belly slide

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“Shit, baby boy…”

“Fu- uh… sorry, I didn’t - “


His thighs are quivering, clasped tight against Dean’s waist, curled over him Sam drops his forehead to Dean’s chest and Dean tangles his fingers in messy hair.

“Think you can get hard again?”

Sam groans and rolls his hips, dick barely softened smearing through the come on Dean’s belly. Sliding his hand down the long, long stretch of Sam’s back, ladder of ribs bracketing a knobby spine, Dean insinuates his hand between them and smears the tacky mess over Sam’s dick.

It’s blood-hot and soft, twitching under his hand, filling again.

The bitter taste of semen still lingers at the back of Dean’s throat.

He can get a third out of his brother.

“Maybe,” Sam whimpers, bony butt dragging little circles across Dean’s lap, ass clutching tight and Dean’s so hard he could cry, but he can wait Sam out for another.

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Loosely based on a true story

[FYI, I posted this on Patreon and on Reddit, so if you’ve seen it there this is nothing new. If you haven’t seen this yet, get ready ;)]

I had been living in my sorority house for three days when I met Anna. She was tall, with red hair, freckles and an athletic build. She was friendly to me right away, inviting me to go out to dinner with her. She had a musical laugh and a sense of humor like mine. I could tell we were going to be fast friends.

We pulled into the parking lot at a buffet that served foods from all over the world. I reminded myself not to get too carried away; I didn’t need to walk out of here looking nine months pregnant and freak out my new friend.

We set our stuff down at a table and split up. When Anna sat down, she had a plate in each hand. And they were piled high, too. She saw my eyes widen and said, “What? I gotta fill up this tummy somehow!”

I let out a nervous laugh, self-conscious that she would somehow know how turned on I was by the idea of seeing that beautiful, fit girl with a beach ball stomach.

We talked about our favorite Omega Chi boys and the impending rush season. Before we knew it, we each had downed four plates of food.

“Ugh! I am so freaking stuffed. I’m going to look preggo!” Anna unbuttoned her pants and slid down in the booth.

I decide to push my luck. “Bet you can’t eat another plate…”

“Oh, you’re on!”

We each struggle to stand up around our stuffed bellies. I lead her to the Italian area. The employees stare at us while we each pile up a plate as high as we can with pasta.

We race to finish the pasta. I, a seasoned professional at belly stuffing, beat Anna, but just barely. She can really hold her own. When she finished the plate, she leans back and groans, a hand on each side of her round stomach. I see a sliver of skin and thank God for tight tank tops.

“Ready to go, fatty?” I ask her, and she just laughs. She stands up and I watch her walk out of the restaurant, barely trying to cover her belly that’s poking out, bouncing a little with each step.

That night my stomach had settled, but you could still notice that it’s a little rounder than it was when I woke up in the morning. I head to my room, bringing a big glass of water with me. I stop to chat with my sisters about the importance of hydrating. It’s good for your skin, after all.

I shut my door and get under the covers. I chug the entire glass in under a minute. After watching Anna at that buffet today, I need to stretch my stomach as far as it will go. I think about Anna, growing bigger and bigger, looking like a water balloon. I fall asleep after getting myself off.

“Olivia. OLIVIA.” I feel someone shaking my shoulder. It’s Anna, trying to wake me up without stirring anyone in the rooms next door.

“Oh my God.” I jump. As soon as I realize what is happening, I grab my covers to try to disguise my swollen stomach.

“Sorry. Did I scare you? It’s just that I’m still hungry. I need someone to come get snacks with me. The buddy system, after all. Gotta stay safe on campus!”

“Good Lord, Anna! Heard of knocking?”

“Oh, get over it, you live in the House now. We’re sisters. Now get your ass up, I need pizza!”

I pull myself out of bed and hop in her car.

“You’re just lucky there’s even a place open at this time of night!”

“I’m very aware of the hours of the local restaurants. How do you think I survived the dorms?” Anna smiles mischievously.

We get back to the house and take our pizza to the basement.

“Anna, there’s no way you can eat a large pizza by yourself.” She got one for each of us.

“You don’t know my stomach!” She settles onto the couch and lays a box on her lap.

She demolishes her pizza. She has already unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She starts to roll her tank top up to her boobs. “Hope you don’t mind, I gotta make room.”

“Anna, this is incredible.” I struggle to keep the arousal out of my voice.

She grabs what’s left of my pizza box (most of it) and starts in on that. At this point we have stopped talking. She is concentrating and I am mesmerized.

She finished off my piece and lays the box on the ground. She sits there for a moment, silent. She’s focusing on her stomach, working to digest nearly two large pizzas. Her hands cradle the bottom of her bulging belly.

“Anna, you look like you’re nine months pregnant.”

She doesn’t reply, she just moans softly.

I decide to do something risky. I slowly reach over and set my hand on the soft skin stretched over her stuffed tummy.

“Please rub my belly, Olivia. It hurts.”

My pussy is soaking wet. I don’t know how I am going to hide my complete adoration of her swollen stomach. But I can’t resist, and she clearly wants me to help…

I rub her stomach. “Ooohhhhh… That feels so good, Olivia…” she whispers.

I scoot closer and grip her belly with both hands. It starts to gurgle and I can feel her stomach under my hands, working to digest her feast. I hesitate.

“Please, Olivia, don’t stop rubbing. I feel like I am going to burst.”

I help her lay down on the couch. I sit on the floor beside her and keep rubbing. She keeps moaning and I notice that her hands have settled inside of her underwear… I decide to take a chance. I lean over and kiss her taut stomach. She gasps.

“I’m so sorry Anna. That was really weird… I’m going to go.”

“Wait! Come back. Do it again.”


“Olivia. I can see how much my antics at dinner had you worked up. I’ve seen you stroking your bloated stomach after a keg stand, which was adorable, by the way. No one else would have noticed that stuff… I did though.”

“So you’re saying that you did this on purpose?”

“You took the bait, didn’t you?”

I crawl up on the couch and get on top of Anna. Her belly is sticking up so far that it brushes against mine. Her fingertips gently caress the underside of my belly - which is pretty stuffed, although not as swollen as hers. I lean down and kiss her stomach again, dipping my tongue into her belly button. She gasps and her hips buck. So this is the real deal. She’s into this too.

Her shorts are already half off, considering how far she had to unzip them to accommodate her protruding stomach. I lean on my side next to her, kissing and nibbling her belly while sliding a hand into her panties. She is soaking wet.

“Geez, Anna. Someone really likes having their belly stuffed full.”

“There’s so much pressure inside of me… I feel so round…”

“You are absolutely huge. You look like you swallowed a basketball.”

I keep circling her clit and talking dirty to her. She comes and I have to cover her mouth with my free hand so we don’t wake anyone up.

“Geez, Anna, shut the hell up! Someone’s going to hear us!”

She tries to catch her breath. She smirks at me. “You’re next,” she pants.

We decided it’d probably be best for us to be roommates. It was quite a year.

Bangtan In Bed Analysis

Sorry it took so long anon, I wrote quite a bit. Enjoy.

Seokjin ;

Making Love ;

I think they’d all be pretty much the same for this department but we’ll make it as different as possible. First, Jin is the number one man when it comes to making love. He’d make sure you were completely comfortable and ready before he tried anything too serious. He’d lay you down on the bed first, strong arm leaning his heavy body next to your own. The lights would be low and I could totally see him lighting some candles to set the mood. He’d start by kissing you, very slowly and softly, his hand trailing down your stomach. He’d finger you open while kissing your neck, still going as slow as he could without torturing the two of you too bad. After you were opened and ready, he’d pull a condom on and slide in. He keep his lips on yours in the beginning, but after a few minutes he might pepper kisses all over whatever part of your body he can reach. He’s one to keep intimate eye contact with you and tell you how much he loves you or how beautiful you are over and over as he languidly thrusts inside of you. The entire time would consist of slow but deep thrusts, sometimes a few seconds of grinding with him releasing the most gorgeous groans you’ve every heard. Seokjin for sure wouldn’t come until you did, making you first priority so he’d do anything he had to, circle his thumb around your clit or maybe even speed up just a small bit until you were shaking and trembling underneath him.

Everyday Sex ;

Agh okay. Seokjin would still be incredibly passionate and caring when it comes to everyday sex. He’d still very much make sure you were comfortable and as ready as he was before he tried anything. He’d probably be open to more with this type of sex, like kinks and different positions. He’ll try things other than kissing as the foreplay, maybe oral, both way, you sucking him off or him eating you out, or he’d play with your nipples and leave faint hickey’s on your neck and along your collar bones. He would take less time in fingering you, not meaning he won’t completely make sure you aren’t ready because he would, he’d just do it in more of a rush than other times. His thrusts would be faster, deeper, less precise but only after you begged him for it. There’d be more screaming from you and rough grunting from him, rather than quiet noises. He’d quiet you down with his tongue, swirling around the inside of your mouth. He’d bite down on your bottom lip and make sure you come undone a whining mess.

