Kasmeer & Marjory - Concept Art vs Game Render

Alright Tumblr! I need your help! ♥ When looking at the concept arts (by Jamie Ro) of Guild Wars 2 characters Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade it becomes clear that Marjory’s armor has become a bit more modest in the actual game and the colors have changed to be more focused on black and green. But at least the armor Marjory wears in the concept art is recognizable as being the Trickster’s armor set.

But what armor is Kasmeer wearing in her concept art? Just like Marjory, the weapon in the concept art appears to be the same as the staff in the render. Also obviously Kasmeer’s hair color, just like Marjory’s, has stayed the same. And I suppose the gloves and shoulder piece slightly resemble each other. But what about the skirt and that bellytop Kasmeer is wearing in the concept art version?

The closest GW2 armors I could find were Incarnate for the top, and Conjurer for the skirt because it’s the only armor I could find with beads on the skirt. But what do you all think?