belmont station


Belmont’s dream address is updated! There’s still some unfinished/empty areas of the town, but I’m really happy about Belmont’s progress! Thank you to all the people who have visited so far ☆

// 6E00-0028-B49D ☆


We both took a vacation day yesterday, and then proceeded to stay nicely beered up throughout the day. We started with a Cerasus flanders red from Logsdon and a saison from Propolis, then some tasters at The Commons, we then made our way to Belmont Station for some more samples. Then finished up at Laurelwood for the night cap and nachos. She was the driver, so most of that was drunken by me. I was also able to pick up some great bottles, I hope you’re thirsty gafftapebrewing.

Jolly Pumpkin’s E.S. Bam, bottled March 2012 (Picked up at Belmont Station in Portland). A 3 of 4. The funk has had quite some time to develop in this - massive mountain ranges of foam on top. Some nice funk and grass/pine hop notes, but quite subdued. Slightly bitter in the body and quite a lot of interesting yeast and spice notes throughout. Quite dry and flat on the palate in the finish - and quite a lot of funk and body for such a low alcohol beer (4.5% or so).

Green Flash’s 1st Anniversary Strong Ale rebrewed for their 10th Anniversary, on tap at Belmont Station in Portland. A 3 of 4. Quite great - almost like a barleywine light - some nice caramel and toffee notes and a really, really creamy body with some nice bitterness in the finish. Solid, but a bit light in nuance throughout - however it is quite interesting with such a creamy body.