Yoongi ;

Making Love ;

Yoongi has his emotions on lockdown, it’s very hard for him to express his feelings at times so I feel everything would come out during the moments you make love. Unlike any other time, Yoongi would handle you with complete and utter care. His hands would gently slide over every inch of your body, his lips not far behind, trailing after and caressing your skin with soft kisses. He’d put every emotion he’s kept bottled up into a passionate kiss on your lips, his eyebrows scrunched in concentration. I feel like he’d want the sheet to be over your bodies while anything was happening, maybe a low lamp on in the corner to create a dim glow in the room. He’d peel your clothes off one by one, kissing over the tops of your breasts when he unclipped your bra and leaving a line of kisses under your belly button when he slides your panties off. He’ll finger you very slowly, and curl his fingers inside to hear the gasps you’ll let out, before rolling a condom on and getting to the deed. He’d want to hold you as close as possible to himself while he gently rocked into you from the start. He’d be the type to keep his face hovered over your own, his mouth held an inch away from yours so he could hotly pant against your cheeks. He’d want you to see what you do to him, see his facial expression scrunch up in absolute pleasure. His hips would push into yours with the slowest speed, but still manage to reach deeper than ever before. He might get too caught up in his moaning and groaning to remember to get you off first and he’d shoot into the condom before he could stop it. He’ll definitely make up for it after though, whether it be pleasuring you with his mouth and fingers or over stimulating himself to finish you.

Everyday Sex ;

This is where kinky Yoongi comes in. He can have quickies with you anywhere and everywhere in your house. He’ll want you four different places in the living room, five different places in the kitchen, up against the wall, bent over his desk, pushed up against the front door and even in the shower where your screams will echo around you. His thrusts would be quick and controlled, his mouth open and throatily groaning loud into your ear. He’d suck bruises into every part of your skin he could, loving the way the bright purplish marks confirmed you as his. He’d change it up every time, pinch at your clit and have you come on his cock or pull out and finish you off with his fast tongue movements and curling fingers.

Namjoon ;

Making Love ;

Namjoon is another one who has his emotions and heart guarded to protect himself and another one to have everything he’s feeling be shown through his actions in the bedroom. He’d be nervous beforehand, thinking about every possible scenario where something could go wrong but as soon as he saw your beautiful body, nothing but love would fill his mind. He’d kiss you all over and generally take his time to really let you know how he felt about you. He’d hold you close and rub soothing circles into your back or the soft skin of your thighs while he kissed your lips over and over and whispered about how much you meant to him. He wouldn’t want the moment to end but the pleasure of being inside you would become too much and he’d have to speed up his usually slow timed thrusts. He’d moan for you to come together before he collapsed in a tired heap next to you.

Everyday Sex ;

Namjoon is a kinky pervert and toys and bondage are his thing. If and when he’s not making love to you, you can definitely expect to be tied up and tortured ( the good kind ). He’d have your hands behind your back or above your head whenever he could get them there, eyes enjoying the view of you helplessly exposed to him and squirming. A smirk would never leave his lips as his hands trailed over your body and mapped out your curves. He’d mark you all over, double checking to be sure there wasn’t an inch unbruised as a reminder of who you belonged to for anyone with prying eyes. He’d use an array of toys on you, nipple clamps, mouth gags, blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, a paddle for when you decided to be a bad girl and his personal favorite, a vibrator. He’d love watching your body shake and tremble when he held the mechanical toy over your most sensitive spot, love hearing your broken cries as he fucked you with it. Namjoon would probably make you come once or twice with just his hands and the toys before he actually got to the sex part. He prefer if you were face down in the mattress, any position he could have a view of your ass. His big hands would grip your waist to hold you still as he mercilessly pounded into you, deep grunts traveling up his throat.

Hoseok ;

Making Love ;

Hoseok has such an amazing, loving personality that you couldn’t be mad at him when he messes up in this department. He’s so cheesy and dorky and playful, he wouldn’t exactly know how to get serious for something like making love. He’d try his hardest to make things perfect and you have to give him credit for his effort. He shows his love through jokes so light teasing would be his forte. He’d skim his lips all over your skin and watch the goosebumps pop up, might suck a little on your neck and nipples, flick his tongue over them and draw circles around them with his thumbs. He’s leave little pecks all the way down your stomach, nip at your hips and the inside of your thighs and laugh when you squeak as he takes his first lick at your core. He’d continue, very slowly, to lap at your clit and use his fingers to get you open. He’d hover his face over yours as he fucks into you, again agonizingly slow because he’s a shit, and laugh at every shuddering breath you let out because of his angled thrusts perfectly grazing over your sweet spot. He’d kiss your nose and promise to love you forever in hushed whispers, sometimes his own resolve breaking so he can let out a shaky moan against your cheek.

Everyday Sex ;

Everyday sex with Hoseok would be different every time. He’d like to try new things, he’d be the most open to new kinks and toys and places where you can have sex. Like the laundry room. I don’t know why but I can see Hoseok as one of those husbands that try fucking you against the washer while your kids watched cartoons in the living room. He’s sneaky and fun. He’d try to make sex with him some of your best experiences by changing it up and not keeping anything vanilla. His favorite thing to do would be making you scream, especially when the other boys were around. He’d want them to know what he does to you behind closed doors. He’ll finger you rougher than usual, fuck you deeper than the thrust before, smack your ass and pull your hair and make sure you’re crying and shaking with pleasure so he could walk out and be smug af.

Jimin ;

Making Love ;

Jimin is so full of adoration. He’s very admirable for his ability to easily show his love for others but I think he’d be a little more reserved with his feelings in bed. It would start out like any other, small pecks turning into longer, more passionate kisses. His hands would roam over your body and he’d be nice enough to ask if this was what you wanted to do, before leading you to his bedroom. He’d slowly undress you, his mouth on yours while his tongue explores the inside before he threw you on the bed and climbed on top. He wouldn’t advance things too fast, thinking it would be best not to rush through something so important. He’d take time to finger you open properly, distracting you with loving kisses on your lips or neck, then maybe eat you out just a little because it’s his favorite. His cock would stay deep, shallow thrusts barely pulling him out an inch before he’s grinding back in. His thickness would stretch you wide in the best way. After you spend a long intimate time together, soft tongue kisses shared between you Jimin would slide his arm underneath you and arch your chest until it’s pressed to his. He’d mouth at your neck and speed his thrusts up, pulling out all the way and slamming back in as he panted out I love you’s against your skin. You’d come undone in his arms and he’d kiss you hard on the lips to finish it off, his eyes crinkling up with his big smile when you returned his affection.

Everyday Sex ;

Jimin is the pussy eating queen, even more so than clit sucker Yoongi. He’d love so much to wear your thighs as ear muffs and your cunt as a face mask. He’s not one of those fake ass eaters who barely try, no. Jimin is the real deal. He’ll grip your thighs and spread your legs so far apart they will ache for weeks. He’d tease you at first and lick you through your panties a few times, make you whine and beg for his heavenly tongue you love so much. He’d probably rip them off but you wouldn’t care because he always bought you new ones. He’ll swipe your lips of any of your sweet juice you dripped just for him, thrust his tongue as deep as it would go and moan at the taste he just couldn’t get enough of. You’d be overwhelmingly trembling in ecstasy, your thighs flexing and hips pushing down onto him. He’d grip your hips tightly and hold you down so he could flick his tongue over your clit. He’ll finger you a little, use his thumbs to pull your lips apart and lap you up until you’re dry so he can finish you off. Actual sex would just be quick. It would depend on how he was feeling I think. If he was stressed out and tired, he’d fuck you fast but long. You’d have really sweaty, extremely loud sex that had Jimin’s hands curling into the sheets from the intense pleasure you gave him. He’d pant out breathy little whines and kiss your cheek and jaw as much as possible until you’re both finished, but if he was feeling energetic and horny he’d take his time and fuck you thoroughly, cock so deep you were shaking. I don’t think he’d finish inside you, he’d let you come and then ask you to suck him off so he could come too.

Taehyung ;

Making Love ;

I can’t even begin to explain how awkward Taehyung is. He’s so adorably clumsy and those traits wouldn’t just magically disappear while you were in bed. To be honest they might even show more but so would his love for you. A blush would never leave his cheeks as you guys worked up to making love, either by kissing or other things, his face would stay a deep shade of red. He’d be really embarrassed if he messed anything up so he’d try his best at everything, but mistakes are inevitable in anything. He’d apologize for poking his finger too far inside of you when it actually felt good, he’d apologize for pinching your nipple too hard, for biting your neck and leaving too dark of a mark that couldn’t be covered. There’d be a lot of apologizing but that would be what made it perfect. He’d go super super slow, teeth splitting his lip until it’s bleeding at the beautiful sight of you under him. He’d leave kisses all over your forehead, whispering in his deep voice his adoration for you while his hips ground up into yours. He’d caress your cheeks and gutturally moan when you both came.

