Potato Samosas

My grandma loved these. She came to visit on the day I made them and was hooked, and so in the spirit of Ramadhan I’ll be bringing her some over tomorrow for iftar. But here’s the catch - I won’t be the one making them. My sister will. She said that since this blog claims to be for novice cooks, I have to take responsibilities for all the recipes that are written here, as in, novice cooks will actually have to be able to make them.

Which brings me to amendments that were made to my Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza, courtesy of Belly of Ecuadors post on it. I must admit that I made mine with fresh pizza dough and have never used store-bought doughs (shocker!) before, and so was thankful for the note.

Anyways, I’ll be watching over the sister while she makes the samosas above, here’s to hoping they’ll come out exactly as written.

Laine Blogger Award

I opened my Tumblr mail during my procrastination study break and found that the wonderful Aina of Red + Black Apron has chosen my blog to be one of the recipients of the Laine Blogger Award. This award was originally intended for beauty bloggers but they realized that it would be for everyone’s benefit if this award is shared and extended to other sectors of the blogging industry.

The following are the rules with regard to giving out this award:

1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you

2. Blog about the award

3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers and let them know

Since I’m already done with the first two steps, let’s proceed to the last one. Although it took a while to decide, I’ve decided to send the awards out to these 5 bloggers (and since pictures speak louder than words, I’ve decided to let the pictures do all the talking) :

1. Cooking in the city:

2. Candid Appetite

3. Belly of Ecuador:

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