Her follow-up exam was today, and she’s very tired from all the stress, but in good health! I’m so happy that I’ve been crying like an idiot the whole time. She was an angel and didn’t bite any of the vets who were handling her. Even during x-rays. They commented on how well-socialized and behaved she was!

No surgery that she only had a 25% chance of surviving, yay!

I was told that the coagulated blood from laying her first egg is what adhered the second one to the inside of her vent. You can see the little red spot where it was stuck. She’s still taking calcium supplements and anti-inflammatory medication daily. The numbing agent and lubricant they used is was what really helped, and if I hadn’t brought her in when I did, we’d be in big trouble.

Again, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the overwhelming amount of support we received. Someone sent a donation of a whopping $200 and I’m still having trouble believing anyone could be so generous.

The wealth of emotional support has helped keep me grounded and calm through this whole ordeal as well. THANK YOU FOR MY BABY’S LIFE. I’m forever grateful.