Everyday Sex ;

I think without the pressure of feeling like he needs to love you and show it, everyday sex with Tae would be a whole lot messier. A lot less clumsy and embarrassed, more cocky and handsy. His hands ( Jesus have you seen them ) would squeeze at any part of you he was able to reach, your ass, your hips, your waist, your boobs or his favorite, your thighs. He’d nibble on your earlobe and mumble the dirty things he wanted to do to you or even better, what he wanted you to do to him. He’d sloppily kiss you and tongue your mouth, smack your thighs and ass and groan at the sound of your whimpers. He’d want his hand print tattooed on your red skin for hours. But after all that he’ll sit down in the love seat of your living room or lean against the headboard of your bed and let you ride him. He’d cross his arms behind his head and watch you fuck yourself onto his dick with the cockiest smirk you’ve ever seen. He may thrust up a few times if he catches you slacking, his cock head jabbing against your sweet spot and bringing you back. He’d growl when you scratched your nails down his chest and come to the sight of you completely wrecked above him.

Jeongguk ;

Making Love ;

Jungkook’s a little young to be in love but anything could happen so. Jungkook is shy as shit so I see him being a little like Tae and always having a rosy blush dusting his cute cheeks throughout your session. He wouldn’t know which noises meant good and which bad and his eyes would be wide, scared that he had hurt you. The first time you can expect to be awkward but you’ll definitely know how he feels about you through the whole thing. He’ll leave small pecks on the corner of your mouth and the tip of your nose, lips brushing over your forehead. His thrust would be labored, slow and shallow, only pushing about half of his length into you. He’d roll his hips and tell you you were beautiful and he loved you. Jungkook’s breathing would be heavy and stuttering in your ear, the occasional whimper from containing the urge to fuck into you harder accidentally escaping his lips. When you come he’s fast to follow, his hands grabbing your hips and holding you down onto him as he buries himself as deep as he can so he can shoot his load. After he’s done he’ll fall next to you and cuddle you into his chest, his lips pushing a soft kiss to your temple and voice murmuring that he loves you once more.

Everyday Sex ;

Jungkook’s like so into oral. But oral for him like, you sucking him off twenty four seven oh my god he would cry if your mouth ever left his dick. He’d love watching your cheeks hollow and push out if he fucked in too deep. He’d intentionally try making you choke because it would boost his self esteem and it was hot af to him. He’d pretend to be worried and cradle your jaw, maybe kiss your nose for extra effort before going right back in and fucking your throat to choke you again. He’d groan and pull your hair and fuck your face so fucking much. Since Jungkook is so strong and muscly, I think it’d be really easy for him to slam you against a wall and fuck up into you as you held onto his shoulders. He’d hold you up with his palm flat to your stomach, his other hand holding your thighs open so he could freely thrust. This is where Jungkook would be cocky af and dirty talk you into your release. He’d, just like above, bury himself deep into you and growl against your neck as he comes.

Alec’s sprawled on the couch, a book in one hand, reading attentively, his other arm thrown over his head. He’s wearing a tight dark green t-shirt, black worn jeans and no socks. He startles when he suddenly feels a presence and a moment later, soft lips against his elbow, his frown easing, his lips tugging into a lopsided grin and his eyes falling shut.

The lips kiss along the inside of his arm and biceps, tickling his skin, tingling into his core and he giggles quietly, opens his eyes and sees the most beautiful, loved face at a rather weird angle upside down before him. Magnus kisses his nose and moves up and Alec follows him, turning his head, moving his arm down and closing the book, a finger inside the pages to remember where he left off.

He watches Magnus round the sofa, move a leg over him, and carefully straddle his waist. They’re smiling, eyes shining, their faces gravitating towards each other, meeting in a slow, soft, loving kiss and Alec’s fingers push into Magnus’ short hair at the back of his head, rubbing gently as Magnus’ hands cradle his face, a finger pushing into his pulse point amidst his deflect rune, stroking along with soft pressure, eliciting the softest waves of shivers and warmth growing in Alec’s belly.

Alec moves the hand with the book to the side, leaving it on the table, not caring he’ll have to find the right page again. Their kiss deepens, hot wet lips nipping and sliding against one another, their soft sounds growing, his now free hand sliding over Magnus’ shoulder and down his back, feeling every muscle through his thin red shirt, feeling him shudder as his body arches into Alec’s touch.

Alec’s fingers arrive at the waistband of his black slacks and he pushes his fingers beneath, dragging them along soft, smooth skin towards his hipbone and the moan that comes from Magnus in that instant drives Alec’s own heat and hunger, an unbending desire to be close to his love, to show him with kisses and touches how much he adores him, how much he cares and wants him.

Their kisses grow sloppier, wetter and more passionate, Magnus’ fingers pushing up Alec’s t-shirt, ghosting and raking over his abs and pelvis, riddling him with delicious shivers, tearing moan after moan from deep in his throat, echoing Magnus’ own as Alec’s long fingers circle his belly button before they slide beneath the fabric of his boxer briefs, buttons skillfully opened a moment before, and his thumb drags across the softest place on his hip joint.

Magnus groans a little, gasps and moves his head back breathlessly, mirroring Alec’s bright, wrecked smile as his eyes open. They’re gazing at each other, lost in a world only they know, only they exist in, Alec’s thumb still gently moving, Magnus’ fingers tickling just behind Alec’s ear, and without speaking a single word, they convey countless emotions.

Their smiles widen as they lean in again at the same time, lips gliding together perfectly, noses pressing into warm cheeks, foreheads brushing, hair tickling, pulling delicate sighs from their lips, cocooned in each other, hearts beating as one in their wholesome sanctuary.

Show me (Part 2)

Summary: You just wanted to see Cas’ wings and it turned into a very interesting change in your life.

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, oral (female and male receiving), multiple orgasm

Words: 1467

A/N:   | Again, sorry for every mistake I made, English isn’t my first language. |

I made a part 2 yaaay! While writing this I thought that this could be a smutty cute mini-series. What do you think?

Part 1


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Cas…” you whisperd, not wanting to ask for sex, but really in need for it.

“I know, (Y/N), I kn-know. I-I just need a little rest… I pro-promise you that I w-will return every-everything, but-but please, lie down with m-me for a mo-moment.” he moved his hand to you and forced you to lie down beside him.
Cas’ promise made you smile, but then, he snapped his fingers and you both were just in your underwear, under  duvet. His erection pressed to your ass, his hand found it’s place on your clothed core and that closeness made you tremble.
You couldn’t wait ‘till he wakes up.


You tried to focus on that thunder outside just to hear that when Cas’ breath slowed and became steady, the thunderclaps stopped. Strange.

But there pop up your problem again. You were soaking and crossing your legs wasn’t helping. You were completely done with waiting, but still, he was your best friend and the things you did, and are doing right now changed a lot – because hey! what pair of friends are laying down in just their panties and boxers - and you didn’t want to make it wrong.

The truth was, you loved Castiel. Well, you thought you loved him, but right now all you wanted was his hands-and tounge too- all over your body and feelings didn’t count.

You were wandering if he will just pleasure you on that same rule you did it to him, by giving you only his hands and tounge or if he’s going to give his vessel a little too. Guessing by that erection, still hard rock and pressed to your ass, if that guy – what was his name? Jimmy? Jimmy Novak? - could decide, he would fuck you to the mattress and won’t let you run out of the bed.

Not that you wanna run away, but, well, this was Castiel. You weren’t sure, if he ever had “human sex” and, concluding by his reaction to his own orgasm, he won’t be that type that can hold himself for all night.

You held your breath when his hand twitched - still on your core - a little and that was enough for you to lightly jerk your hips.

“You know I can hear your thoughts, right?” he whispered while climbing above you.”I can hold on all night” he started to left light kisses on your jawline. ”I can fuck you to the mattress.” his lips were now on your pulse point leaving there a mark. ”I will do,” you moand softly. ”all the things you know you want and all you don’t know yet.” he smiled and lie down beside you again, hugging you hard. ”(Y/N), all of this, becase I lo…” you covered his mouth with your hand quickly.

“Don’t say that.” you looked him in the eyes.”Not now. You know what that will mean? Too much.” you searched his face for some reaction, but didn’t saw any. ”We will talk about feelings later. Fuck me, Cas. I need you right now, right here.” you moved your hand from his lips just to see him licking them. He nodded slowly and climed up on you again.

You saw that he wasn’t happy about your words. You wanted to hear them, but not now. You had heard that sweet 'I love you’s’ while sex and it ended the same everytime. That’s why you hated to hear that; you just knew that it never meant what it should, it was just excitement, feel of the moment, not the real emotion.

