the Memorable emrey movie date
•the weird halloween special that accomplished nothing but at least everyone was wearing floral
•the whole show?