belly punching

Pretty sure Saitama’s response would be “NOT HERE YOU IDIOT!” or something equally embarrassed.

Continuing THIS POST content of the egg getting chubby on Genos’ Christmas cookies XD More to come, probs NSFW content. I sketched this really quick tonight, so please forgive the anatomy quirkiness and crap coloring. I also encourage chubby egg stuff so please drop me a line if you do something too! ;) 

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Bench press day…3 x 10 at 75 lbs. I was able to do the first round unbroken, but I only got 7 in the second round and then did 10 in the third round, but I had to break it up.

“Come on, Tina! Punch it up, you can do it. Take a big belly breath and punch it up.” I’m tryinggg! 😰

WOD, 3 Rounds, 12:00 time cap
20 Barbell Reverse lunges (45 lbs)
40 V-ups (sit-ups)
80 Double Unders (HahahaNO. Not yet anyway. 150 single unders)
Score: Got through 4 barbell reverse lunges in the third round.

These earrings make me jingle when I walk. 😬

Lip color: Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit liquid lipstick in Oh My Dolly


listen i was born in beirut, capital of lebanon, country located in the middle east
i might not be “ culturally lebanese” since I grew up in Québec, but heck I do know about my ancestors’ culture
and belly dancing is an art, it doesn’t really have a religious meaning behind it
it’s more of an art like I said or a performance
so please stop saying it’s cultural appropriation because it’s not
thanks you

i know others feel it too. when you’re anxious to the point of being sick, or when you’re heartbroken. that long arm of tension all throughout your spine and in your belly. i try to punch it out of my gut and it remains… i would cut it from my body if i could. why do mental issues have to hurt so terribly they stretch to the physique? why is such a terrible feeling allowed in my poor body? let me die…

Votes were cast. A unanimous decision was made: FIELD TRIP TO EARTH-2, BABY!! 

If someone told me I’d be willing to fight for Dr. Wells after he straight up stole Barry’s speed, I’d have you committed. So why am I? Family. I can’t blame Wells for wanting to protect his daughter. If anything ever happened to Barry or Caitlin, the family I got to choose, I would commit the most heinous crimes—deceive any person that gets in my way—to ensure their safety. 

I’m pumped. I’m literally going to a whole new world—heck, I’ve never even been out of the country! I need to keep my guard up and play it cool, though: this world is RUN BY ZOOM. He’s got the home-field advantage so no one can be trusted from the get-go—Wells is proof of that. I bet he has his own Weather Wizard, too, who’ll strike at his command. Oooh I wonder what the weather’s like this time of year – blisteringly hot, or toe-numbingly cold? But the real question is: what’s my doppelgänger like?! I mean, he’s gotta have major smarts and swag. I’m thinking Steve Jobs, but sexier. Nix the turtleneck; I’m talking David Beckham style. A smooth-talker who all the ladies pine for. Kinda hoping I’ll run into him… Now, I have some extreme packing to do! (Note to self: Ask Wells if there’s a size and weight limit for traveling through breaches with luggage.) I can’t leave without the essentials:

  • Climate-Controlled All-Weather Jacket. But seriously, what is the weather going to be like?? 
  • My homemade Anti-Zoom tech-kit: the Cisco-S.T.A.R.Box 3000, equipped with everything from wires and pliers to night-vision goggles and laser beams, explosive compound chemicals and radioactive agents—and everything in between. Cisco Ramon’s got you covered.
  • Hazmat suit. See above. 
  • Camera. Obviously! Forget Nikon – with some Cisco fine-tuning, I’ll have the ultimate Tech Crunch showstopper. I’m totally going to put my paparazzi skills to the test. Especially if Beyoncé’s doppelgänger happens to walk by. And when I get home, I’ll put the scrapbooking skills I learned from Mama Ramon to keep a book of memories…locked up in S.T.A.R. Labs, of course.  
  • My vibe goggles. How else are we going to locate Zoom’s lair? 
  • My Big Belly punch card. If they accept it out there, I’ll be eating my burger for free!

Have I mentioned that I’m a kinda scared to travel to a galaxy far, far away? Luke made it look so easy… This is real life, and we are about to face against a villain that even The Flash can’t outrun. Thank goodness for my ride-or-die crew. Hopefully with our forces combined, our mission will be successful.


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  1. my biggest dream goal RN is to go on a trip around Europe holy moly I wants it
  2. if you supply me with cheesy garlic bread I will do almost anything for you.
  3. if you touch my belly button I’ll punch you in the face, yes this threat includes my husband.
  4. for my middleschool graduation dance I volunteered to help decorate tables and folded like 100 random tiny origami animals and sprinkled them all over and thought I was amazing.
  5. in highschool I had the biggest crush imaginable on Nightcrawler from the X-Men, to the point that we had to do a project on the book “The Chrysalids” and design our own mutated person, and I literally drew a green Nightcrawler and named it Truk Regnaw and thought I was the cleverest.
  6. In college there was a self-serve tim hortons and I used to see how many cookies I could cram into a paper bag and still convince the cashier there were only 6 there.
  7. if I’m getting close to the end of a game I’m really enjoying, I’ll just stop playing because I don’t want it to end.
  8. in my youth we had a really bad problem with sugar ants, and I had left a pizza box on the floor of my room overnight, and when I woke up it was black with ants and I just straight frisbee-tossed that fucker out the window, destroyed my carpet with windex (because I didn’t want my mom to smell the ant spray) and faked ignorance lol.
  9. when I was walking home from elementary school (I was like 6-7 maybe) I saw a bird egg on the grass with a crack in it, and thinking I could rescue it I picked it up, and it split right down the middle from the pressure and a fetal chick fell out and I was so traumatized I never told anyone about it until this very post.
  10. I’m currently in the middle of reading at least 5 books right now for the same reason as #7 lol and I just borrowed a new book from a friend to start reading too haaaaa



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kojinshi  asked:

Ever tried drawing women? I have this problem where I can draw a mans body on fleek 👌 but I can't even woman. Even though I am one myself. I'm wondering if you have a similar situation.

Yeah, of course lmao but I usually just like painting them. I’m not that good in drawing girls either but I still sketch them every now and then. I enjoy drawing guys more though. Of course because I like guys lmao. I think they’re pretty much the same but girls have more of a soft and smooth figure. They also have wider hips, slimmer waists, and shoulders. While guys look more sharp and bulky lol idk

this is all i know aaa im not even good at anatomy why are you even asking me