Castiel returned to kissing your neck, but not for long. His lips traveled to your collarbones and then to your breasts. He left on both of them light kisses and after that, he sucked your already hard nipple.

“Cas…” you moand his name, it was too slow. ”Don’t be such a tease! I’m already soaking, Cas, please…” you hadn’t ever been a sub and never begged, but you couldn’t wait any longer; the pressure made you felt like you could explode any second.

Before you process that he left your nipple alone, you felt his kiss on your lower belly and his fingers slide under your waistbond; he took off your panites quickly and kissed that place right above your clit. You wanted to look at him, but this beautiful view was covered with duvet.

Unexpectedly you felt his tounge coming from your entrance to your clit, completely flat. That feeling made you shiver and you fell back on your pillows. Your reaction made him groan, which caused you to squrim and fist your hands on sheets. He did it again a little bit harder, but this time you felt his finger at your entrance and when the tip of his tounge made contact with your aching clit, he slide two of his fingers, somewhat knowing that it won’t hurt you.

Well, you were really wet, like never before, he just knew it.

That was the first time he let his vessel teach him how to do things, and by your reacting he was sure that he was doing it right. That low voice in his head told him to fast his pace, so he did. He blocked that little soul a long time ago, letting him forget his family and throwing at him different stories, giving him some kind of life that most men wants; so he decided that he can use that skills that have his vessel and use it on a person that he really cared about.

Castiel heard (Y/N)’s moans and felt her trembling. She was near, so he just sped up his pace and added third finger, and she reached her climax with ejaculation.

He slowed, kissing her sex and rode her orgasm with all his focus. He never thought that this would gave him this much satisfaction, but it did and he felt his vessel called for attention by twitched cock.

Castiel lift up, breathing heavy. Smiled, wiped his face and before he could crash his lips on yours with force you started tostutter.

“I… I’m s-so so-sorry!” your checks turned red. “T-this never, like ever, happened to m-me before! I’m re-really…” he finally shut you up with an open mouth kiss.

“That was amezing.” he, accidentally, brushed his still clothed cock on your wet folds and both of you moaned softly. “Can I…?” he asked gridding his hips into yours; you pushed him and sat on his hips in respond.

“No. I need to taste you.” you said simply, not even trying that dirty talk. You lowerd, in the meantime you left on his sensitive skin wet kisses. You kicked out the duvet and took off his boxers, frozing at that view. Your mouth watered immediately. His dick was the biggest one you had ever seen, precum dribbled and you couldn’t let it, so you just licked it, which caused Castiel to groan.

You took his head into your lips and sucked it hard enough for him to bucked up his hips. You started bobbing your head fast with your tounge flat.

A dozen or so minutes later he started to tremble a little, but before he felt that feeling right before an orgasm, his hand found its place in your hair and he pulled you up with that 'pop’ sound, so you both giggled.

You kissed him hard and slowly sank onto his member losing your breath. Well, both of you lost it. He was really big and Castiel couldn’t hid that he hadn’t had sex for a long time, you just knew that. And he kinda confirmed it, because when you started to move back and forth, his hands found your hips and he stopped you.

“I need one more minute.” he groaned. His eyes were closed and lips parted, chest was moving heavy… It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, for real.

You had no idea why, but it was cute and heart warming for you. Of course you were worried about what happens next, but you really wanted to live in that moment.

So when you were sure he adjust, you started moving and kissing him desperatly. Castiel must had felt that, because he broke the kiss, changed your sides and just hugged you, imposig really hard and fast pace. That kind of contradictions got you everytime.

You heard him mumbeling something lowly, but you tried to ignore it.

Soon, you were screaming his name tightening around his cock. This orgasm took all your strenght, you felt it like every atom of your body exploded, making your view black and for a few seconds you couldn’t hear yourself. Cas’ pace sped up even more taking you on edge again from oversensitivity, this time he fell too, filling you with all he got. His head fell to your neck, but he raised it almost at once.

“I lo..” he started, but you again covered his lips, this time with your own. You deepend that kiss slowly, taking your time. This time it was different than every other before. You hoped it spoke better than words.

“Don’t say it. Words mean nothing when comparing with actions. Show me, Castiel.

“I can get used to showing you things.” he smiled widely. But… just for a moment, okay?

Both of you started to laugh at his words. This seemed to be changing into a really good thing for both of you.

MariChat May day 31: The Baton  (Epilogue)

This is it, my last entry in the MariChat May line up.  Thanks to everyone for your support along the way, especially @seasonofthegeek and @freedom-shamrock_Shamrock. ( @s-n-arly ) I hope you like it!

Marinette reclined against the headboard of her luxurious king-sized bed, and considered her latest sketch with a critical eye.  It was good, but there was something missing…  She nibbled on the end of her pencil, raking her eyes over the sketch, trying to pinpoint the elements that were incomplete.

“Still working, my lady?”

“Yes.”  She frowned at her work, and then set it aside with a sigh.  “No.  I’ll have to come back to it tomorrow, with fresh eyes.”

Her husband took her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly, then rounded the bed to begin undressing on the other side.  The first thing to go was the tie, which he tugged from his neck and tossed carelessly to the top of his armoire; then he began unbuttoning his dove gray shirt.  “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” she said, smiling wanly.

“It’ll get better, right?” He shrugged out of the shirt, and tossed it over the end of the bed.  “You’re almost to the second trimester.”

Her smile turned wistful.  “That’s what I’ve heard.”

He tossed his pants on top of the shirt, and crawled across the bed in an undershirt and boxer briefs to lie with his head in her lap.  “I hate that my kitten is taking so much out of you.”

“You worry too much, Chaton,” she murmured, combing his hair from his face with her fingers. “This is normal.”

“I don’t care that it’s normal, I still hate to see you so run down.”  He turned his head and nuzzled against her still-flat belly, his arm sliding around her waist as he moved closer.  “I’ll be glad when she’s out here, so I can help you take care of her.”

She laughed, and the happy sound made him smile.  “Adrien, if you did any more to help me at this point, I’d never do anything at all and I think I might go crazy.”

He hummed, eyeing her speculatively, and then pointedly looked away.  “So, I’ve been thinking…”

“Uh oh.  Why do I get the feeling that I’m not going to like where you’re going with this?”

He pushed himself up with a sigh.  “Because you probably won’t.”


“I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time we gave up our Miraculous.”


“Excuse me?”

“What the hell, kid?”

Marinette, Tikki, and Plagg all spoke over one another, expressing their outrage at his suggestion.  Adrien looked at the pair of kwamis in consternation.  “I thought you two were downstairs?”

“We were.  Now we aren’t.”

“Adrien, you weren’t hoping to have this conversation without us, were you?”   Tikki eyed him with one tiny eyebrow raised questioningly.  “Because that would have been incredibly inconsiderate.”

“Ah—no?”  He cleared his throat guiltily.  “I would have included you.  Eventually.”

Plagg and Marinette both snorted, but no one challenged him on it.

“I’m not giving up my Miraculous, Adrien.”

He sighed, rubbing the back of his head in frustration.  “I just think that maybe it’s time to pass the baton to someone else.  Someone—”   Marinette’s eyebrow arched dangerously, and he winced, but continued on another sigh. “Someone who’s not about to become parents.”

“I knew it!”  Marinette threw back the covers and leapt from the bed to begin pacing furiously.  “You knock me up, and suddenly I’m not fit to carry my own purse, much less patrol Paris, is that it?”

“No, Marinette, of course not—”

“And heaven forbid that I actually take out a mugger or something, because I might break a finger nail.”  She whirled and threw her hands up in mock distress. “The horror!”

“Marinette please, that isn’t it at all—”

“I’m pregnant, Adrien.  I’m not suddenly an invalid.  You will not take Tikki from me, and before you even think about suggesting it, I will not give up being Ladybug!”

“I know you’re not an invalid!”  Adrien’s uncharacteristic shout brought the other three to a silent stand-still. “But what we do is dangerous,” he continued more quietly.  “It’s dangerous, even now that Hawk Moth is gone.  Possibly more so, since without the akumas, there’s no need for your cleansing spell and anything that happens to us is permanent.   I know you are incredible and strong and brave and as capable now as you’ve ever been.  Paris needs heroes, but our child needs her parents.”  He’d crossed the room as he spoke, and cupped her face in his hands.  “Marinette, I know what it’s like to grow up without a mother.  I know what it’s like to have a father shattered by grief.  I don’t want that for our child.”

“Oh, Adrien.”  She placed her hands over his on her cheeks.  “Giving up our Miraculous will not guarantee our safety.  And you are not your father.  If something did happen to me, you would never do to your child what Gabriel did to you.”

He leaned his forehead against hers with a tremulous smile, and his hands slid to the back of her neck.  “I know, Princess.  But you have to admit that the job description of a superhero is more dangerous than that of a fashion designer.”

