belly punching

Red Queen characters as things my 5 years old brother said

I have three brothers, but one of them is so iconic that I need to share his opinions:

•Mare Barrow:

I’m tired of living. I’m tired of being so stupid. I’m tired. I wish I could eletrocute people I don’t like. Maybe I wouldn’t be so tired.

•Cal Calore:

Today in school I didn’t understand anything. I just followed Pietro because I didn’t have anything cooler to do.

•Maven Calore:

I will kill you if you eat my chocolate. I’ll punch your belly and cut your hair. Then I’ll burn your books. All. Of. Them.


Why do you don’t love me? I’m so cute.

•Diana Farley:

I don’t obey you because I just obey myself.

•Cameron Cole:

You can tell me what to do, but it doesn’t mean I’ll obey.

•Elara Merandus:

I wish I could control people’s lives. I would be the king and they would serve me.


The world annoys me.


Sometimes my siblings scare me. A lot.


Don’t look at me. I’m just the cute son.

•Shade Barrow:

My belly is hurting and I’m cold. I feel like Olaf. I feel like I’ve been impaled.


If I had superpowers, I would like to change my appearance. I would prank everyone. Manly you, Maria.


I remember everything. This means I’ll never forgive you. Never.


I know what you have done. I know everything.


It feels like my hand had been crashed.

the reason crossing arms/legs & looking at the ground can make a person look unfriendly & guarded is probably bc they’re subconsciously guarding their vulnerable throat & internal organs. it’s a defensive posture that makes people on some level think they don’t trust them not to attack, which makes them hesitant to approach bc they don’t want to appear a threat. but like even if u have social anxiety strangers at a party are extremely unlikely to rip your guts out so that’s an instinct you can throw in the garbage