belly button shoes

Headcanons #1 Part 2/2

-has been cutting Bruce’s hair for him since he was a child
-his favorite brand of cologne has been discontinued for years and he dreads the day he runs out of his last bottle
-his pet peeve is when someone leaves the scrub brush in the sink after they’re done using it
-has made a game of hiding secret cameras for Dick to find
-only likes his pasta al denté style
-knows of hidden passages in the mansion that even Bruce isn’t aware of

-has a belly button piercing
-her favorite shoes are her second generation Jeremy Scott Adidas wings
-is allergic to strawberries but only mildly
-her favorite candy is red hots
-refuses to use short hand text while messaging people
-will speak in front of large crowds all day but absolutely will not sing for them out of fear

-snuggles with her skates at night like they’re stuffed animals
-only wears high end, name brand clothes and jewelry that she modifies herself
-has a collection of her best ‘wanted’ posters that she shows off to fellow villains
-is one inch taller than Joker and holds it over him constantly
-prefers most hot foods to cool to room temperature before she eats them
-once wore her jacket into a pool because she bet Joker she would wear it for an entire week


IG/SC: ShareHerWorld

natasha probably doesn’t send a lot of snaps because they’re savable and she doesn’t like pictures of herself floating around but she likes receiving them. and occasionally she will send a couple. a picture of clint and kate asleep with their heads together. a flower growing out of the sidewalk. elaborate costumes and hats drawn onto maria hill (followed by a picture of maria giving her the worst death glare imaginable). her cat. pictures of beautiful landscapes with captions like “the ocean says ur a nerd, steve.” photos of random parts of her body: a hyper-closeup on her nose, a blurry photo of her hair covering her face, a picture of her belly button, her fingernails, her shoes. a photo of only her smile.