“I know it is.  Your concerns are not unfounded.”  She straightened to look at him.  “But Adrien, to give up our Miraculous?  To give up Tikki and Plagg?  They are as much a part of this family as our child will be.”

“I don’t like it either.”  He looked to where the two kwamis sat cuddled at the end of their bed, and smiled sadly.  “But is it fair to keep them, if it means depriving Paris of its protectors?”

Marinette cast stricken eyes to the kwamis, who shared a look between one another and then floated to their Chosen.

“You make a great martyr, kid, but it isn’t necessary.”

Adrien shook his head. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Oh Adrien, the two of you were chosen.  You are our wielders.  Our place is with you.”

“But what about—”

Plagg rolled his eyes impatiently.  “There are other Miraculous, doll, especially now that the Master has recovered the Peacock and Butterfly. If there’s another fuss, then he will activate another pair of Miraculous.”

Tikki nodded, smiling encouragingly.  “Besides, the police got along well enough without you before you came along, I don’t think it’s unfair to expect them to go back to managing non-Miraculous criminals on their own.  Do you?”

Both heroes gaped at their kwami.  “N-no…?”

“It’ll take some time for you both to find a new balance, Marinette.”  Tikki nuzzled against her chosen’s cheek, buzzing softly.  “But you will find it, just as our holders always have.”

“Face it, kid.  You’re stuck with us.” Plagg smirked.  “You buy the absolute best Camembert, not that cheap stuff.  There’s no way I’m giving that up.”

Glass Heart - Part Four

Ubbe x Reader

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Notes: 2164 words. Still T-rated. Read on and let the gods smoosh their faces together already.

Read on Ao3

By the way this spring ritual was inspired by a Czech tradition for Walpurgisnacht, according to Wikipedia. My cursory internet research said there’s not much from the primary sources about how the ancient Vikings celebrated the spring equinox, so when I found this “kissing under a blossoming tree or you’ll be dried up all year” Germanic thing I decided to use some artistic license and add it in as a tradition at Kattegat too.

You feel frozen to the ground as you watch Ubbe approach. You like to think of yourself as an assertive person, but right now it feels like all you can do is hold still and wait for him to notice you. If you call out to him, only to find that he was actual searching for another woman, you are not sure your heart could take it.

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Swollen Belly

We had only been dating for a few weeks.
He got a big promotion and he wanted to celebrate by going to a movie. We got to the theater and stopped at the concession stand on the way in. He ordered an XL soda for each of us and a large popcorn to share. He never thought I’d be able to finish it, especially after the dinner we had; he just wanted to treat ourselves because of all of that new money. We sit down in the theater and the lights dim.
It’s about halfway through the movie and we’ve almost finished the popcorn when I got a kernel stuck in the back of my throat. I cough a little and take a big swig of my soda.
“You alright?”
“Yep, all good!”
But I had swallowed a lot of air down with that sip. I felt the pressure of it hit my stomach. It felt good.
I took another long drink. The bubbles felt so good going down.
I couldn’t help myself… I started sucking down big swallows. The pressure building up in my stomach gave me goosebumps. I can feel a burp coming up and I try to hold it in - I really don’t need him thinking that I’m unladylike. One slips out, but it was during a loud scene so I think it went unnoticed. That gave me some more confidence.
I’ve almost finished the soda. By now my stomach is rumbling and I can feel it brushing against my loose shirt. A wave of pleasure hits me and it takes everything I have not to unbutton my pants and stroke my bloated stomach. I take another swig and finish off the soda with a loud slurping noise. He laughs and offers me his soda, not noticing that my tummy is threatening to bust out of my pants.
By the end of the movie I have to have finished nearly half a gallon of bubbly soda. I keep swallowing down any threatening burps so as not to draw attention to the fact that my stomach is completely full to the bursting point. The credits roll and I manage to stand up and throw on my coat before the lights turn on. I can cover this up until we get home at least.
In the car we talk about the movie and he doesn’t seem to notice that I’m distracted by the pressure that’s still growing in my stomach. My skin is taut across my belly but his eyes are on the road. When we get home he leads me to the bedroom. I’m so turned on and I need him badly, but I excuse myself to the bathroom. I have no idea what I’m going to do… how could he not notice that my normally tight, flat belly now looks inflated like a balloon? I look six months pregnant!
I lean over the counter and hang my head, trying to think of an excuse to leave without him seeing my bulging stomach. I look up into the mirror and see him behind me, staring at my reflection.
I see confusion pass over his face. I move my arms in front of my torso, as if I could cover up the basketball protruding from my tummy. To top it off, my stomach makes a huge rumbling noise from all of the built up pressure. I let out a moan.
He walks towards me and puts his hands on my hips. Slowly, his hands slide around my bloated belly. By the time his hands reach the other side, he is pressed up against my back. I feel his hard on press against me.
“You drank quite a bit of soda, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” I breathe. It’s more of a sigh. I can’t help myself; the feeling of his big hands resting on my bulging stomach has me soaking wet. I don’t care about being self conscious anymore, I just need him to fuck me.
“Do you mind that I look like this?”
He answers by leaning over to kiss my neck and running one of his hands down my belly and between my legs.
I lean over the counter and press my ass into his crotch. He takes the hint and pulls down his pants. His hard cock slides inside of me, filling up the last bit of space left in my belly.
He starts thrusting, his hands gripping each side of my belly for support. They slide down and cradle the underside of my belly.
“Oh my god!” I gasp.
“You look so huge… it looks like you’re pregnant…” his hands slide up to grip my full breasts, leaving my belly free to swing back and forth with each thrust. I lose control, coming so hard that my legs go weak and I lean down on the counter. The cold marble feels incredible against my tight, sensitive skin.
Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any more full, he pumps me full to bursting with his cum. I feel my belly swell even further to accommodate the load. I turn around and kiss him on the mouth, smiling.
“That was incredible.”
He grunts in response, too distracted by exploring my new swollen stomach, kissing and nibbling it all over.

This is going to be fun.

anonymous asked:

Prompt suggestion if you'd be interested bc Ben/Kylo thing gave me an idea: Techie accidentally sleeping with Kylo instead of Matt and it actually being really good bc Kylo doesn't hold back like Matt does (Matt's scared to hurt his Techie :c) and and and idk what else I'm sorry. I hope this isn't too specific or too vague ;3;

“Go back to your quarters, Tech’,” Lieutenant Jones says, patting Techie on the shoulder. “I’m signing you off for the rest of the afternoon. You can’t work when your eyes are this sore.”

Techie sniffles but nods as his superior gives him a gentle push towards the door, his vision growing blurrier by the second. He knows it’s been a while since he’s had a flare-up that’s been this severe and it won’t be long before his eyesight has clouded completely. Counting his steps and feeling along the walls of his brother’s star destroyer, Techie wonders if he should call Matt or Armitage for help, but both are still on-shift and not due off for another few more hours. Even then, Armitage has a terrible tendency to fuss anxiously over his little brother, and as the General of the First Order, Techie doesn’t want to burden him unnecessarily. He’ll merely go to his quarters, take his medication and wait for Matt to come home.

But as he rounds the corner to his quarters, Techie finds himself colliding with someone and he’s knocked back to the ground, eyes streaming as he tries to blink the soreness away.

“S-sorry,” Techie stutters, rubbing his eyes. “I can’t see very well—”

“It’s fine,” a strong voice replies. “No harm done.”

It’s a voice Techie recognises, a voice that’s soothed him during his harshest of nightmares and make his skin prickle during their most intimate of moments.

“Matt?” Techie squints as he looks up, but only manages to see a blurry silhouette above him, offering him a hand. The figure’s hair looks darker than Matt’s but Techie puts it down to his failing vision rather than actual fact. He can make out the shape of Matt’s face; his nose and ears, his plump lips. “Mattie? My eyes—they’re bad again. Everything is blurred and I know that it won’t be long until I lose it completely.”

Matt, surprisingly, says nothing as he pulls Techie to his feet, but Techie holds tightly onto his hand, absently noting that his lover’s hands feel softer.

“Take me home?” Techie asks. “Please, Matt. I don’t want Armitage to see me like this. He’ll worry.”

Armitage?” Matt asks in reply, and Techie frowns in confusion.

“My brother…?” Techie replies. “Armitage Hux. General Hux? Mattie, I’m sorry, I don’t have the time for your jokes, please,” Techie whines, giving a tug on his lover’s hand, urging him to hurry, because everything is turning black. “I know our quarters are right there.”

“Right,” Matt says, tone changed suddenly; softer, more focused. “I’m sorry. Come on.”

