Already, Belmonts personality is coming out day by day. His nicknames have been: goof troop, gomer pile, dope, Monty and damnit dog. His birthday was in March 9th and he’s currently 7.8 lbs! Gonna be a stalky pup I think.

Had a great vet checkup today, all healthy and with first shots! He took it like a pro and fell asleep right after, he don’t give fucks.

Soon enough I’ll begin his intense vampire slaying training. Very soon.

I don’t hate Castlevania 2 as much as most people do, to be honest, although I’ll concede that 1 and 3 were better. That said, I was a bit intrigued after reading this article about it:

After finishing the article, I decided to check out its Japanese soundtrack.

This is the American NES’s version of the mansion theme (my favorite track in the game, btw). Personally, I think the bombastic musical style of the NES version’s soundtrack can work in some cases (like with “Bloody Tears,” the daytime theme), but this isn’t one of them. On the other hand…

This is the Japanese FDS’s version of the mansion theme. It’s a bit more subtle in terms of instrument use, which I think suits the locations (the mansions) best.

Belmont El, Detail Chicago, IL

One of a seres of seven mosaics, 4 ft tall by 6 ft wide. A set of wide eyed friendly faces,

placed on the top of rounded columns, at the entrance of the train station.