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Alive: Leo

You paced the lair nervously. They were out there fighting for their very lives and you, a mere human, could do nothing to help them. Hours ticked by and fear choked you until every breath was a battle. In the deepest hours of the night, a noise halted you in your tracks. The door slid open and relief poured through you as all four brothers filed in. Your eyes ran a quick assessment. Mikey was limping and Donnie was favoring his left shoulder. They all looked a little ragged but they were alive. Sweet Jesus, they were alive. Your eyes worriedly searched Leo’s face. He was tense, his eyes full of barely contained fear and stress. He was still worrying over his team, his brothers, even though everyone was home safe. They were alive! You decided to help him let go.
“Come on.” You said, taking his hand. He followed wordlessly into the bathroom. “Strip.” You commanded. He obeyed, bright blue eyes clinging to yours like a lifeline. You turned on the shower, adjusting it so it was just warm enough not to make you cold. You knew it would feel hot against his cool skin.
“Get in.” You motioned toward the spray. He silently stepped into the spray, groaning as the warm water hit stiff muscles. You stripped down as well and stepped in.
“Give me your hand.” You requested. He placed them in yours. “Now close your eyes.” You prompted. His eyes closed and you began a soothing massage, kneeling the muscles of his scarred hands, feeling the shifting and stretching of the bones and tendons.
“Let it go, sweetie.” You said as you focused on pushing the tension from his muscles. “You got everyone home alive and in one piece. We’re safe.”
“It was so close.” He said, his voice cracking a little as he struggled to reign in his emotions.
You needed to pull him back to the present, to keep his mind from going over his mistakes again and again. You reached up, clasping your hand around the base of his skull and then reached up and kissed him with as much passion as you could muster.
“You. Are. Alive.” You whispered between kisses. You bit down on his lip causing him to draw in a sharp breath. You felt his cock begin stiffening against your belly and his hands slide down to cup your ass and haul you against him.
“Everyone Is safe.” You rolled your body, causing your belly to slide against his member. His head rolled back a little as he let you draw him further into the present, into the pleasures you were offering him.
“Let. Go.” You said between love bites to his neck and shoulders. His eyes opened and as soon as they caught yours, you slowly sank to your knees. Your eyes never left his as you took his cock in hand and in one move, swallowed more then half of it.
“Shit.” He hissed as you pulled back, sucking as you went. His hand tangled in your wet hair and you allowed him to set the pace, surrendering the control he always so desperately craved. He knew your limits well and while he sometimes toed the line, he never ever crossed it and you trusted him impeccably.
“Damn baby, I love it when you swallow my cock.” He praised as he thrust into your mouth. He churred as you slid your tongue along his shaft even as he thrusted.
You loved it when he talked during sex. It made you so hot to hear him, the ever respectful gentleman, use foul language and detail exactly what he wanted either from you or to do to you. You had often made it a game that you would do nothing without his permission, without him describing just what he wanted and how.
“Are you wet for me little Sakura?” He asked, using his secret pet name for you. His little cherry blossom he said it meant. “Touch yourself.”
Your hand was instantly between your legs, stretching yourself with your fingers and dragging your wetness up to your clit where you circled. A needy whimper escaped you and the vibrations made his cock jump. With a little growl, he pulled out of your mouth, holding tight to your hair to keep you from trying to follow like you so desperately wanted to. He rested his tip against your lips, smearing your saliva and his pre-cum over them, marking you and enjoying the erotic image you presented. Suddenly, as you looked into his eyes, his cock resting on your mouth and your fingers still toying with your pussy, the fire went from his eyes only to be replaced with soft adoration.
“Stand up, Little Sakura.” He said, pulling her to her feet. “Let me love you.”
His lips devoured hers with such tender kisses that she thought she might cry. Her own fears of losing him or one of his brothers seeped away as he nibbled over your skin. He lifted you and pressed you against the smooth stone of the shower wall. His cock pressed for entry and you whimpered as your body stretched to accommodate him, your legs wrapping around him to use his hips and ass as leverage.
“Don’t worry, little one, I won’t let you fall.” He whispered as he began to move. He was entirely focused on you, tasting your sweet lips as he watched your face for the cues he knew so well. He shifted and as his cock slid against your walls, he hit the sensitive spot deep inside of you that only he had ever been able to find. Your walls twitched and your muscles tensed and a wicked smile crossed his lips.
“There it is.” He murmured and he pressed forward again. Slow, shallow thrusts. His tip rubbed across the spot incessantly, each stroke building the tension in your belly higher. You were moving with him now, rolling your hips on every forward thrust to bring him into fuller contact. You were so close.
“Oh.” You gasped. He thrust. “Oh!” A little louder as you teetered right on the edge. He pressed forward hard, grinding into you so perfectly that the room exploded around you.
“Ahh!” You cried out as it crashed through you. Your body thrashed against Leo, who drove up hard into you, using your convulsions to take his own pleasure. He thrust hard, burying himself to the hilt and pinning you the wall. His cock jerked, shooting seed deep inside of you. He drew back and thrust hard again as he pumped more into you, and again, and again, until he was spent. He panted harshly as you squirmed against him, the after shocks of your orgasm causing your sensitive walls to clench and release.
“God damn, Leo.” You breathed as your body finally went limp. You wrapped your arms around him as he recovered his breath.
“Thank you, little Sakura.” He said gently, plucking a sweet kiss from your lips. “You always know what I need.
“It’s because I love you.” You answered with a soft smile, tracing the full curve of his lower lip with your thumb, your palm resting along his jaw.
“And I, you.” He answered as he set you down, his softening cock sliding from you. “Now let me take care of you.” He soaped up a wash cloth and they took turns washing each other. Then they turned off the water and toweled down. As quietly as they could, they made their way back to the bedroom and you fell asleep wrapped up in his arms, a smile on your face.


Pacing around the living room, you stroked your baby bump, your hand circling your extended stomach. You sigh to yourself, feeling conscious about how big it’s getting, knowing that it still has a way to go. Daryl enters and looks at you feeling your bump.
“Hey you,” he smiles, walking over and placing a hand on your stomach protectively.
“Hey,” you mumble.
“What’s up?”
“Nothing,” you sigh.
“Don’t sound like nothin’. Ya can tell me anythin’,” he pushes.
“I’m fat,” you huff. Daryl lets out a hearty laugh, throwing his head back, and you frown at him, hands on your hips.
“(Y/N), yer growing a child inside ya, our child. Ya know how amazing that is?”
“I guess,” you nod slowly.
“No guessin’ about it. Yer so beautiful anyway, but now ya glow.”
“Glow? That’s a bit of a cliche isn’t it, especially for you,” you chuckle.
“It’s true though. Never knew what it meant before,” he shrugs.
“Have I told you recently that I’ve completely and utterly fallen in love with you?” You smile, stroking his cheek.
“A couple times,” he smirks, a bright shade of red creeping up his cheeks, “love ya more though.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah,” he smiles, his lips starting to suck and nip at your neck. Your whole body was on fire at the first touch of his lips on your skin. His hands slide up your top, but you lower them back down, worrying about your changing body, stretch marks and all.
“Nah-uh, you ain’t hiding that body from me, girl,” he growls into your ear. You let go of his hands and let them slide back up your stomach to your breasts, eventually slipping your top up and over your head as he detaches himself from your neck for a couple of seconds. As soon as it’s on the floor, he takes his attention to your sensitive nipples, tugging on them with his teeth.
“Oh shit!” You exclaim, the feeling making you writhe your hips up into his. He continues giving attention to your chest as he quickly pulls down your jogging bottoms and knickers, thrusting his hand inside you before you can speak. His finger pumps in and out of you as you grip onto his hair, then you pull him up to face you and take his lip with yours. Your tongues fight for dominance, his winning eventually, swirling around yours. He leads you to the sofa, bending you over so your hands are on the back of it, looking down at the cushions. You hear his belt unbuckling and his trousers hitting the floor, then within a flash he’s inside you, sliding in easily after his fingers had made you slick.
“Daryl!” You cry out.
“Say ma name.”
“Say… it… again,” he pants between thrusts.
“Daryl! Oh god!”
“Louder,” he growls, leaning down to your ear.
“Daryl!” You scream.
“Good girl,” he whispers. He takes one of his hands off of your hips and brings it round to the front of you, stroking your belly then sliding down to your clit and circling it slowly. You push back in to him with each thrust he makes, causing him to grunt as he fills you up completely. His finger brushes over your clit faster as the other hand comes up and pinches one of your nipples harshly, tipping you over the edge and tightening around his cock.
“Uh, shit (Y/N),” he groans as he feels you clenching and relaxing around him. This makes him release himself inside you, spilling every last drop into your pussy. He pulls out after you ride out your highs, then helps you up from the sofa and wraps his arms around you body, holding you against his chest as you both stand still, catching your breath back.
“That was incredible,” you breathe into his chest.
“Yer incredible,” he whispers in your hair as he places a kiss on your head.


Gajeel of the Shinsengumi: Epilogue Part II [Gajevy Love Fest 2017]

by Impracticaldemon
Written for no particular prompt:  Rated M for sexual content
Words:  ~3800 (and yes that’s all one scene!)

Can also be read on AO3 HERE | FFNET HERE

Gajeel of the Shinsengumi—Epilogue, Part II

For the fifth night in a row, Gajeel watched Levy fall asleep curled around his arm and then spent a frustrating half-hour trying to convince himself to ignore her scent and touch and go to sleep.  It had all seemed so simple when he had convinced Levy that she was safe with him—and that he could wait as long as it took for her to be comfortable before they did anything more than cuddle and kiss and, well, sleep together.  They had been sharing a room for several weeks now, and were considered a couple by those around them who knew their true natures—which was more or less everyone that really mattered.

Gajeel knew that he could be patient, but lust had begun to gain the upper hand lately in a way that he hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Unfortunately, he had fallen for a young woman with an ingrained and perfectly understandable distrust of men, and no experience with either romantic or sexual relationships except to know that the former were not to be trusted and the latter were generally disastrous.  If he pushed Levy past what she wanted and was ready to accept then it would damage something both fragile and precious.  It would also be wrong, and Gajeel’s female comrades—especially Erza and Kana—would most likely kill him long before Vice Commander Jellal could order him to split open his gut. [1]

“This is what happens when someone like me wants to be with someone like her,” he muttered to himself, trying not to wake Levy as he shifted position and tried to ignore the insistent throbbing in his groin.  He could deal with it himself, of course, but even that was awkward, since he spent most of his time either in his role as the Seventh Division Captain of the Shinsengumi, or in close quarters with Levy.  Privacy in the crowded compound was as much a matter of mindset as reality.

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Amanda’s Dreams: Tentacles

Contains: Inflation, Bursting, Bondage, Gore, Consensual.
Tone: Morbid.
Method: Slime.
Characters: Human, Tentacles.

Taking a break from her latest exhaustive dream, Amanda tries for another dream the next weekend.

The morning after her overwhelming predalien lucid dream, Amanda felt sore and tired from both the dream, and all the rubbing she had done to her body just before she had fallen asleep. She spent the day eating well and relaxing in bed with TV, trying her best to not jump back into the internet. As another work week began, she couldn’t wait until the weekend to try again.

Right as she got home on a Friday night, she dashed into her bedroom, grabbing her laptop and jumped into bed with it. With how random dreams could be, she knew she couldn’t force specific settings to happen. Treating it like the lottery, she watched and read about every kink she could find, praying that one of them had their way with her. After another evening of exhaustive “research”, she set the laptop aside and curled up under the covers, quickly falling asleep.


Amanda was in her room getting ready for bed, figuring out what to wear. Checking her naked body out in the mirror for a moment, she decided on a loose shirt and fluffy sweat pants to wear, wanting to keep warm from her cool room. She slipped both pieces of clothing onto her sexy tanned body, feeling much warmer already.

Not feeling tired just yet, she grabbed a book and climbed into bed; she rested on the soft blankets of the bed, propping her head and back up on the pillows. Romance novels were her favorite thing to read, always anticipating the steamy love scenes that they contained. Noticing that a scene was about to start, she slipped one of her hands down into her pajamas, positioning her fingers right between her legs. As the scene heated up, her fingers went to work, slowly speeding up as she became wetter.

“That’s right Susan, take his thick cock deep inside of you!” Amanda thought, egging on the characters in the book.

Warmth built between her legs, her breath and heart beat intensifying as well. The woman Susan in the book was getting pounded fast and rough, Amanda wishing she was in her position; for the time being, her fingers would have to do. Much like Susan, Amanda began moaning, her fingers having slipped deep inside of herself. The man pounding Susan was about to explode deep inside, forcing Amanda to focus on her clit now. Right when it seemed like she was going to time her own orgasm with the man’s own, Amanda was shocked as she turned the page.

“What the hell? The page is blank!” She said, unable to comprehend the book; her distraction quickly killing her once growing climax.

Before Amanda could ponder what was going on for too long, she heard some sick gurgling sounds outside of her bedroom windows. Her bed was positioned in a corner, a window present on both walls that touched her bed. Putting her book down on a nightstand, she sat up on her knees to look out of the side window. Not seeing anything at first, she suddenly jumped backwards and landing back on the pillows, when something crashed into the window.

As her shock died down, she knew what was outside the window, triggering her lucid dream talent, “Oh shit, that’s a tentacle!” she screamed, her fear instantly turning to lust, “I’m glad my book went blank when it did, as this is so much hotter!” she scooted towards the window. “You look lonely out there, why don’t I let you in?”

The thick tentacle slid up and down the window, leaving a thick trail of slime wherever it touched the glass. Not wanting shards of glass all over the bed, she quickly lifted up the window to let in the slimy intruder. She promptly laid back down on the pillows, her mind going wild thinking of all the things that the tentacle might do to her.

In no time, the green tentacle slid further and further into her bedroom, piling up between her feet. It went right for one of her legs, slithering up inside of her sweatpants, coating her leg with a layer of slime. Amanda shivered from anticipation and the cold sensation of the slime, goosebumps forming all over; despite being far from the tentacle, her nipples quickly stiffened, visibly poking out through her shirt.

“Man, I wish there were more of you!” She said.

As if on queue, her head snapped towards the open window right as three more tentacles entered the room. Her focus on the tentacles was disrupted as she felt the one up her leg prodded her between the legs, only inches away from her unguarded entrance. Thinking that it was just going to dive right in, she instead saw the end of it poke out from the band of her sweatpants, viciously pulling back on them. With a loud rip, the tentacle tore through her pants and pulled away the remaining tatters, leaving the bottom half of her body exposed to the cold room, and soon the tentacles.

“You’re lucky I’ll have a new pair when I wake up!” She yelled at it.

With her pants out of the way, the rest of the tentacles split up and descended upon her body. Two of them tightly gripped her ankles, spreading her legs wide, making her feel they were going to rip her in half. The last one that just came into her room slithered along her bed, stopping momentarily when it reached her ass. Cold slime covered her ass as it slid underneath between her cheeks a few inches, stopping again as it found her clenched entrance.

“Feel free to do whatever you want! My body is yours!” She said.

Before her ass or pussy got penetrated, the tentacle that had ripped her pants off aimed for her shirt next, slithering up her belly and underneath it. Sliding up between her soft mounds, it once more poked out from the collar and pulled back, completely shredding her last piece of clothing. While her nipples were stiff before, they nearly became hard as diamonds as they were met with the cold room.

“You had all better do what you’re going to do before I freeze to death here!” She said, her body shivering.

Amanda heard another knock on a window, this time on the one just above her head. Straining her neck to look up at it, she saw what must have looked like more tentacles. With her legs held tight by tentacles, she sighed in relief as the clothing shredding tentacle went up to open the window for her. As it opened the window all the way, sure enough two more tentacles came slithering in.

“Welcome to the party, there’s more than enough of me to go around!” She said to them.

Much like her legs, they wrapped tightly around her wrists, pulling her arms to the side; almost enough to pop them out of their sockets. With her body completely exposed and spreadeagled, the last tentacle slid back down her body, resting only inches from her dripping wet pussy. In perfect sync, she let out her first moan of the night as both her ass and pussy were split wide.

“Oh god, go as deep as you want, split me in half for all I care!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Her limbs were held tight, the tentacles never loosening their grips. Both invading tentacles slithered in without difficulty, their slimy coating providing a nearly frictionless penetration. Every inch split her body wider and wider, her body struggling to keep itself in one piece. With her mind overwhelmed with sensations, she held her head up for but a moment, catching a glimpse of her lower belly, watching as a bulge moved underneath towards her belly button.

As the tentacle stuffed deep inside reached her cervix, it stopped; the one sliding up her ass stopping as well. Not having to wait long, Amanda felt them both slide back out, moving faster than they did when going in. Stopping once more, each leaving only an inch of their slimy lengths inside, they pushed right back in, harder and faster.

“Just like that, fuck me good!” She screamed.

Slowly speeding up with each thrust, they pounded her curvy, sexy body, sending her into a moaning mess. Sick sloshing and slurping sounds echoed through the room, each paired with slime squirting out of her body each time a tentacle pulled out. Even with her limbs gripped tightly, the ramming of her body still caused her heavy breasts to bounce all over, their nipples finally softening from her body heating up. Sweat and slime mixed all over on her body, the air filling with a sweet aroma, kicking her arousal into overdrive.

“Fuck, I think I’m coming!” She screamed.

The tentacle thrusting in and out of her pussy quickly built warmth and pressure in her depths, bringing her towards climax. Part of the tentacle had been angling itself upwards, rubbing greatly over her G spot. With one last powerful thrust, Amanda arched her back as far as the tentacles allowed and let out an ecstatic scream, sending her pussy into powerful convulsions. The tentacles deep inside of her were repeatedly constricted as her orgasm swept through her, causing them to feel even tighter within her seizing body.

“That… Was amazing. What else can you guys d-!” She said, unable to finish as a new tentacle caught her off guard.

While Amanda was savoring the energetic climax pulsing through her body, she failed to notice another tentacle had entered the window above her. As her chest heaved, breathing through her wide mouth, it quickly slipped in between her wet lips, interrupting her question. She didn’t question it, her mouth quickly sucking on it, savoring the sweet taste of its slime.

While she sucked on the thick, delicious, tentacle in her mouth, the others that were stuffed in her body below returned to work. She was too focused on her sucking of the juicy tentacle to notice as the one in her ass slid even deeper than it had before, making her belly writhe slightly. A sudden jolt of pain broke her out of her trance, the tentacle in her pussy having rammed her cervix as hard as it could, breaking through and resting within her womb.

“Things are about to get interesting!” She thought to herself.

Her eyes went wide when yet more tentacles came through the window above her head, both quickly descending upon her ignored breasts. They roughly wrapped around the soft bases, constricting them tight until it looked like they would burst. The ends of the tentacles opened up, revealing slimy maws that promptly took a hold of her nipples, sucking in half of her breasts inside of them. She moaned as they applied pulsating suction on her luscious mounds, trying their best to get any milk from them, if she had any.

Not wanting to be left out, the one stuffed in her mouth suddenly shot down the back of the throat and into her neck, not stopping until reaching her stomach; she was lucky to have taken a deep breath right beforehand. With her unable to move, every hole completely stuffed with thick tentacles, she knew something big was coming.

Sure enough, every tentacle that was deep inside of her began to undulate and pulsate, sending waves of pleasure through every inch of her body. Gurgling noises grew louder outside of the windows, and with her limited vision, she saw what looked like bulges traveling within the tentacles, heading right towards her body.

“Fuck yes! Fill my body with your vile slime! Pump me full until I burst!” She yelled in her head.

As the first bulges met with the entrances of her pussy and ass, she screamed in bliss through the tentacle in her mouth as she was split wider than ever. Moments later the tentacle in her mouth brought a bulge as well, nearly causing her jaw to break as it forced its way into her hungry mouth. More and more bulges went along the tentacles, splitting her wide, all the while depositing slime within her. If one of her hands had been loose, she would have easily been able to feel her neck bulge with each deposit.

Smart enough to have propped herself up on pillows, Amanda watched as her belly slowly grew right before her eyes, each bulge growing it further. With her stomach, womb, and intestines getting filled at the same time, it wouldn’t take long for her body to reach its limits. Another climax had been growing as bulges of slime passed through her pussy, putting extreme pressure on her G spot until she could handle no more.

“Oh god, coming again!” She screamed through the tentacle.

Powerful pulsations traveled through her pussy, helping the tentacle deposit its slimy loads. Her growing belly made it hard to arch her back, not to mention the tentacles still keeping a tight grip on her. As her latest orgasm died down, she estimated that her belly was at least a few months along pregnancy, showing no signs of stopping. The hungry maws on her breasts showed no signs of slowing down, their suctions now coupled with nibbling sensations of her nipples.

For what felt like eternity, she laid there in eternal ecstasy, watching and feeling the tentacles as they pumped their vile slime deep into her sexy body. A new orgasm swept through her body each time her belly grew a month in size, becoming more intense each time. Her body sweated like crazy, beads of it dripping down the sides of her belly as it grew. Pressure and tightness grew as well, only registering in her mind when she reached the sixth month mark. For the first time since her cervix was penetrated, pain grew in her belly as she reached the 8th month. The sweaty, towering form of her belly began turning red, darkening more towards her belly button. Stretch marks quickly formed when she reached the ninth month, pain and pressure almost unbearable.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last, I’m going to burst soon!” She thought to herself.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself for the inevitable explosion, she got a surprise as nothing happened. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the tentacles had stopped pulsating, no more bulges traveling through them. The tentacle in her mouth slowly slipped out of her stomach and her mouth, letting her freely breathe and talk again.

“What are you doing!? You can’t leave me like this, burst me already!” She screamed at them in anger.

Her outcry was hasty, as she heard the loudest and sickest gurgling sound of the night. Her heart beat heavy in her chest as she looked over at the side window, the source of the sickening sound. Louder and louder it grew, until her eyes went wide with what she saw. Easily three times as big as they were before, a gigantic bulge was slowly but surely traveling along a tentacle, more accurately the one that was shoved deep into her ass.

“Holy fuck, now that is what I’m talking about! Bring that bad boy to mama!” She screamed with joy.

The anticipation was killing her, knowing that the room would be painted in her guts when it reached her. So much adrenaline flowed through her veins that she couldn’t moan any longer, only able to breath heavy and deep. Her heavily heaving chest felt powerful beats as her heart was nearly overdosing on adrenaline, feeling like it too would burst alongside her gravid belly. She wished that she could rub her clit, which was promptly answered by the tentacle that had been in her mouth, moving down right to it and stroked it with its slimy length.

“Just like that, you know how to treat a lady. Don’t go too fast, I want to cum right when my belly bursts!” She yelled at it.

   Slow, gentle strokes passed over her clit, only to be joined by the tentacle that had remained in her pussy; it started to thrust in and out of her once more, being careful to not unleash the slime it had pumped into her. Inch by slow inch, she continued to watch the giant bulge move along the tentacle, which was now right at the foot of her bed, starting its journey right for her ass. The heavy load of slime pushed down on the bed as it moved closer, leaving behind a thick trail of slime. As it finally neared her ass, she began hyperventilating.

“This is it, don’t hold back! Cram that thing right in!” She struggled to scream, her breathing too heavy.

As her ass felt the initial push of pressure, her last orgasm was nearly complete. Somehow having brains, the tentacles tending to her pussy and clit quickened their pace, thrusting and rubbing her like they were trying to start a fire. The giant bulge pushed harder and harder on her ass, splitting her wider than was humanly possible. With her ass opened as wide as it could go, the giant bulge slowly emptied itself into her. Pain and pressure grew immensely, her belly somehow still growing. When the large bulge shrunk down half of its size, she felt a bolt of pain in her belly.

“My intestines! They’re popping!” She screamed.

One after another, sickening pops radiated out from her belly as different sections of her intestines gave out, spilling the vile slime all over inside of her. Each miniature burst made her tight belly jiggle slightly, sending the sweat on it all over the room. She did nothing but scream as the rest of the slime load flowed into her, and as the last section of intestines burst, the final push of slime shot into her. Right on time, a final stroke over her clit made her pussy explode into ecstasy, sending waves of pleasure through her body. The last drop of slime sent into her ass set off a chain reaction, starting with making her stomach and womb burst.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT, my belly is bursting!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With a final arching of her back, almost powerful enough to snap her spine in half, her taut, gravid, dark red veined belly exploded. Blood guts, and an unholy amount of slime covered the entire room, only leaving the area under the bed spotless. With their job accomplished, every tentacle left her body and disappeared into the night through the open windows. Amanda laid there covered in gore and slime, still weakly breathing even after such an explosive event, savoring the final moments of her last orgasm.

“That…  was… amazing…” She weakly said, then expired soon after.


With the sound of birds chirping, the morning sun gleaming through the windows, Amanda peacefully woke up. Having experienced lucid dreams before, she no longer woke up abruptly in a panic. Just to make sure, she rubbed her belly, smiling when she felt no harm had been done to her. Knowing that she shouldn’t abuse her dreams, she got out of bed and enjoyed her weekend off of work.


I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slide out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it.

Dark Places (2015) Dir. Gilles Paquet-Brenner

in a place darkness is sunshine

if you can’t walk
at my side
I’ll catch you when you fall
carry you
if you can’t walk at all
I’ll get on my knees
I’ll crawl
if you can’t lift your knees
I’ll tie a rope
we can belly slide

it’s easy to write
when I was the one
who gave you the limp
who ignored your pleas
made you feel like you
weren’t worth the dirt
that dirtied our feet

at some point I remembered
you weren’t the one
with blood on their hands
the whole time I thought
the stains were mine

but it was yours
I can’t
so I’m sliding inch
by inch back to
a place where
I can wash them
in your eyes

people no longer
ask if I’m okay

they want to know
what my favorite
flowers, picture, clothes
are so they can

arrange a daisy bouquet
frame the smile
showing my life had light
windsor knot
a three piece in my color

I know you
can’t carry
crawl or slide
beside me
but if I find you again
can we limp together to
whatever happiness means

It’s never easy
to put out a fire
it’s never easy
to walk alone

it’s never easy
to watch that fire
lick every house
we could make
a home, consume
every dream
until we both sleep
in nothing, to singe
I love you lips until
every leaf in the forest
is gone

can we plant new seeds?
can we sleep in colors?
can we build our own?

can we slide to each other
until we can crawl to a point
we can catch each other again?

is there a better way
we can smile
or is this what

we call happy now?